July 3, 2019

Doghouse Do It Yourself

Doghouse Do It Yourself

For the faithful courtyard dog, it is necessary to build a doghouse that even an amateur can do. For its construction will require bars with a cross section of 50 x 50 mm, but you can also 40 x 40 mm, boards of 20-25 mm and nails. To understand how to build a doghouse, see the drawing below.

Doghouse Do It Yourself

The classic version of a simple dog kennel is a one-volume structure, which is a rectangular design with a double-slope roof. You can also make a shed flat roof. It is recommended to make the slope of the slope small so that the animal is comfortable on it to sit or lie down.

Drawing dog booth

The dimensions of the booth are completely dependent on the size of the dog. Going inside the kennel, the dog should be able to calmly turn around and lie down, stretching out his paws, in addition, he should sit freely in it. Before you start building a dog house, you should make an accurate calculation of the size of the structure, for this it is better to measure the dog. The length of the dog from nose to tail will be the width of the structure, the height of the dog at the withers with the addition of 10-15 cm corresponds to the height of the booth, the same height at the withers less 10 cm – the height of the manhole, the width of the manhole – the width of the animal in the chest plus 10 cm, the depth of the dog usually done accordingly height.

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How to build a doghouse

This construction begins to be built by knocking down the frame; bars are used for this. One point should be taken into account – the floor of the structure must be raised no less than 10 cm above the ground – this will not allow the wooden floor of the kennel to get wet and rotting and pour it inside with rain or melt water. The design should stand on low legs. After the frame is ready, the flooring of 25 mm boards is packed. The boards are fitted very tightly to avoid the formation of crevices in which the claw of an animal can get stuck.

Wall cladding can be done in several ways:
– nail the boards horizontally to the frame, with the edge of each subsequent board blocking the bottom edge;
– nail the boards horizontally, leaving small gaps of 10-20 mm, which then overlap with horizontal slats;
– nail boards vertically in two layers, and the outer layer should cover the gaps between the boards of the inner layer.

To keep the kennel comfortable to keep clean, it is reasonable to make the front or one of the side walls removable. To this end, the wooden folds of the corner profile, between which the wall will move easily, are fastened to the frame posts, top and bottom. But in order to hygiene, you can not make the walls, and make the roof removable, but rather folding, on the hinges.
The roof of the booth is also better to do a two-layer. The first layer of boards is stuffed on a frame or a removable frame with intervals of 50 mm, and the top should cover these gaps. Boards attached along the slope of the roof. I finish the finished structure with linseed oil 2 times or paint it with oil paint to match the color of the remaining courtyards.

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Winter doghouse do it yourself

But if the winters in the region are cold, then you can build a dog house in an improved version of the house – warmed and even with a vestibule. The winter house for a dog consists of two sections: a vestibule and a berth. The first is designed to protect the dog’s home from drafts and blowing cold wind, this room can be warmed or left unheated. Inside the booth is a removable insulated partition, which in the summer can be removed and installed in the winter. It is the partition that divides the inner area of ​​the booth into a vestibule and a sleeping place in which the dog can sleep, curled up. On both manholes (in the booth and the partition), original curtains are attached that can be made from the overcoat of an overcoat or an old coat.

Before you build a dog house with insulated walls, you should decide on the insulation. It may be mineral wool, foam or sawdust. The frame of the booth is sheathed on both sides – external and internal, between which the insulation layer is laid. In this case, the inner lining of the walls can be made of plywood, and the outer one of any material, you can even use plastic lining, but by no means metal. Thus, all walls and roof structures are insulated. A thick bedding is laid on the floor, and a straw mat or an armful of hay can act as it.

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