Electric Chain Saw How To Choose

How to choose a household electric chain saw

Features of choosing a household electric chain saw. What elements are the aggregates made of, how they work, what parameters you need to pay attention to when choosing. Useful advice from specialists.

Chain brake

When working with an electric saw, the owner may encounter such a phenomenon as kickback, which occurs as a result of the contact of the working part with a material of high hardness. All this leads to the fact that the electric saw leans sharply to the side the location of the worker with an upward shift.

All this creates a threat of injury to the hands of the worker. To avoid negative consequences, manufacturers use a special device chain brake.

By its design, it looks like a lever in the form of a disk, which is located directly in front of the handle. During the kickback, the worker, unwillingly, automatically shifts his left hand to this lever, and this leads to turn off the electric motor. In practice, all this happens in a very short time of about 0.1 seconds.

Features of the location of the engine

If the saw is necessary for making a vertical cut, then it is best to choose a model that has transverse arrangement of the motor.

This will be the most suitable tool for sawing wood at 90 degrees from top to bottom.

If we consider this parameter, then two options can be distinguished:

  • The first provides for the placement of the power unit across the body;
  • The second is parallel to the motor.
Electric Chain Saw How To Choose

There are many models on sale that have out of balance, because of what it will not be so easy to work with such a chainsaw. However, there is no guarantee that by placing the tool in a different position, it is possible to achieve an improvement in the conditions for performing the operation. For example, difficulties can arise if you need to cut the branches of a tree at an angle above the level of your head.

Electric saws are more preferable in this regard, which provide longitudinal engine placement. These saws can be used for almost all types of work. Naturally, this versatility leads to the high cost of such tools.

However, this still does not prevent them from remaining in demand in the market. Such a device has correct balancing, and therefore, by placing it in any plane and at the required angle, the owner will not experience problems in solving many problems.

In this regard, even before buying an electric tool, you should decide for what tasks you are purchasing it.

In the event that you only need an electric chain saw for cutting wooden building materials, then you should not choose a unit with a longitudinal position of the electric motor, which, in addition to everything, will cost more than other models with similar capabilities.

When the issue with the manufacturer, power and location of the engine is resolved, other characteristics can be considered.

How to choose a household electric chain saw

The modern consumer today has the opportunity to purchase any electric chain saw that meets his needs, since the market offers many models with different characteristics. Naturally, you should not rely only on the brand and recommendations of friends. It is very important to correlate your choice with the tasks that the saws must perform. Considerable help in choosing you can be provided by the recommendations of professionals.

This article will focus on electrical devices. After you know what technical characteristics these units have, it will not be difficult for you to understand how to choose a chain electric saw so that it will serve you for many years.

What are the criteria for choosing a chain saw

It is the technical characteristics that make it possible to understand how to choose the most suitable sawing tool. These parameters give an idea of ​​the conditions in which a particular model of the selected tool can be used.

The first thing I would like to start considering the chain saws of the company that produce them. This point should be given special attention, since it directly affects the quality of the selected tool.

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Today best known have received electric chain saws offered by the following companies:

  2. BOSCH.
  3. SPARKY and many others.

Choosing an electric saw of any of the above brands, the consumer can be sure of high quality products and its reliability. However, on sale you can find models of other brands, which, despite the lesser popularity, are still worthy of attention due to their compliance with European standards.

First of all, they are able to attract the attention of the consumer due to more affordable price. The most prominent representatives of this list are the following companies:

  • Interskol.
  • EFCO.
  • FORTE.
  • Zenith.

In the light of the above, we can conclude that today such a tool as a chain electric saw is available to almost every consumer, regardless of his level of income.

If you are interested in a model of less well-known manufacturers, keep in mind that by purchasing such a unit, you get a tool that will not have very attractive properties. For example, some saws can be quite bulky, while others have a plastic surface, thanks to which it will not be very convenient to work with such a tool.

In addition, with such products, not everything is in order, and with ergonomics. The products of some manufacturers may even do not provide service.

For this reason, it is recommended to consider products from reputable manufacturers if you want to purchase a tool for frequent use. And do not be afraid of the higher price of such products, because all this will be compensated by high quality saws.

Having decided on which brand of electric saw is more suitable for you, you can proceed to the consideration of the technical characteristics.

Saw motor and power

This parameter should be considered directly with reference to the tasks that electric saws must perform. If you need a tool for long-term sawing of thick wood, it is recommended to opt for saws with great power.

In the event that you are interested in a model so that you can cut garden trees with it, then you can limit yourself to the unit with a lower power parameter.

In the first case, it is recommended to consider models whose power indicator is from 2.5 to 4 kW. In this case, we are talking about a professional tool, used in industrial enterprises for timber harvesting.

But those who need an electric saw, which will be convenient to work in the country, should choose units with a capacity of 1.5 to 2 kW. These indicators correspond to the model of electric chain saws for household use.

If you follow the recommendations of specialists, then it is advisable to stop the choice on models of electric saws that have a small power reserve. An alternative here is the option of sharing the tool with special voltage stabilizer.

The need for this is due to the fact that often, where the suburban areas are located, there is a discrepancy between the voltage and the accepted standards. On top of that, from time to time in such territories, there is a decrease.

When such situations arise, certain changes occur in the operation of the engine, which is expressed in an increase in current in order to compensate for a decrease in voltage. However, such situations do not benefit the engine, which is why its resource decreases.

Electric chain saw device and principle of operation

Among the entire range of chain saws, the following can be distinguished: with an electric drive and a gasoline engine. Considering the device of a chain saw, the following main elements can be distinguished in it:

  • Body;
  • Electric motor;
  • Chain;
  • Guide rails;
  • Compartment for the oil pump and the oil itself;
  • Protective screen, chain brake lever;
  • Bar fixing screw and chain tension.

The saw body serves panel for buttons, which control the inclusion and locking of the tool. There is also a comfortable handle and a protective shield. Some differences are found in more modern and improved models, in which you can find a special handle that allows you to control the degree of chain tension.

This tool works as follows: the first action is engine starting, as a result, a torque is created that spreads to the gearbox, sprocket and chain, and this leads to the rotation of these elements, thereby starting the sawing process.

Please note that the chain is equipped with cutting edges. Large width Compared to a stationary tire, there is no risk of jamming in the workpiece during tool operation.

In the process of sawing with an electric saw, oil is supplied to the cutting surface of the chain from the container located in the body, which ensures its lubrication.

Having become familiar with the principle of operation of an electric chain saw, you can proceed to consider the main parameters that need to be considered when choosing this tool.

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AL-KO EKS 2400/40

The gorgeous German premium saw also features a high torque transverse motor for smooth, stable performance. Power 2.4 kW, the most thought-out for repair and construction work, for harvesting logs for firewood, for work in a carpentry workshop. This unit is more expensive than competitors with the same engine power, but in this case we are dealing with a very popular and high-quality AL-KO brand. Therefore, we get durable materials of the highest quality and perfect factory assembly. The result of such meticulous workmanship. The ability to cut with full power, for a long time, without a break for cooling. The service life is increased, breakdowns are practically excluded. Super-reliable cutting equipment, steel Oregon chains, tires, sprockets are also noteworthy. Bar length and chain pitch. The most popular, 40 cm and 3.8 inches. When loosening, the chain will tension automatically, and oil lubrication also occurs independently. It is also convenient that the kit includes a spare chain, sharpened. The emergency brake will provide a stop within a split second, there is a safety lock. For increased comfort during work, you can use the additional handle that comes with the package.

  • The German motor has 100% copper winding and an effective air overheating protection system, which prolongs its operation;
  • The cutting headset is branded, the length is the most optimal. 40 cm, lubricated when working independently, metering oil depending on the load;
  • Emergency brake, flap blocking repeated activation of the button. All of these are elements that demonstrate compliance with safety standards;
  • The chain is replaced and tensioned without the use of any tools, a spare chain is included;
  • Only 5 kg in weight with excellent performance, light and clean cut. This is increased comfort during work and the possibility of long-term sawing on the weight.

Vitals Master EKZ 2245

The Latvian company Vitals is known to the Ukrainian buyer for inexpensive, high-quality and richly equipped equipment. This saw is no exception. For a reasonable amount of money, you get a powerful tool that is convenient for sawing wood, cleaning branches in the garden, and performing minor repair and construction work. Cuts easily and stably. The engine is also transverse, like the previous Dutch model. The power is slightly less. 2.2 kW. However, it is quite enough for a variety of household chores. The thermal balance has been improved, when overheating, the automatic shutdown system will work. The manufacturer also took care of reducing vibration, so the tool can be used for a long time without feeling tired in the hands. The bar length is increased to 45 cm, so thick logs are not an obstacle for the device. The chain and the tire are American, branded, from the Oregon brand. Lubrication of the chain occurs in an automatic economy mode, with a load of oil, more oil is supplied, at idle, the supply stops. The oil sump is equipped with a full indicator. Tightening and replacement is performed manually, which increases reliability and avoids chain sagging. The inclusion on the start is smooth, without a jerk, there is a brake shield and an accidental start blocking.

  • The motor, economical in energy consumption, placed across, gives good productivity and stability of work;
  • American cutting attachment with professional bar length of 45 cm expands the possible range of work;
  • All necessary security systems have been implemented to reduce risks when working with a sharp and powerful tool;
  • Soft start function. It is smooth and safe work at the start;
  • The handle facilitates a comfortable grip, has elastic inserts that dampen vibration vibrations.

TOP 10. Best Electric Saws of 2019

If the buyer is wondering which electric saw to choose so that it is ideally suited for power and technical parameters, then it is best to focus on the sales rating. We have selected for you the ten most popular electric saws today. Which electric saw is best for you to decide. But, of course, if the saw sells well, then it is the most reliable. In addition to the indicator of the number of sales, when forming the rating, we took into account:


  • The proprietary Swedish motor demonstrates a long service life, thanks to automatic protection against overload and overheating;
  • A well-thought-out 0.325 chain pitch gives smoothness and ease of cutting, especially at the start, does not tear wood and does not pull the tool;
  • The oil level is monitored visually and constantly, auto-lubrication is dosed according to the load;
  • Automatic lubrication and tension adjustment mode eliminates unnecessary hassle when sawing;
  • Safety standards are met, an emergency brake, a shield, a button that blocks unplanned activation is installed.
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Grunhelm GES18-35B

This small power plug belongs to the budget models. Bribes with a very low price with quite good quality, as well as extremely light weight. Hold a small sawing device weighing 3.5 kg in your hands for a long time. Pure pleasure. The saw is quiet, with reduced vibrations, the body is made of shock-resistant materials. The start is smooth, the work is smooth and quite playful. Easily handles tree twigs, branches and even trunks. Good for DIYers, carpenters, joiners. It is also widely used in household repairs, small construction sites, and the preparation of firewood. Will bring the young garden into a neat look. The design is uncomplicated, very well thought out and comfortable. The tire is shortened to 35 cm, so the tool can be held in any position without weighing down your hands. The engine is not very powerful, at 1.8 kW, but he can work on a home site, the main thing. Avoid overheating during work, and then the saw will serve for a long time and undemanding. The motor is located transversely. The cutting equipment is made by the manufacturer. Lubrication is automatic, but chain tension and replacement are done with a wrench, a wrench is included.

  • An excellent budget tool in a shockproof case, safe and convenient at a low price;
  • Safety during operation is guaranteed by a brake flap and an accidental start-up lock;
  • Built-in soft start function to avoid jerking when turned on;
  • The lubrication is regulated by a pump, the oil level is determined through the sight glass;
  • A wrench for adjusting the chain is included.

Iron Angel ECS 2400

A small saw from the Netherlands is the ideal tool for doing household chores in the household, cleaning the garden. It is considered the best among competitors in terms of a combination of technical characteristics and prices. Equipped with an economical 2.4 kW motor, it is compact, the level of noise and vibration is reduced. The engine is positioned transversely, among the dense branches it is not very convenient, but you get excellent balance and productive work with increased efficiency. The tool is very popular due to its affordable cost and ease of use. It is comfortable to hold in your hands as it weighs only 4.6 kg. The device starts without jerking, very smoothly, it works stably. Cutting equipment. The best in the world, from the American company Oregon. The chain is tensioned without keys, lubrication occurs automatically when needed, an oil level indicator in the crankcase is installed. The length of the bus is also convenient, 40 cm. This is the most demanded size for household work. The safety of the Dutch brand is, as always, top notch. You have a brake flap close at hand, as well as a safety button to prevent accidental activation. The inertial brake will stop the system in 0.12 seconds, it works instantly when it hits a knot, protects against loss of control and the effect of kickback.

  • The branded motor has good power and a well-thought-out overheating and overload protection system;
  • The transverse placement of the motor guarantees almost 100% power transfer to the cutting head;
  • Lightning-fast operation of the brake and safety system makes it possible to work without fear of losing control of the saw;
  • The slack chain can be tensioned or replaced quickly and easily without the use of wrenches;
  • Smooth start technology protects against jump at start, increases cutting accuracy at the very beginning of the process;
  • The tool is locked for reclosing, which protects and eliminates the possibility of accidental starting.

Powerful chain saw TEXAS TA-03-229. Saw headset. What to look for when choosing. Electric chain saw for giving Foresta FS-2640D. Power. 1.5 or 2.6 kW?

When choosing a model for pruning branches and gardening work, some users appreciate this very characteristic regardless of the weight of the device.
The most powerful electric saw for giving Intertool DT-2205 consumes 2.6 kW with a weight of 6.5 kg, and Sadko ECS-1500 with 1.5 kW has half the weight of 2.9 kg.
The more watts the electric motor has, the easier and faster the tool will cope with hard, frozen, thick wood, saw through and cut off logs even with a dull chain. It can accommodate larger bar and chain sizes of different types and pitches. When overcoming problem areas, the loss of rotation speed of the tooling and heating of the motor, due to a decrease in the impeller speed, will be less.