Echo Brand Mower Models Overview

Manual braids, which require a lot of effort and time, have long been replaced by Lawn Mower, the principle of operation of which is based on the rotation of the cutting parts using an electric or gasoline engine.

With this tool, you can easily tidy up and trim grass, shrubs, and even small trees. There are many varieties and manufacturers of motokos on the market. Among them, one can distinguish petrol scythes of the Echo (Echo) brand. The range of this brand allows you to choose a tool for professional mowing and for private use.

1 About Echo

Echo is a global brand and has held key market positions for sixty years. Since its inception, the company’s philosophy has not changed. To keep up with the times, new technologies are constantly being introduced.

Echo Brand Mower Models Overview

Lawn Mower ECHO SRM-4300R

1.1 Types of motokos

Depending on the operating mode, technical characteristics and field of activity All Lawn Mower can be divided into three main types:

  1. Household.
  2. Professional.
  3. Semi-professional.

Household scythes are used by the middle class population. Such devices can eliminate grass and weed clippings on an area of ​​up to 20 acres, that is, they are designed to work in the garden, near the yard or house, in the garden. It is very difficult for an ordinary person without the experience of mowing Lawn Mower to distinguish household models from professional ones. Engine power of such tools does not exceed 2 hp

The cost of domestic motokos is much cheaper than professional or semi-professional models.

Semi-professional are Lawn Mower used by landscape designers and gardeners. Such models are similar to professional ones with their technical characteristics, their engine power is less than that of professional ones, but they have a more mobile design.

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Cutter headset Echo

Professional scythes are used in large areas, in public utilities for the cultivation of public areas. They can be used for harvesting hay for the winter. Such devices have large engine power, high build quality, large dimensions. They can do work in large areas with a long duration.
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2 Lawn Mower brand Echo (Echo)

The products of this company are diverse. Lawn Mower Echo is a high-performance, lightweight trimmer with gasoline engines. These devices are designed to cut grass, shrubs, small shoots, young trees, remove weeds in places inaccessible to other mechanisms.

Like other manufacturers, Echo trimmers are divided into household, semi-professional and professional Lawn Mower. Production of the Echo brand is located in Japan and technologies are developed there. The first shoulder braid was made in 1960, and already in 1963 the first compact Lawn Mower in the Japanese market was produced.

Echo household trimmers include:

  • Lawn Mower Echo Lawn Mower srm 22ges;
  • Lawn Mower Echo GT-22ES.
  • petrol trimmer ECHO SRM-2655SI;
  • petrol trimmer ECHO SRM 2305 SI.
  • petrol trimmer ECHO SRM-330ES;
  • trimmer petrol ECHO SRM 350ES.

Consider the technical characteristics of the above Echo benders, which the people nicknamed Ehami.

Benzokosa Echo SRM-420ES

2.1 Lawn Mower Echo SRM-22GES

An engine with an easy-start system was installed on this model, which made it possible to solve the problem of a “back strike”. During operation with this trimmer, vibration is almost not felt due to the anti-vibration system. It is represented by a rubber vibration isolator that separates the motor from the rod. To start a cold engine without any problems, a trimmer is installed on the trimmer for pumping fuel into the carburetor. The engine is equipped with a two-stroke engine with Es-Start.