Eccentric grinder which one to choose an inexpensive for the house.

Rating of eccentric grinding machines: TOP 10 best models according to owners

Very often in everyday life, people have a need to carry out repair work in the apartment, in the country. At the same time, many are faced with the need to align something, grind, remove the old layer of paint and varnishes and t.D. Such processes can be done manually using the good old sandpaper, but then a lot of time will be spent.

To optimize such actions, it is worth purchasing special equipment intended for such purposes, namely a grinder. The domestic markets are full of their all kinds of varieties. They differ in the principle of operation (there are tape, vibrational, orbital), type of power (from the network or battery), power, assembly quality and parts and in other parameters.

This article will present a rating of eccentric grinding machines. Recently, it has been preferred by users. They are universal devices with which it is easy to process any surfaces.

Due to the constantly growing demand for these devices, manufacturers tirelessly release their new, improved models that meet all user requirements. This review contains 10 best copies. Most of the owners gave their preference, therefore this rating is based on their reviews. It has a description of each tool, its technical characteristics, features, advantages, disadvantages, and the average cost is also indicated.

Wert Ees 125DE

The cheapest eccentric grinding machine in the ranking, it is made of durable black and yellow plastic. It is used to clean the surfaces of wood, plastic, metal, as well as all kinds of synthetic materials. The case is shock.resistant, protects the entire structure from mechanical damage. It is equipped with a cooling system that is carried out through the radiator grill, and the adjustment of oscillations/revolutions. There is a vacuumber with a container for dust and small litter.

The grinding circle has a standard size, while the amplitude of its movement is only 2 mm. Ergonomic handle, with anti.slip coating. The operation of the device comes from the mains, but it can be connected to the generator if all indicators are normal.

  • Low cost.
  • The availability of electronic revolutions.
  • Assembly quality and components at a high level.
  • vacuum cleaner with a solid capacity.
  • Standard in parameters circle for grinding.

Patriot OS 125

Inexpensive eccentric grinder, intended for the work of the rough type and final processing of products and materials. Its platform, with a diameter of 12.5 cm, during use, makes not only oscillatory movements, but also rotates around its axis. The number of revolutions varies depending on the processed surface. The sandpaper can easily change and join the disk using Velcro.

The design of the device itself is very convenient. The handle with rubberized inserts comfortably lies in the hand, does not allow it to slip. The garbage bag attached to the case allows you to immediately get rid of unnecessary waste. In addition to the vacuum cleaner, a construction vacuum cleaner can be connected to this model. The cooling system does not allow the tool to overheat with prolonged use.

  • Low level of vibration retardation.
  • Reliable mount to the body of the dust box. Does not fall off and does not interfere with the processing of objects.
  • Correspondence of the price quality.
  • The ability to connect to a vacuum cleaner.

Zoshm Zoshm-450-125

Powerful grinding machine (450 W) to remove layers of shabby paint, varnish, cleansing the areas of rust, old pollution, grinding, polishing various surfaces. Exchange elements for leveling are installed on the disk thanks to the Velcro system. The launch is carried out by pressing the button, which is immediately fixed in the set position. The function of a smooth start protects the unit from premature wear.

It is easy to keep it, since the handle has a convenient shape and there is rubber inserts from slipping. The speed of rotation of the platform varies from 5 to 13 thousand revolutions per minute, and its size is 2 mm. It is due to these indicators that the maximum smoothness of any processed surface is achieved. There is a vacuum cleaner.

  • Good engine power.
  • High.quality case plastic.
  • The kit has an adapter for connecting to a vacuum cleaner.
  • Stylish design with good ergonomics.
  • Low noise.

Interskol Ashm-125/270E

The simplest grinder of the brand produced in China. She has no outstanding design features or additional functions, except for five.stage adjustment of the speed of rotation and fluctuations in the circle. It is most often used for home use: from rough grinding and ending with polishing. At the same time, they can carry out manipulations not only with even, but also with convex products.

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The tool can be operated for a long time without taking breaks, as it is equipped with reliable protection against overheating. The case of this instance is equipped with a comfortable handle, a system of dusting. There is also a lock button lock.

  • Intuitive management.
  • Convenient location of the switch on the case: directly under the forefinger of the hand.
  • Strong connection of grinding elements with the “plate” of the device.
  • Reliable protection against motor overheating.

Bort BS-450

A fairly powerful device for all indicators: an engine of 450W, the speed of rotation of the grinding disk from 7,000 to 14,000 revolutions per minute, the speed of oscillations is 14000-28000. Due to this, he has very high performance. With the help of this eccentric grinding machine, you can quickly clean, polished, polish the surfaces of any quality: from wood, metal or plastic.

eccentric, grinder, which, choose, inexpensive

For the greatest comfort of the operator, the case is equipped with two handles with a non.slip coating, a switch to change the number of fluctuations and revolutions, dust removal holes located in a moving platform, as well as the launch button lock.

  • Dust absorption function is carried out properly.
  • The case is made of quality materials.
  • Several fixed positions in an additional handle.
  • A long food wire allows you to work without connecting to an extension cord.

Hammer OSM480

The most difficult (2.2 kg) copy, suitable for grinding and polishing wood and metal, equipped with a powerful engine (480 W). Its metal elements are protected by double insulation, so the device does not need grounding. The spinning platform has an anti.corrosion coating, t.e. it does not rust with prolonged operation.

We also suggest watching a video that will help you make a choice of high.quality grinding machine for walls and ceilings.

What is an eccentric type grinding machine?

Eccentric type grinding machines. novelty in the field of tools. They have a random trajectory of movement around the circle. In 1976, Festool from Germany presented a device in which the rotational and reciprocating movement was achieved simultaneously. After 6 years, the company produced the industrial model of grinding.

The grinding machine of an eccentric type (orbital) performs the surface processing by quality as a device polishing around the circle. But its performance is comparable to the devices with the reciprocating movement. The movement of the circle of the device occurs in random order, the trajectories are not repeated. Such a constructive solution eliminates the constant grinding of the same places and the appearance of scratches on them.

The English name of this type of device “Random Orbit Sander” is an orbital grinding machine moving along an arbitrary trajectory.

How to choose an orbital (eccentric type) grinding machine

Each eccentric type tool (orbital grinding machine) is made to certain conditions. It has a certain set of technical characteristics and is designed for a specific work cycle and load. For the right choice of a grinding machine, the factors must be taken into account:

  • At what speed the rotation occurs and the amplitude of the movement. When cleaning and black grinding is carried out, a speed of 10 thousand revolutions per minute is used, the amplitude of the movement is large. This leads to an increase in performance, but to a decrease in the quality of grinding. sophisticated grinding requires a speed of 2 to 4 thousand revolutions per minute. The amplitude of the movement should be less. If you need a universal device, you can purchase and use a grinding machine of an eccentric type, in which the revolutions are adjustable, and the amplitude of the movement reaches 2-3 mm.
  • What performance does the device give. This factor is affected by the size of the working surface and the selected option. Large working surface and high speed gives good performance. In a grinding machine of an eccentric type, which has an initial level, circles are used, which have a diameter of 12.5 cm. Professional devices are supplied with circles with a diameter of 15 cm.
  • The duration of the working cycle and the value of the production load. So that the grinding machine has been working for a long time and operated throughout the shift and long months, the selection of parts and materials is carefully performed for its manufacture. This is the difference between an amateur tool from professional grinders. A professional tool with the same technical characteristics can cost much more.
  • In what conditions will be operated by the tool. To work in places with high humidity, strong dusting, increased fire hazard, an eccentric type tool is carefully selected. For this, there are grinding machines with an increased level of protection. Operational data are indicated in the product passport. Under such conditions, you can use an eccentric type pneumatic grinding machine that does not have electricians. It can be used for any operating conditions.

Types of grinding tools

The last stage of the grinding revolution led to the appearance of mechanical devices with electric drive. Today it is difficult to find a technological operation to remove a thin layer of material, for which the tool has not been invented. These are electric beaches, electric steps and disk machines. They work on the principle of rotation and vibration, there are strip and eccentric, eat from the network and from the battery.

What is the difference between a strip from an eccentric machine? The principle of operation of the tape power tool for grinding is that the tape from abrasive material is glued into the ring and using an electric motor and pulleys is given in rotation. This makes it possible to process flat surfaces with high accuracy.

Eccentric machines have a round working platform, which, in addition to the rotational, has a reciprocal movement, achieved with a mechanism with an eccentric. This leads to a greater performance of material removal with improvement in quality.

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Buyers are more popular with eccentric. These are universal models that process surfaces of any configuration. Ribbon, due to the specifics, have narrow use in those areas where there is a need for high.precision processing of large flat parts, for example, furniture.

A separate type of grinder represents vibrational. They have a flat rectangular working platform, which with the help of eccentrics is given a reciprocating movement within a few millimeters. In terms of performance are inferior to round. Used for car repair to clean up small burrs, old paint and putty.

Most of the grinder have power from the network. The tool that works from the battery is used in places where the wire interferes with working or when performing one.time work in the absence of electricity. Due to the fact that the battery is expensive, the price of such models with the same characteristics above. Therefore, they are not in great demand from the buyer

Rating of high.quality eccentric grinders in 2022

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Grinding machines of production presents budget types of tools. Powerful model, 450 watts, with a rotation frequency of 13000 rpm. The working platform ranges with an amplitude of 2 mm, which allows high.performance processing of large surfaces, for example, alignment of countertops.

Having increased energy characteristics, it performs thin grinding with high performance. The adapter for connecting the vacuum cleaner allows you to process floors and walls in closed spaces. The vacuumboard is conscientiously collecting dust, but sometimes jumps due to vibration.

Velcro of the working platform steadily holds the sandpaper, but for long.term conservation it is not recommended to work for a long time at maximum speeds.

Metabo SXE 3125

A convenient, compact, high.performance model of an affordable price category that performs the high.quality processing of many materials with a different level of hardness. The case is durable and reliable due to the manufacture of cast aluminum alloys. The device favorably differs in a well.thought.out system for removing dust (there are holes in the sole through which dust falls immediately into a special bag, easy to clean), is equipped with a nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Reduced vibration level, ergonomically designed handles, non.lining significantly increase comfort in operation.

  • electronic regulation system of the number of revolutions;
  • convenience in management;
  • reduced vibration;
  • working sole resistant to wear;
  • Velcro support plate for fast and simple replacement of equipment.

The grinder was bought for the processing of solid wood (oak, beech). The machine copes with rough grinding and finish polishing perfectly. I use 3M and Chinese circles (I took it for testing, brand for the domestic market). Velcro holds perfectly. If you do not connect a vacuum cleaner, then it is better to work outdoors or in a resuper, it blows a lot of dust through a rag bag. General impressions are positive, I recommend.

Makita BO5031K

Reliability, durability, professionalism, functionality. the main characteristics of this eccentric grinder developed for many grinding and polishing work with high loads. The model carries out black grinding, as well as subtle finishing polishing. The tool effectively processes any wooden, steel, stone, plastic and even paint coatings. The medium.power engine has air cooling, so it is able to work for a long time. To collect work waste, a system of holes is provided, through which dust enters the fabric vacuumber immediately.

  • the presence of a pipe for connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner;
  • small weight (1.3 kg);
  • ergonomic rubber overlays for convenience when finding the device in the hand;
  • Pointing with a corporate case for neat storage and comfortable transportation.

High power, quiet enough. Dusting even with a regular bag is excellent! I got what I wanted.