Easy Start Petrol Trimmer

Easy Start Petrol Trimmer

The Daewoo DABC 420 lawn mower is easy to start, low noise and high performance. It is equipped with a rigid shaft, which is resistant to shock loads.

During transportation or storage, it can be easily disassembled.

Basic equipment

The trimmer is supplied as follows:

gasoline engine, drive shaft, steering rod, belt equipment, protective cover, cutting disc, fuel tank, tool kit, instruction manual and warranty card.



All the controls of the Daewoo trimmer 420 are placed on the control handle and allow you to change the speed of the machine directly during operation.

The protective cover is made of high quality and impact resistant ABS plastic.

All trimmer elements are additionally balanced to give the lawn mow optimal balance.

Daewoo DABC 420 Lawnmow has a special noise and vibration absorption system.

A bicycle type handle is installed on the trimmer, which is considered the most convenient for many owners.

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Before starting work on a Daewoo DABC 420 gasoline mower, it is necessary to check the presence of the fuel mixture and the tightness of the bolted joints.

During work, it is recommended to use protective clothing: a suit, boots, gloves, glasses and headphones.


The Daewoo DABC 420 trimmer works on a mixture of gasoline and two-stroke oil. When choosing a proportion, follow the recommendations of the lubricant manufacturer. Usually it is 1:40.

User’s manual

The new owners of the Daewoo DABC 420 mower must always study the user manual before operating, in order to understand the device’s operating principle, start-up, stop and maintenance systems.

An electronic version of this document is here—>

Advantages and disadvantages

Lawn mowers Daewoo DABC 420 belongs to the category of low-cost lawn care machines. It starts well, regularly mows grass, keeps speed, has a collapsible bar.

However, there are also disadvantages: not convenient shoulder equipment, not too high quality of components, high noise level.

Video review

This video review is presented by the manufacturer:

Owner reviews

Here is what Daewoo DABC 420 gas mowers write on topic forums:

“I have a Daewu cultivator, and when choosing a trimmer, I also decided to stop at this company. Since this is a quality technique, at a low price. The mower is completely satisfied. The saw blade in the kit pleased. During assembly, he carefully installed the handle, since many did not do it correctly, and as a result, it did not hold. It starts easily. It took about 3 hours to clean 9 acres. I haven’t noticed any negative moments yet. ”