August 3, 2019

Dog House Do It Yourself – How To Make A Dog House

Dog box with his own hands

If your four-legged friend does not live in your cozy apartment or house, but in the courtyard (all year round or only in the summer months), then he needs to have his own little house to hide from rain, snow or strong wind.

If desired, the dog box is easy to make yourself from scrap materials. In the course you can put the boards, plywood, OSB and even timber. If the material that you have chosen for the booth is afraid of water, you will have to protect it from the outside (for example, with thick polyethylene, oilcloth, linoleum). In this article we will look at how to make a dog house with your own hands from wood, provide drawings and diagrams, as well as a photo.

Booth size

The construction of a dog house begins with determining its size.

If your dog is already adult and has stopped growing, then:

  • the depth of the booth will be equal to the length of the dog from the tip of the nose to the tail plus 5 cm;
  • the width of the booth is approximately equal to its height and equal to the height of the dog to the tips of the ears plus 5 cm;
  • the width of the manhole in the booth should be 5 cm greater than the width of the chest of the dog;
  • height of the manhole – 5 cm more than the height of the dog at the withers.

If you still have only a puppy, then to determine the size of the dog box will have to use the data given in the reference books.

The size of the dog box should provide it with comfortable conditions for sleep and rest. Therefore, if you live in the middle lane or closer to the north, you should not turn a kennel into a huge "apartment", otherwise the dog will freeze and often get sick. For the southern regions of our country, it is possible to manufacture kiosks that are 5–10 cm larger than those recommended.

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It is better to locate a manhole for a dog by displacing it to the edge of the kennel (it will turn out to be a closed nook of cold air).

If in your area there are occasional strong winds, then the booth can be made "from the hallway" or, as they say "two-room":

  1. Increase the width of the booth twice, making it two compartments, separated by a partition.
  2. Laz in the first "room" make from the yard.
  3. Laz in the second "room" (insulated) make a wall separating one "room" from another, but closer to the back wall of the booth.

Where to put the booth

Dog House Do It Yourself - How To Make A Dog House

The dog box cannot be placed in a windy area. You should also take care that the booth is not spent most of the day in the sun, as the dog can get a heat stroke.

Another option is to install a booth right in the dog aviary. This is especially true for those who do not want to put their pet on the chain. In this case, if you need to isolate your dog for some reason (heat, aliens, etc.), just close your four-legged friend in the aviary. There, the dog will have the opportunity to rest in the booth, drink water (do not forget to take care of this in advance), look at what is happening at the moment in the garden, without interfering with what is happening. Above the aviary you can make a shelter so that the dog will have the opportunity to walk in it during the rain, in the snow and in sunny weather.

Booth shape

The dog box can be made:

  • with a flat roof (sloping to the opposite side of the facade) on which the dog may lie,
  • with a gable roof, made in the same style with other outbuildings on the site.
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The roof structure of the booth must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the dog (for a flat roof), the wind and the weight of the snow. Most often it is performed in the form of solid flooring (from boards, a piece of plywood, etc.), covered from above with any roofing material (for example, slate, metal tiles, etc.).

The slope of the roof should provide water flow, and the roof covering should be resistant to the effects of the animal’s claws.

In addition, the dog box must be collapsible so that it is easy to clean and disinfect (from fleas and ticks). For example, you can make a removable roof, and you can also make the booth’s “body” itself removable (and, if necessary, remove it from the base of the dog’s kennel’s floor). In the aviary there can be a common floor (flooring of boards), on which a booth is installed at a certain place, fixed outside by several bars-stops (so that the booth does not budge).

It is impossible to put the booth directly on the ground (it will quickly rot the floor). It is better to raise it to a kind of "lags" between which air will circulate freely. In process of damage the log can be replaced by new ones.


As a heater for the booth it is possible to use both polyfoam, and mineral wool. At the same time, the heat-insulating layer consists in a kind of “thermos”, since it is protected on both sides by the material from which the walls of the booth are made (boards, plywood, OSB).

If you are making a booth from a bar (8-10 cm thick), then it is not necessary to insulate the walls of the booth. But the floor and the roof should be insulated anyway.

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We assemble a booth

  1. The creation of a dog house begins with the production of a floor for her. If you plan to warm it, do it right before you start collecting the rest of the booth. All nails and screw heads must be carefully drowned in wood so that the dog does not hurt its paws. It is desirable that the floor protrudes 5–7 cm from the sides of the booth on all sides (a large overhang can be made in front of a manhole)
  2. Assemble the body of the booth, fastening its walls with metal corners (they will give additional rigidity to the structure).

The front part of the booth with a flat roof should be above the rear wall – this will create the necessary slope of the roof. The side walls of the booth will have an upper beveled edge, carefully fitted to the dimensions of the front and rear walls.

For a gable roof, make the upper parts of the front and rear walls immediately triangular.

  1. Attach the body of the dog box to the bottom (floor) or fasten it outside with bars (for folding construction), preventing its possible displacement during operation.
  2. Make a removable roof for the booth. If you choose the option with a flat roof, then nail to it from the underside of the bars for fixing to the booth (using screws or hooks). The roof of the kennel for a dog should be about 10 cm (on three sides, except the front) exceed the size of the booth. From the front side, the “allowance” is better enlarged up to 20 cm in order to prevent water from entering during a slanting rain in the booth.
  3. If desired, coat the outside of the kennel with waterproof material, which will also provide additional protection from drafts.
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