Engine for a walk-behind tractor Cascade which is better

Subaru EX17

You can also supply the Subaru EX17 engine, which is popular among the owners of the Kaskad walk-behind tractors. He has proven himself excellent. It has a special design of the distribution mechanism inside and a large shaft diameter, which allows to increase the engine power and its efficiency.

As you can see, at present there are quite a few engines that can be installed on the “Cascade” walk-behind tractor. The choice of a suitable model depends not only on its functionality, but also on the financial capabilities of the owner.

It is recommended to purchase the engine depending on the specific use of the machine in order to ensure its durability. Therefore, before buying, you need to understand the characteristics of the motor, consult with specialists and purchase the optimal model.

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It is also necessary to pay attention to the configuration, build quality and other points that are familiar to any motorist. If you don’t have the skills, you should always turn to specialists for help. The engine must meet all the requirements, which will allow it to operate efficiently and increase its service life.

BS I / C

The BS I / C engine can also be installed, which belongs to modern models and is popular in domestic conditions. They are often used on Cascade units.

This is due to the following features of the motor:

  • power 7 horsepower;
  • reinforced transmission;
  • enlarged combustion chamber;
  • minimal noise during operation;
  • high functionality even at low temperatures.

Choosing an engine for a single-axle tractor “Cascade

Motoblocks “Cascade” are common technical means and are used to perform various works. The popularity is due to the fact that manufacturers have equipped these units with the necessary functions and characteristics, which allows it to be used in almost all cases of life, as well as for processing plots of land.

This technique is appreciated by many owners because of its affordable cost, compactness and high performance.

Design features

Motoblocks “Cascade” have 4 main components for control and movement. It:

  • motor;
  • controls;
  • Checkpoint;
  • undercarriage.

The chassis consists of a frame and drive wheels. There are also additional units through which torque is transmitted from the motor to the wheels. The unit is equipped with powerful wheels with large treads, which makes it possible to use the device even on heavy soils.

The transmission is reliable and transmits torque from the engine to the wheels, being an integral participant in the turning of the unit. The torque is transmitted using gears and a chain, and the box itself has four speeds and is installed in a special block on the frame. A large number of models also have a reverse speed, which makes it possible to increase the maneuverability of the device.

The control is carried out by the clutch handle, with which you can adjust the choke on the carburetor by adding or decreasing the engine speed. Also, with the help of the clutch handle, the wheels are blocked when it is necessary to turn in one direction or another. The steering wheel can be adjusted to the height and other parameters of the user.

Thanks to all these points, it is easy and simple to control the walk-behind tractor even with prolonged work on the site.

In order for the machine to work smoothly throughout the entire period of use, it is necessary to run in after purchase and constantly add fresh oil to the box and the engine.

Filling up with quality fuel is also important. If you do not follow these rules, then over time the device may fail and become unusable.

Which engine is suitable for a single-axle tractor?

The motor belongs to the main elements of any mechanism and the efficiency of the entire device depends on it.

  • distribution mechanism;
  • cylinder block;
  • carburetor;
  • ignition;
  • starter;
  • cooling systems.

Initially, the DM66 and DM68 motors were installed on the walk-behind tractors. But they often fail due to improper operation, normal wear and tear and for other reasons, and therefore it is necessary to replace such a motor if it is not possible to restore it.

It is worth noting that these engines are no longer produced in Russia, and therefore a complete replacement of the unit is often needed and it is necessary to purchase foreign-made products when replacing.

Lifan 168

One of the most common replacement engines is the Lifan 168. It has an engine displacement of 196 cubic centimeters and runs on gasoline. The power is 7 horsepower, air cooling, and therefore they can only work for a short time.

To ensure the lifespan of the Lifan engine, after installing the Chinese engine, it needs to constantly fill in fresh oil and carry out maintenance.

Installation of the motor is simple and does not require re-equipment of the mounts on the frame.

Fluid replacement works are performed as follows:

Tractor of walking tractor. SUPER ACTION !!!!

  • on the muffled engine, unscrew the drain plug, which is located on the pallet;
  • drain oil from the system;
  • tighten the plug;
  • fill in new oil;
  • warm up the engine;
  • check the level and top up if necessary.

Major motor problems

Among the main problems of the “Cascade” walk-behind tractor are the following:

The reasons for such malfunctions can be very different, from poor-quality fuel to clogged candles. Also, the reason may be in a discharged battery. In this case, you need to recharge the battery and clean the fuel line or spark plug, and, if necessary, change it completely.

Another malfunction may be a loss of power from the motor. The main reason in this case is a clogged carburetor or filter, which prevents the required amount of fuel from entering the combustion chamber. In this case, it is recommended to clean the system, since kickback is possible when starting the motor.

Experts recommend, so that such problems do not happen, periodically perform maintenance on this equipment.

All of the above breakdowns occur quite rarely, and if necessary, you can fix them yourself, this does not require special knowledge. If there are difficulties with maintenance or repairs, then you can contact the specialists or look for the operating instructions on the network.

Vanguard OHV

The imported Vanguard OHV motor also belongs to powerful engines that can be installed on a walk-behind tractor of this manufacturer and cope with all the necessary tasks. This engine has a power of 7 horsepower.

One refueling is enough to work without interruption for 4-5 hours.


To increase the functionality of the “Cascade” walk-behind tractor, the manufacturer installs attachments on it, with which you can perform various operations.

Among the most common pendants are the following:

  • potato planter;
  • trailer;
  • plow;

For an overview of the “Cascade” walk-behind tractor, see the following video.

Motor device

The engine device for the cascade walk-behind tractor is approximately the same when installing various modifications of motors. They include:

  • Cylinder-piston system with crank-crank mechanism.
  • Gas distribution mechanism.
  • Ignition, cooling, fuel supply system.
  • Muffler.
  • Manual start device.
  • Additional lubrication system.

Installing the engine

To install an imported engine on a Russian uniaxial tractor, you need a pulley, a cable for gas, an adapter washer, a bolt on the crankshaft. If you find inconsistencies in the fasteners, you need to drill holes in the right places. When the frame of the walk-behind tractor is not aligned with the motor, then a transition platform should be used. It is better to use a product made of steel to reduce the heating of the unit and to exclude the combustion of the belt.

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First you need to remove the old engine. To do this, remove the protection casing and belts, unscrew the bolts on which the belt is fixed, and the crankshaft bolt, then remove the pulley. We remove the air purification filter and disconnect the gas pedal cable. After we remove the old engine.

Next, we put a new part in the vacant space. If it is installed on the adapter plate, it should not be screwed on immediately, as the drive belt needs to be adjusted.

Next, we define the pulley on the shaft and tighten the bolt. We tighten the belt and adjust the degree of tension with the engine. After that we completely tighten the bolts on the transition platform, belt dampers, install an air purification filter and a gas cable, attach the motor firmly.

Important! Self-assembly requires special equipment and tools.


Lifan engines help to solve many tasks of land cultivation, planting vegetables, harvesting.

Lifan is one of the optimal engines for the Cascade

Lifan is a company from China, was established in 1992 and has proven itself well. The company is engaged in the production of not only engines, but also cars, motorcycles and other units.

In the Russian market, this brand is famous for the details for the walk-behind tractor, since many land owners use this technique.

If earlier products from China raised concerns due to poor quality, now the situation has changed, which contributes to the massive distribution of the Lifan brand.

The company’s engines for a single-axle tractor have different characteristics, so each model corresponds to a specific unit. It all depends on the mounts. You can choose compatible devices either yourself or entrust this choice to specialists.

Power is usually measured in horsepower. The most popular engine has 6.5 hp, which is enough for all the work. To save money, you need to decide for what tasks the single-axle tractor will be used. Average, which is considered a very inexpensive purchase when compared with other manufacturers.

The process of installing a Lifan engine on a single-axle tractor Cascade is simple:

  • Remove your used engine. This can be done with ordinary open-end wrenches and heads. Disconnect the cables for gas, throw off the belt that transmits torque to the gearbox.
  • Supply a Lifan brand device. Assemble in the reverse order. If the fasteners do not match, they must be redone by drilling new holes or welding metal plates.

Since the single-axle tractor Cascade has compact dimensions, the Lifan part is well suited for this particular unit when working on personal plots and vegetable gardens.

The engines themselves are developed by Japanese engineers, and the Chinese industry has only adopted their experience. Also, the devices can be used in generators, as they are very reliable and durable.

Ignition Cascade. single-axle tractor MB-6981 “Kaskad”. Ignition system

Motoblocks of domestic production of the “Kaskad” trademark have earned a good reputation and for at least ten years have been among the most popular among villagers and summer residents. Such recognition did not come by itself. Motoblocks “Cascade” are manufactured in accordance with technical requirements and international quality standards “ISO-9002”. They are equipped with a steering wheel, which is adjustable in height and in a horizontal plane, which allows you to adjust for your height, as well as turn it to the side so as not to trample on the cultivated land. The low center of gravity saves energy when working. About other features of the “Cascade” walk-behind tractor. further.

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Which engine is better to put on a single-axle tractor Cascade

Internal combustion engines for a single-axle tractor Cascade are all: gasoline, carburetor, single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled. The motor is started with a lanyard. Operating the device will not generate much noise and assumes acceptable vibration levels.

At the moment, engines for the Cascade walk-behind tractor are not produced in Russia. Therefore, you have to turn to foreign manufacturers for help. But the parameters do not always match the unit. Due to the difference in the seats and the diameter of the shaft, you also have to buy additional fasteners. So, which engine is better to put on a single-axle tractor Cascade??

In this video you will learn the pros and cons of the Cascade walk-behind tractor:

The most common types of engine installed on the Cascade are:

  • DM-68. This part is of good quality and is most suitable for installation. It has an enlarged transmission, high power, a 3.3-liter fuel tank, four speeds. 2 forward and 2 reverse.
  • BS 1 / C. A very popular option. It is chosen by the owners of the equipment, since the engine has an increased power up to 6.5 horsepower, low noise level, the ability to work even at temperatures below zero.
  • Vanguard OHV. The most powerful device (up to 7.5 hp), with a large fuel tank, which allows you to quickly and efficiently perform a variety of tasks.
  • Honda GX-200. The most widespread species in Russia. A distinctive feature is low gas mileage and modest dimensions. Manufactured in China. Its analogue “Lifan 168 f-2” is also very popular due to the low price.


BriggsStratton Vanguard engines are used in a wide variety of applications. They are used in conjunction with a walk-behind tractor, a gasoline generator, a motor pump, a vibrating plate and so on.

This motor is suitable for AI-92 gasoline

This engine is a single-cylinder four-stroke carburetor type. It uses a cast iron liner, which significantly reduces the wear of the piston system. The crankshaft is located in a horizontal plane and has bearings, which increases efficiency. There is also an oil gauge and an air cleaning filter. The engine capacity is 205 cubic centimeters, and the power of the device reaches 6.5 hp, so it can be installed on medium and large vehicles.

The OHV mechanism makes it possible to reduce the size of the unit, efficiently fill the cylinder with a mixture of fuel and provide increased torque. High-quality electronic ignition determines a clear and reliable engine start. To make it easier to turn on the device, a decompressor was installed. Also, the enlarged muffler allows you to work almost silently. The device is quite small and weighs about 16 kilograms.

AI-92 gasoline is used as fuel, which is poured into a 3.6-liter tank. This ensures long and trouble-free operation. Despite the not too low cost, this device will pay for itself quite well, which is facilitated by the high quality.

Engines from the Lifan company, what is it?

The Chinese company Lifan has existed for quite a long time, because the company was based in 1992 and continues to develop right up to the present day. With all this, “Lifan” is considered one of the main, to be more precise, one of the leading companies in the Chinese motor market.

By itself, the company develops not only engines. Her specialization is the creation of cars, bikes and other motor equipment. The company has really extensive experience in the development of engines for various equipment.

Series Cascade MB61-12

All models are equipped with a belt clutch and a quality gearbox. If necessary, they can reach speeds of up to 13 km per hour.

  • Weight. 94.5 kg;
  • Maximum processing depth. 260 mm;
  • Engine power. 6.5 liters. from.;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 3.6 liters;
  • Cylinder diameter. 68 mm.

Gasoline AI-92 and AI-95 are suitable for refueling the Cascade motoblocks of the specified series. Absolutely all units of the brand have an important feature: a huge variety of attachments, which has only been improved over the years.

BS I / C

The BS I / C engine can also be installed, which belongs to modern models and is popular in domestic conditions. They are often used on Cascade units.

This is due to the following features of the motor:

  • power 7 horsepower;
  • reinforced transmission;
  • enlarged combustion chamber;
  • minimal noise during operation;
  • high functionality even at low temperatures.

single-axle tractor Cascade: attachments

Since walk-behind tractors belong to a number of universal assistants for agronomists, they can perform many different operations. Naturally, one cannot do without high-quality samples.

  • Trailer. Excellent for handling heavy loads. It is often used to transport construction waste, grass, harvested crops, etc. Designed for a maximum weight of 500 kg;
  • Potato planter. The supplement makes the necessary furrows for laying the tubers and buries them efficiently. For those who make Accent for growing potatoes, such a tool will make life much easier;
  • Plow. It is the most important tool when plowing virgin lands and heavy soil;
  • Grousers. Will create conditions for greater adhesion of the unit to the ground during operation, because stability guarantees the quality and safety of the operator;
  • Hiller. It copes well with the task of digging up a plot and adding earth to the roots of plants;
  • Mower. This device is an indispensable assistant in the event that a person has livestock. It allows you to prepare hay for the winter and keep the site tidy.
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Naturally, the list of available attachments does not end on the listed tools, so the owners of the Cascade walk-behind tractor will certainly be able to find very curious and profitable objects for themselves.

In order to always enjoy the maximum functionality of the device, it is necessary not only to properly care for it, but also to be able to carry out elementary operations related to repair.

What engine can be put on a single-axle tractor Cascade

Motoblocks “Cascade” are common technical means and are used to perform various works. The popularity is due to the fact that manufacturers have equipped these units with the necessary functions and characteristics, which allows it to be used in almost all cases of life, as well as for processing plots of land.

This technique is appreciated by many owners because of its affordable cost, compactness and high performance.

Replacing the engine of the Russian MB-1 walk-behind tractor with the Chinese Forte F-200G. // Replacing the engine in the walk-behind tractor.

Actually a single axle tractor “Cascade“it is fascinating for summer residents because it is rather small in size, comfortable for transportation. It is mainly intended for performing work on summer cottages, small gardens and vegetable gardens. However, with all this, there is an excellent opportunity to expand the capabilities of this walk-behind tractor through the use of mounted equipment.

Installation is quite easy, in most cases the fastenings of the Lifan 6.5 motor coincide with the factory ones and you just need to change the engine, start it and start using it. However, there are times when the mountings are slightly different. Under such circumstances, there is an option to “get out of the situation” in different ways.

A simple method is to make a adapter plate, in which you need to make holes for the motor mounts and weld it. If there is no such ability, simply screw it into the regular places on the frame.


To increase the functionality of the “Cascade” walk-behind tractor, the manufacturer installs attachments on it, with which you can perform various operations.

Among the most common pendants are the following:

Lifan engines for a uniaxial tractor: installation, properties. Chinese engine Lifan for walk-behind tractor

Any competent summer resident digs up his own plot before the beginning of summer in the presence of a walk-behind tractor. However, a rare person is able to acquire a new unit for himself. It is for this mistake that summer residents use cultivators made in the USSR. On such walk-behind tractors, various difficulties with the engine often appear, however, there are many circumstances for this purpose. The main fault of breakdowns is the service life, which has already expired for several years. Recently, such problems have been solved by Lifan engines for a single-axle tractor, since this is a profitable method to solve the problem without the help of others and forever.

Pros and cons of Chinese engines

In China, a large number of a wide variety of garden and moto equipment, including engines, are produced. In addition, it is in this country that the production of copies of motors of famous European and Japanese brands has been established, which are practically not inferior in terms of power and functionality to the original products and at the same time are much cheaper. The main advantages of such Chinese-made products for walk-behind tractors include:

  • Cost. The price of Chinese counterparts is much lower compared to European or American products.
  • Performance.
  • Availability of spare parts.
  • Wide range of diesel as well as petrol engines of amateur, semi-professional and professional grade.
  • Simplicity of design.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Versatility (easy to match generator).
  • Functionality (some models have an automatic system that regulates engine speed).

BCS walk behind 2 wheels tractor buying used? what to look for

However, despite the large number of advantages, Chinese-made motors also have certain disadvantages. Their disadvantages include:

  • in budget models that belong to the household class, low quality components are used;
  • build quality (products with unadjusted valves and poorly tightened fasteners are often found);
  • small, in comparison with European and American counterparts, motor resource (no more than 1000 hours);
  • the occurrence of frequent breakdowns of starting devices;
  • are distinguished by strong noise and vibrations that occur as a result of operation.

It is preferable to purchase Chinese engines for light motoblocks, which are used when performing simple, simple work. For example, such motors are suitable for models of walk-behind tractors, which are used to process personal plots, vegetable gardens with an area of ​​up to 15 acres. This is due to the fact that Chinese motors are not as expensive as European counterparts, it is easy to find spare parts for them, as well as components, and they differ in low fuel consumption.

Pros and cons of American engines

The main advantages of American-made internal combustion engines for walk-behind tractors are high build quality, as well as performance. They are equipped with a reliable cooling system and quality filters. Therefore, motors of popular American brands, as a rule, will not heat up very much even with prolonged operation and heavy loads.

The disadvantages of American engines include their cost (especially professional-type motors). In addition, depending on the power indicators, most of these units have high fuel consumption rates. Also, for some models it is difficult to pick up and find spare parts.

The domestic market is represented by a large assortment of engines for motoblocks, both Chinese or Japanese, as well as American, as well as European ones. It should be noted that models from different manufacturers and brands have both their own certain advantages and some disadvantages that cannot be ignored when buying an engine for a walk-behind tractor.

engine, walk-behind, tractor, cascade, which

Pros and cons of Japanese engines

Products manufactured in Japan are popular with consumers. After all, Japanese-made engines are primarily about quality and reliability. A popular global manufacturer of motors, as well as a variety of high-quality equipment is the Japanese company Honda.

It is worth noting that when buying an engine for a walk-behind tractor, several important criteria and nuances must be taken into account. Before you buy a new motor, you need to decide on such parameters as:

  • power (it is recommended to purchase a motor with a similar or higher power);
  • motor resource indicators;
  • complete set and design features of the product (filter design, presence of a sensor for monitoring the oil level);
  • operating conditions and frequency of use of the walk-behind tractor (if you plan to use a single-axle tractor to perform complex work, then the purchased motor must also withstand increased loads).

In addition, they have a good supply of motor resources. The average performance of Japanese professional-type motors, which are installed on walk-behind tractors, is more than 1200 hours, while the duration of work and operation of Chinese counterparts does not exceed 1000 hours.

In addition, Japanese models are equipped with quality filters and oil level sensors (depending on the model). They are able to withstand prolonged loads and have good endurance. The disadvantage of Japanese motors, first of all, is their high cost. In addition, for some models, especially of the professional type, it can be difficult to find spare parts.

Pros and cons of European engines

Engines of European production, which are distinguished by high assembly quality, components, power reserve and functionality, are popular with both domestic and foreign consumers. In terms of quality, versatility, and reliability, the motors of Italian and German production stand out.

The motors produced in Europe are equipped with reliable starting devices and have a good power reserve. The indicator of the motor resource of such products is more than 1500 hours when performing tasks of any complexity. This is due to the fact that they are made of high quality components and materials. Also, the advantages of European-made engines include:

  • Power.
  • Build quality.
  • Reliable air filtration system.
  • High indicators of environmental safety and reliability.

The main disadvantage of the motors that were produced in Europe is their cost. In this regard, European engine models are inferior to Chinese and even some Japanese counterparts.

Technical characteristics of motor-blocks “Cascade” in figures

  • Length. 1500 mm (/.30 mm); Width. 590 mm (/.30 mm); Height. 1150 mm (/. 50 mm) In working position.
  • Length. 970 mm (/.30 mm); Width. 450 mm (/.30 mm); Height. 935 mm (/. 50 mm) In transport position.
  • Track width: without extensions. 350 mm; with extensions. 610 mm.
  • Ground clearance. 140 mm.
  • The smallest turning radius of the walk-behind tractor. 1.1 m.
  • Steering wheel angle: in the horizontal plane to the right / left. 180 ° / 45 °; in the vertical plane up / down. 170 ° / 100 °.
  • The number of fixed positions of the steering wheel: in the horizontal plane. 24; in the vertical plane. 36.
  • Walk-behind tractor weight, maximum. 103 kg (with wheels); 85 kg (with cultivator cutters).
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The estimated speed of the walk-behind tractor, at a crankshaft rotation speed of 300 rpm:

  • Forward, in first gear. 3.04… 4.29 km / h;
  • Forward, in second gear. 10.30 11.09 km / h;
  • Back. 3.04 4.29 km / h.

Attachments of the walk-behind tractor “Cascade

  • feed grinder. Eliminates the need to carry grain to the mill to grind it into crushed grain. It is convenient and reasonable to prepare crushed porridge for pigs and other livestock right in your farmyard.
  • mower. Anyone who tried to mow with an ordinary scythe and prepare hay for the winter for feeding even just one cow with a calf knows what a long and hard work it is. The mower reduces labor costs and time for hay making several times.
  • water pump. If there is a river or other body of water near the garden, then why not stretch a hose there and install a pump. Especially if there are interruptions to the water supply in the summer. the single-axle tractor “Cascade” will provide such a strong and stable water pressure that watering the garden will take very little time. You just need to stock up on a special spray nozzle on the hose, so as not to wash away the ground along with cultivated plants.
  • snow blower. Clearing snowdrifts after heavy snowfall with a shovel is pleasant only for the first 10-15 minutes of this work. With the help of a walk-behind tractor, the process will go immeasurably faster and more efficiently.
  • planter and digger of potatoes. The villagers will confirm that if planting potatoes with an ordinary shovel is not the most time-consuming task, then digging them out is already hard and hard work. than half of the labor costs, provided that the appropriate equipment is used, will be transferred to the “metal shoulders” of the walk-behind tractor.

Engines of the walk-behind tractor “Cascade

Engines “DM-66” and “DM-68” of domestic production are sleeve-type single-cylinder OHV motors with overhead valves. The built-in automatic decompressor ensures low starting forces. The working volume of the engines “DM-66” and “DM-68” is 317 cubic centimeters. These motors run on any gasoline. AI-80, AI-92, AI-95.

The volume of the oil sump of the engines “DM-66” and “DM-68”. 1.4 liters. The orientation of the crankshaft is horizontal. The cylinder diameter is 76 millimeters. The maximum torque is 14.2 Nm. Overall dimensions. 45x41x43 cm.Weight. 28 kg. Average fuel consumption is within two liters per hour.

BriggsStratton engines of the INTEK I / C and Vanguard OHV series, also single-cylinder, similar to the DM design, have a displacement of 208 cubic centimeters and a rated power of 4.8 kW (6.5 hp). The cylinder diameter is 68 mm. Maximum torque. 12.6 N.m Overall dimensions. 32x38x35 cm.

It is characteristic that the power indicators, according to the official website of the company, are set “according to the assessment of” BriggsStratton “.

Many reasonably consider the best of the “Cascade” motoblocks to be those equipped with a “Honda” engine. And in fact, the Honda GX-200 motor is perhaps the most widespread “engine” in the world of motoblocks. both domestic and Asian; has been produced for more than a dozen years and has an almost impeccable reputation.

The motor “Honda GX-200” has a really high efficiency of work and slow wear of parts. It also differs in lower fuel consumption. not 2, but 1.7 or even 1.5 liters of gasoline per hour on average. The displacement of the Honda engine is 196 cubic centimeters; maximum power. 6.5 horsepower (at 3600 rpm). Cylinder diameter. 68 mm; maximum torque. 12.4 N.m Overall dimensions. 32x38x35 cm.

In recent years, the market has been dominated by the “Cascade” motoblock version, equipped with a cheaper analogue of the “Honda GX-200” engine. also a Chinese-made Lifan motor, model “Lifan 168F-2”.

Manufacturer of motor-blocks “Cascade

Motoblocks “Cascade” are produced in the city of Perm. Their manufacturer is OJSC Reductor-PM (PM. Perm Motors), which is part of the enterprise “Aviation gearboxes and transmissions. PM”.

This plant, which is part of the Military-Industrial Complex of Russia, traces its history since 1951, and specializes in the production and after-sales service of gearboxes and transmissions for helicopters of domestic production.

Pavilion of JSC “Reductor-PM” at the international exhibition of the helicopter industry “HeliRussia”.

Motoblocks appeared in the list of the company’s products in 1995 and became one of the few specific manifestations of the term “conversion”, which was fashionable at that time (that is, the transition of the military industry to the production of purely civilian products).

Brief overview of modifications. How to decipher factory indices

Over the years of production, Reduktor-PM OJSC has brought to the market such a number of modifications of the Kaskad walk-behind tractor that, at first glance, it seems that there are too many of them and one can get confused in them. However, it is not. In fact, everything is simple. You only need to “read” the alphabetic and numeric designations in the factory indexes of these motoblocks.

MB6. a model with a domestic engine (“DM66” or “DM68”). MB61. a model with a foreign engine (“BriggsStratton” or “Honda”).

rod steering. 02. rotary steering column, which allows you to adjust the position of the steering wheel in the vertical and horizontal planes.

Should You Use a Tractor or a BCS?

In the 04 series gearbox, the gearbox output shaft is mounted on needle bearings. In gearboxes of the 05, 06, 07 series, the output shaft of the gearbox is mounted on ball bearings.

Also, gearboxes of the 05 and 06 series provide a reduced speed in first gear, which gives a number of advantages, for example, when working with a mower and a snow blower, it allows for better mowing and snow removal.

The gearboxes of the 06, 07 series also use a mechanism for decoupling the output shafts, which makes it easier to control the walk-behind tractor when turning, increases its maneuverability when used as a vehicle and when cultivating the soil.

Basic options, on the basis of which all modifications of the “Cascade” walk-behind tractors are made:

  • single-axle tractor “Cascade MB 6-84”. with the engine “DM-66” 6 horsepower, and a standard transmission. Gas tank volume: 4.5 liters. Weight: 103 kg.
  • single-axle tractor “Cascade MB 6-82”. with engine “DM-68”, 6 horsepower, and reinforced transmission. Gas tank volume: 3.3 liters. Weight: 103 kg.
  • single-axle tractor “Cascade MB 61-122”. with a BriggsStrattonINTEKI / C engine, 6.5 horsepower, and an enhanced transmission. Gas tank volume: 3.6 liters. Weight: 94.5 kg.
  • single-axle tractor “Cascade MB61-22 / 01”. with a “Honda GX200” engine, 6.5 horsepower, and a reinforced gearbox. Gas tank volume: 3.6 liters. Weight: 94.5 kg.
  • single-axle tractor “Cascade MB61-104”. with a BriggsStratton VanguardOHV engine, 6.5 horsepower, and a standard transmission. Gas tank volume: 4.5 liters. Weight: 96.5 kg.

Each of the modifications of the “Cascade” walk-behind tractor provides a standard tillage depth of up to 26 centimeters. The processing width during the movement of the walk-behind tractor is 45, 60 or 95 centimeters.

Scope of motor-blocks “Cascade

The main function of the “Cascade” walk-behind tractor is pre-sowing tillage. Complete with appropriate attachments, the uniaxial tractor is designed for shallow plowing, loosening and cultivation of the soil; alignment of areas intended for sowing. Subsequently, the “Cascade” will be useful for hilling cultivated plants and inter-row cultivation.

The list of drive equipment available for use with “Cascades” includes: rotary snow blowers, water pumps, hay mowers, mechanical potato planters, forage grinders. In these cases, the useful force is supplied from the power plant. The drive equipment is installed in front of the walk-behind tractor and works by means of an additional belt drive.