Eccentric grinding machine which to choose. Makita BO5031, 300 W

TOP-10 eccentric grinder rating: review of the best network and battery models of 2022

Eccentric grinding grinding. An indispensable tool for repair work. What characteristics to pay attention to when choosing a device? Rating of the best grinding machines of eccentric type.

Any construction and finishing work Not dispensed with use grinding machine.

She is makes it possible to quickly and efficiently polish any surface, thanks to a well.Thought.Out design of a grinding disk.

Consider what to pay attention to when choosing an eccentric grinder, as well as a rating of the best models.

The best household tool

The grinder of the domestic class is used for episodic work with a short duration. It has a small power engine, a limited number of useful options for choosing a processing mode.

Zoshm-450-125 bison-inexpensive in its class

Inexpensive, simple and convenient tooling tools. Designed for half-willed and finished grinding and polishing work. It is possible to smoothly change the number of revolutions through electronic setting. Comfortable work is facilitated by light weight and two.Component handle.

Black Decker KA-198-Optimal for its own car

The compact with an ergonomic grinder body will successfully fit into the kit for the care of her own car. Perfect for performing thin grinding and polishing processes before coating the surface of varnish or enamel. Formed dust captures a bag of dust. With intensive work, a vacuum cleaner is connected.

  • High performance when polishing.
  • Suitable for processing large surfaces in area.
  • The main purpose is thin grinding and polishing of metal planes.

Hammer OSM-430-commercial use in a private workshop

The eccentric orbital machine equipped with a powerful engine will perform an expanded series of operations: cleaning, grinding and polishing surfaces made of wood, metal and plastic. The optimal processing mode is facilitated by the electronic system of adjusting the speed numbers. Abrasive equipment-grinding and polishing circles are fixed by means of “Velcro”.

Interskol Ashm 125/270E. The lightest

Easy practical unit for rough and finishing grinding. Performs polishing operations. Processes wood, metal, plastic. It is possible to use the premises. The peel and smoothing of irregularities on plastered or putty surfaces. Thanks to a small mass, it is convenient to work under the ceiling.

Ruobi Ros300A. The highest quality

A rather powerful, qualitatively assembled eccentric grinding machine will make it rude and finishing the products of plastic, metal and wood products. The capabilities of the unit allow restoration work with ancient furniture. An advanced innovative dust removal technology has been introduced into the design. A cyclone mechanism has been installed.

  • He copes with his purpose perfectly. Polishes and polishes perfectly.
  • High assembly quality.
  • Great price for household model with advanced characteristics and configuration.

Choosing a grinding machine


This grinder is characterized by a narrow case in the form of a cylinder, fastening for the nozzles is located in the front of the tool. To ensure convenience and reliable fixation in the hand, the model is equipped with a side handle. Used for work with metal, stone, concrete and other popular materials. With its help, you can remove, clean and grind the surfaces, level the walls, remove the coating from the surfaces. Abrasive wheels and brushes necessary for work are attached to the spindle, and also use additional fixation using a flange and a clamping nut. It is used for domestic purposes, as well as in wood and metalworking workshops of a small format, in car services.


A distinctive feature is an elongated straight case that conveniently falls into the hand and makes it possible to work in a close space. The equipment represented by the abrasive stones of the necessary shapes is attached to the cang clip. The tool is used for work in places that are difficult to access. Due to the low weight and convenience of the design, polishing with the help of a grinder of this type is as convenient as possible. At the same time, the case is resistant to loads, which makes it possible to work for a long time in different conditions. Some manufacturers produce models on which you can install brushes and circles for grinding or polishing.

A direct grinding machine is ideal for finishing surfaces, and its maneuverability makes it possible to process small details and parts with a complex relief. With its help, you can clean the seams after welding, clean the space of rust, varnish or paint.


Used to clean large and even surfaces from thick layers of material. Given the operation, this type of grinding machine has a center of gravity, which allows the employee to make a minimum of effort during operation. The equipment is represented by a grinder in the form of a ring, which is attached at the bottom of the tool and makes it possible not only to remove the material, but also to divert it from the working space.

The design of the tape grinding machine makes it possible to work on vertical and horizontal surfaces. A powerful engine is located in a rectangular case with a straight lower platform for fastening the tape.

This tool is recommended mainly for the initial removal of the layers of the material, as it provides a rather rough surface processing. In demand when working with wood.


An ideal solution for removing varnish from a tree, giving it the appearance of antiquity, as well as removing rust. It is with the help of such grinder that you can process the flooring to give it texture. For work, brushes made of metal, nylon or composite materials, as well as rollers are used. In some cases, it is allowed to use shafts and drums that allow you to install abrasive rings for surface processing.

Brush models weigh up to 4 kg and are equipped with two handles, which provides convenience and comfort of work.

Vibrational (planning grinding).

A distinctive feature of the grinder of this class is vibrational movements that arise as a result of the presence of an eccentric mechanism. The instrument equipment is represented by sheets that are attached to the sole with Velcro or clamps. The degree of surface treatment can be adjusted due to granularity of grinders.

They are mainly used for the finish processing of materials such as plastic, metal, wood, non.Ferrous metals, composites. We are in demand in woodworking, furniture and finishing work, in car services.

Delt Gorifmashinka.

Similar in design with vibrational, but has a triangular nozzle that allows you to process places with difficulty access, as well as small details. The working sole is somewhat removed relative to the case, and the frequency of its oscillations makes it possible to process even demanding materials.

As a rule, it is used for polishing and grinding stone, plastic, metal products and small parts. Grinding sheets of suitable granularity (felt) are attached to the machine with Velcro.

A small working surface, a compact case and the absence of handles. The basis of the design features that make it possible to work on a small area.


The working disk is installed on the machine case and makes two types of movements-circular and reciprocating. This combination allows you to provide the maximum polishing effect and high quality of work. This type of typewriter leaves no traces on the processed surface, although as similar is noticed behind machines of a different class.

Used for finishing surfaces, mainly profile or curved. Solves more complex problems, including cleaning and polishing metals, natural stone, wood.

Work can be performed using grinders on Velcro. They are cheaper than models on the clamps, presented in a large assortment, are simple in replacing. Felt sponges and fur wheels will be required to polish.


At first glance, it is very similar to a grinder, but the hilt on the case allows you to qualitatively adjust the degree of pressing the tool. Used for delicate processing of materials. Masters have access to control of revolutions, including in reduced mode.

The equipment is represented by circles of felt, wool, felt, foam rubber, fur. The most in demand in the field of body work, as it allows you to delicately clean, sand and polish the surface.

Technical characteristics of grinding machines

Engine capabilities are determined by the main characteristic. Power. High indicator indicates the corresponding performance. Choosing a powerful tool, you provide Rapid processing of surfaces of various areas, including large. Such equipment significantly saves the time that is spent on processing the material.

At the same time, we do not recommend taking a grinding machine with too much power supply. Firstly, in the absence of suitable work, this is simply an unclaimed resource, which means you have overpaid. Secondly, more power is more than a load on an electric network, which is unprofitable for both home and workshop, service, etc. To work with a grinder at home, in the garage, in the warehouse, a tool with a capacity of up to 1000 watts is quite enough. Productive tool is used only by professionals.

Eccentric (orbital) grinding machines

This type of grinder is designed for high.Quality processing. Delicate grinding and even polishing. This is their element, although the performance of such devices can be no less impressive than vibrational machines. They will cope with any material, most often Eshm you will meet with wooden affairs, car malear. In work with specialized, voluminous, curved objects, eccentric grinders have no equal, with the planes they also have no problems. The only thing where such a machine saves is in the corners and small recesses. The “plate” simply will not get there.

As well as flat.Grinding units, the “orbitals” have an eccentric and a counterweight by which the round grinding plate performs not only the movement around its axis, but also in the “orbit” with a small amplitude. Interestingly, the axial movement usually occurs by inertia, and in some models, it is forced (through a gear transmission. Kress 900 MPS). Such a complex movement of the working canvas, coupled with the highest speed of rotation, just allows you to get the surface of excellent quality, without recesses, waves and scratches.

From 200 to 900 watts. So much consumes motors of modern Ashm. Those that are more powerful, of course, will be more productive, they will easily pull the sole larger, up to 150 mm in diameter (for example, 400-vat Bosch GEX 125–150 AVE or ASHM-150/600E intercol).

Bosch Gex 125–150 Ave

By speed of progressive movement, orbital machines also have differences. If we talk about rotation, then this indicator can be from 4 to 14 thousand turns of an eccentric per minute for models with adjustment (Metabo SXE 425), and about 12000 for models without such. If we talk about the concept of “oscillation”. Then these numbers will be half as much. In fact, everything is simple, the higher the speed, the rude the processing will be, but the faster you can do the work.

Metabo SXE 425

The eccentric of orbital machines may not have the same “scope”-from 2 to 7 mm (Festool WTS 150/7 E-Plus). This is called the amplitude of the oscillation. The smaller it is, the less vibration the device generates, the more compact the plate walks, the smaller the area we process, but the cleaner the grinding. In some Ashm, the operator can establish a certain amplitude, affecting the performance and subtlety of grinding.

eccentric, grinding, machine, which

Compared to its counterparts (lshm and PSM), “orbitals” are usually well stuffed with electronics. We have already talked about the installation of speed and amplitude, in addition to this, the professional tool is supplied with a system of automatic frequency maintenance (Bosch Gex 150 Turbo) so that it does not fall under load. This is a constant electronics. Some models have an electrodynamic brake (AEG EX150ed K), which after disconnecting the “Start” button instantly stops the work plate, preventing damage to the workpiece and reducing the possibility of injuries. For powerful professional machines, a starter limiter (Makita BO6040) can be provided, which smoothly accelerates the tool, preventing the starting jerk and protecting the network from short.Term but increased loads at times.

Makita BO6040

We include very pleasant options to include a removable network cable, adjustable or removable front handle, fixing the starter, functional removal of dust.

Be sure to pay attention to the type of grinding sole. Firstly, if you need a particularly delicate processing, do not chase a large plate, it, by the way, has a dead zone more, and amplitude about 5-7 mm. The plate made of metal has stability, high strength and perfectly removes heat. Elastic plate cooles well with convex surfaces. All of them have a Velcro for fixing the emery and openings for the suction of dust. These holes for individual manufacturers can be different in size, quantity and location, on this basis you need to select a suitable equipment.


This is the main characteristic when choosing an Ashm. The speed and quality of processing depends on the power, as well as the weight of the tool. For the house, there will be enough eccentric grinding grinder at 160-500 watts. Professional in the field of construction work needs models with a capacity of at least 500 watts. For prolonged and effective operation, we recommend that you consider more powerful models.

This characteristic affects the result and convenience of working with ESM. Large turns will only be useful when performing black tasks. For finishing, small revolutions are needed to perform more subtle processing. Rotation speed directly depends on the power of the tool. For example, a machine with a capacity of 750 watts has a speed of 1,500-6000 rpm, and with a capacity of 250 W. 7000–11500 rpm.

Which eccentric grinder is better

It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question, since there are a huge number of different models. However, you can determine a good multifunctional tool by the number of additional opportunities available. A good grinding machine should be equipped with various auxiliary devices and functions;

  • The possibility of limiting the starting current;
  • Adapter for attaching a vacuum cleaner in the process of auto-grinding;
  • Power regulator;
  • Additional handle.

There are situations when people are faced with the need to acquire Ashm. Before you do this, you must familiarize yourself with what an eccentric grinding machine is, which model to choose for home use and what factors to pay attention to the tool.

Choosing a grinding machine for wood. Tips

This article is intended for everyone who is engaged in wood processing and wants to facilitate the process of grinding it. For this, a grinding machine for wood is perfect, which model to choose?

On the market there are several types of tools for finishing wood: tape grinding machines, eccentric, orbital machines. So, which grinding machine to choose, which type of device is better for specific purposes?

Before finding the answer to this question, you should figure out how different models differ and compare their functions with our needs.

How to choose a grinding machine for wood. Tips

Grinding wood is a time.Consuming process that can be greatly facilitated using suitable tools. For processing wood, tape, oscillation or eccentric, as well as deltoid.Shaped grinding machines are best suited.

The correct choice of the device depends on the type of work performed and on the features of the blanks: shape, size, grinding of angles and hard.To.Reach areas, type of coating, etc. D.

For individual works, different tools are better suited, namely:

  • It is better to choose a tape grinder for grinding large and flat surfaces;
  • Eccentric grinding grinding allows you to conveniently process convex and concave small wooden surfaces;
  • The oscillation model has a similar application, with the possibility of processing angles due to rectangular soles;
  • A deltoid grinding machine is ideal for processing surfaces with complex shapes inaccessible to most grinding machines, while a small area of ​​its sole is usually recommended for small wooden surfaces.

Description and purpose of the model

If the surface with which we are dealing is large and relatively flat, then it is better to choose a tape grinding machine. It is designed to process massive wood, lacquered boards and veneered panels.

Ribbon grinder are characterized by the highest efficiency, they are most often used in workshops and rarely for homework.

Due to the high performance, the ribbon-grinding machines can process large areas in a short period of time with excellent results. The processed surface is smooth and homogeneous. In addition, since tape grinding machines are mainly used for linear movement, they are ideal when grinding along wood fibers.

The disadvantage of tape grinding machines is the design of the base, which does not allow you to get to hard.To.Reach angles. The edge of the tape is not at the same time the edge of the sole, so the surfaces, for example, near the wall, are not available for this device. In this case, you will need a deltoid model.

Which tape grinding machine to choose?

To choose the right tape grinding machine, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • The speed of the working part is the higher speed, the faster and more precisely the surface is polished. Depending on the model, the speed can vary from 200 to 420 rpm.
  • Tape size. This parameter affects the speed and accuracy of grinding. But be careful! The larger the size, the faster the grinding occurs, but at the same time its accuracy decreases.
  • Power. The higher the power, the better the tool processes a hard and more complex surface, such as, for example, hard of hard wood (oak). Thanks to high power, the tool can work longer without overheating.

If we need a tape grinding machine for wood, how to choose power correctly? Ribbon grinding machines with an engine power up to 1000 watts are mainly designed for easy operation, and with an engine power of more than 1,400 watts will work perfectly with a short.Term but heavy load.

Review of models

Below are the models of grinding machines recommended by specialists. For each model, distinctive characteristics are highlighted.

One.Graphite 59G394 grinding machine. A small diameter of the front roller (16 mm) and an additional handle with an adjustable angle of inclination allow you to easily grind in hard.To.Reach places.

2.Makita 9920 machine is a powerful and professional tape grinding machine with electronic speed control for optimal performance. Due to the automatic side adjustment of the tape, you can polish the surface to the edge.

The purpose of the tool

The eccentric grinding machine is the most universal tool designed to grind convex and concave small wooden surfaces and many other materials.

This model is used in the following cases:

eccentric, grinding, machine, which

-Suitable for grinding metal surfaces;

Testing MAKITA GRINDER IN 9inches. #buy #buymachinestz #grinding #grenda #short #msasa #kupigamsasa

-It is also useful for polishing due to the possibility of installing a polishing disk;

-can be used to clean old paintwork.

Eccentric or orbital grinding grounds for wood processing and updating: chests of drawers, tables. Eccentric grinding machines have a plate that rotates, and also ranges. Thanks to this, such devices work faster than oscillation grinders. However, this tool also has disadvantages, eccentric grinding machines are characterized by a round shape of the sole, which does not allow the processing of angles.

eccentric, grinding, machine, which

The diameter of the working part is usually 125 or 150 mm. Of course, the larger the working surface, the higher the performance. However, the working surface of eccentric grinders is less than that of the oscillation. This has its pros and cons: the advantage of a smaller sole is that it is easier to work with it in hard.To.Reach places, minuses are less performance on large surfaces.

How to choose an oscillation grinding machine?

Before buying, you need to pay attention to:

The number of fluctuations. The higher this value, the better the tool works. Usually designated as the amount of vibrations per minute.

What is an eccentric type grinding machine?

Eccentric type grinding machines. Novelty in the field of tools. They have a random trajectory of movement around the circle. In 1976, Festool from Germany presented a device in which the rotational and reciprocating movement was achieved simultaneously. After 6 years, the company produced the industrial model of grinding.

The grinding machine of an eccentric type (orbital) performs the surface processing by quality as a device polishing around the circle. But its performance is comparable to the devices with the reciprocating movement. The movement of the circle of the device occurs in random order, the trajectories are not repeated. Such a constructive solution eliminates the constant grinding of the same places and the appearance of scratches on them.

Rating of high.Quality eccentric grinders in 2022

NamePower, WFrequency, rpmWeight, kgPrice, p
Zoshm Zoshm-450-125 450 13000 2.One 2500
Caliber Ashm-420p 420 13000 one.81 2400
Hammer OSM260 260 12000 one.57 1900
Wert Ees 125DE 350 13000 one.5 1400
Bort BS-450 450 14000 2 2200
Bosch Gex 150 AC 340 12000 2.One 12500
Metabo SXE 450 Turbotec 350 13100 2.2 11100
DeWALT DWE6423 280 12000 one.28 5400
Rupes Er 05TE 450 10,000 2.One 13200
Makita BO5031 300 12000 one.3 5400

Russian.Made grinding machine presents budget types of tools. Powerful model, 450 watts, with a rotation frequency of 13000 rpm. The working platform ranges with an amplitude of 2 mm, which allows high.Performance processing of large surfaces, for example, alignment of countertops.

Почему эксцентриковая шлифмашина Makita BO5031 Г

Having increased energy characteristics, it performs thin grinding with high performance. The adapter for connecting the vacuum cleaner allows you to process floors and walls in closed spaces. The vacuumboard is conscientiously collecting dust, but sometimes jumps due to vibration.

Velcro of the working platform steadily holds the sandpaper, but for long.Term conservation it is not recommended to work for a long time at maximum speeds.

Eccentric grinding machine which to choose

When buying Ashm for a home, it is necessary to consider the power of the device. To choose the most optimal option, you need to decide on the sphere of use of the tool. For example, for home use, you should not buy too powerful models. The most suitable choice will be a device with a capacity of about 300-400 watts.

If you often need to grind hard and rough surfaces, you will have to find the model more powerful. Ashm that will be given from 700-800 watts are ideal.

Frequency and amplitude of oscillations

This is one of the most important indicators that must be taken into account while choosing a new grinder. The fact is that it is the productivity of the device and the quality of surfaces that depends on the frequency and amplitude of the oscillations.

For thin grinding, models with a minimum amplitude of about 2-3 mm are suitable. If you need to engage in rough grinding, then you will have to look for a power tool with higher indicators.

The diameter of the platform

Picture 2 on the diameter of the working platform depends on which nozzles can be used for grinding

All grinding machines are equipped with special platforms, with which nozzles are attached for surfacing. In the top grinding machines of eccentric, models are included in which the diameter of the plate is 125-150 mm. This is the optimal size that is suitable for working with metal surfaces and wood.

Operating conditions

When choosing a grinding machine, it is necessary to take into account the conditions for its operation. For example, if it is rarely used at home to process wood, you do not need to buy too expensive Ashm. Any budget model is suitable for this.

If this device is bought for everyday use and processing of solid surfaces, you will have to familiarize yourself with the rating of the most powerful eccentric grinders. Budget models are not suitable for such tasks.


It is recommended to purchase ergonomic and mobile models that can be used away from sockets. They are equipped with special batteries, which allow the use of ASHM anywhere, regardless of whether they are connected to the power source.

The ergonomic of the tool is affected by its dimensions. Do not purchase too large grinders, since using them is not very convenient. It is recommended to buy compact models. They sit well in their hands and work more conveniently.

Rating of the best manufacturers of eccentric grinders of wood

Grinding machines from famous brands are characterized by increased reliability and functionality. The best units supply several manufacturers to the market.


The Japanese brand produces a variety of tools for construction and repair, the products are presented on the market with hundreds of positions. Plants are located in several European countries, in China, in Japan and in the USA. The manufacturer guarantees the high quality of grinder and components, offers a reliable service.

Эксцентриковая шлифмашинка Makita BO 5031. Обзор. Так ли хороша

Eccentric grinding machines Makita are represented by budget and professional models


The famous brand has its history since 1923, has plants in Germany and Shanghai. Produces electro- and pneumatic tools, supplies not only network, but also battery eccentric grinders.

Metabo is considered one of the best brands of the middle segment


The German company has been working on the market since the end of the 19th century, has a good reputation and produces exclusively high.Quality grinders. Bosch units are distinguished by thoughtful ergonomics, equipped with security options that extend the life of the tool.

Bosch grinding machines are popular in a professional environment

Additional functions of eccentric grinder

Unlike the characteristics of eccentric grinders described above, additional to a lesser extent affect the performance and quality of work. But the presence of certain additional functions allows you to make the work more comfortable.

Today, manufacturers are trying to provide their eshm with useful functionality as much as possible. Such functions include speed adjustment, various options for vacuumboards, the ability to connect to a vacuum cleaner or an adapter for it, the second handle, limitation of starting current (soft start), an indicator of pressing force force. Consider each of them in more detail, since when choosing some of these functions can play a decisive role.

Revolutions adjustment

Today, in almost any power tool there is this function and Eshm is no exception. Even in pneumatic Ashm there is the possibility of adjusting revolutions, implemented in the form of pressure levers. For eccentric grinders, the ability to adjust the revolutions makes it possible to use the tool for both rough and thin grinding. Which in turn allows you to save on the purchase of several grinders.

Option of a vacuum cleaner

The result of the work of the grinding machine is not only a smooth and smooth surface, but a fairly large amount of fine dust. Of course, manufacturers took care of the presence of a vacuum cleaner for it. But everyone has his own and not always convenient.

So, for example, in Makita The eccentric grinding machine is equipped with three options for vacuumboards. Plastic, rag and paper. And here are the grinders Bosch only with plastic vacuumers with the possibility of replacing them with a vacuum cleaner. When buying Ashm, it is always worth considering the option of a vacuumber, which will be convenient for each in particular. The vacuuming itself, of course, does not affect the quality of work, but when it is cleaned, I do not want to bother too much.

The ability to connect to a vacuum cleaner

As already noted, the removal of dust from various models and manufacturers of ASM is performed both in a separate vacuum cleaner and using a vacuum cleaner. This approach is justified. After all, the vacuumber has small dimensions and there is not enough it for a long time, and you often have to perform cleaning, looking up from work. Therefore, some manufacturers have provided the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, not all models of eccentric grinders have such an opportunity. But professional Ashm, such as grinder Bosch, Rupez or Makita, connection to the vacuum cleaner is without fail.

Of course, there is also another option for connecting to a vacuum cleaner, this is a special adapter. Other ASHM manufacturers, realizing the importance of the connection, decided to leave their models of grinding and began to release special adapters to produce special adapters. Therefore, when buying an eccentric machine, realizing that it will have to work a lot and for a long time, you should ask the seller about the possibility of connecting.

The second handle

The specifics of the eccentric machine provides for the pressure on it from above. Even the very shape of the instrument is completely directed by this. But quite often the starting mechanism and electric motor are somewhat away from the center, which creates certain difficulties during operation. In this regard, ASHM manufacturers added an additional handle, which compensates for the pressure on the other side and facilitates the work with the machine. The pen itself can be removable or stationary. It all depends on the model. For example, a grinder Makita BO5040/5041 has a removable pen, at the same time Bosch PEX 400 AE Equipped with a stationary additional handle. Particularly should be distinguished by grinders DWT. They equipped their Ashm with lateral handles, which provides additional convenience when working with vertical surfaces.

Limiting the starting current

The result of the work of the grinder should be even and smooth surface. But from the moment of starting and before the start of work, the master does not always manage to adapt and make the necessary effort. As a result, the surface can be damaged by leaving unwanted furrows that will have to be sanded. Therefore, many manufacturers equip their grinder with a soft starting system. This approach is justified, especially if the grinding machine is eccentric. It’s all about vibration, which occurs immediately after the machine is turned on. The presence of soft start allows Ashm to gradually go to working turns and adapt to them to the master.

Indicator of pressure effort

One of the additional functions useful for a beginner is the pressing force indicator. This is especially useful for those who have not yet learned to feel their power of pressure on the tool. This indicator in the event of excessive or insufficient pressure will adjust it to make a grinding properly. This function will be useful to professionals. It will allow to evaluate the degree of its skill in working with ASM and facilitate the grinding process itself.

The option of fastening the abrasive

During grinding work, there is more than once the need to sweep the abrasive due to its wear or in order to reduce granularity for a more smooth grinding. So that this simple action does not take too much time, manufacturers have developed several different ways to attach an abrasive to a grinding plate. The most common is the usual Velcro. In addition to it, there is still Quick-Fit system, providing for modular replacement, but it is less popular. When choosing Ashm of a particular manufacturer, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with how the abrasive will be attached so that there is no hitch with the replacement during operation.

What is an eccentric grinding machine?

The difference from other similar devices is a design with eccentrics. It allows a round plate with a disk placed on it for grinding not only in a circle, but also shift to the sides. Thanks to the simultaneously performing movements in a circle, to the side and vice versa, it is possible to perfectly squeeze the surface perfectly smoothly.

The polishing trajectory imitates the movement of cosmic objects around the luminaries, so such a machine is also called orbital. Its structural features improve the quality of polishing. This is especially clearly manifested when working with protruding areas and details having a complex structure with bends and other irregularities. Machines such as Bosch PSM 10.8 LI, better suited for delicate, finishing grinding.

TOP-5 vibration grinding machines with a capacity of more than 250 watts

The best vibration grinder for large.Scale repair and construction should be chosen among tools with increased capacity. They allow you to quickly cope with the tasks, although they often provide only gross processing.

Interskol Pshm-115/350em

A low level of vibration is suitable not only for wood, but also for more solid materials. Metal and glass. Has excellent balancing, allows you to remove dust during operation. Supports the Rapid replacement system of an abrasive canvas.

The price of the vibrational machine Interskol starts from 4800 rubles pluses

Elitech MSHV 0423E

A grinding machine with a 380 W engine and a course of 2 mm provides high.Quality wood and plywood treatment. Equipped with an aluminum platform, equipped with a hard vacuumber. The model provides electronic revolutions.

The price of Elitech grinding machine starts from 3700 rubles pluses

Hammer PSM 300

Powerful vibration grinder 300 W is designed for intensive use. Copes not only with wood, but also with metal, suitable for removing varnish and paint. To consolidate the abrasive material, there are clamps, there is a revolution regulator and a complete vacuumber.

You can buy a grinding machine Hammer PSM 300 from 3400 rubles pluses

Zubrov ZPSHM-300E-02

A reliable and productive grinding unit with a plastic container for collecting dust performs up to 24,000 chips per minute. The power of the motor is 300 watts. The speed of the device can be adjusted depending on the specifics of the surface.

You can buy a grinding vibration machine of the bison from 3600 rubles pluses

Wert EVS 230QD

A grinding machine copes with wood processing, plastic, plaster, removes parquet varnish and old paint. The engine power is 270 watts, the platform makes 26,000 movements per minute. The unit supports the universal fastening of the abrasive with clamps or on Velcro.

The price of VERT grinder starts from 2200 rubles pluses

Eccentric or orbital

The purpose of the tool

Eccentric machine. A universal tool designed to grind convex, concave small wooden surfaces and other materials.

  • Wood grinding;
  • Grinding of metal surfaces;
  • Polishing due to the possibility of installing a polishing disk;
  • Cleaning old paintwork.

The eccentric machine is especially recommended for the restoration of furniture: chests of drawers, tables. The model has a plate that rotates, fluctuates. Thanks to this, the device works faster than oscillation grinders.

Model lack: the round shape of the sole does not allow the processing of angles.

The working surface is less than that of the oscillation machines. The diameter of the working part is usually 125 or 150 mm. The larger the working surface, the higher the performance.

A small working surface has pros and cons:

Tool parameters:

  • Eccentricity. Has a significant impact on the productivity of the tool, means deviations of the sole movement from the point of rotation. The higher the value, the more accurate the tool works.
  • Disha diameter. Large diameters allow you to quickly process large surfaces, small diameters are suitable for work in hard.To.Reach places.
  • The number of revolutions per unit of time is the larger number of revolutions, the more accurate the tool works (as in the oscillating machine).

Review of models

  • Bosch PEX 400AE provides high.Quality grinding, high efficiency, optimal polishing performance. Paper Assistant function provides light stretching of sandpaper. Supplied in a suitcase with a set of sandpaper. The built.In absorption module transports crushed dust directly to the container, which is easily emptied.
  • Bosch 400W GEX 125-150 AVE is designed for professional use. An extremely universal device due to the choice of a grinding disk with a diameter of 150 or 125 mm. Supplied in a suitcase with a set of grinding pads.

Network eccentric grinders

Orbital machines operating from the network are more often used in the professional field. Thanks to the constant power source, unlimited operation of the device is ensured, which allows you to process large surfaces in a short period.

These models are more convenient in everyday life and workshops with a small volume of work. Battery OSHMs are indispensable where there is no possibility of connecting to an electric network. But the operating time depends directly on the energy intensity of the battery, which requires periodic recharge.