September 5, 2019

Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

When a dog appears in the house, the question of shelter immediately arises: somewhere it must sleep and hide from the rain. Not everyone wants and can keep them in the house, because the kennel is required. The dog house is built with its own hands, even without skills, in one day. There is nothing difficult, but there are features.

Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

When building a booth you need to focus on the size of the dog

We determine the size and design

The right dog house is built for a reason: you need to know what size it is needed, where and what size to make a hole, what is better to make and how to warm.

First of all, first of all, they are determined with the size of a dog kennel. The easiest way to focus on the dimensions of your dog. The dog’s hut should be 5–6 cm taller than a pet in height, approximately equal in width / depth to body length, plus 10–20 cm in length in order to be able to extend its paws. In general, dog handlers have recommendations on the size of dog kennels. They recommend making booths depending on the size of the breed. The data are presented in the table (width / length / height of the dog shed are in centimeters):

If your pet does not exceed the average size of its breed, you should not increase the booth: it will be difficult to warm it in the winter. Please note that these are internal dimensions; if the plating is planned, the dimensions increase by the wall thickness.

Sizing dog kennels

What is the width of the hole

There are recommendations on the width of the manhole. It is determined depending on the width of the chest of the dog. Measure, add 5 cm, get the width of the manhole. The height depends on the height of the withers: you also add 5 cm to the measured value. For a puppy, the manhole is made small at first – a little more than required, as it grows it is increased.

Laz in a dog house is located not in the center, but closer to one of the walls. With this structure, the dog will be able to hide from precipitation or wind behind a solid wall, curled up in a protected part. Often they propose to divide the booth by a partition, making a kind of “vestibule” and sleeping area. But hiding in the fenced compartment, the dog can not control what is happening in the entrusted territory. Many bona fide watchmen do not like to go there. Some, even in the most severe frosts, lie opposite the entrance, not wanting to leave the post. So, the version with offset hole presented in the photo is optimal.

One more thing: at the entrance to the dog house there should be a span of 10-15 cm in height. It protects the dog lying in front of the entrance from wind and precipitation, prevents snow and rain from getting inside.

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Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

The roof is better to make a folding

Type of roof

The roof in the dog box can be single or double gable. Shed, preferable: not very large animals like to sit / lie on it. So they can control a large area.

Another point: since there is no heating in the booth, in winter the air in it is heated from the heat generated by the body. The greater the volume, the longer the kennel will bask. The gable roof on the doghouse just greatly increases this volume without bringing any other good. If you want your dog to be good, make a lean-to roof.

If you don’t like it at all in terms of aesthetics, make a ceiling and the roof itself above. Moreover, it is desirable to make it removable or folding – on the hinges. So it will be more convenient to carry out periodic cleaning and disinfection: organic residues clog in the gap, in which fleas breed. Here from them also it is necessary to process the kennel from time to time.

The dog box must have a floor raised above the ground. To do this, make legs with a height of at least a few centimeters or knock down the frame, which is laid directly on the floor boards.

In general, if possible, dogs prefer to spend time outside. Because it would be nice to do in front of a dog house or on the side of her canopy. And in order to have the opportunity to sit / lie under it – to make the flooring.

Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

I see everything, I hear everything))

This booth does not have a folding roof, but a front wall, which is also convenient when processing.

What to build and how to warm

Most often the dog box is made of wood or wood-based materials. Wood is preferable – it keeps cool in summer and warm in winter. In it, the dog will quite comfortably carry the winter, if the boards are fitted tightly, there are no cracks, even a single wall wooden booth is warm. To, by the way, the dog box turned out without cracks, use a cut board, sometimes even grooved.

Concrete and brick kiosks are not the best choice: they have a good heat, in the summer they are too hot, in the winter – very cold. That is why dogs often prefer to sleep in the open, rather than in a brick kennel.

If wood is too expensive, use a frame for the frame, and everything else can be made of OSB, DVP, plywood. If you use wood sheet material, you may need two layers of it: it is still much thinner than wood and, due to the presence of the binder, has better thermal conductivity (it retains heat worse). Therefore, in this case, you can think about the insulation of the booth for the winter.

Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

Doghouse made of plywood: an example of warming

It is possible to warm any suitable material. You can use the remnants of the construction of houses, villas, baths. It may be mineral wool (as pictured), foam or other material. Warm up with foam plastic, do not overdo it: it does not let air through, and if you hang a curtain on a manhole, the dog will stop sitting in the booth: there will not be enough air for it. Because or leave a small gap or provide some kind of air intake channel.

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If we are to insulate, then the floor and the roof too. They are also made double, laying the same insulation. Too large layer of insulation should not be done: the dog itself can warm up well, besides it has a decent fur coat. And for her worse – frequent sudden changes in temperature than constant cold. If you want the dog to be warm, fill the kennel with a straw for the winter: it should be trampled where necessary, the excess should be thrown away. It is necessary to change such a litter twice during the winter.

For the winter, a dense fabric is cut over a manhole, cut into fairly thick strips. Two chopped noodles of the cloth is fixed with a shear incision. This is how it turns out that the wind does not blow the dog’s box, and the entrance / exit is free. But some dogs do not immediately get used to this innovation and sometimes refuse to go inside.

Outside the booth can be painted, from the inside – no. The canopy and the wall from the wind (preferably one deaf) is treated with antiseptics. It makes no sense to paint them. The main thing is to make the roof without gaps, so that it does not bleed inside or blow out.

A canopy for firewood or a wood grabber is easy to do by hand. How to read here.

Insulated dog house with their own hands

If we talk about the drawings, but no "frills" animals are not needed and too large sizes, too. For them, this is a hole, and it is large, by definition, it cannot be, and it is difficult to heat excess volumes in winter. The booth was made with two windproof walls and a small canopy.

Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

Ready dog ​​box

First, they made two pallets in size with supports for four square bars, then they were connected to each other. The result was a podium on which the floorboards were fixed. The legs in the design are desirable – the floor will not get wet.

Ready floor for the box

In the corners secured bars. At the junction there were six pieces: four on the kennel itself, two in front for the windproof walls. First, they made the inner lining, to which they fixed 7 cm of penoplex, then sheathed the outside. To prevent water from flowing into the walls between the boards, the gap from above is closed with a strip of suitable width.

Walls in a booth with insulation

When facing the wall to which the windproof wall adjoins, the boards used whole ones – so the construction is more rigid.

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Laz and insulated removable roof

The longest were fiddling with the roof. I didn’t want to make it completely flat, because we made a warmed shield strictly sized, which was attached to a slightly rounded roof of stacked rails. It even turned out without a slope, but due to the sloping shape, water flows without problems. Since it was still impossible to hermetically make it, a film was placed under the slats.

Bar from a bar for alabay from a bar

We will immediately say that the dog house was built from materials left over from the construction of the bathhouse. Also, it will put next, because in appearance it should resemble the bath itself.

The basis of this dog box lay down drawing with the size of the box for alabay. But since the dog is not alabai, the sizes have become more modest. Adjustments were also made to the design: a window was made in the side wall, and a cleaning door in the back.

Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

A doghouse for a large dog

At first they built and painted the platform – from the remnants of logs, which were scolded and churned. Then the assembly of the dog house itself began. First, in the workshop they planed, sawed and carried out the ready-made construction and installed it in place – near the bath.

The first crown was laid whole. It forms the threshold and serves as a support for the whole structure. Then cut timber according to the scheme. Considering that the work experience was already (bath built), the work proceeded quickly.

Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

The first two crowns are folded.

Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

Since it was supposed to make the roof "house", as in a bath next to the dog was warm, made the ceiling. A sheet of plywood was used for it. A bar was made in the bar, on which a sheet of thick plywood cut to size was laid. Then they assembled and installed roof shields.

Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

The ceiling in the doghouse

They were not collected according to the rules – they did not make the rafter system. Since the roof is decorative, they assembled the shields, trimmed them with the remains of soft tiles (they also remained from the construction of the bath), then they were joined and sheathed the gables.

Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

Roof did not by the rules

Then the boards sheathed gables. The gaps were covered with boards. The dog box is ready. Made your own hands for half a day.

Doghouse Do It Yourself Two Photo Video

We do not quite Alabai and not Caucasian, but also not a very small dog

Such a structure for a dog of this size will still be large. This box is designed for larger dogs. The situation can be saved only installed inside the partition, reducing the width.

Another dog house with its own hands is made of OSB, covered with professional sheet (insulation and inner lining are planned). The assembly process is captured on video.

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