Electric Trimmer Choose

Trimmer handles

When deciding to make a purchase, consider the features of this element:

  • D-shape option;
  • J-handle model;
  • T-shaped design.

The first type is suitable for high mobility requirements and low mowing volumes, when mainly line is used. Combined samples with a D-handle and the addition of a J-handle with a knife attachment will do the job perfectly for thick grass. Additional handle reduces the likelihood of a person’s limb getting closer to the gearbox.

The T-shape is ideal for open spaces. It is used when you need to process a large area. Installing a three-blade knife will allow you to cope with branches up to 15 mm thick. Powerful trimmers are equipped with high-quality harness for a good hold on the body.

Electric Trimmer Choose

Most modifications are equipped with automatic line feed.

The cable is completed by the owner and depends on the area of ​​your site.

Engine parameters

The power measured in Watts has a maximum performance of 1200W. If we consider only the digital value, electric models are somewhat inferior in these indicators to gasoline models. But there are also very significant advantages:

  • Lightness in relation to analogs with engines of a different type;
  • There is no need to purchase oil and gasoline, the hassle of mixing them in the correct proportion, which ensures maximum ease of use;
  • Trimmers of this design have an extremely low noise level.

Push-on connector models

Such specimens are very easy to transform into a snow blower or brush cutter, cultivator or lopper. The positive aspects of this design include compactness after disassembly and ease of cleaning. To make the operation process the most comfortable, we pay attention to the following points:

  • Minimum weight in relation to power;
  • Fast acceleration and maximum power;
  • The presence of a device in the engine to reduce emissions of harmful substances;
  • Presence of vibration and vibration absorption components;
  • Optimal starting characteristics.

Overheating prevention

An infrequently used element that provides for a thermal switch. It works when the engine overheats and shuts down the mower in such a situation. But in any case, after every 15 minutes of work, you should take a break of about the same length. EFCO 8060 and 8100 are equipped with this element.

Downside Disadvantages

Not very high power up to 650 W and the absence of a knife in the kit are obvious disadvantages. There are much more modifications with an engine in the upper part. They have power up to 1200 W.

For attachments with cutting properties, a line is usually used in such cases. There are separate modifications with a disc (cutting knife). The power of the overhead specimens allows for cutting thicker grass. An example of such a design solution is Champion, STURM !, Energomash.

Shaft classification

Basically, such a division implies the presence or absence of a straight shaft complete with a gearbox. Models called hedge trimmers are equipped with a shaft. They are used both for mowing and for processing bushes. There are significant differences from standard samples in terms of technological characteristics and appearance.

In the absence of such a component, the movement of the coil or disk is carried out by means of a steel cable and loses reliability.

Electric trimmer

An electric trimmer is a hand-held mower that operates on an electrical network. Among its indisputable advantages are: light weight (with the electric trimmer it is easy to operate a woman or teenager); low cost (a good trimmer can be purchased for 2-5 thousand rubles); little noise during operation; button start.

Due to its low weight, the electric trimmer also has a relatively low power. They can mow the grass near the house, but if the landscape is complex with differences, then the task becomes much more complicated. In addition, some shrubs and plants simply cannot be mowed with such a device, the line is constantly torn, and the motor overheats.

Among other things, the electric trimmer has other disadvantages: attachment to the outlet. This applies to most budget models. If a large area needs to be mowed, multiple extensions may be required. In addition, the wires can cling to shrubs and trees. Using the electric trimmer after rain is also not recommended, as there is a high risk of short circuits.

There are electrical models that operate not only from the mains, but also from the battery. The weight of the trimmer is significantly higher, instead of the standard 1.5-3 kg, it is 4.5-5 kg, which is not always convenient. Battery powered electric models are supplied with a shoulder strap. Such trimmers cost an order of magnitude higher: 4-7 thousand rubles.

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  • Which trimmer is best. Petrol or electric
  • How to choose a lawn mower
  • How to choose an electric lawn mower

The grass on the plot near the house grows quite quickly. Manual oblique mowing is not always convenient, and it takes a lot of time. But mowing with a hand trimmer will take a few minutes. There are two types of trimmer: gasoline and electric. Each of them has a number of their pros and cons.

Which trimmer is best. Gasoline or electric. Petrol trimmer

The petrol trimmer has several advantages: mobility (you can use it anywhere, even near the house, even in the field); high power;. Refueling at any time; high performance.

Gas trimmers do not cost much more than electric trimmers, so the price cannot be any special criterion when choosing. The weight of the device depends on how large the gas tank is. There are trimmers with a tank volume: 0.5 liters, 1 liter, 1.5 liters. The more volume, the more weight of the trimmer.

There are two types of gasoline trimmers: two-stroke and four-stroke. In the first type, gasoline diluted with special oil is poured into the tank. The second one. oil and fuel are poured separately. At the same time, the power of a four-stroke trimmer is several times greater, and the noise effect from work is less.

If the model is provided, then in addition to the fishing line, you can also put a rotor attachment on the gasoline trimmer, which is designed for cutting small trees and large shrubs. The only drawback of gasoline models is the way they are turned on. It is required to pull a special cord-winder, which requires some physical effort.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which model is better, gasoline or electric. It is worth remembering that for mowing grass in large and densely planted areas, it is more advisable to purchase powerful gasoline trimmers, and light electric models will also cope with mowing lawn or monotonous grass in small areas.

Which trimmer to choose: petrol or electric

If you plan to mow your lawn, an electric mow is preferable. Low-power units do an excellent job with young grass, since they have a small section line or a small diameter knife.

Only a gasoline-powered garden trimmer can mow a large area of ​​shrubbery. Let’s figure out the differences between them in order to understand which trimmer is better. gasoline or electric.

Cover clamp

The one-sided clamp is height adjustable, the double-sided one is not. On the one hand, it’s good, it doesn’t spin. But its level remains unchanged. And this plays a role. For example, mowing with a small knife will be fine, but if you put a larger diameter, the grass will clog. It is hard to mow dense and semi-recumbent greens.

The design of the handle determines the convenience of working with the device D-shaped. a good choice for mowing grass and cutting trees. J-shape suitable for mowing tall thickets T-shape (bicycle). universal option for processing large areas. It allows a firm grip on the mower with both hands. Facilitates mowing and increases maneuverability. Well, if the control of the unit is placed on the handle, it is impossible to tear yourself away from such a trimmer until the fuel runs out.

Engine power

Look at the cubic volume of the engine. It comes in the range of 25-52 cubic meters. You can mow with any trimmer, the question is speed.

  • 25 cubic braids are lightweight, they are often made with a shorter barbell. Suitable for mowing near a curb or mowing small areas with fishing line. Such a model does not pull a large knife. And if it pulls, then only idle. For low-power ones, multi-pronged knives (36-40 pcs) with holes in diameter are good. They are lightweight and mow as well as heavy lawnmowers. But old grass is not cut.
  • If you need to mow on 10 acres, take a 43 cube trimmer, it is optimal. 37 cubes. slightly weaker.
  • 52 cc is better in power, but heavy. Several hours of work and shoulders fall off. And balancing such a lawnmower is more difficult, because the knife and line are lighter, and the motor is heavy. Outweighs.

– The standard length of the garden trimmer bar is 1.5 meters. It is convenient to hold it: the motor does not hit the side, the knife or line mows parallel to the ground. But for a lawn mower with a shortened bar it is better to take a short one. It is not handy for tall and medium-sized people to work like this: you cannot lower it below (the engine interferes). As a result, the gearbox mows unevenly: the front part mows at the root, and the rear part is 3-5 cm higher. You will get uneven slices. Units with connections on the bar are convenient for transportation, but they break more often. The stainless steel rod is more durable, but heavier. Aluminum makes it lighter. The curved boom is beautiful, but close to the legs. It is not convenient to work. They have a flexible shaft that is not as durable as a straight shaft.

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Working pressure cycle: 2-stroke or 4-stroke

Work is work: you skip somewhere, a little and a little. the piston flies.

  • The 4-stroke unit saves fuel and lubricants. The oil is poured into a separate container, it does not burn out. Such models last longer, because they overheat less. Those who have to mow a lot should take a closer look at the four-stroke model.
  • 2-stroke is fueled with a mixture of gasoline and oil. Since oil burns along with gasoline, it is overrun once every five. But such models have a simplified piston system, so there is really nothing to break there.

See the comparison table for the duty cycle of 2-stroke and 4-stroke lawn mowers.

The four-stroke trimmer is a pleasure to mow. But if you often have to "drive" the gas, the 2-stroke is better. These models are capable of developing up to 10 thousand rpm and above. I recommend walking trimmers for home use Patriot, Sadko, Oleo-Mac, Interskol.


How quickly and easily the tool starts up depends on it. It is good if it is equipped with a quick start (EASY START) or cold start (PRIMER):

  • Easy cold start is carried out by pumping fuel into the carburetor. This is done manually by a few clicks on the PRIMER membrane on the mower body;
  • Manual EASY START provides a twitch-free start. When the starter moves smoothly, energy is accumulated first. Then it is instantly released, rotating the shaft and starting the engine.

Gasoline trimmer: 4 features

The petrol trimmer requires gasoline and oil to operate. The tank is enough for 30-40 minutes, then refueling is needed. It is started manually. by the starter handle. The operation is not difficult, a little training and everything will work out the first time.

Trimmer manufacturers

There are a great many manufacturers of the presented equipment. With the lower engine, models of such brands as Bosch (ART 23/25/30), BlackDecer (GL 680/660/650/545/430/425/225) stand out. Their advantage lies in the maneuverability and balance of techniques such as the electric trimmer. How to choose a manufacturer? When buying upper-engine types of units, this question is more difficult to answer.

A typical representative of this type of model is the MTD ET1000 / EB1000. These trimmers are more powerful, have multiple attachments and are more suitable for tough grass.

If the letters "ES" or "EB" are found in the marking of such devices, this indicates the use of a cutter in the design.

Negative responses

Iskra-ero has a coil that is difficult to replace in the event of a breakdown, since it is quite difficult to find a similar one.

Some examples (eg Makita 4030) do not have a shoulder strap. It is difficult to work with such a unit.

Defective coils are found in some models (for example, "Forester"). They are difficult to remove, and it is almost impossible to manually remove the line.

There are also complaints from users about the rapid overheating and failure of the engine with a lower motor. However, similar comments are observed among users who incorrectly exploited the presented type of equipment.

Moisture in the engine will cause damage. Also, the use of the device not in accordance with the instructions leads to a quick failure of the trimmer.

Handle type

Depending on the functions, manufacturers produce an electric trimmer with different types of handles. There are T, J, D-shaped varieties.

T-shaped handles are convenient for high complexity work or for a long time. They are used for powerful specimens. The movement of such equipment will resemble the use of a hand scythe.

D-holders are most often used in low-power models designed for small volumes of work. It will provide good maneuverability during operation. Therefore, when deciding how to choose the right electric trimmer, you should start by assessing the vegetation on the site.

For tall, dense grass, J-shaped handles are used. This increases the safety of the work. It will prevent the operator from approaching the bevel gear. It is attached to a good, powerful electric trimmer when choosing a model with a metal knife.

Electric trimmer. How to choose? Electric trimmers: how to choose a garden for hard grass? Why do you need a trimmer

When choosing electric trimmers, you should note that different manufacturers may call the technique differently. For example, it can be a lawn mower, electric scooter, and also a lawn mower.

The trimmer will be indispensable in places where the approach for wheeled equipment is difficult.

For mowing grass around bushes, trees, fences, walls and other objects, electric trimmers are most often used. How to choose a specimen suitable for certain purposes? You need to know a number of its characteristics.

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For grass of a certain hardness that grows on various terrain, use a similar technique.

Positive opinions

The owners of such electric scooters as "Viking".500, TE-310, Makita UR-3000 and 4030, Gardenlux GT1300D, SunGarden, Bosch ART30 are satisfied with their equipment.

A unit selected in accordance with the required functionality and used for its intended purpose will serve for a sufficiently long time as efficiently as possible. You also need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to protect yourself and others.

Makita UR3502

Model of a portable trimmer with a straight leg. Equipped with a powerful 1000 W motor, thanks to which you can quickly trim the lawn, bring the garden to a tidy condition. The trimmer cuts through a strip of 35 centimeters at a time. Ergonomic D-shaped handle gives the device maneuverability.

Also, thanks to engine power and cutting speed, the trimmer copes with dead wood and tall grass. The durable plastic cover protects you. The device is light enough (4.9 kg), you can work for a long time and not feel tired.

  • High power allows you to mow dead wood and large grass.
  • Good protective cover.
  • Can be mowed with a knife (not included).
  • The grass does not wrap around the shaft.
  • Inconvenient location of the power button.
  • May get warm with prolonged use.

Interskol MKE-20/300

Lightweight and manoeuvrable electric trimmer model weighing less than 2 kg, so even women can use it. The convenient design of the rotating mechanism allows you to mow the grass even in hard-to-reach places. between bushes, in a flower bed or at the edge of a fence. The area covered by the fishing line is 26 centimeters. The motor is located at the bottom of the trimmer.

The D-handle fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to maneuver between tree trunks in your garden. The protective cover prevents stones or small sharp objects from falling on the shoes. Wear rubber boots and goggles for extra protection.

  • Lightweight arms and shoulders will not get tired.
  • Not noisy.
  • Low price.
  • Long bar, suitable for any height.
  • 1 cutting line, resulting in poor performance.

Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.020)

The powerful motor (950 W) handles not only low lawns, but also deadwood. Replacing the line with a knife is easy due to its simple structure. The motor is located at the top, which guarantees a long life of the device. The protective cover is made of dense plastic.

  • Responsive engine with good performance.
  • Includes knives and thick fishing line (3.5 mm).
  • Good build quality.
  • Convenient to mow in hard-to-reach places.
  • Inconvenient location of the power cord.
  • Tight start button.


Powerful top engine trimmer for fast mowing over large areas. Used for thorough mowing and maintaining a well-groomed appearance. The length of the shoulder straps can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The trimmer can be used to cut between bushes, under tree trunks, near fences and in hard-to-reach places. A simple mechanism allows you to easily change the line and continue working. The device is equipped with a protective bracket that reduces the area of ​​the spreading grass.

  • Powerful motor (1400 W) allows you to mow any "weeds".
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles.
  • Good quality materials and workmanship.
  • Can be mowed with a knife (included).
  • Relatively heavy weight (6.7 kg).
  • Small safety bar.


Convenient cordless grass trimmer so you don’t get tied to an outlet. Charges for about an hour, charging lasts an average of 30 minutes. A good balance allows you to quickly and efficiently remove the grown grass. Light enough to work not only for men, but also for women.

The model is easy to assemble, easy to operate. Convenient telescopic structure, D-shaped handle is adjustable. Thanks to its high maneuverability, the trimmer is convenient for mowing near tree trunks, in recesses and between bushes. The large plastic bracket protects you from cut grass, small stones and other dangerous objects. When working, it is advisable to wear tight shoes and safety glasses.

  • Battery operated, no wire tethering.
  • There is a lawn mower mode.
  • Simple and straightforward assembly.
  • Lightweight, anyone can handle.
  • Low battery life.


An excellent electric trimmer that makes it easy to tidy up your lawn. European quality guarantees a long service life. The device is light and easy to use, does not take up much space during storage. Copes with tall grass, quickly trims the lawn in need of maintaining a well-groomed appearance. Can be cut with line or replaced with cutting blades.

The ergonomic D-shaped handle gives the device maneuverability. Cleverly cuts grass near fences, curbs and in hard-to-reach places.

  • Fits comfortably in the hand.
  • Handles a lot of work.
  • Minimum noise level (60 dB).
  • Moderate weight (3.9 kg).
  • No shoulder straps included.
  • No button latching.