Electric Circular Saw Which To Choose

Electric Circular Saw Which To Choose

The production of a hand saw was started almost a hundred years ago. During this period, they improved significantly. A person in the home has to apply diverse tool, and this one as well. Circular electric saw is a compact fixture, which allows you to saw wood. Modern models allow you to saw wood at high speed.


An electric circular saw is necessary for craftsmen to saw wood and its derivatives, such as chipboard, fiberboard, plywood. But this is not the whole list of materials that can be sawn with a hand saw. If you change the disk and set the required number of revolutions, then you can cut it without any problems:

In other words, almost all sheet materials can be sawn with such a saw. But experimenting with brick and concrete is not worth it. For this, there are special saws.

Using a hand saw for metal, you can easily cut all types of metal and even steel. This procedure can also be performed using an angle grinder, but the performance of the saw is higher.

Circular Saw is a kind of circular, which is intended for insertion into a workpiece at any point. Its design is such that it is possible to set the value of the value by which it is necessary to lower the disk. The operator should only press the start button. Using this unit, the following types of work are performed:

  1. Selected parts are dismantled.
  2. Openings are cut out.
  3. Grooves and crevices are made.

Today have appeared cordless circular saws. Their characteristics are in no way inferior to network ones. A distinctive feature of all circulars is that you can keep a perfectly flat fishing line. Jigsaws and reciprocating saws can not do it. You can set the line at the required angle to the plane. But this tool cannot cut along a curved line, which is its main drawback.

The right choice of electric circular saw

In order for the device to serve you for many years, you should pay attention to some of its characteristics when choosing:

  1. The amount of energy consumed is an important indicator.
  2. In some models, you can adjust the angle of cut. And in some there is a height controller. But among the main parameters, the maximum voltage and input frequency are distinguished.
  3. Power of the appliance. In many models, this value is 4 kW.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is necessary to decide for what kind of work you are going to use this tool. If you are going to use the saw for a large volume of work, then you need a model with a rated power of at least 5 kW.

If you are going to use the tool in everyday life, then it is necessary to give preference to models with higher power parameters. When choosing a circular saw, pay attention to its main components.

Experts advise paying attention to additional functions of the tool and the diameter of the blade:

  1. The presence of the controller, which is installed by many manufacturers.
  2. Existence of the lock of shutdown on a circular saw.
  3. The presence of a separate output for the output of sawdust that appears in the process.

It is necessary to ensure that the saw is special emphasis. Such elements are available on all modern models of circular saws.

It is worth paying special attention to the handle of the saw and the speed regulator. The regulator should not swing to the sides. Switching should occur with little effort.

Repair of equipment during engine overheating

If you intensively exploit the circular saw, then its main elements and components wear out. In this regard, there is a need for repair. People who often use this tool experience engine overheating.

In order for the tool to return to working condition, a high-quality repair should be made:

  1. First you need to remove the lock cover of the appliance.
  2. After that, you can disconnect the saw blade. When the blade is removed, remove the top cover, bolted.
  3. Consider an electric motor. If the engine shaft begins to wear off, then it should be lubricated.
  4. If during the inspection more serious problems were found, the engine cannot be repaired. It only needs to be changed to a new one.

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Features of repair during rotor burnout

Rotor burnout is also a common problem with circular saws. In this situation, it is also necessary to remove the engine. For most models, this part of the saw is located next to the stator. After removing the rotor, it will be necessary to clean it. If a defect is found on the top, then the part is worth replacing.

Electronics drank

Without sophisticated and reliable electronics, this device is impossible to imagine. The more complex the electronics, the higher the cost of the device. A constant frequency maintenance system is necessary so that during operation the device itself controls the speed of revolutions. With a sharp drop in this indicator, the feed power will automatically increase. This will not allow to jam the disk in the cut, and the quality of the cut will significantly improve.

Almost all circular powerful saws have a soft start system, which is necessary in order to prevent overload when starting up the equipment. Thanks to this, the life of the instrument will be much longer.

The idle preset is not available on all instrument models. But all models from high-quality manufacturers have the ability to protect themselves from overloads on their own, if the master does not pay attention to overheating and duration of work. The equipment will shut itself off when overheating. The safety button does not allow the trigger to be pulled on. Without it, it is impossible to press the trigger.

The versatility of the tool during operation at various angles depends on the base plate. The tilt of the cut is set by the position of the platform.

A mandatory part, which should be in all circulars, is a spring-loaded casing. when the device is idle, it completely covers the disk. The disc is released only when there is emphasis on the workpiece. Pay attention to the location of the handle, as well as its shape.

DeWalt Circular Saw

This company is well known in the power tool market. It provides a wide range of circular saws, which are quite popular among consumers. The design of the device from this manufacturer deserves special attention. The power of most tools of this company is 3 kW. When used at idle, this allows you to make more than 4 thousand revolutions per minute.

The device of this company has a speed controller. It can be located both on the upper part and on the side surface of the device.

Almost all models have spindles. protective elements. They are distinguished by their high strength basics. And the manufacturer equipped the equipment with an anti-vibration system. Replacing the blade, if necessary, can be done without any problems. The average price for saws from this manufacturer is 8 thousand rubles.

DeWalt D 2400 Model Overview

This type of saw refers to hand circular saws. Consumers are quite in demand. Their main advantage is versatility. Thanks to the small regulator that is available on this saw, you can easily change the speed. and also provided the manufacturer and the controller of the depth of the cut. But, unfortunately, it is very difficult to cut wood at an angle with this model.

For metal cutting, this model is not suitable. But for cutting plastic, it can be used. When performing this operation, big problems never arise.

The device has protective spindle, which is able to withstand high loads and is highly durable. This model also has a rather voluminous handle. Thanks to this, it is very convenient to hold the tool in your hand.

Interskol DP 210

These models are not in great demand among consumers. It is made in Russia. The fact that it is not in demand is due to the presence of a high-power engine. The maximum frequency during operation is up to three thousand revolutions in one minute. The advantage of this tool is its low price. It is approximately 6 thousand rubles.


It should be noted that the frames of electric saws from the company Makita equipped with anti-vibration system. This, when used, provides efficiency and comfort.

There are many modifications of equipment from Makita on the market today. They can have one or two handles. Usually the power of circular electric saws is 4 kW. The saw is capable of idling to make 5 thousand revolutions in one minute.

It is worth noting that the performance of Makita saws is good. In models there is security system, characterized by good thought and high quality.

When performing various operations, it provides security for the owner. The approximate average cost is 7 thousand rubles.

Makita 5704 RK

Plastic sheets this saw from Makita is also easy to saw. The design of this equipment uses an extensive frame. The engine power of this electric saw is 4 kW. The approximate cost is 8 thousand rubles.

Makita 402 R

This electric circular saw is intended for woodwork. For domestic use, it is a great solution. It can be used in workshops. In this model, the rotation speed is 5 thousand revolutions per minute. Carbide saw blade, thanks to him, wood is cut. With this model saw you can cut aluminum sheets. Operations are performed at a fairly high speed. The saw is equipped with a modern anti-vibration system, which is of high quality.