Electric Chain Saw Which Is Better

How to choose a household electric chain saw Features of choosing a household electric chain saw. What elements are the aggregates made of, how they work, what parameters you need to pay attention to when choosing. Useful advice from specialists.

How to choose a household electric chain saw

The modern consumer today has the opportunity to purchase any electric chain saw that meets his needs, since the market offers many models with different characteristics. Naturally, you should not rely only on the brand and recommendations of friends. It is very important to correlate your choice with the tasks that the saws must perform. Considerable help in choosing you can be provided by the recommendations of professionals.

This article will focus on electrical devices. After you know what technical characteristics these units have, it will not be difficult for you to understand how to choose a chain electric saw so that it will serve you for many years.

Chain brake

When working with an electric saw, the owner may encounter such a phenomenon as kickback, which occurs as a result of the contact of the working part with a material of high hardness. All this leads to the fact that the electric saw leans sharply to the side the location of the worker with an upward shift.

All this creates a threat of injury to the hands of the worker. To avoid negative consequences, manufacturers use a special device chain brake.

By its design, it looks like a lever in the form of a disk, which is located directly in front of the handle. During the kickback, the worker, unwillingly, automatically shifts his left hand to this lever, and this leads to turn off the electric motor. In practice, all this happens in a very short time of about 0.1 seconds.

What are the criteria for choosing a chain saw

It is the technical characteristics that make it possible to understand how to choose the most suitable sawing tool. These parameters give an idea of ​​the conditions in which a particular model of the selected tool can be used.

The first thing I would like to start considering the chain saws of the company that produce them. This point should be given special attention, since it directly affects the quality of the selected tool.

Today best known have received electric chain saws offered by the following companies:

  2. BOSCH.
  3. SPARKY and many others.

Choosing an electric saw of any of the above brands, the consumer can be sure of high quality products and its reliability. However, on sale you can find models of other brands, which, despite the lesser popularity, are still worthy of attention due to their compliance with European standards.

First of all, they are able to attract the attention of the consumer due to more affordable price. The most prominent representatives of this list are the following companies:

  • Interskol.
  • EFCO.
  • FORTE.
  • Zenith.

In the light of the above, we can conclude that today such a tool as a chain electric saw is available to almost every consumer, regardless of his level of income.

If you are interested in a model of less well-known manufacturers, keep in mind that by purchasing such a unit, you get a tool that will not have very attractive properties. For example, some saws can be quite bulky, while others have a plastic surface, thanks to which it will not be very convenient to work with such a tool.

In addition, with such products, not everything is in order, and with ergonomics. The products of some manufacturers may even do not provide service.

For this reason, it is recommended to consider products from reputable manufacturers if you want to purchase a tool for frequent use. And do not be afraid of the higher price of such products, because all this will be compensated by high quality saws.

Having decided on which brand of electric saw is more suitable for you, you can proceed to the consideration of the technical characteristics.

Saw motor and power

This parameter should be considered directly with reference to the tasks that electric saws must perform. If you need a tool for long-term sawing of thick wood, it is recommended to opt for saws with great power.

In the event that you are interested in a model so that you can cut garden trees with it, then you can limit yourself to the unit with a lower power parameter.

In the first case, it is recommended to consider models whose power indicator is from 2.5 to 4 kW. In this case, we are talking about a professional tool, used in industrial enterprises for timber harvesting.

But those who need an electric saw, which will be convenient to work in the country, should choose units with a capacity of 1.5 to 2 kW. These indicators correspond to the model of electric chain saws for household use.

If you follow the recommendations of specialists, then it is advisable to stop the choice on models of electric saws that have a small power reserve. An alternative here is the option of sharing the tool with special voltage stabilizer.

The need for this is due to the fact that often, where the suburban areas are located, there is a discrepancy between the voltage and the accepted standards. On top of that, from time to time in such territories, there is a decrease.

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When such situations arise, certain changes occur in the operation of the engine, which is expressed in an increase in current in order to compensate for a decrease in voltage. However, such situations do not benefit the engine, which is why its resource decreases.

Bus length

With regard to the length of the bus, several options can be distinguished. This characteristic is determined by the purpose of the model. In other words, the length of the bar determines which diameter of the tree the tool in question can be used to cut.

If you have to deal with thick trees, then it is best to give preference to the unit, which the tire is long.

If an electric chain saw is purchased for pruning trees in the garden or cutting firewood, then you can opt for a tool with minimum bus length. Most often, a saw with a tire length of about 30-40 cm can perfectly cope with such tasks.

Electric chain saw device and principle of operation

Among the entire range of chain saws, the following can be distinguished: with an electric drive and a gasoline engine. Considering the device of a chain saw, the following main elements can be distinguished in it:

  • Body;
  • Electric motor;
  • Chain;
  • Guide rails;
  • Compartment for the oil pump and the oil itself;
  • Protective screen, chain brake lever;
  • Bar fixing screw and chain tension.

The saw body serves panel for buttons, which control the inclusion and locking of the tool. There is also a comfortable handle and a protective shield. Some differences are found in more modern and improved models, in which you can find a special handle that allows you to control the degree of chain tension.

This tool works as follows: the first action is engine starting, as a result, a torque is created that spreads to the gearbox, sprocket and chain, and this leads to the rotation of these elements, thereby starting the sawing process.

Please note that the chain is equipped with cutting edges. Large width Compared to a stationary tire, there is no risk of jamming in the workpiece during tool operation.

In the process of sawing with an electric saw, oil is supplied to the cutting surface of the chain from the container located in the body, which ensures its lubrication.

Having become familiar with the principle of operation of an electric chain saw, you can proceed to consider the main parameters that need to be considered when choosing this tool.

Engine power

This is one of the most important indicators. For gardening work, a tool with a power of 1000 W to 2100 W is suitable, but it is better to purchase a stronger unit. The fact is that powerful electric saws respond more adequately to voltage drops in the power grid, therefore, they will last longer. For example, the engine of the popular CHAMPION 420 model has a power of 2000 W, that is, with small voltage fluctuations (200-224 V), it will remain operational and will not allow critical overheating. In addition, an indicator from 2000 W is a guarantee that in an extreme situation, when a large amount of work is required, the engine will withstand the load.

The Husqvarna 321EL electric saw has characteristics suitable for gardening and construction work in the country: power 2000 W, bar length 40 cm, soft start, motor protection

Ergonomics of the unit

If the tool is used quite often, when choosing an electric saw, many pay attention to the location of the motor. It comes in two versions, longitudinal and transverse. Experts believe that it is much easier to work with a saw with the engine along the tire. In addition, longitudinal units have better balancing.

How to choose a good power saw: what to look at before buying a unit?

Electric Chain Saw Which Is Better

Rest in the country can hardly be called passive, then you need to build a gazebo, then make a bench, then remove old trees from the garden, sawing them into neat blanks to create a decor. In addition to the usual hand tools for wood plane, chisel, hammer, jigsaw, many owners have more serious equipment, such as an electric saw for wood. With its help, not only a porch can be built a whole house.

Types of electric saws

If you need to cut a variety of materials of plywood, wood, plastic, chipboard, metal pipes and sheets, you should purchase a circular (circular) electric saw. Cutting is done with a rotating saw blade, and there are specific types of blades for each material. There are two versions of models, manual and fixed, attached to the bed.

A sufficiently versatile tool is a reciprocating electric saw, which is often used for cutting in hard-to-reach places. It is convenient for roofing and installation work. The working element is a file, the length of which varies from 0.1 m to 0.35 m. It produces oscillatory or translational movements.

Smooth, neat, even curly cut can be made with a jigsaw. It works equally well with ceramics, wood, laminate and metal. The file (working blade) of a jigsaw is indispensable if you need to cut a round hole or make a curved cut.

The best electric saws for giving are recognized as chain aggregates, the main active element of which is a bus with a chain stretched over it. It is easy to use, relatively compact, and does not require fuel mixture preparation. Almost all gardening work can be done with its help: to knock down an old tree, cut off branches and branches, saw a trunk. It is good for carpentry and construction, especially in confined spaces.

When working with an electric chain saw on the street, you must follow the safety rules. For example, the tool cannot be used when it rains, a short circuit is possible

Electric tool advantages

Both an electric saw and its gasoline counterpart are good for garden and summer cottage work, but many still choose the first option. Why is he so attractive?

The power tool, indeed, has a whole list of advantages:

  • Does not require constant material costs for fuel gasoline;
  • Easy to use and maintain;
  • Makes less noise during operation than a chainsaw;
  • Clean from an environmental point of view, works without exhaust gases;
  • Allows for cutting indoors;
  • It works equally well, despite the climatic features (the gasoline analogue has problems with starting in frosty weather).
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If the power source becomes unattainable, a cordless chain saw, such as the Makita BUC122Z (price RUB 9,000-10,000), comes in handy. Battery and charger must be purchased separately

About the electric chain saw

First, consider the characteristics that you need to pay attention to when buying.


An electric motor is always easy, simple and understandable, but a gasoline one is undoubtedly more reliable. The very design of the internal combustion engine is such that its endurance and reliability is higher in all existing parameters. It has high revs, for the manufacture of a gasoline engine, durable and wear-resistant materials are used, which allow you to work with a saw in rain, heat and cold.

Gasoline engines have more advanced cooling and overheating protection systems, there is an air filter, all kinds of fuel and oil level control sensors are built in, so its service life is greatly increased compared to an electric motor of the same power. With proper operation, an internal combustion engine works well for a decade, withstanding longer and more complex loads that are beyond the power of an electric motor. That is: to build a bathhouse and sawing thick logs, buy a chainsaw, and for household repairs near the house and inside it, or to prepare firewood for a fireplace, use an electric one.

It should be borne in mind that all the above evidence is relevant only when comparing saws from well-known brands that have proven themselves in the market for high-quality manufacturing. Therefore, a good German electric saw is a priori more reliable than a cheap Chinese chainsaw.


Saw performance is determined by the amount of work done in a certain period of time. Saw performance is mainly influenced by two factors: the power of its motor and the quality of the cutting attachment. If you choose a saw-assistant for your garden needs and do not plan to use it every day, then opt for low-power household chainsaws or non-professional grade electric saws. Power up to 2 kW. For a small construction site and other summer cottage works, semi-professional units from 2 to 3 kW are suitable.

In this case, an important nuance should be taken into account: with the same engine power declared, gasoline engines are much more efficient than electric ones. The gasoline engine has a much higher efficiency, that is, the engine power is almost completely transferred to the cutting part, but the electrical efficiency is much lower. Thus, an electric saw with a power of 2.5 kW will give the same result and effect when working as a gasoline saw with a power of up to 2 kW. In addition, electric saws are mainly equipped with motors up to 2 kW (less often up to 2.5 kW), that is, they are always positioned by the manufacturer as amateur. The lower performance of the saws is compensated by their low weight and ease of use.

But gasoline saws can have a built-in engine of very high power, even up to 6 kW, but this is already a professional type, used mainly for felling. Powerful chainsaws are mostly heavy and oversized, difficult to handle, so they are completely unnecessary for a summer resident and an amateur gardener.

If we compare the cutting parts of saws with different types of drives, then chainsaws often have a longer bar. It is convenient to use a tire to cut thick trees or logs. It can make a deeper cut, but an electric saw with a short bar works faster and puts less stress on your hands. If there is a choice between two saws (gasoline and electric) with the same performance, then for small boards and cutting branches it is better to take an electric saw, which has a shorter bus. This will increase your cutting speed and make your job easier.

What is better than a chainsaw or an electric saw?

The thesis that a saw is a necessary tool for every owner of a private house or summer resident no longer requires proof. A comfortable and high-quality saw is one of those tools that you should always keep close at hand. It is needed to cut branches in the garden, shape the crown of trees or bushes with a saw, it is indispensable for repair and construction work: installing a frame on the roof, erecting gazebos, verandas, not to mention preparing firewood for a stove, fireplace or even for a barbecue. Since hand saws and hacksaws have long been a thing of the past, the question remains today: Which chain saw to choose, gasoline or electric?

The main selection criteria:

The main difference between the petrol and electric drive is obvious: the petrol engine works autonomously, and the electric motor is tied to the mains, and the radius of its operation is limited by the length of the power cable. Based on this, even an inexperienced user understands that it is possible to go deeper into the forest in order to cut down a tree only with a chainsaw. An electric saw will also be a useless toy on a construction site with no electricity or when cleaning trees in a remote garden area. But all these are extremes, and in the event that there are no problems with electricity, and the proposed work is being carried out near the house, then why not choose a light and low-noise electric saw, which, moreover, does not smoke and does not smell like fumes?

The question of choosing a saw drive always remains relevant, therefore, in order to make the right choice, it is worth determining the range of your needs and capabilities. Try to sort out in your head the main tasks and loads that you plan to perform with the saw. What intensity of use of the tool is expected? Will it be periodic work or daily workload? Will you be able to carry out maintenance on time? Do you have enough money to constantly refuel your chainsaw with expensive gasoline? And finally, what is the price of a saw that is acceptable for you personally? After answering these questions, the choice of tool is yours, and we suggest comparing the five main parameters of gasoline and electric saws.

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With today’s record gasoline price spike, electric and cordless saws will undoubtedly be cheaper to operate because they do not require constant filling of gasoline, oil changes and periodic maintenance or replacement of engine parts. Long-term operation The savings are explained by the fact that gasoline engines have an increased service life, that is, they can work for several years without forcing you to buy a new saw.

Review: Which Electric Chainsaw Is Right For You?

There are many manufacturers of chain saws and chainsaws: domestic and foreign, luxury and budget, with a large and small assortment of products. But when choosing, you need to pay attention not to this. There are no good or bad products: the best saw is designed to do the work you need.

Some devices are capable of recklessly cutting down the forest for a day (oaks and acacias along with pines), the lot of others. Modest gardening and construction work. Of course, the price of these saws will differ dramatically: professional models are several times more expensive than household ones. Here it is important for the buyer to decide on the purpose of the purchase: why does he choose an electric chain saw? For homework, an expensive, heavy, powerful unit with large teeth is completely unnecessary. At the same time, household saws are also used for felling. Only discarded funds. Now we are going to review a tool like electric chain saws: what should the buyer look for?

Options for choosing an electric chain saw

Tire. This is the name of the saw blade on which the chain is wound. The longer the length, the more practical the device. Each electric chain saw has its own recommended bar length range: you can only choose within this limit. What are the varieties?

  • Tire 25-40 cm. Lopper: Ideal for pruning in the garden on overgrown trees. The garden will be neat and tidy, but thick trunks will be problematic to cut. Also suitable for minor construction work: fence repairs, flooring, etc.
  • The 40-60 cm tire is the best option for most devices: it does not require a powerful engine, but at the same time it is able to cope with thick tree trunks. You can fit this bar to most household, semi-professional or industrial saws.
  • Tire 60-90 cm. Tires that will cope with absolutely any task. Even a huge oak or a 10-meter poplar will be cut down with a powerful engine and a large chain. But only industrial products can work with such tires: a weak motor will not pull it out.

Chain step. The distance between the teeth and their size. You should not look for logic in the numbers of this parameter: you just need to remember. It determines how large the chain is. The chain is bought separately: the choice of a chain saw is practically independent of this parameter.

  • Step 0.325. Low profile chain with miniature teeth. It is characterized by a very smooth, neat, precise cut: ideal for sawing branches and cutting boards for renovation work.
  • Step 1 \ 4. Almost identical to the previous parameter: the chain is convenient for carpentry repairs, but too weak for firewood.
  • Pitch 0.375 (3 \ 8). A chain with large teeth, which is installed on products of absolutely any class. It differs in not the most accurate cut (practically unsuitable for point cutting), but it takes large logs and tree branches without problems. This chain is the best choice for most garden work.

So, the electric chain saw. This product is for strictly defined needs: it is not always appropriate to arrange a rating for them. Which chain saw is right for you. Will not suit a neighbor, and vice versa.

How to choose the best electric chain saw for a summer residence

Modern electric saws have few characteristics: motor power, bar length and chain pitch. But it is they who determine the purpose of use and the class of the device. An electric chain saw may or may not be able to perform the desired functions, starting from them: it is the characteristics that you need to look at when choosing.

Engine power. Fundamental parameter. It is he who determines the class of the product, the household, semi-professional and professional (industrial) model.

  • From 1.5 to 2 kW. Household. This motor is rather weak, it will not be able to take a strong wood, work more than an hour a day and even cope with a tire 50-90 cm long. It is not suitable for industrial purposes, but for a summer residence. Just right. The saw is quite light, does not vibrate in the hands, easily starts up and is completely safe even for an inexperienced sawyer. Easily cut unnecessary knots and prepare firewood.
  • 2 to 3 kW. Semi-professional. This motor allows you to use longer tires: 40-50 cm. Such products can also work with problematic tree species: large trunks of acacia, oak, ash. But, like household ones, for a short time: after an hour of work, it is worth releasing the device from operation on that day.
  • From 3 to 9 kW. Industrial. They are powerful motors capable of handling the heaviest tires and thickest trunks. They work day and night: professional lumberjacks use them to fell trees.