Electric Trimmer – Rating, Best Models

Electric Trimmer. Rating, Best Models

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Now it is difficult to imagine a cottage or a country house without a beautiful well-kept lawn. A variety of devices for mowing grass, sometimes leads to a standstill. Lawn mowers or trimmers are used to mow grass. In this article we will consider such a device as an electric trimmer. Rating, the best models of well-known manufacturers, described below, will determine the right choice of unit.


This device, unlike its "brother". lawn mowers, is able to get to the most inaccessible places, it can be used in the most difficult conditions:

  • areas around shrubs and trees;
  • flower beds on which you need to trim the grass without cutting other cultivated plants;
  • plots near the house;
  • sites near arbors, fences, benches.

Important! The mowing height of the grass is different, so it is not always convenient to use it over a large area. It should also be noted that mowed vegetation must be collected manually.

Selection recommendations

The most common device used to care for the lawn is the electric trimmer. It is popular with consumers due to its ease of maintenance and use.

Important! The mass of the electric trimmer is much less than gasoline, so even a teenager or a woman can handle it.

These devices are ideal for mowing grass on a garden or summer cottage. In general terms, the principle of operation of electric and gasoline models is similar, the difference is that the cutting element is powered by electric energy.

The rating of trimmers is based on the quality and durability of the parts, as well as the technical characteristics of the models. this is where their main differences lie.

General Specifications of Electric Trimmers

Choosing the right model of the device, you will come across such general characteristics:

  • Power. this indicator can be in the range from 250 to 1800 watts.
  • Type of power. here it is possible to power directly from the mains or from batteries.
  • Cutting element. it can be either a knife or fishing line, or both of these elements together.
  • The shape of the bar. this component can be straight or curved (angular) in shape.
  • Mass of the device. this indicator can vary from 1.1 to 7.5 kg.
  • Placement of the engine. the motor can be located above or below.

Important! The rating of grass trimmers will help you a lot in choosing the right model. But do not forget to pay attention to the characteristics in order to choose the right device for your site, taking into account its topography and size.

Recommendations for use

For the safety of working with an electric trimmer, use the following recommendations:

  1. To avoid engine overheating, operate the mower in cycles.
  2. Do not hit the cutting head on the ground, stones, or other hard objects.
  3. Turn off the appliance immediately if long grass, rope or wire is wound around the reel.
  4. It is forbidden to work in foggy and rainy weather.
  5. Keep an eye on the electrical wire during operation.
  6. Replace fishing line and other items only in the off position.
  7. Keep animals and children away from the appliance.
  8. Do not remove the protective cover from the cutting element. This will not increase the mowing width as much as it will increase the engine load. In addition, there is a chance of injury.
  9. It is forbidden to mow damp and wet grass, as it sticks to the structure, pollutes it and interferes with normal operation.

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Manufacturer’s Reviews

This, of course, is not all manufacturers who produce an electric trimmer. The best models presented later in this article will provide more information.

  • The most low-quality, quickly breaking devices are devices from the budget segment. These include the technology of the Stern and Al-Co brands.
  • The coil, which is installed in the design of the Iskra-Ero trimmer, very quickly fails, and it is very difficult to find a replacement for this element.
  • Some Makita models (for example, 4030) are not equipped with shoulder straps. The absence of this element leads to the fact that the operator quickly gets tired.
  • The Russian-Chinese manufacturer “Forester” produces garden tools with defective coils, and it is very difficult to remove them from the structure, and it is almost impossible to remove the line manually.

Rating of electric trimmers

So, armed with the information obtained above, we consider the rating of trimmers. First of all, we note that all units can be classified into the following categories:

Important! It is clear that premium products are more expensive in comparison with household and budget models, and can effectively last for a long time. This is due to the build quality and manufacturing materials. However, with proper operation, the service life of cheaper models can be quite high, and also these models may have additional characteristics.

Calm FSE 52

The electric calm trimmer FSE 52 has the following main characteristics:

  • The placement of the motor is lower.
  • Power. 500 watts.
  • Possibility of installing coils perpendicular to the ground plane.
  • The ability to tilt the case in different directions.

Important! The absence of ventilation holes allows you to cut off wet grass, since moisture cannot enter the body.

  • low noise level;
  • cutting head Auto Cat 2-2;
  • compact and lightweight design;
  • ergonomic and functional design;
  • optimal power level;
  • improved equipment. a restrictive bracket made of wire;
  • telescopic rod allows you to adjust the position of the handle depending on height.

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  • A device that prevents unloading the power cable. This prevents accidental disconnection of the plug from the outlet.
  • Goggles with wide plates that provide reliable side protection, and blowing.
  • The circular shape of the handle provides a simple and easy trimmer system. The position can be adjusted, depending on the tasks performed on the site.

Makita UR3000

The rating of grass trimmers would be incomplete without the manufacturer Makita. Model Makita UR3000 is its bright representative.

Main technical specifications:

  • Power. 450 watts.
  • Operational and technical characteristics are the same as those of the previous model considered from the company "Calm", the only difference is the fixed position of the engine housing.
  • The presence of vents. This speeds up the engine cooling process, which allows for a long time to work with the device without interruptions, without worrying about overloads and overheating of the mechanism.

Important! The device cannot be used in the presence of fog and when working with wet grass.

Advantages of other characteristics:

  • the mass of the device is 2.6 kg;
  • fishing line thickness. 1.65 mm;
  • cutting width. 30 cm;
  • low noise.
  • Semi-automatic trimmer head.
  • Shoulder strap.
  • Safety glasses for eyes.
  • Cable for connecting to the mains.

Makita UR3501

Another model from the manufacturer “Makita” is included in the rating of trimmers. The Makita UR3501 electric mower is perfect for handling hard-to-reach spots, such as places under benches or around trees. This is achieved thanks to the bent shaft and the D-shaped handle.

  • High power. 1000 watts. This power level allows you to quickly and efficiently cut thick grass.
  • Environmental friendliness and safety. emissions and harmful substances are not emitted during operation.
  • The small weight of the structure, given its power. 4.3 kg.
  • The presence of a protective casing that diverts the cut vegetation to the side.
  • Due to the redistribution of loads and light weight, a simple operation system.
  • Low noise.
  • Shoulder strap.
  • A wrench with which to adjust the connection.
  • Long electric cable.
  • The thickness of the fishing line is 2 mm.
  • Mowing width. 34 cm.

Efco 8092

For a small area of ​​the site, not more than 50 square meters. m, you can use the model included in the rating of grass trimmers, Efco 8092. Due to the upper position of the engine, you can trim wet grass.

Important! This electric trimmer model has a special carabiner that prevents sudden jerking of the electric cable.

  1. Anti-vibration system, which reduces operator fatigue, and you can process the territory for a long period of time.
  2. The protective cover is equipped with a blade, which is designed to easily remove excess fishing line.
  3. Adjustable handle design.

Important! The special protective cover of this model has an optimal rounded shape and an increased radius, which allows you to gently move the device while working on the most difficult relief surfaces.

Patriot ET1255

The budget segment of the trimmer rating is led by the Patriot ET1255 model. It is distinguished by such features:

  • The upper type of engine placement allows you to overcome almost any vegetation, as well as wet grass.
  • This model is reliable, the motor has a protective system that prevents overheating. This helps to extend the life of the trimmer.
  • Due to the direct form of the rod, equipped with a gearbox, it is possible to install additional nozzles to perform various tasks on the site.
  • The cutting headset is a reel with fishing line (whose thickness is 2.4 mm) of a semi-automatic principle of operation. the fishing line is released after pressing the soil surface.
  • The presence of a shoulder strap;
  • Profitability
  • The presence of a gear;
  • Light weight and small dimensions;
  • Soft start system;
  • Collapsible rod design, which facilitates storage and transportation of the device.

Important! This model has an increased level of protection. the presence of a casing prevents the fishing line and stones from flying towards the operator.

Tsunami TE1100PS

Main characteristics of the TE1100PS Tsunami model, which is included in the TOP of the best grass trimmers:

  • Power 1,1 kW.
  • A folding bar, which makes it easier to transport and storage.
  • The presence of two cutting elements. a knife and fishing line with a thickness of 2 mm.
  • Working area 35 cm.
  • Weight. 5.5 kg.
  • The presence of a shoulder strap that allows you to distribute the load between the back and shoulders.
  • The presence of a system for blocking involuntary inclusion.
  • Knife for cutting fishing line.
  • Low noise level.
  • No harmful discharge.
  • Convenient operation system.

Champion ET451

This electric trimmer in the ranking is the best model for women and adolescents, thanks to its small overall dimensions. The device is suitable for mowing low vegetation and is rightfully included in the TOP of the best grass trimmers.

Important! The design of the device is suitable for processing hard-to-reach areas around buildings, between trees, along fences.

  • Adjustable handle design for optimal positioning.
  • Light weight.
  • Reliable and economical engine.
  • Ergonomic body design.
  • The presence of optimally placed controls.
  • Compact body.
  • Lack of toxic and harmful discharge.
  • Increased engine wear resistance.

Bosch ART23SL

The device is lightweight and easy to use. Suitable for small areas. The functional features of the Bosch ART23SL device, which is included in the trim tab rating, are as follows:

  • Lightweight engine.
  • Balanced design.
  • High performance. up to 12,500 rpm.
  • Simple control system.
  • Weight. 1.7 kg.
  • The Pro-Tap reel prevents fishing line tangles during replacement.
  • Convenient and practical holder of an electric wire.
  • Additional handle that provides comfortable grip.
  • Small size and collapsible device for comfortable storage and transportation of the trimmer.
  • The presence of a protective cover allows you to divert the flying grass from the operator.
  • Existence of the system of automatic release of fishing line while turning on the tool

Other good models

When choosing a suitable model for your site, pay attention to other models that are not included in our trimmer rating:

  • Caliber ET-1700V. suitable for caring for a young lawn and individual sections of thick grass, cutting elements are fishing line and knife.
  • Gardenlux GT1300D is a powerful (1300 W) universal electric trimmer for domestic use, for treating grass, shrubs, trees, and working in hard-to-reach places (around buildings, paths, benches).
  • Calm FSE71. a functional device weighing 4 kg for processing zones along hedges and fences with a convenient, height-adjustable handle, protective cover, 540 W power.
  • OleoMak TR61E is a powerful, productive and reliable trimmer with a power of 600 W and a weight of 3.2 kg. The design of the device allows you to mow grass under densely planted bushes and under benches. The protective cover eliminates mechanical damage to the engine due to ingress of grass and solid elements.

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Of course, these are not all the models included in the TOP of the best grass trimmers. You can get acquainted with other models on manufacturers’ websites, in the trading network, even on thematic forums. The main thing is that when working with this technique elementary operating rules are followed, otherwise no rating of trimmers will help. And if a breakdown suddenly occurs, contact service centers for the help of specialists.