Features of the Operation of Electric and Battery Lawnmowers Ryobi (Riobi) (Video)

Features of the Operation of Electric and Battery Lawnmowers Ryobi (Riobi) (Video)

The famous Japanese company Ruobi was founded in the 40s of the last century and specialized in the production of printing and foundry products. In the late 70s, the production of several categories of power tools was established: these are perforators, planers, grinders. Since that time, the assortment of production has only expanded, and three main areas of activity have gradually formed: high-precision foundry products, printing equipment, and electric tools.

About company and products

The products of this manufacturer are distinguished by quality and durability. In addition, developers are constantly improving and commissioning new technologies.

A striking example of an innovative approach is the “Side on” mounting system. the ability to charge all equipment of a given brand with one charger.

Ruobi’s gardening equipment has established itself well; it is represented by trimmers, scythes, brush cutters, garden vacuum cleaners, cultivators. The introduction and use of nozzles, heads, extension rods has become practical and effective. The use of such devices saves a lot of time and money, allows you to use the functions of the necessary tools, simply changing the nozzle.

Lawnmower Ryobi RLM13E33S

This is an electric model that will be an excellent choice for owners of small land plots. Compact grass catcher with a capacity of 35 liters. does not need constant cleansing.

You can adjust the bevel height with just one lever. On the handle there are soft pads that contribute to a more comfortable feeling while operating the unit. All conditions have been created so that the transportation of the unit is convenient (handles are installed, and light material is used for the case).

Features of the model:

  • The power of the device is 1300 W;
  • Cutting width 33 cm;
  • Capacious tank for plants;
  • The EasyEdge ™ feature is ideal for trimming lawn edges;
  • Verterbrae ™ arms can be grabbed both vertically and horizontally;
  • Cutting height is adjustable from 20 to 60 cm.

Quiet work will allow you to enjoy the care process, and thoughtful wheels on the hubs will correctly distribute the load on the entire body of the Riobi lawn mower, without creating dark unaesthetic stripes after driving.


  • Drive gear: pushing;
  • Spindle Speed: 3600 rpm;
  • Weight: 9 kg;
  • Transmission system: belt;
  • Case material: plastic.

An important advantage of the development is the presence of the mulching function, so the user himself can choose a mode of operation and carry out fertilizer in parallel with the cut of plants.

Brand Description Ryobi

Ryobi was founded in Japan in 1943 and was engaged in the production of printing equipment. Subsequently, starting in 1973, the production of electrical tools was added to the range of printing equipment. The company produced the following types of equipment:

  • circular saws;
  • grinding machines;
  • perforators;
  • jackhammers;
  • planers.
  • drills;
  • perforators;
  • jigsaws;
  • grinding machines;
  • hair dryers;
  • planers;
  • trimmers;
  • lawn mowers.

Currently, Ryobi produces two types of tools: household and professional, used on construction sites, capable of working in intensive mode. A distinctive feature of gardening equipment from Ryobi is its compactness. Slide on system is also characteristic for battery models, which means that all battery equipment can be charged from a universal battery.

Purpose of motokos and Riobi trimmers:

  • lawn processing;
  • mowing grass and mowing hay;
  • work in small areas;
  • field work;
  • mowing weeds and dense dense grass;
  • pruning branches;
  • cutting of small bushes;
  • mulching (using the appropriate accessories for mowers or trimmers);
  • work on sites from 300 to 1000 square meters.

Advantages of Riobi Garden Equipment:

  • a large lineup and assortment of various equipment (both gasoline and electric, battery, hybrid, for any requests and tasks of gardeners);
  • recognizable design and pleasant bright colors of the design of the equipment body;
  • most models have a folding element in the design so that the devices can be stored on the smallest territory;
  • comfortable handles with rubberized pads;
  • adjustable mower handle bar (Grip Zone ™ technology);
  • the possibility of mulching;
  • Grass Comb option, the presence of a raking edge on the deck, with which all grass falls under the cut;
  • EasyEdge option, which allows you to accurately treat the lawn edge;
  • One Series mowers and trimmers can be repaired by easily selecting spare parts (the technology in this series is interchangeable).

Range of garden equipment Ryobi

  • trimmers (battery, electric, hybrid);
  • lawn mowers (hybrid, electric, gasoline);
  • garden vacuum cleaners;
  • chain saws;
  • cultivators;
  • brush cutters;
  • shredders garbage.

In this review, we will dwell in detail on such Riobi products as lawn mowers and trimmers (scythes, mowers).

Ryobi trimmers

In the category of “trimmers” (the term “Lawn Mower”, “benzokosa” is sometimes used), models of trimmers of the following types are presented:

  • rechargeable;
  • hybrid (mains / battery);
  • electric;
  • gasoline.

Video: Features of the Operation of Electric and Battery Lawnmowers Ryobi (Riobi) (Video)

The range of ryobi trimmers is represented by the following devices.

Ryobi cordless lawnmower RLM4852L


  • olt1825 (one, 18 watts);
  • olt1825m (one series, 18 W);
  • olt1831s (one series, 18 watts);
  • olt1832 (one series, 18 W, 18B Lithium battery);
  • rbc36x26b, (36V, 5 Ah);
  • rlt1825 Li (18 V, 1.3 Ah);
  • rlt36C3325, (36 V, 2.6 Ah).

One hybrid series:

  • rlt1830h15 (18 V, 1.5 Ah);
  • rlt1830h13 (18 V, network, 1.5 Ah battery);
  • rlt1831h20 (18 V, network 220, battery 2 Ah);
  • rlt1831h25pk (18 V, 220 V network, 2.5 Ah battery).


  • rlt8038 (power 800 W);
  • rbc1226i (power 1200 W);
  • rlt6030.

Video about the operation of the electric trimmer rlt6030:


Video about rbc30set gas trimmer:

Lawn mowers ryobi

Riobi lawn mowers are divided into such

  • gas mowers;
  • hybrid (mains / battery);
  • electric;
  • rechargeable.

The Ryobi lineup is represented by such devices:


  • rlm 46175s;
  • rlm 46175so;
  • rlm 53190sv;
  • ryobi 790r benzokosa (old model, production of the USA).


  • olm 1834h (one series);
  • rlm 15E36h;
  • rlm 18X36-h250f.


  • rlm 13E33s;
  • rlm 18E40h.

Overview of the rlm 18E40h mower:


  • olm1841n (series one, C6 B);
  • rlm 36x40h50;
  • rlm 36x46h5p.

Top models of the ryobi brand

Riobi mowers also have a huge army of fans, this is not surprising, since the equipment is really reliable and functional. In the top are such models of mowers as: hybrid olm 1834h, gasoline rlm 46175so. A rather old model is also in demand. the Ryobi 790r. Until now, this mower can be found on various sales sites of used equipment, and the price for it is quite high due to its reliability and functionality.

In general, in order to choose a lawn mower or trimmer that is suitable exclusively for you, you should know exactly the area of ​​the site that will be processed using this equipment, the ability to connect equipment to the network, if we are talking about electrical models, and other factors. We suggest you watch a video about a hybrid type lawnmower, model rlm18x36h240 (one):

Lawnmower Ryobi RLM36X40H40

The Ryobi cordless lawnmower is complemented by protection against accidental start-up in the form of a security key. The case is made of heat-resistant plastic, which lightens the weight of the object and gives maximum strength. The handles fold and guarantee compact storage in pantries or other utility rooms.

Two operating modes are relevant: collecting grass and mulching. Thanks to the grass catcher (55 l), you can actively work with the device for more than an hour. That is, one charge is able to provide energy for processing 600 square meters. m

Together with the lawnmower, the equipment includes:

  • Grass catcher;
  • End cap for mulching;
  • 1 battery 36V x 4.0 Ah Lithium;
  • Charger BCL3620S;
  • Packaging.

EasyEdge ™ side grips ensure the clearest cut on the edge of the lawn.


  • Case material: polypropylene;
  • Battery voltage: 36 V;
  • Bevel Width: 40 cm;
  • Battery Charging Duration: 150 min;
  • Number of revolutions: 3500 rpm.

The cutting height is based on 20 to 70 cm. The existing side and front bumpers act as protection against damage.
Each model of the Ryobi mower has its own distinctive features, so these options were able to demonstrate excellent productivity and bypass the popularity of products of a similar plan to other, more well-known brands.

Instruction, maintenance

Proper operation and maintenance of garden equipment will extend the life of the device and allow for a long time to do without breakdowns and the need for repairs. An instruction manual is supplied with the Riobi trimmer or mower. It highlights the main points.

Oil and fuel for Ryobi

Different oil should be used depending on the type of mower motor and trimmer. The engine can be push-pull or four-stroke. In powerful devices, a 4-stroke is usually installed, in devices with low power. a 2-stroke engine.

The oil can be of any manufacturer, but in compliance with the viscosity standards. Do not pour the same oil into the crankcase of engines of different stroke! This will lead to rapid breakdown and wear of key parts of the mechanism.

For four-stroke engines, semi-synthetics are recommended, for example, 10W30. For two-stroke. 2T standard oil of any manufacturer. Such oils are usually painted and added to gasoline when it comes to the gas trimmer. The mixing ratio may be different, but in general a standard proportion of 1:20 to 1:50 is used.

Riobi trimmer / mower guidelines

  • The first and main rule of safe operation. the equipment must be in good condition and refuel;
  • since the assembly of small devices is usually carried out by the owner after purchase, you should make sure that all spare parts are assembled correctly and the device can work;
  • do not use gasoline or oil of poor quality, this will accelerate engine wear;
  • units operating from the network should be operated carefully, without twisting the cord and without pulling the plug of the wire;
  • pull the cord out of the outlet carefully, without jerking;
  • it is unacceptable to work with twisted cable;
  • repair, replacement or installation of cutting elements (knife, fishing line) should be carried out when the device is de-energized or when the motor is off;
  • in the rain or immediately after the rain work is prohibited;
  • on slopes to move, controlling the mower, you need to diagonally;
  • promptly clean the grass catcher and the body of the working machine from grass;
  • if the grass got into the air intake, clean it;
  • do not carry out complex technical work yourself while the unit is under warranty; such work is usually carried out by service center employees;
  • keep the equipment in a room with a normal level of humidity, away from sources of fire;
  • it is necessary to work with the mower / trimmer in closed shoes, trousers, a shirt;
  • use a plastic mask or glasses to protect your eyes;
  • Wear earphones to protect your hearing.
  • Do not store gasoline lawnmower with fuel residues for a long time, be sure to empty or empty the fuel for storage.

Possible malfunctions

Main types of malfunctions that the owner of a ryobi lawn mower or trimmer may encounter.

Table 1.

2. The battery is running out of power.

3. The grass catcher is full.

2. Charge the mower / trimmer.

3. Clean the grass catcher and air intakes of any remaining grass.

2. Dull knife, problems with fishing line.

2. Check the condition of the knife, it may be necessary to replace the fishing line or the entire reel, check the knife for defects and chips.

Video review of the ryobi lawn mower

Wireless Mower. Test Review

Gregory, Astrakhan:

As for technology: I have a model of the rlm 46175so mower. Gasoline, with an easy start. Her start is really easy, there is no torment with pulling the cord! It always starts the first time, and I have had it for three years, and maybe more, I don’t remember exactly. Switches from mode to mode with a single lift of the lever, no need to disassemble to adjust the cutting height.

I did not find any flaws, although I am a picky buyer and I like to twirl my nose! I recommend this mower if you have a large plot. In this case, electric is simply not an option. ”

Typical failures, their elimination

Lawn mowers, like any equipment, can get out of tune. Fortunately, very often breakdowns are minor and do not require special repairs.

The most common problems:

  • The lawn mower works, but does not mow. Possible damage to the cutting knife. Replacement required.
  • Rough, ragged cut of grass. Indicates a blunt knife. The blade is removed, sharpened.
  • Rattle, knock, vibration. Possible causes are unbalancing and loose attachment. It is eliminated by tightening bolts and fasteners. Knocking can also occur due to a third-party object. It should be found and removed.
  • The motor works, but the blades do not rotate. The cause may be too hard grass or the blades clogged with mowed grass. In this case, stop operation immediately, clean the knives, and let the mower cool down.
  • The engine is in good condition, the knives are in good condition, but the device does not work. The problem may lie in the tension or break of the transmission belt. It requires replacement.

Important! For more serious or unidentified causes of failure, it is better to contact a service center or a specialist.

Ruobi lawn mowers have earned a good reputation among consumers due to their reliability, versatility and ease of use. Given the diversity of the model range and the different type of work, everyone can find a model that fits the criteria you need. In addition, the technology is constantly being improved, new technologies are developing. As a result, we can expect the appearance of interesting new products.