Electric Grass Trimmer How to Change a Fishing Line

Electric Grass Trimmer How to Change a Fishing Line

Gone are the days when the infield was completely planted with cultivated plants, vegetables and garden trees. Today, owners of private homes are increasingly organizing a lawn around their homes, which raises the issue of caring for it and mowing grass. An electric trimmer allows you to solve this problem and give your lawn a beautiful and finished look.

What is an electric trimmer?

Such an indispensable tool in the field as a scythe is familiar to every Russian, albeit not personally, but for old Soviet films for sure. The electric trimmer is an improved version of it. It was invented by the American D. Ballas in 1971. Arriving at the car wash, he looked at the work of rotating brushes and the idea arose in his head to use the principle of their work for mowing grass. The first electric braid was made from a can. Later, an instrument that was already familiar to everyone appeared, which Ballas called the “weed eater”.

Electric trimmer device

The long tube, which is the basis of the device, is called a bar. At one end of the engine is located, and at the other – the cutting part, that is, the working head with a knife or fishing line. An electric grass trimmer can have either a straight or curved bar. In the first case, the cable transfers the engine torque, and in the second, a shaft is provided for these purposes. It is considered a more reliable transmission link, therefore, straight-bar mowers are more popular.

The principle of operation of the electric trimmer

When you turn on the plug of the device, an AC current is supplied to the socket, which is rectified and smoothed thanks to the built-in rectifier and capacitive filter. Starting the circuit breaker provides electricity to the stator winding and brush assembly. An electric trimmer is put into operation, its rotor begins to rotate as a result of the action of an activating electromagnetic field.

If the engine is located above, then the rotational force is transmitted to the cutting tool through the shaft and gearbox. With the lower position of the motor, everything happens directly. As soon as the garden electric trimmer reaches its maximum speed, the operator can begin work. A high speed and a small cross section of the cutting part are necessary conditions for a high-quality cut.

Pros and Cons of an Electric Trimmer

This device for work in the garden and on the site has a lot of advantages:

  1. Electric lawnmower trimmer is multifunctional and is able to solve a variety of problems.
  2. Easy to operate and repair. It is easy to understand the simple design and, if necessary, replace a failed part with a new one, since all the necessary components are available for sale.
  3. High efficiency.
  4. Silent electric trimmer. Such a device will not interfere with neighbors and will not cause their anger.
  5. Environmental friendliness. Unlike its gasoline counterparts, this tool does not pollute the environment.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting:

  1. Mesh connection. The device does not tolerate power surges and is limited in movement. The exception is battery powered tools.
  2. Low power. The more “neglected” the site, the less often the owner visits his summer house, the more powerful he needs a tool. If he combines it with a lawn mower and uses it only for cutting along the fence and paths, then a light model with little power will be enough for him to complete the task.
  3. The inability to use an electric trimmer on flat areas. It’s all about different heights of grass mowing, which negatively affects aesthetic appeal. In addition, cut vegetation has to be collected with your own hands.

Which is better electric or petrol trimmer?

Everyone solves this question for himself. Gas mowers are characterized by high performance and power. They quickly and efficiently process the surface, making it possible to freely move around the site, because in this case the person is “not attached” to the electric cord. However, lawn mowers vibrate and make a lot of noise, pollute the air with exhaust gases, which creates obstacles for their use next to growing vegetables and fruits. In addition, they are much more expensive than their counterparts.

Mains powered, the mowers are compact and lightweight. They are much easier to wield in hard to reach places. Electric trimmers for summer cottages are cheaper than their gasoline counterparts, and the range is incredibly wide, which provides the opportunity to choose the tool for yourself and your needs, taking into account individual characteristics and the specific landscape.

Varieties of Electric Trimmers

As already mentioned, manual electric trimmers for giving can work from a network or the accumulator. The first ones are limited in movement, and the second ones are designed for a certain charge, that is, they have a time limit. In addition, existing devices are divided by engine location:

  1. An electric mower trimmer with a lower engine is automatically freed from a rotating shaft or cable. As a rule, such a design has tools of low power or cordless braids. The battery in this case is located in the upper part to maintain the necessary balance.
  2. The top engine mower has more power. This design distributes the mass better.

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By weight, they are divided into light and heavy. The mower of the first category can weigh 1.1 kg, and the last – 7.5 kg or more. In addition, tools vary in performance. The higher the potential of the electric braid, the more it weighs. Lightweight devices with less than 1000 watts of power will not cope with the overgrown area. They will overheat and turn off. Electric braids also differ in the diameter of the fishing line, the size of which varies from 1.2 to 2.4 mm.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer?

The selection criteria for this tool are as follows:

  1. The size of the lawn. On vast, even areas, a traditional lawn mower performs best. You should not buy a trimmer for their processing, as the grass will be cut unevenly.
  2. Reliability of the power grid. If there are problems with uninterrupted operation or the current is not enough for the indicated power, then it is better to choose a battery-powered device.
  3. The dimensions of the trimmer. If the owner of the plot is a fragile miniature woman, then she is unlikely to cope with a powerful and bulky device.
  4. If you want to know which electric trimmer is better for grass, you should answer that you need to take into account the type and size of plantings growing on the site. Large and stiff stems will be cut only by a knife, but the fishing line may not “pull” such plants.

Rating of electric trimmers

Among the most popular devices, the following brands are most in demand:

  1. Bosch trimmer Electric is readily bought by the owners of their own personal plots. This company has long established itself in the market of household appliances, supplying quality products. This braid also meets the stated requirements.
  2. Trimmer Patriot. The choice of an electric trimmer should be made in favor of this tool, because it is an excellent combination of price and quality. Powerful, but also dimensional at the same time.
  3. Champion Trimmer. This option refers to cheap and productive tools that can cope with almost any plantings. It is heavy and requires constant pressing of a button.
  4. STAVR TE-1700R trimmer. Domestic development, characterized by great power and unpretentiousness. However, the device weighs a lot and does not protect well from flying grass.
  5. Stihl Trimmer. The products of the German brand, equipped with a flexible wire that reduces the load on the motor. Thanks to the support wheel, mowing of crop plants can be prevented.

Is it possible to mow wet grass with an electric trimmer?

Many are interested, but is it possible to operate the unit in wet weather? Experts do not recommend using an electric trimmer on wheels or without them in rain and fog, especially if the engine is located below. There is a great danger of getting into water, but models with an overhead location are best used in dry weather to reduce the risk of short circuits and other unpleasant consequences. In addition, wet grass adheres to the cutting part more strongly, which makes it difficult to work.

How to use an electric trimmer?

The procedure here is this:

  1. It is necessary to free the site from foreign objects that can damage the fishing line – stones, glass, wire, landfills and other orphan elements
  2. Plug in the electrical device and charge the battery.
  3. Fix the tool on the shoulder or back, depending on the type of location of the straps and grab the handle with both hands.
  4. Press the button and start moving, directing the braid in front of you from right to left.
  5. Finish work by pressing the switch.
  6. Dismantle the scythe. The best electric grass trimmers are disassembled and take up little space in a barn or garage.

How to lubricate an electric trimmer?

From time to time, the tool must be lubricated. Experts advise doing this every 10-15 hours of operation of the device. Here’s how to do it:

  1. An electric trimmer for the lawn is equipped in the upper part of the housing, where the gear unit is located, with a technological hole. You need to find him.
  2. Unscrew the screw that acts as a plug in the hole.
  3. Introduce 1.5-2 ml of thick consistency into the cavity.
  4. Turn the shaft by hand several times to make sure that it has penetrated into all the parts of the gearbox – the flywheel, the starter coil dog and the bearings.
  5. Before preserving the electric braids for the winter, clean and rinse the gears of the gearbox, remove the old grease and apply a new one. Caring for a tool can significantly extend its service life.

How to disassemble the electric trimmer?

Some owners repair their braids on their own. To do this, they need to disassemble the engine:

  1. All screws for mounting are located on one side. Unscrewing them with a screwdriver, you need to separate the halves of the body and expose the "insides".
  2. In the future, carry out repairs that require a powerful electric trimmer. Replace all mechanically damaged elements with traces of exposure to high temperatures.
  3. Fold the two halves again and connect with self-tapping screws.

How to change the fishing line on an electric trimmer?

The trimmer head arrangement is very similar to the design of the sewing machine bobbin. To replace the fishing line do the following:

  1. Remove the cover.
  2. Gently pull out the bobbin.
  3. Set aside the spring, if any, and unscrew the fixing bolt in the center of the housing, moving counterclockwise.
  4. It remains to remove the coil from the gearbox shaft and replace it.
  5. If you want to know how to insert a fishing line into an electric trimmer, you should answer that for this there is a special hole or groove in the bobbin. Having inserted a fishing line into it, start winding the string in the direction opposite to that in which the coil rotates during operation.

Faulty electrical trimmers

Among the often occurring breakdowns, one can distinguish:

  1. Power line mowing cliff. Even the best electric scythe is not immune from this. Any verification of the health of the device must begin with an analysis of the health of the power circuits. Even with the certainty that there is voltage in the outlet, it may concern a broken wire extension cord.
  2. Failure of an engine that has been exposed to high temperatures. Overheating of the “heart” of the tool is the most common cause of mower failure. It is indicated by the appeared seizure of the cylinder and piston from the side of the exhaust channel, the destruction of the piston ring, the color change. To prevent such unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to take breaks in work and clean the knife from grass residues in a timely manner.
  3. Normal idling and stopping under load. Perhaps the reason lies in the clogged air filter. During operation, debris, particles of dust, dirt get into it, so it needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Why is the electric trimmer heated?

The reasons can be very different. An electric small grass trimmer with low power and a lower engine heats up very quickly, especially if it is mercilessly operated. As a result, its parts melt and flow, disabling the entire tool. There are many such “kulibins” who independently install a thicker fishing line on the braid, mount knives, chains, and then they are surprised that the device “does not pull”. All of them create an increased load on the engine, for which it is not designed, therefore, overheating and breakdown cannot be avoided.