Electric saw for garden work without oil. Husqvarna 236

Small and light electric saws for women (for cottage and garden)

As we have already said, there are various manual and automated tools that are ideal for the formation of bushes and trim the old branches. The problem of choosing such devices is especially acute among beginners who do not understand the difference between a saw and a hacksaw.

Securers, with which you can quickly and effortlessly make smooth sections without them no work in the garden, and therefore it is very important to correctly choose the tool. Despite their enormous variety, there are only two types of jokes of the first type. with a curved blade, while the secateur cuts branches according to the principle of scissors. It is important here to adjust the secateur so that there is no gap under the blade, otherwise the tool will not cut the tool, but crush the branches. The second type of device. with a bias of bilateral sharpening. There is a remark here: it is difficult to use for circumcision in hard.to.reach places. Baby cutter. high.quality car for trimming trees. With this tool, you can without much effort to cut off the impressive bitch in diameter. A saw for trimming trees will come in handy where there is no possibility of working with a secateur. With its help, you can saw off large branches and even whole trunks

Of course, you can use ordinary carpentry tools, but it is preferable to use a garden saw, since special requirements are imposed on the trimming of branches: it is necessary to carefully cut off the branches, trying not to damage the bark and not leave the burr. High.quality saws for trimming trees can cut with the reverse and direct move, and the teeth of the tool are not clogged with sawdust, which facilitates the process of work. Garden hacksaw for trimming trees, suitable in case of working with small and not wide branches of shrubs and trees

It is better to choose a blade with small cloves that do not cause much harm to branches. Garden knife that is used in the case of trimming small branches, cutting the bark, when vaccinating trees. The advantage of any knife is a high.quality and sharp blade, thanks to which the cuts will be smooth and even. For more accurate work, it is best to use an optogram knife, thanks to which the bark from the barrel is separated very carefully. If we are talking about vaccination, then you can not do without a vaccination knife that helps to make even and direct sections necessary for vaccination of new cuttings. Garden scissors are most often used for mass pruning when they form a crown of plants. A classic example is a hedge that requires the same shape of all bushes.

General points

The process of carrying out the harvesting of firewood is very laborious, requiring a lot of time and physical strength. To facilitate the implementation of many tasks, you should correctly choose equipment for harvesting firewood.

Sprinkled logs into churbans in the old days was carried out using a two.handed saw and took extremely a lot of time, and there is no need to talk about the number of forces spent. Nowadays, a chainsaws have been invented to simplify working with wood, which can be an excellent assistant for you.

Choosing a suitable chainsaw for the harvesting of firewood, you should immediately take care of the spare parts for it, and additionally buy a spare circuit, file (sharpener for a circuit), oil for the engine recommended by the manufacturer, 92 or 95 gasoline for refueling.

Chainsaw Old Husqvarna 236 VS New Husqvarna 120 TEST

So that there is no carbon fiber, it is better to use synthetic or semi.synthetic oil if you are not going to buy a specially designed composition from the manufacturer of the chainsaw. It is worth saying that the use of synthetics is unreasonable on engines with small speeds, since the oil simply will not burn and fly into the exhaust pipe.

I would like to tell you separately about the file that the chain is hidden. This option is the most preferable to the grinding machine, since it removes a larger amount of metal, which means that the wear of the chain goes faster. If you give the chain to sharpen the workshop, then there they may well be sharpened at the wrong angle. Therefore, it is better to sharpen yourself. After the chain is out of order, you should change it to a new one purchased from an official dealer.

The choice of chainsaws is based on the number of work. If you take the apparatus for the cottage, you can look at the technique of lower models from Khuskvarnna or Stile. For forest harvesting, in particular, tree cutting, you should consider more powerful options. At the same time, it should be understood that greater power implies greater weight, which in the future you will certainly feel the little things when cutting.

By type of power sources

When buying a chain electric saw, pay attention to the method of connecting equipment, because the features and requirements for its operation depend on this.

Such devices can eat from a classic household network on 220 V or their power source. Briefly consider the main options.

Electrical network

The saw is connected to a standard household outlet for 220 in. As a rule, the products of this group have a relatively small power of up to 3500 watts, but to solve the main problems of this enough.

220 volts sockets are widely used, so the capabilities of such a tool are not limited.

The minus of the option is only in the presence of a cord, which will always interfere under the feet.

As an alternative, you can use a combined saw that can work in parallel from the network or from a separate power source.


Convenient in operation and allow you to work without reference to the outlet. Differ relatively small sizes and mass, mobility.

The capabilities of the battery.free saws are wider, because with them you can perform tasks even away from home and sockets.

The downside is that due to the presence of the battery, such devices will have more weight and price.

This is why this option is optimal for a situation when the goal is to buy an autonomous tool.

By operational qualities and functionality

In the above article, we will pay attention to both budget amateur models for cottage and at home, as well as focus on semi.professional and professional analogues.

  • Not an expensive segment. Such electric saws do not differ in great functionality, they are not resistant to large loads, and, as a rule, their daily use leads to quick breakdowns. But as an option for periodic use, for example, cut large branches on trees once a year, is not a bad option.
  • Middle segment. This category includes electric saws that easily cope with complex tasks and are able to work for a longer time. This means that in their manufacture, special attention is paid to the removal of heat from the engine and the reliability of the oil pump. Battery models in this category will have less performance, but they can boast of a relatively long time of work.
  • Professional electric saws operating from the battery or household network for 220 V are designed for long.term work with the greatest performance. In such models, everything is done at the highest level. material, assembly, ease of use and more.

First, consider network batteries from an inexpensive / middle segment that are in greatest demand.

We will pay special attention to models that are distinguished by a high level of reliability, performance quality and a large number of positive reviews.

How to choose a power plant

Gardeners and amateur builders are opened by a choice of the main types of electric saws:

First of all, decide on the tasks of your future tool. The choice of the model by power, type of design, preferred weight, battery capacity/length of the cord will depend on this.

Chain saws are useful for caring for garden plants, as well as for construction work related to the preparation of wood material. From the chainsaw of the saw, the electrical chain type differs only by the engine. The power of chain electric saws rarely exceeds 2000 watts, but this is enough for most of the work.

Discount saws thanks to special discs are suitable for sawing all kinds of materials: boards, plycos, parquet blanks and even metal.

Sable Khdosovka is necessary in the work of a locksmith, carpenter, installer, roofer and those who are engaged in decoration. With it, you can cut the materials of various hardness and density. A close relative of a saber.drawing is an electrician that is great for curly cutting.

Look, based on the purpose of acquiring a tool, which engine will suit you. For example, an electric saw with a longitudinal location of the engine is more suitable for work requiring maneuverability. For example, for pruning tall trees.

To work with logs and in an upright position, it is better to choose a transverse engine. Such a model is usually easier and more powerful.

If we take into account all of the above, the perfect tool should suit you in performance, efficiency, duration of work and, of course, by convenience and ease of operation.

Popular questions and answers

Yuri Dudin, senior seller of household appliances and tools.

What parameters should you pay attention to first?

In addition to the main parameters, check the model for the availability of protection against overheating. This will allow the use of the saw longer without damage to the tool.

Find out if shock.absorbing pads are provided that help reduce unpleasant sensations from vibration during the work of the electric saw.

Depending on the type of electric saw, other important features may appear. For example, it is worth making sure that it will be convenient for you to adjust the power of the chain tension in the chain saw.

It is excellent if the oil tank container is larger, so that you have to fill it less often during the operation of the tool.

Does the powerproof power affect performance on performance?

Speaking in simple language, without numbers and complex calculations, then the difference between the performance of the saw and how much electricity it consumes, exists and is called energy efficiency.

When choosing a model with high energy efficiency, you get a powerful tool and in addition to save on electricity accounts. Electric saws consume approximately the same amount of electricity. 1, 3.1.5 kW. At the same time, the power is different for everyone, the indicator ranges from 1000 to 3000 W.

What are the pros and cons of chain electric saws?

The pluses include the fact that the electrical chain type does not emit exhaust gases, so it is suitable for work in the rooms. She does not vibrate so much, works quieter and weighs, most often, fewer competitors.

Of the minuses. that after rain or in a room with high humidity, this tool will not work. Also, if the model is not equipped with overheating protection, you yourself will have to monitor the operation of the engine and give the unit for the respite.

Basic safety regulations when working with electric saw

The first and one of the most important points that you need to follow during work is a cable. It is not worth advancing on it, it is forbidden to work in a license and, of course, it should not fall under the chain.

Do not lose sight of the chain, protect it from heating, pinching, rupture. If there is no automatic lubrication system, process the chain in a timely manner.

Learn the instructions carefully before the start of work to know how the brake works.

Take care of clothes and protection for the eyes, head, limbs.

Eliminate the contact of a working tool with water and wet materials. Do not work after rain in the open air and in rooms with high humidity.

Clean, lubricate and store the tool correctly, in accordance with the instructions.

Criteria for choosing a battery chain saw

In order to decide on the model of the tool, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics, the totality of which is most successful to perform topical tasks. Therefore, the saw of the builder-professional will be unlike the dacha apparatus, who occasionally cares for the garden, but does not want to contact either long wires or the troubles that can create a gasoline ICE.


A decisive parameter that affects the duration of work, performance and weight. Battery saws with engines from 1 to 4 kW are produced. If everyone. What is required of the unit is a transverse cut of boards and a beam 2. 4 cm, then one and a half kW will be enough with a margin. For the harvesting of firewood and rolling small trees, as well as the content of an extensive old garden, you need to choose models with maximum power. Do not forget about the back: the more powerful the device is, the harder it is, and the battery should be very capacious.

The location of the engine

The design of a chain saw with a removable power element can have two layout circuits:

  • The transverse location of the electric motor makes the saw shorter. The center of gravity is closer to the user, so when working, the hands and back are less tired. The drive of the leading stars is straight, from the engine shaft. Minus. a large width and inconvenience in the horizontal position of the tire.
  • With a longitudinal location, the device will be “thin”, but longer, since the shaft is located along the tire. The drive through the conical shock.absorbing transmission, which is slight, but lowers the efficiency and heats up with prolonged operation. But the saw is narrow, it is convenient to wield it in any position.

over, the location does not give decisive advantages in the speed of the cut. here you need to focus on the habits of the user himself and the nature of the work performed.

Tire length

Most models are produced with tires from 20 to 40 cm long. The tires have the same mount as the chainsaws, so the nodes are interchangeable. For summer cottages. cutting branches, cutting boards. will be enough 25 cm long. But if the task of sawing firewood or the dissolution of the thick beam is worth it, it is better to take the tire of maximum length equipped with a powerful engine.

Battery parameters

The more powerful the battery, the more the tool will work out. But for its charging, a special device will be required, which highlights a powerful charging current, otherwise the restoration of the capacity may take half a day. The weight of a shift module is growing and the weight of. When viewing models, pay attention to two parameters: the supply voltage and the capacity. The first is measured in volts, the second in ampere hours. The voltage can be from 18 V for low.power models with a short bus. knobs. up to 82 V. In powerful tools that are not inferior in performance of the best chainsaw technique. It is better to take the container above. this is how the saw will work longer on one charge.

  • Lithium (lithium-ionic, lithium-polymer). With a decrease in the capacity, the voltage does not drop. For a long and stably holds the charge, has no memory effect.
  • Nickeleva (Nickel-Kadmieva, Nickel-Metalgidrid). It has a memory effect, but it is cheaper and can give out a larger current with short.term but strong loads.

Some manufacturers have two batteries at once in the kit. Having spent the charge in one, the user changes it, and puts the empty charging. Other saws, on the contrary, do not contain anything in the box except the body with the engine.

Chain saws are used when working with a timber, log, thick board, used in the construction of frame houses, log cabins. The tool is effective when cutting old trees, woodwork. Good reviews on battery chain saws are left by summer residents and suburban real estate owners. From analogues with gasoline engines, it differs in the absence of harmful emissions, a reduced noise level.

Elitech PCA 36

The model with a longitudinally located electric motor is produced by the company. Has small sizes compared to analogues. The double handle simplifies intensive work, charging the battery is enough for 280 cuts of a beam of 50×50 mm. The installed brilliant electric motor is characterized by low noise, efficiency, increased resource.

To protect against overloads, a microcontroller is installed, which monitors the load level, regulates the operation of the electric motor. The system of instant stopping of the circuit protects against injuries with a reverse impact. Random launch is not possible due to double locking of the launch trigger. Visual control of the presence of oil helps to timely perform scheduled maintenance.

  • Chain, tire of the Oregon trademark;
  • Inertial brake;
  • Anti.slip material of the handles;
  • The presence of gear stops;
  • Works with any Elitech batteries;
  • Cutting speed 15 m/s.

The model is characterized by simple maintenance. To adjust the tension of the circuit or its replacement, the tool is not required, the external regulator is used. Lubrication is performed in automatic mode. This allows you to independently perform maintenance, reduce operating costs.

GreenWorks G40CS30

Designed for cutting branches, dry branches, sawing small logs. Differs with light weight, which allows you to work with one hand. Chain Battery Mini Pila is equipped with a rubberized handle, a protective screen. To unlock, just press only one button and you can start doing the task.

A powerful brush engine is characterized by low energy consumption, with a 4 Ah battery you can operate up to 60 minutes. The oil tank is made of transparent impact.resistant plastic, which allows you to visually control the level of lubricant fluid. It is equipped with a 30 cm bus, Oregon. Effective overload protection increases the resource. It is supplied without battery, it works on a universal 40V battery created for the G-MAX series. Advantages:

  • Even cut;
  • Acute chain made of siliceous steel;
  • Chain adjustment without a special key;
  • Smooth start;
  • Low noise.

Makita DUC302Z

Created on a single proprietary platform LXT. Power supply. two universal batteries for 18 in. According to users, on one charge you can make up to 80 cuts of a bar 200×200 mm. Small size, light weight allow you to work with one hand. The adjustment of the chain tension is performed using an external regulator conveniently located on the case.

The protective shield protects from branches, chips, and when pressed, it slows down the chain, stopping it in 0.5 seconds. The lubricant is automatically, convenient visual control is provided behind the oil level. The case is reliably protected from dust, high humidity. The microcontroller evaluates the battery level of the battery, preventing deep discharge, overload and fever.

Characteristics of a small and light chain electric saw for women

When choosing a power tool suitable for women, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Increased power entails an increase in the weight of the unit, and for some models a more powerful power grid is required;
  • It is worth giving preference to models with a longitudinal location of the engine, since the transverse is displaced the balancing of the device. Such a saw is used to work in a vertical plane;
  • It is desirable to have a lock from involuntary inclusion of the structure to avoid increased injuries;
  • The function of the smooth launch of the electric saw ensures the inclusion of the device without a jerk;
  • spontaneous shutdown of the tool during overheating provides thermorelele;
  • automatic supply of oil to the device significantly extends the service life of it;
  • Automatic pulling of the circuit makes the maintenance of the device more comfortable;
  • The presence of rubber overlays on the handles of the tool reduces the vibration load on the human body.


One of the disadvantages of the electric saw is an uncomfortable cable connecting the design to the current source. Output. purchase a saw with a battery that allows you to use the tool away from electricity.

The development of Monferme 20237M is presented as an electric saw for women. The weight of the structure is 5.2 kg, and the charge of the 40.volt.volt fabric battery allows the use of the saw for its intended purpose for 40 minutes. During this time, you can saw off 130 times cubes with a cross section of 10×10 cm.

The company represents a set of garden equipment available for women’s operation. In this case, the battery is a universal device that suits all designs of the ruler. Purchase it only for electric saws is quite expensive.

Chain electric saw Bosch Universalchain 18

Bosch Universalchain 18 thanks to Syneon Chip technology receives energy for the drive in the amount that is necessary with the current load for high efficiency. Compact dimensions guarantee neat work in conditions of limited space, due to which the universality of use is achieved. Due to the inertial brake, instant stopping of the circuit occurs during the return. This increases the safety of work. For the convenience of operation, a soft handle is provided, which provides a reliable grip and the battery charge indicator.

Bosch Universalchain 18 battery saw

Chain electric saw GreenWorks G24CS25

Despite the compact size and weight, it copes with the sawing of medium.sized trunks of trees or boards. Because of its weight, it is convenient in carrying, work with the inaccessibility of electricity. Compared to gasoline, I am completely ready to work with a charged battery. There is no smell and the need to adjust gasoline saws. Completely suitable for giving, any hiking.

GreenWorks G24CS25 Battery Saw

Inexpensive saws included in the top rating: models were included:

  • 1st place HUTER ELS-2000P 2000 W;
  • 2nd place champion 120-14 2000 watts;
  • 3 place Patriot ESP 1814 2011 1800 W;
  • 4th place Huter ELS-2,7P 2000 W;
  • 5th place in Parma M6 1000 watts;
  • 6th place Patriot ESP 1614 1500 W.

Budget instrument does not mean bad. Such options look closely by those who plan to work with a saw from time to time. High.quality models are available with a small budget, only with simplified functionality and average wear resistance.

1st place HUTER ELS-2000P 2000 W

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: circuit brake
  • Tire length: 40 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Modification: 70/10/3
  • Weight: 7 kg

Inexpensive chain saw electric saw of the German brand designed for domestic use. With a capacity of 2 kW, the tool can easily cope with the sawing of logs, a roll of garden trees, pruning branches. Location of the brush electric motor. transverse. In his hands lies comfortably, does not slip, which is facilitated by the rubberized handle. The chain tension is not automatic, as in most models from the rating, but the system is simple. adjustment is performed using a screw on the right side of the case. The chain is lubricated automatically, and to check the oil level there is an observation window with divisions. Tank capacity. 125 ml. Tire length. 40 cm, chain speed. 13.6 m/s. The work is safe, since the function of the brake is provided and the blocking of random inclusion is provided. Additional advantage is the rapid operation of the motor brake. Weighs electric saw 5.1 kg, and the length of the cable for connection is 0.35 m.

2nd place champion 120-14 2000 watts

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: electronic engine protection, circuit brake
  • Tire length: 35 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Modification: 120-14
  • Weight: 3.78 kg

The housing of the electric saw is made of shockproof plastic yellow. A budget class model, but it can successfully cope with its task. The tire is relatively not long. 35 cm, but this is enough to remove the branches and sawing small logs, especially with a power of 2 kW. Engine location. transverse. The oil tank capacity is 110 ml, and the oil on the saw canvas is automatically supplied, thereby improving the sliding characteristics. The tint of the chain is manual, by turning the adjusting screw with a complete key. Despite the availability, the main security systems are implemented in the saw: the circuit brake and the zeeper. The first stops the cutting tool for just 0.2 s. Weight in 3.8 kg is another dignity of this inexpensive saw. Network cable length. 0.35 m.

3rd place Patriot ESP 1814 2011 1800 watts

Electric chain saw, which can be cutting the wood of various breeds. Electric motor power. 1.8 kW, tank capacity for oil. 110 ml. The lubrication of the chain is automatic, which contributes to prolonged operation. From the protective functions here: a quick brake of the chain, a random inclusion blocking. Handle with rubberized coating. so that the saw does not slip out of the hands. In addition, such a hilt partially extinguishes vibrations, removing fatigue. A brush engine with a transverse location, which favorably affects compactness and weightlift. The tension of the chain is not a new type, but using the tool. Tire length. 35 cm, saw weight. 4.2 kg.

4th place Huter ELS-2,7P 2000 W

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: circuit brake
  • Tire length: 40 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Modification: 70/10/9
  • Weight: 5 kg

A model oriented to domestic use. Suitable for: cuts of logs, rolls of fruit trees, cuts of branches. The power of the engine, located transversely, is 2 kW. The length of the guide tire is 40 cm, the cutting speed is 13.6 m/s. So that the saw plug does not fall out of the outer outlet, there is a special latch. The chain is lubricated automatically, due to which the equipment will last longer. The tension of the chain is instrumental. It is worth noting the functions of the rapid braking of the electric motor, the circuit brake, and the locking of random inclusion. The handle, as is customary, is rubberized, so that it was more comfortable to keep the tool. There is an observation window on the case through which the oil level is checked. Electric saws weighs 5 kg, and 1 year is a guarantee from the manufacturer.

5th place Parma M6 1000 watts

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: circuit brake
  • Tire length: 30 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Modification: 02.005.00008
  • Weight: 3.3 kg

Parma brand for more than 25 years. Daw M6 is a great option for different purposes, whether it is a harvesting of firewood, sawing materials, cutting bushes, removing branches. The model weighs only 3.3 kg, and it is characteristic of optimal characteristics for prolonged work without fatigue. Power. 1 kW, tire length. 30 cm, location of the electric motor. transverse. Collects from the best materials and components, which contributes to a long service life. There is a function of an automatic brake. so as not to wait until the chain stops rotating. It is not necessary to lubricate the canvas manually, since the oil is automatically supplied from a tank with a capacity of 110 ml. Circuit speed. 6 m/s. This will seem enough for someone, but for their price a good parameter. The adjustment of the tension of the chain is instrumental. The length of the network cord is 0.25 m. The manufacturer is a warranty. 1 year. The equipment, by the way, is rich: a chain, a tire with a cover, a key, a jar of butter, spare brushes.

Any saw with an electric motor will cut down a tree in the garden, saw firewood in the yard and accelerate the construction of wooden structures.

Electric saw-a tool that will facilitate the care of trees, the preparation of firewood, repair and construction affairs. Conditionally, saws are divided into household and professional. The former are characteristic of small power and working resource, and are intended for work lasting 2 to 3 hours a day. Professional “sharpened” for intensive work.

1st place Husqvarna 418el 1800 watts

This electric saw is designed for sawing wood with non.profit use. Its power consumption. 1.8 kW, the length of the saw tire. 14 ”(35 cm). Due to the longitudinal location of the engine, the model is characteristic of small dimensions in height and width, and good balance. The motor is protected from overloads, and if necessary, replacing coal brushes can be done without tools. Handles with elastic coating. to make it more convenient to hold the chain saw.

  • a system of infestral tension of the chain;
  • the inertial brake of the circuit that works when moving the brake “manually” and from sharp jerks, shocks;
  • transparent tank window to control the level of oil;
  • shield to protect the right hand;
  • Blocking random inclusion.

Weighs saw 4.7 kg, and the network cord is short. 0.3m.

2nd place Makita UC4041A 1800 watts

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: Electronic engine protection, engine brake, circuit brake, adjustment of the chain without a tool
  • Tire length: 40 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Reza length: 360 mm
  • Modification: UC4041A
  • Weight: 4.7 kg

Another model with a capacity of 1.8 kW, which is enough for small construction or work in the yard. Weighs 4.7 kg, while the speed of the chain is 14.5 m/s, this with tire length of 40 cm. A non.closing tension is provided, the lock button button. For the convenience of the operator, a handle with two rubber lining. The oil is poured into a tank with a capacity of 200 ml, with a comfortable neck and an observation window convenient for neatly refueling. In terms of security, the model is characterized by a mechanism of anti.vibration, engine braking, chain capture. As for the last, it prevents strong swinging of equipment, which also contributes to prolonged work. The tire casing is included in the kit. Network cable length. 0.3m.

3 place Makita UC3541A 1800 W

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: smooth start, engine brake, circuit brake, adjustment of the chain without a tool
  • Tire length: 35 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Modification: UC3541A
  • Weight: 4.7 kg

Network chain saw with a capacity of 1.8 kW will be a good assistant in the household and in personal plots. Weighs, like previous models. 4.7 kg, but this is not so much to conveniently cut the branches, an overgrown shrub. With a tire length of 35 cm and a fairly powerful engine can be counted not only for small work, but also on the harvesting of firewood, the roll of trees. Like many Makita electric saws, in this model the chain tension is adjusted without a tool. you just need to loosen the lock and turn the tension roller.

  • rubberized handles for the convenience of retention;
  • automatic lubrication of the chain;
  • indicator for tracking oil level;
  • thoughtful safety (smooth start, engine braking, chain);
  • Protective cover included.

Cable length for connection. 0.3 m, chain speed. 14.5 m/s.

4th place Huter ELS-2000 2000 WT

Model from a German manufacturer, household class, designed to care for a garden, woodwork. With an engine power of 2 kW and the speed of the chain 13.6 m/s provides high.quality and effective work. Tire guide along the length of 40 cm, and the width of the groove is 1.3 mm, which contributes to a flat and deep section. The volume of the oil tank is 260 ml, and it with indication. To make the work safe, there is a mechanism for blocking random inclusion, automatic backwater brake. The handle is ergonomic, rubberized, which means it is convenient to keep the tool, and part of the vibrations are extinguished. Fixing the saw in working condition is facilitated by metallic toothed emphasis. The chain is lubricated automatically, only it will have to be pulled manually. A lot of tools weighs. 7.4 kg, and the length of the network cord is 0.5 m.

5th place Wortex EC 4024 SF 2400 W

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: smooth start, engine brake, circuit brake, adjustment of the chain without a tool
  • Tire length: 40 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Reza length: 405 mm
  • Modification: EC4024SF0011
  • Weight: 5.4 kg

The manufacturer of Wortex has three electric saw models, and this one with a longitudinal location of the engine. Due to smaller width and heights, you can work in places with limited access, and balancing is better than “transverse” saws. The power of the chain saw. 2.4 kW, tire length. 40.5 cm, chain speed. 14 m/s. The front handle is made in this shape that it is convenient to carry out both vertical and horizontal cuts. The rear handle with an anti.slip rubber insert. Besstrumental chain tension system. “flywheel with a ring”. The design provides for a metallic toothed emphasis and hook fixing the extension cord. Oil tank with a capacity of 130 ml, no subteces are observed. From functions: smooth start, engine braking, circuit brake. The brushes of the electric motor are easily replaced, in addition, they are included, which also includes a chain, tire and cover for it. The model weighs 5.4 kg, network cable 0.25 m.

the best chain electric saws according to the owners’ reviews

When selecting a “reliable assistant” for a summer residence and at home, buyers are usually guided by intuition, instead of based on common sense. This is understandable, since not all people at least once used any saw, except for the most ordinary-manual.

In order to facilitate the task for potential users, the article will consider 9 best models of chain electric saws according to the owners, their main characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, as well as are necessarily indicated.

electric, garden, work, husqvarna

Carver RSE-2400M

Inexpensive electric saw with sufficient high power (2400 W) and high reliability level. Has a longitudinal engine location. Can be used to harvest firewood, sawing trees of various thicknesses.

There is a built.in protection against overload. The system of smooth inclusion makes it possible to easily start the motor. The start lock is worth, which provides protection against random launch of the device. The presence of a good brake allows you to quickly stop using it. In this regard, work with a saw becomes almost safe.

  • Does not heat up during operation.
  • Quick stopping chain.
  • Automatic lubrication of the chain.
  • Low cost.
  • Unknown circuit tension system.


A fairly heavy electrical saw (weight. 7.4 kg) with a powerful engine (2000 W) for working with trees in a forest belt, construction, repair, firewood harvesting. Tire length. 40 cm. There is an indicator showing the oil level. The tension of the circuit is adjusted by the screw on the right side of the case. Convenience and safety in work are achieved due to the instant stopping of the circuit and its automatic brake.

Due to the lack of harmful toxic exhausts, this tool can be used even indoors.

  • Low noise level with high engine power.
  • Possibility of work in the room.
  • Light, smooth start.
  • Reliable gearbox.
  • The presence of a safety cover in the kit.
  • It is difficult to discern the level of oil.

Champion 420n-16

A popular electric saw with considerable power (2000 W) will serve for work related to the improvement of the house, construction, in the garden. On the saw tire there is a toothed emphasis of metal for accuracy and ease of actions.

Ease of use is achieved thanks to two handles that are located on the back and side of the engine, and the location of the engine. In this model, it is longitudinal.

The front shield provides a good overview when cutting. Equipped with a locking button automatic unregulated pump for lubricating the saw oil. The tank has a transparent window to adjust the level.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 236e VS Stihl MS 180

  • Properly compiled instructions.
  • It turns off automatically when the lubrication of the tire ends.
  • The circuit stops immediately after turning off the device.
  • Weak vibration.
  • Plastic gear in the gearbox quickly fails.

GreenWorks G40CS30 0

Light battery chain saw (4.4 kg), with autonomous work time up to one hour. It has compact dimensions. Perfectly cope with cutting knots on trees, sawing small logs, t.to. Tire length is only 30 cm. Cutting canvas and tire made of stainless steel.

The absence of wires makes the device very mobile and simplifies the work on the household. The plastic of the case is durable. There is a shield that provides protection against chips flying in different directions. The handles are rubberized. Without much effort, the chain is changing and pulled. The engine is protected from overload.

  • One battery is suitable for all devices of this company.
  • Lack of wires.
  • Small weight, compactness.
  • It is quickly charged.
  • There is a battery level indicator.
  • There is no charger and battery in the kit.

Bosch Ake 35 S

Good electric chain saw of a well.known company with high performance. Designed for harvesting firewood, cutting knots on trees, various construction work.

Simplicity in use is achieved at the expense of:

  • a special system for replacing a chain;
  • automatic lubrication of elements;
  • ergonomics of the handles;
  • engine brakes, chains;
  • protection against unintentional inclusion;
  • small weight and size.

Tire length 35 cm allows you to saw wood carefully and quickly. The model is not very noisy. The maximum recorded noise level is 87 dB. Compactness and small weight (4 kg) provide the possibility of long.term work without fatigue.

  • Simple chain pulling up.
  • Copes with the work of any complexity.
  • Easily assembled/disassembled.
  • Reliable manufacturer.
  • Capacious tank with oil level control.
  • High oil consumption.

Makita UC4041A

Electric chain saw with a high torque. Perfectly cope with the sawing of building materials, harvesting logs for the winter, cutting bushes, trees, circumcision of branches. Functions from the network. Makes it possible to make a large amount of work in the shortest possible time. At the same time, he consumes electricity economically.

Metal body with plastic inserts, which makes the model resistant from damage. Pleasant appearance. A well.insulated cable does not ripe during friction with a tool. Two ergonomic handles allow you to completely control the tool and facilitate the work. A protective shield is available for the safety of a person working with a saw.

For many types of work, battery electric saws are more suitable. They feed from an independent source and do not require a connection to the outlet. Below, consider the 10 best models with positive user reviews and standing out from the standpoint of reliability and quality.

Ryobi OCS1830 18 V

Brightless electric saw with a convenient chain replacement and light tension without using a special tool. It is released by the presence of automatic lubrication, slight weight and stylish design.

The device is equipped with a powerful engine, mechanical braking of the chain and comfortable rubberized handles.

  • voltage, B. 18;
  • Capacity of the battery, Ach. 5;
  • Tire length, cm. 30;
  • options. circuit brake, tension / replacement without a key, motor protection, engine without brushes;
  • chain step. 3/8;
  • weight, kg. 3.2;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 10;
  • manufacturer-China (brand-Japan).
electric, garden, work, husqvarna

The kit includes a chain, a protective cover and a tire. The battery and charger are not delivered.

  • Small weight in comparison with gasoline models.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • High quality of material and assembly.
  • Small noise level.
  • Turns on the button with a light press.
  • Not equipped with batteries, it is necessary to purchase separately, their quick discharge.
  • Small power.
  • Cases of stuck in a dense tree are known even with a small clamp.
  • Difficulties with sawing raw wood are possible.

Ryobi OCS1830 18 V. comfortable in operation, quiet and inexpensive electric saw. When buying it, you need to be prepared to separately buy batteries and a charger.

The Brushless One Chainsaw from Ryobi. OCS1830

Makita DUC302Z 18 in

A compact electric saw with a transverse placement of a brilliant motor and an inertial brake that provides reliable operation. Intended for frequent use, which allows us to attribute conditionally to professional devices.

Lubrication is carried out automatically, and its feed is carried out with a special capacity.

  • voltage, B. 18;
  • Capacity of the battery, Ach. from 1.5 to 4;
  • Tire length, cm. 30;
  • options. circuit brake, tension / replacement without a key, smooth start, engine without brushes;
  • chain step. 3/8;
  • weight, kg. 4.1;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 8;
  • manufacturer-China (brand-Japan).

The configuration with the device includes a chain, tire and operating manual.

Charger and battery for work will have to be bought separately.

  • Easily copes even with wet wood.
  • You can work with one hand.
  • Slight noise.
  • Japanese quality of materials and assembly, hot and made in China.
  • Ease of preparation and settings.
  • Adequate cost of equipment.
  • Tire fixation mechanism.
  • No battery, charger and box.
  • The backstage of the protective brake is noticeable.
  • Unknown location of the button.
  • In a certain position, oil follows.
  • The backlash of the brake handle.
  • Low speed of work.

Makita DUC302Z 18 V. an easy.to.use electric, characterized by a high moment of rotation, reliability and compactness. Does not require complicated maintenance and has a low noise level.

Elitech PCA 36BA 18 V/4 A h

Light battery saw with automatic starting engine, slight weight and ease of use. The model is distinguished by the presence of visual control of the amount of lubrication, a capacious battery and a comparative low noise level.

The device operates on the BL motor with a high resource, and the chain and tire are made by the famous Oregon manufacturer.

The device provides a controller that determines the fact of overload and supplies a command to turn off.

  • voltage, B. 18;
  • Capacity of the battery, Ach. 4;
  • Tire length, cm. 35;
  • options. circuit brake, tension / replacement without a key, motor protection, engine without brushes, smooth start;
  • chain step. 3/8;
  • weight, kg. 5;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 15;
  • manufacturer-China (brand-the supply kit is a tire, chain, cover and leadership. Batteries and charger are not included.