July 9, 2019

Dog House Building Rules, Sizing And Materials Required

A four-paw friend appeared in your house. If you plan to keep him outside, it doesn’t matter whether in an aviary, on a leash at the entrance, or the animal will quietly move around the site, in any case, you will need a dog house. This is the place where the dog can retire, relax, sleep, comfortably seated, shelter from cold, rain, sun and wind. This is his house. It is worthwhile to approach the creation of one with all the responsibility, because the dog box is made for a long time, perhaps for the rest of its life.

Basic rules for the construction of the booth

The size of the room should be well thought out, the animal should be comfortable inside, but too large a kennel should not be done if there is a cold climate in your region. In winter, the dog will freeze, because its house is “heated” exclusively by the body’s warmth. The pet should be able to turn around inside, and also lie down on its side, stretching its limbs at full length. If you still have a young dog or a baby, then the value of the kennel should be calculated taking into account that the pet will grow. The dog box can be simple and “two-chamber” with a vestibule. The second option is preferable in a cold climate with a harsh winter. Tambour creates an air buffer, not allowing the cold to penetrate into the room where the animal sleeps.


To facilitate access, make a folding roof or front wall (less often). In cold climates, the manhole should not be cut to the ground, so that cold air does not blow the floor into the booth. It is necessary to arrange the threshold so that it allows sweeping garbage from the inside. For example, you can make a hole that closes a small door.

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Materials used

The best of them is traditionally considered to be a conifer tree. For the frame use bars, for the floor – a solid board of the calculated size.

For lining inside the structure, we take wooden paneling, plywood, from the outside – wooden or plastic paneling, in extreme cases – Fiberboard (painted with waterproof paint). Do not recommend sheathing metal sheets.

The roof is made of solid board or squared frame, trimmed with plywood. Attach it to the back wall through the loop. If there is a canopy, the dog box is built without a roof. If it is not provided, then it is necessary to make a shed roof, covering it with roofing material, shingles, slate or other roofing materials.

Insulation can serve as foam, sawdust or mineral wool. It is laid between two layers of skin – external and internal.

Laz is closed with a thick cloth hanging from above. In order not to be blown away by the wind, sand bags are sewn into the bottom edge of the curtain.

What should be the size of the dog house

  1. Height. Calculation: pet’s height at the withers plus 10-15 cm.
  2. Depth. Calculation: we put the dog on its side, measure the distance from the back line to the claws, plus 10-15 cm.
  3. Width. In a simple kennel, this size will be equal to the length of the animal from the nose to the tip of the tail plus 10 cm. In a room with a tambour, we add the width of the latter: it will be 45-60 cm and will depend on the size of the dog.
  4. Dog House Building Rules, Sizing And Materials Required

    Laz. Its width will be equal to the width of the chest of the animal plus 5-8 cm. Height – height of the dog at the withers minus 5 cm.

Drawing of the doghouse

How to create a dog house scheme? It is not difficult. Using the obtained dimensions of the room, build a rectangle on paper. A complex doghouse will require complex drawings and skills in construction. But we consider simple universal options of a rectangular shape. The presented picture shows both versions of the booth: with or without a vestibule.

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