Electric saws of chain what are better. Sturm! CC99222: Advantages and disadvantages

best chain electric saws

Review of the best, according to the editors of Expertology.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to buy. Before buying, you need a consultation with a specialist.

Chain electric saws continue to successfully compete with a gasoline tool. They are in sustainable demand among owners of private houses, joiners, gardeners and travelers. Electric saws attract users’ attention with simplicity in work and maintenance, as well as an affordable price. However, the choice of a suitable saw today causes certain difficulties among novice users. Our experts will help to find the most suitable model for specific working conditions.

How to choose a power plant

The 18 best chain electric saws fell into our review. All of them are approved by the expert community and received positive reviews from domestic users.

TOP 10 best chain electric saws

Review of the 10 best chain electric saws is compiled on the basis of the Internet reviews of buyers who, in practice, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model. Objective assessment made it possible to identify general trends and choose the 10 best electric saws.

Interskol PC-16/2000

Reliability and affordable price, combined with an electric motor with a capacity of 2 kW, provided the domestic manufacturer in 10th place in the ranking. The product is focused on small carpentry workshops and garden seasonal work.

Gas Chainsaw V.S. Electric. SHOCKING OUTCOME ! ! !

Structural features

  • The length of the Oregon tire is 40 cm.
  • Chain step. 3/8.
  • A plunger pump with a capacity of 85 mm 3 provides an automatic supply of lubrication to the sawing area.
  • Obstructive friction coupling protects the electric motor from overload.
  • The presence of an electronic lock avoids involuntary engine start.
  • Emergency stopping the circuit, in the case of the reverse bouncer, is carried out by the tape brake within 1.5 seconds.
  • Product mass. 6 kg.


  • well.thought.out general layout and ergonomic handles;
  • smooth access to the operating mode;
  • effective defense of the operator;
  • power outage in the case of a circuit blocking.


  • increased level of vibration;
  • malfunctions of the plunger pump;
  • the need to use a special key to tension of the chain;
  • Light weight of the product.

The speed set when turning on occurs smoothly, which increases the accuracy of the sawing and increases the life of the motor. The tool is suitable for those who have just started using electric saw.

Energomash PC-40

Another chain saw of electric. TOP 10 represents the lightest saw: at the power of an electric motor of 2.6 kW, the mass of the product does not exceed 5.8 kg. This ratio allows you to achieve high ergonomics. To ensure security, the tool is equipped with an unintentional inclusion block. The mechanical brake device is designed for emergency stop.

Structural features

  • Tire length. 40 cm.
  • Chain step. 3/8.
  • The lubrication of the chain is automatically.
  • Power. 2.6 kW.
  • Weight. 5.8 kg.


With proper operation, the model can be used in most repair, construction and garden work. Designed for intensive use.

Alpina a 4500

Made in the PRC “Alpina a 4500” weighs 6.1 kg at an engine power 1.8 kW. Such parameters are characteristic of household electric saws. The working length of the tire is 45 cm, which is quite enough to cut the branches, haircuts of the bush and cutting of lumber. Despite the transverse location of the power plant, the tool is well balanced, which significantly reduces vibration. Seasoned with gasoline, the volume of the tank is 0.55 liters.

Structural features

  • A convenient shape of the handles covered with friction polymer provides comfortable working conditions.
  • The construction of the saw provides for the possibility of adjusting the oil supply and blocking the circuit in the case of jamming or rebound.
  • Power. 1.8 kW.
  • Weight. 6.1 kg.


Despite the Chinese assembly, the tool is characterized by high reliability and performance. It should be noted the high power of the electric motor, which with a weight of 4.7 kg is 2.42 kW. The main feature of the product is the use of 45 cm tires, which is extremely rare in household electric saws. Due to the presence of smooth start, the operator’s work becomes much more comfortable and safer, and the engine and wiring do not experience excessive launch overloads.

Structural features

  • The system of automatic stopping the circuit has been introduced.
  • The power plant is provided in case of oil leakage.
  • The installation and adjustment of the tension of the saw chain is performed manually, without the use of a special tool and devices.
  • Thanks to the longitudinal installation of the engine, the electric “DDE CSE2418” was well balanced, which significantly reduces the noise level and vibration during operation.
  • Power. 2.42 kW.
  • Weight. 4.7 kg.


  • high degree of operator comfort;
  • high.quality assembly;
  • simple installation and adjustment of the circuit;
  • Reliability of security systems.


The equipment is intended for household use in the country for pruning the garden, sawing in small volumes.


The next stage of the rating-TOP 10 of the best chain electric saw is occupied by the battery model “STIHL MSA 120 C-BQ-AK20-AL101”. The product is indispensable when working in remote places where the connection to stationary electric networks is difficult or impossible. The small length of the tire (30 cm) is compensated by high maneuverability and lightness of the tool.

Structural features

  • The lithium-ion battery has a rated voltage of 36 V and a capacity of 3.3 Ah.
  • A fully charged battery provides 30-35 minutes of continuous operation.
  • Reduced to 1/4 The step of the chain allows you to significantly reduce the power consumption.
  • The weight of the product is included with the battery. 2.6 kg.


This is an optimal tool for working in a personal plot and sawing small beams and logs.

Modern electric saws make up good competition for gasoline models. But you need to choose your own option thoughtfully and without haste.

24V Lithium Battery Portable Electric Pruning Saw Rechargeable Small Electric Saws Woodworking

Rating table of the best electric saws

The table below presents the TOP-20 of the best electric saw:

Electric saws are characterized by engine power, tire length and the presence of additional options. Household saws have a power of 1 to 2 kW and weighing 4-5 kg. Continuous work with such a tool is possible within 10-15 minutes.

  • engine power and tire length;
  • the weight of the unit and its security system;
  • duration of the load;
  • anti.vibration system;
  • Reliability of the chain.

For longer work, select models with a capacity of 2-2.5 kW. You may need a longer bus (more than 40 cm). For example, for working with large trees, small electric cars will not work.

The saw should have protection against random pressing and the automatic brake system. The work should instantly stop when releasing the launch key. The lubricant for the chain is required when using the tool. The kit should include a protective casing and tools.

Patriot ESP 1814: Advantages and disadvantages

High functionality;

The presence of a brake of the quip;

Low weight;

Tempting price;

Quiet work of the model;

Positive reviews of the owners;

place. Makita UC4041A: characteristics and price

engine’s type electric
Power 1800 watts
Number of speeds one
The step of the chain 3/8 inches
Tire length 40 cm
The weight four.7 kg
Price 8 857 ₽

Makita UC4041A: Advantages and disadvantages

Instant stopping of the chain;

Adjustment of the pump supply pump;

Ease of use;

Quiet work;

It copes with its main task;

Positive reviews of the owners;

Low weight;