August 12, 2019

Doghouse Do It Yourself

If a dog lives in your yard, then in any case it needs housing. The booth can protect it from bad weather, will create favorable conditions for rest after heavy patrols. As we, people, are not able to live outside the house, so the animal (in our case, the dog) cannot live in a garbage can or in a barn.

Judging by the quality of the booth, we can determine with confidence how much the owner loves his dog. But the true owner will only have a dog house with his own hands, with no options. Of course, it is quite difficult, but this article is intended to help you.

Getting Started

Today, the Web can find a whole lot of projects involving the use of a variety of materials – from ordinary metal to particleboard. But we all know that the best dog house with its own hands can only be made of wood. This material is not only ecologically clean, but also malleable and easy to work. In addition, in a booth you can warm up in the winter and cool in the summer.

Before proceeding directly to the work, it is necessary to find out what dimensions the booth should have and where it will be operated. In addition, you will also have to warm it. Often for this purpose use usual mineral wool, but good old polyfoam can also fit.

And another equally important point: the choice of place for the booth. Here there are several rules that are recommended to follow:

  1. The booth should be on the dais, because otherwise it will always stand in the water.
  2. The dog must look through all the surroundings perfectly, otherwise it will be agitated.
  3. Before you make a dog house, make sure that there are no reservoirs nearby.
  4. No need to plant bright flowers next to the dog, because we all know perfectly well what fate awaits them.
  5. Get rid of everything that impedes the free movement of the dog.
  6. The chosen place must be well lit.
  7. And, finally, it is undesirable to place a kennel near pets.
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Self-assembly doghouse

Step one: we are determined with the design.

A doghouse made by own hands, like a human dwelling, can have a very different design. The most primitive option is a wooden rectangular design with a hole for the manhole. There is also a more complex option, equipped with a special platform, able to protect the dog from heat or cold, as well as from precipitation. It looks like this.

Doghouse Do It Yourself

In addition, a roof in a kennel can be dual-slope or single-sloped, but it can be simply flat (remember, dogs like to lie on this one).

Step Two: the choice of building materials.

A quality dog ​​house is necessarily made of brick or wood, but it is not necessary to make it out of foam plastic; the same with plywood – after all, it will very soon begin to stratify. Give your preference to the boards of spruce – they not only smell good, but also scare away various insects.

Determine where the dog house will stand with their hands. From this place there should be a good overview, as already mentioned, and it should be at the maximum elevation.

Step Four: sizes.

The size of the booth should be taken very seriously. If it is too big, in winter the dog will freeze, and if it is too tight, then it will simply be uncomfortable in it. To properly determine the size of the kennel, you first need to measure your dog. How this should be done is indicated in the picture.

Doghouse Do It Yourself

Proportions and sizes

  1. The length of the kennel should be equal to the length from the middle of the tail to the nose.
  2. The height is equal to the height of the dog plus five centimeters.
  3. The height and width should be about the same, but the breed and the gender of the dog can play the role here.
  4. The width of the loophole is the width of the chest plus five centimeters.
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We are starting construction. Where to begin? Of course, from the floor – it should be monolithic, without any cracks. Floor should be equipped with special piles in order to slightly raise it above the ground. So in the kennel will be much more comfortable.

Step Six: build walls.

So, we started building the walls. It should be remembered that it is best to double the walls and place insulation between its halves (do not even think about sawdust – not only insects, but also rodents build themselves in them; find yourself some modern material).

Video lesson – on the construction of insulated booths for dogs

We make a loophole for the entrance / exit of your pet. Also, it is better than to cover it (for example, with felt) even before making a dog booth – this will protect the pass from the weather.

Step Eight: roof construction.

It should not only fit very closely to the walls, but also be firmly attached to them. So cleaning the dog kennel will be easier. The type of the roof does not play a special role, the main thing is that it is easily removed or lifted, if you need to get to the dog immediately or put it away. What can cover a dog kennel?

Agree, everything, as we have.

Step Nine: final.

After the process of building the booth is completed, its surface will need to be painted both inside and outside. In addition, you should take care of a comfortable bedding, for example, from straw or sawdust. And, finally, if your pet is tethered, then consider a variant of a roof over the kennel itself – this is how a dog will have a place in which to hide from the heat.

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Important: short-haired dogs tolerate very cold. Moreover, special attention is required for those dogs that will soon acquire replenishment.

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