Electric motor from the lawn mower where to use. Safety regulations

The engine from the lawn mower where to use

Easystart development is 30 % simplified by Briggsstratton’s launch and has subsequent features: the starter starts more frown. A new type of carburetor with an improved stream guarantees an easy start at low rotation speed. The improved ignition coil and at a low rotation speed of the flywheel provides sufficient ignition energy.

The new knife does not seem very sharp. Do you need to flow it ?

Not. Factory sharpening is good for a long service life.

Why is white smoke go from the engine of the lawn mower after starting?

The lawn mower was incorrectly turned upside down, as a result, the oil fell into a silencer and/or air filter. You need to dismantle and clean the air filter. Then check and bring the oil level in the engine in line. Then start the engine, after a couple of minutes the smoke formation will decrease. Attention: if irreplaceable motor oil drips from a muffler. This pollutes the environment! For cleaning, turn the lawn mowed solely in coordination with advice in the operating manual. We advise you to twist the lawn mower with such a macar so that the spark plug indicates upstairs.

What variety of gasoline can be used for lawn mower (4-stroke engine)?

You can use at least some gasoline with an octane number of more than 90. The best option is a fuel with an octane number 92. Follow storage conditions (less than 4 weeks). You can find additional information on our website

What does ReadyStart mean for the Briggs Stratton engine?

Readystart development is a good amount of gasoline. No need to activate the manual pump of preparatory pumping of fuel and air damper. This prevents the flood flooding with fuel. This development also simplifies the launch of the motor by 30 %. Like Easystart.

What kind of oil can you use for AL-KO lawn mowers (4-stroke engine) ?

Sae 30 motor oil is recommended, you can also use 5W30 or 10W40.

Why the lawn mower is working with interruptions and after starting it immediately turns off?

Check the contents of the tank and share gasoline (if necessary). Some carburetors always leave one to two cm of fuel in the tank. Due to the remains of fuel or faulty air filter, dirt may fall into the carburetor. It is necessary to dismantle and clean the carburetor.

The lawn mower starts with difficulty. Can I use Startpilot or a similar tool?

We strongly recommend not using Startpilot and other similar tools.


Trimmer. A device that performs functions lawn mowers For hard.To.Reach places.

To assemble a garden tool you will need:

Engine fixed at the foot of the bar. Knives cut out from hacksaw knives similar in the above section are attached to the shaft. Another option is to attach a disk to the shaft and make a hole in it to thread a trimmer line. On top of the protection, the device is covered and fixed with a casing.

HART 40V 18″ Side Discharge Mower

As an option, you can use a plastic casing. It can be built from the sewer pipe, which is usually used when installing the mixer.

The following device is made to cool the high.Power engine: under the place where the trimmer line is covered, a disk with concave blades is inserted. This part serves as a fan.


Before disassembling the engine of the old unnecessary vacuum cleaner, the preparation of the tool and the unit itself are required. First, the brush is unscrewed from the rear surface, then the casing is removed, the role of which is in the engine. Covering the impeller from the front side.

Often the casing is firmly attached to the body. In this case, pliers are used: the edges are bent on the sides and a casing is squeezed with a screwdriver.

The procedure for unscrewing the nut:

  • The rotor will carefully stop by means of tightly clamping through the recesses, which are designed for brushes. This will require bars, the size of which is indicated above. Wooden bars are inserted into recesses under the brushes. The whole structure is tightly pressed to the anchor using a vice. If the bars are not owned in the brush holes, they can be filled with a round file with a file.
  • A nut using a key is unscrewed. Key nozzle is selected according to the size of the nut.
  • Removing the rest of the structure. Suitable screwdrivers for unscrewing the remaining parts on the engine are taken from the instrumental set.

They disassemble the motor in order to determine breakdown or modernization to create other useful items in everyday life.

A little theory

Before solving the problem, which lawmaker to choose to work on your lawn, you should know that the electric motor has two types of the lawn mower:

  • Synchronous. This is a motor in which the rotor and magnetic field rotate at the same speed. Synchronously. Even if the rotor receives a strong load when working, the frequency of its rotation does not decrease. The engine continues to operate at stable speeds. To achieve this result, use sliding contacts. Therefore, the synchronous motor is more complex in design, and therefore more expensive in cost.
  • Asynchronous. The engine in which the rotor speed does not coincide with the frequency of the magnetic field revolutions. The stator and the rotor are separated by an air gap, there are no contact rings. It is simple in structure, which means that making it is not as difficult and expensive as synchronous.

Which engine of the lawn mower is better, you can’t definitely answer. Both of the engine type have their advantages and disadvantages.

For those who do not want to delve deeply at the wisdom of electromechanics, we will explain quite simply. Each engine has two key elements: stator (immovable, with windings) and rotor (movable). Current from the electric network is supplied to the stator. A magnetic field arises in its winding, which rotates. Thanks to him, the rotor begins to rotate. And already rotor revolutions are transferred to the shaft of the device.

In our case, on a vertical shaft on which a cutting lawn mower is installed. It turns out that the operation of the knife directly depends on the engine speed. Stable turns. The knife rotates as stably and powerful. Weak revolutions of the rotor. The knife begins to weaken too, delays the grass. He simply “has no strength” quickly and efficiently cut off the vegetation. If you very briefly determine which is better the lawn mower, then let’s say this:

But all this is slightly exaggerated, and in no way means that the asynchronous engine is worse. Asynchronous motor is the easiest and cheapest of all previously invented. It does not require complicated maintenance, he does not heat up much, he does not have rubbing contacts. And its reliability within normal limits, if the manufacturer has high.Quality and installed protective systems.

Engine replacement

Over time, the power plant may fail. This begins with a decrease in the number of revolutions and work not at full capacity. A faulty machine can stall at any time and after a long time do not start.

The reasons for the repair or replacement of the engine are diverse. For example, improper storage in winter, they did not clean the car, left in a cold, cheese room. Another technique will fail if an accident occurred during work: the car ran into a large object, and the internal parts were deformed. In addition, the engine can burn if you work with it for too long, while mowing an uneven area with garbage, stones.

Important! The electric motor is most often junk due to a cliff of wires or oxidation of contacts.

Internal combustion engines do not replace without much need. The owner must first check fuel, oil, spark plug, fasteners, pistons. If the problem is the malfunction of the engine, then it must be replaced.

Experts cope with the replacement of the engine quickly. First, the old engine is carefully removed. A new one is placed in its place. Establish it taking into account the complete coincidence according to the parameters of the mower.

To understand the types and types of the engine of the lawn mower is best before buying equipment. In this case, the owner of the country house will be able to choose the device, given his preferences and needs.

What to choose?

For large-20-60 acres-plots are suitable for a lawn mower on gasoline or diesel fuel, and not on electricity. If the choice nevertheless fell on an electric grinder. Lawn mowers with an asynchronous engine are cheaper than similar models in which a synchronous engine is built. Lawn mowers with an asynchronous engine are mainly equipped with a direct drive.

The most popular electric shoes of the following companies are:

So, Honda engines expensive. The engine itself costs from 5 to 30 thousand rubles, depending on the power. American Briggs Stratton engines, not inferior to engines from the same “Honda”, put in the devices From Snapper, Ferris, Simplicity and Murray.

For example, if you change the engine on a lawn mower, where an asynchronous motor with a direct drive is used, specify whether there are compatible with your models where a similar engine and drive are used. This method is good when your model is already 5 years or more, it has been discontinued from production. You can try to restore the old device without acquiring a new. Self.Propelled lawn mowers require more powerful engines than non.Self.Propelled engines. Part of the energy is spent on the fact that the lawn mower is “rides” in the process of.

DDE Mitsubishi Champion

The engine from the vacuum cleaner

That useful can be made from the vacuum cleaner motor

When buying a new vacuum cleaner, the old unit is most often thrown away. But if an older vacuum cleaner still works and is quite suitable for work, he can get a second life. Some methods require technical education, since it is dangerous to redo the technique, and especially the motors and unknown people are better not to risk their health and entrust such work to professionals. The safest and simplest methods of what can be done from the motor from the vacuum cleaner or it will be presented in this article.

Replacing the air filter

Internal combustion engines work on filtered combustible and purified air. Otherwise, the abrasive wear of the combustion chamber groups will lead to expensive repairs. Filters can be of various fillings and composition, most importantly, the porous surface should pass air and delay dirt. The filter must be cleaned and washed as clogged. But the pores are gradually compacted, and air is not enough. The best panel filters are Donaldson products, filters of this company are delayed by 99.99% of pollution thanks to a particularly developed porous zone.

The Briggs Stratton Air filter must be cleaned after 25 hours of operation and replaced as necessary. The cost of the filter is 80 rubles.

Lawn bore from the electric motor from the vacuum cleaner

Electric motor

A collector engine from the old Soviet.Time vacuum cleaner for 300 watts of the Buran brand is taken as the basis for the design of the lawn mower. It was necessary to abandon its use after the purpose of it, after long.Term operation, various gaskets began to wear out, the movement of air was disturbed. I’m tired of eliminating the fistulas that affect the pressure and absorption, therefore I bought a replacement for him.

The appearance of the assembled trimmer from the engine is shown in the photo. Since it is no longer used, it was covered with rust, and the remains of mowed grass have long dried up and remained adhering to all details. It is much more convenient for me to work as a factory structure.

The engine did not have to redo at all. Just using an electric drill, a vice and hacksaw for metal, he made several fasteners and protective covers. In the next photo, a cap carved from a plastic bottle that closes the brush knot is raised.

How to Use an Electric Lawn Mower. Electric Corded Lawn Mower

A working knife is poorly visible in this picture, but it can be considered above.

For greater clarity, he raised the protective cover with his finger and showed a close.Up engine from the brushes. Here all the factory details are completely in a working state.

On the opposite side, the capacitor mounted at the factory works.


The fastening of all parts of a home-made trimmer is made on a dried wooden stick without any processing. He drilled the fasteners in it, and screwed some details, for example, a handle bracket with a piece of wire.

electric, motor, lawn, mower, safety

All these compounds are visible in different pictures.

electric, motor, lawn, mower, safety

Ryobi 20″ 40-Volt Brushless Lawn Mower Review. RY40180

Homemade knife for grass

It is noteworthy that when I removed the fan impeller, I saw: the vacant place on the rotor shaft is ideal for attaching a home.Made knife. I didn’t even have to select a nut and gaskets.

Bad experience

At first I tried to fix the wire of different diameters on the shaft. She began to mow the grass normally, but she broke off very quickly. Its structure does not withstand mechanical loads on the gap and bend developed by large engine speeds and oncoming grass. Therefore, manufacturers of trimmers produce different varieties of trimmer line.

The method of manufacturing a lawn mower

Made a knife for a homemade trimmer using the following technology:

  • Took a metal plate made of soft steel;
  • Cut it with a rectangular shape;
  • Drilled in the center a hole along the diameter of the shaft;
  • Imprisoned edges to reduce loads during kosbe.

To show the way to fasten it through the factory sleeve, I unscrewed the nut a little, and the knife itself just bent my hand.

Support wheel

The main disadvantage of this design of the lawn mower, like all trimmers with the lower location of the electric engine, is the need to apply large physical efforts to hold the knife in the desired plane during kosbe. The employee’s muscles are tensed, and he quickly gets tired. I need an emphasis on Earth.

Therefore, I attached small wheels from the old children’s cart to the engine and the bar body and the bar with the adapters. They are light, but greatly facilitate the work.

electric, motor, lawn, mower, safety

The switch button

It must be placed on the handle directly under the palm.

Choosing a design

Used a special mounting button with self.Return from one of the measuring electrical appliances that worked out their resource. It is simply screwed to a wooden rod with a soft copper wire in isolation and for better clarity the photo is shifted from its axis to the side.

My own version of the lawn mower with your own hands.

All those who have money for a factory lawn mower please! This is for those who feel sorry for the money for the lawnical mower and for those who like to craft. Here is my version.

So. There is a yard, covered not with tiles, not a paveant, but in grass and summer it grows and becomes unsightly. Taking a trimmer and squinting the grass, but I don’t know how to mow or something else, but not. On the Internet I saw a lawn mower with my own hands from the engine from the washing room. Cheap and cheerful! For me the most. Having collected this miracle from the metal faces came to delight, everything works and mows evenly, this is the result that I wanted. And the main thing is not killed. Here is my first option, so to speak for a test.

The motor from the washing room, the pulmonary fiction on the pulley polypropylene put down and drilled the hole through the hole, wanted to put the bolt, but it also turned out tightly, there the groove is on the pulley and plastic and went there with a staggering. A knife made of a simple piece of iron 3-4 cm wide and in a diameter of 35 cm. Paul knife at a height of 4.5 cm. There is enough motor for normal grass, on a very thick grass it stops. But after the first time passed, the second time has never slowed down anywhere else. The motor heats up, after the passage of 70 m2, let the motor cool so that it does not burn out. Mowed once a week. With mowing, the grass breaks all and turns out to be like mulching, you don’t even have to remove. But there are no stones on the site, so everything is fine.And now it’s time to ennoble it all and make a normal mower, since all the wooden wheels were loose on the wooden. Having collected all the details on the metal-receiving- the motor button, the trigger button, the wheels from the stroller, the disk was saw 47050 mm, the iron barrel cover and a strip of iron and from the available profile 2020 mm and a piece of pipe diam. 16 mm built the following miracle.

He also put on the skip with a soldering iron heating the fitting polypropylene and put on the skip, drilling through the hole with a bolt, he staggered a bolt, as the disk as a flywheel twists be healthy. Saw a saw through a 50 mm spacer. There is almost no beating diameter, but the top-down turned out to be 7 mm, well, not critical, there is no turning. The height of the grass of the grass also left 4.5 cm. The passage has increased, well, the mass too-16-17 kg. Due to the circular saw, it works like a flywheel, even with a thick grass, the disk slows down but does not stop due to inertia. All 180 m2 went with this engine and did not hench much. You can go without a break.

The result is this, I am satisfied, since the money was spent a maximum of 500 rubles. It works without complaints and copes with the set tasks with a bang. Something is simply not real.

21.06.2017having worked as a lawn mower, he did not understand for some reason not so beautifully as his old mowing. As a result, I thought to try to make a knife like an old. I made a woodcock from a canvas. After mowing, the result pleased me, but it is not clear why the saw disk does not give such a result, it is not clear. As a result, now I use the knife as in the picture and the result is different, spins in a fraction of a second, but it stops on the big grass, since there is no inertia like on the disk.

Electric motor from a drill

As an option to get out of the situation, many reinforcements use the engine from the battery drill or screwdriver. In fact, both the industrial engine and in a artisanal method is the main source of movement is an electric engine.

The layout of such a motor is the same for all models:

  • Power supply. Battery;
  • Engine. Electric motor;
  • Working organ. A rowing screw with a gearbox;
  • Control unit. In this case, the direction of movement is carried out by turning the handle, and the speed is regulated by a decrease or increase in engine speed.

In fact, a screwdriver or drill has all this. However, it should be borne in mind that most boat electric motors have a rowing screw planted directly on an electric motor. This whole design has a sealed case and is immersed in water.

But in the drill there is no sealed case and therefore for it a more acceptable scheme for the layout of the boat engine with a gasoline engine, which is located at the top.

The advantages of a drill electric motor

Considering the electric motor from the drill as a motor, you need to understand that the engine itself is a great value, but with the revolutionary control unit, in other words, its value increases several times.

But still, there are several obvious advantages in choosing a drill or screwdriver:

The cost of such a tool is several orders of magnitude lower than the cost of a factory boat engine; The legislation strictly monitors the use of engines in reservoirs, while the power is clearly regulated, and the type of engines are both permitted and prohibited for use at certain water bodies; The drill works from the battery, while in addition to using the standard power source, there is the possibility of using other sources compatible in terms of parameters; The battery drill as the tool works almost silently, which is important for fans of fishing; The drill, like any other tool, can be repaired if necessary, since the market today is a large selection of spare parts and parts for repair.

Electric motor from the lawn mower where to use

Sanya (Malaika), for example, I pumped them with a rubber boat for 8 seconds and lowered them on 6 to compare with an ordinary frog for about 10 minutes, and if you make an inverter 12-220, you can pump it out of the car by the way, but Some of them blew out fishermen from the exhaust pipe, but the main thing is not to shed a lot, and it will break You can also make a primitive jet engine If you put a spiral or ten in the hose, you will get a powerful hot air pistol up to 300-400 By the way, to the aid of everyone who is interested in the data of a vacuum cleaner of 600 lanes, such as rockets or seagulls. The volume of the pumped air. About 10 liters per second at a pressure of up to 0, 15 kg / cm (atm)

Sanya (small), if the Chinese vacuum cleaner simply pulls the device out of it and inserts it into a plastic pipe from the toilet, then it will blow and suck (air in your head :), then you can turn on the car with a bullet The most collective farm version of the current change. Take the device back, put it on a strong film bag, make a hole in the bag and insert the hose, wrap everything with tape By the way, machine guns for a vacuum cleaner in the market are ready for 50 rubles

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The main malfunctions of electric and gasoline lawn mowers

Despite the variety of models and manufacturers of lawn mowers, gasoline and electric equipment has similar structural units. The difference lies in the types of installed engines and related systems for ensuring performance. Equipment malfunctions are conditionally divided into 2 groups:

Lawn Mower Electrical Troubleshooting

Damage of the mechanical part of models with gasoline and electric motors is almost the same, but the refusal when operating the drive part of the lawn mower can be caused by problems with different details.

What can be done from a garden trimmer with your own hands

Despite a fairly large number of attachments made to expand the possibilities of using a garden trimmer, home craftsmen do not leave attempts to use the latter as other devices. As a rule, this is due to the fact that the cost of acquiring factory manufacturing equipment much exceeds the price of a trimmer. So, masters in practice have already implemented quite a lot of different ideas. Among them, the most simple, and therefore the most in demand can be considered such a home.Made:

In addition, a large number of different products can be equipped with an unnecessary engine and therefore an unnecessary trimmer. For example, it can be installed on a bicycle, scooter, children’s snowmobile. In addition, the trimmer engine can be equipped with ice or motorbike, as well as reanimate the failed chainsaw. The difficulty for a home craftsman will be only in the need to independently develop and manufacture a drive, which ensures the transfer of torque from the shaft of a power unit to the executive mechanism of a home.Made device. The design of the drive largely depends on the trimmer model.

Homemade lawn mower from the engine of the washing machine and the Soviet stroller.

I asked the lawn mower with a question, buy a little expensive, and it’s a pity to spoil a good mower (I have a lot of stones, bricks and gravel on the site after construction). I have seen the vidos about homemade and go, just an old stroller was lying on the balcony, took the chassis and pen from it and at work was in full swing (from there it took off 2 engines) and went to craft. Everything used was in stock and free of charge except the M16 and 10 nuts for it, and this is 200 rubles like nothing The stroller chassis is made on a conscience from a thick rod, not like a modern of thin tubes, and it is terribly to pick it up terribly. Scald in a circle of a frame (except the program) with 1 mm sheets.

Then he welded the pulley from the grinder to the pulp and took the nuts / washers from it. The motor is mounted on 2 stilettos of M16, they also regulate the height of the haircut clamping the motor with nuts. Alas, I took a little photo, t.To. Time is completely nonsense.

Then I found a diagram of connecting a motor on the Internet full of them. The switches did not wise, just a fork, inserted and went to mow. The knife is cut out of the metal plate 2mm, the width of the puck of the grinder, like 50mm and 38 cm long. Balanced on the edge of the sheet of 1mm, laying the center of the hole and grinding the outlet edge. Everything seems to be questions, ask.

This is how it works, mows well, cheerfully and evenly. If a brick or large stone gets, a knife rushes into a bagel. Remove it with a hammer, reinstall it, we balance it and back. While mowed, I did the procedure three times. On purchased knives would go broke.

Added 26.06.17at the request of those interested, I will add a few photos.

The haircut adjustment in height is not large, but it is enough. We loosen the nuts, move the engine up, down and clamp the nuts at the desired height, that’s all there are no storage.

Here you can see protection from all sides except the gear, the knife is made of a sheet of metal. Having looked at, you can see the zubrens and dents on it from the stones of those who come across on the site, and there are sooo many For convenience, it was welded to the Bulgarian nut, very often you have to remove the knife to sharpen and rihta until the site was cleansed of stones and bricks.

Here the knife is still straight, a little later twisted it with a propeller, the effect of this pleased me. Mowing became even, porridge from grass crawled out from under the mowed.

These 2 nuts are welded to the case and are connected by a piece of profile pipe, and the motor is kept on them. Very confidently hanging and does not take.

It mows evenly, without any problems, the site is certainly not even, the tractor tried on it, now I go with a spatula, where to dig, where to pour, but this is a completely different story.

What you need to know for the manufacture of a lawn mowing from a washing machine

At first glance, the lawn mower with your own hands from the washing machine looks like a kind of absurd, but in reality this is a very real way to get a tireless care assistant.

It turns out that you can make such a useful design by taking the engine of the washing machine, which is reliable, designed for prolonged operation and significant loads.

In addition, there are drive belts and two pulleys in the washing machine. The engine for 1700 rpm from the old washing machine needs to be fixed on the bed. Then connect the knives to the shaft. With the installation of asynchronous engines of washing machines, there are no problems.

But the engine is less powerful than in the washing machine, for example, 500 watts are perfect for making a home.Made structure. It all depends on what kind of capture area you want to have. The greater this value, the greater the engine will need the engine.

The wheels necessary for the movement of the lawn mower from the washing machine can be “borrowed” from the old baby stroller, as well as the pen that helps to push the device and the employee with the basis for attaching the wire. Below, t.E. On the side opposite the one where the engine is fixed, the knife is attached.

It is put on the engine shaft, I use a flange, which is easy to brand on a lathe. The flange to the shaft is attached using three bolts. You will also need pipes for the water supply and steel corners.

The design of the washing machine has practically no shortcomings: there is no smell of gasoline, no noise and exhaust gases are missing, the start is quite smooth, as well as maintaining speed. But, most importantly, the minimum number of details and the compactness of the design from the machine that served its service life.

The disadvantages of the device from the laundry washing can be attributed only to the insufficiently large movement, which is limited by the length of the cable.

Ice.Bearer made of benzokos

Benzokos can be converted into an ice drift. Factory analogues are rather complex and powerful devices. Structurally, the equipment is connected to the engine (in most cases, two.Stroke units are installed). Industrial devices are equipped with automatic safety systems that turn off the ice drift in case of a malfunction and exclude the possibility of random launch. Models also differ in the number of speeds: one- or two-speed.

For lovers of winter fishing, buying a factory unit is consistent, and it is hard to work with a manual device with a large thickness of ice. Will help save the strength and remedies for remaking the old trimmer to icebreet.

In addition to benzokos, the work will need a drill (factory or homemade) and tools for assembling the final structure. The difficulty lies in attaching the working part to the trimmer. Much depends on the available motorcosa model.

The following rollers show how the icebour made from the trimmer works:

The last video contains a possible option for attaching the drill to a gas station.

Compared to industrial analogues, homemade ice drift is a low.Power device, but for drilling the holes is enough with the head. Also, the device weighs little, which allows it to be easily transported.

Electric motor for the lawn mower

Lawn mower. This is a type of garden technique designed to mow grass in large areas. There are two types of lawnmands. Depending on whether there is an engine on this unit or not, they are divided into mechanical and motor. In turn, motor law mushrooms are divided into three types: battery, with an electric engine (electric and self.Propelled electric gas mowers) and with a gasoline engine.

In electric lawns, the electric motor has a power of 0.8 to 2 kW. Such lawnmands are used mainly for processing areas, the dimensions of which do not exceed 8 acres. They are quite simple in operation and maintenance, have small size and weight. Thanks to this, they are easy to move and store. In addition, during operation, the electric lawners Stiga, Gardena and Champion do not emit much noise.

However, along with many advantages, this unit has one drawback. This is a link to the network. During the operation of this lawn mower, it is necessary to ensure that the network cable does not fall under its cutting system. That is why, when buying a lawn mower with an electric motor, you should pay attention to ensuring that its network cable has a bright color.

When working with an electric lawnical mower, certain precautions should be observed. First, to mow grass with this unit only in rubber shoes. Secondly, in no case can you use an electric lawn mower in raw and rainy weather.

The electric motor in the lawn mower is a rather complicated device. He requires neat treatment and a certain care. Before starting to work with an electric lawnical mower, it is necessary to check the processed area for the presence of stones and other extraneous items, which can harm both the gas mowing mechanism and the employee himself. If possible, all foreign objects from the site should be removed.

Speaking about the power of the electric motor of the lawn mower, it should be highlighted that the larger it is, the greater the width of the capture. In addition, it should be noted that if more than 30 centimeters have grown in the processed area, the electric lawn mower will not be able to cope with it, since its motor is not designed to work in such a volume. Therefore, for starters, it will be necessary to process the plot of a scythe or trimmer.

It should also be highlighted that when operating an electric lawn mower in the network to which it is connected, voltage drops may occur. Because of this, the engine of this unit may quickly fail. Therefore, when buying a lawn mower with an electric motor, you should also purchase a stabilizer or even purchase a gasoline lawn. For example, Husqvarna lawn mower.

During a long operation of an electric lawn mower, its engine can overheat. Therefore, every 15-20 minutes of work, this unit must be disconnected and let it cool and relax at least 5 minutes. Otherwise, a spontaneous shutdown of the engine may occur, t. E. The protective mechanism of the lawn mower will work, which will indicate that the engine is clearly overloaded.

Description and principle of apparatus

Lawn mowers in their design can be very different from each other. Depending on the cutting mechanism, drum and rotary mowers are distinguished.

Rotor lawn mowers have gained great popularity in the market than drum models. The cutting mechanism is a screw here, which resembles a screw of a meat grinder. The grass falling into a rotating screw is easily trimmed.

Drum models provide high.Quality and effective mowing of grass. The grass here is cut off with knives installed on a rotating drum. Thanks to a flat bevel, the grass is restored faster and does not lose its decorative properties. Over time, the knives on the drum are growing up, after which you need to put new. You can buy spare parts for lawn mowers on the website “Basin”.

There are lawn mowers of self.Propelled and non.Self.Propelled type. Non.Self.Propelled models must be pushed manually. But thanks to the installed wheels, it is not difficult to do this. Self.Propelled devices are able to move independently along a given path. They do not have full autonomy, they still need to be taken to look after them.

The main nodes of the lawn mower

The main nodes of the mowing include a motor, cutting organ, grass collector, tracks, handle and housing.

The motor is the heart of the apparatus, the efficiency of the herballer directly depends on its power. The motor is driven by an electric manual starter. All the main working nodes of the unit are located in the case, which can be made of plastic or metal.

The grass collector serves to collect and storage of mowed grass. Its convenience is that the grass after work does not need to be collected throughout the site. It is enough to disconnect the traumatic collector, pour the grass and wash it with running water. Amortized handle serves to push the lawn mower forward. Depreciation is necessary for extinguishing vibrations, which is formed during the engine operation.

Spare parts for lawn mower in Moscow

Our online store is engaged in the supply of spare parts for benzo tools. The site catalog presents a large selection of components for herbold machines. All goods are certified, spare parts were tested for the lack of defects and marriage.

If you do not know if the spare part is suitable for you or not, ask our consultants a question. This will help protect you from buying unsuitable spare parts. Employees of the online store “Boasher” have complete information about the product: sizes, mounts, its number in warehouse.

To order spare parts for lawn mowers in our online store, you need to fill out a special form. To place an order, you must indicate your initials, contacts, as well as the address where the order will be delivered. For convenience, buyers have the opportunity to independently choose a payment and delivery method.