Festool or Makita what is better.

Review: Battery Drill Electric screwdriver Festool CXS LI 1.5 set. Great solution for home and work!

Today we will continue the topic of power tools. If there is an electric screwdriver that disappointed, then there must be the one that I liked. And of course there is. over, even now you can buy it if you try very hard. At least last year we succeeded. Therefore, in order not to confuse anyone, I immediately draw your attention to the fact that I will describe and photograph the old, bought in 2012, but I will indicate the price, year of purchase and time of use for the new one, bought in 2019. Why? Suddenly someone will like him, but when he saw 2012, he will think that he can no longer be bought. Therefore, read and conclude for yourself whether it was worth buying such a thing now or not.

Immediately from the place to the quarry, get acquainted with the battery-free festool CXS LI 1.5-SET.

In this place, many will ask what it is? There is nothing in common with what we are used to seeing an electric screwdriver here and at all. Everything is true, how do not change the color, but on Interskol or Zubrov never looks like. The instrument looks individual, it is difficult to confuse it with someone. But we will not rush, about everything in order.

Festool starts with packaging. Packaging here is such that you can’t help but tell about it.

One cursory glance at the packaging is enough to understand, we have a serious tool.

And if most reviews for many screwdrivers begin with words about the laudatory case, then this work of art will not even turn to call the case case.

We perform 3 actions: close. Open. Connect.

This is especially convenient for furniture, when the entire tool is in systems, including equipment and all sorts of little things. Each system is put on each other and all this on the cart is convenient to take along. Convenient, practical, easy.

Do not want to take everything with you? Without problems, you can take one thing, such as an electric screwdriver.

There is a place inside for all the most necessary, and each thing will have its own place. Festool costs a lot, but he also has a couple of equipment to many. See for yourself.

Often you have met such a rich completion?

You can immediately complain that the place allows, but did not make s for small consumables. I agree, it would be very cool to have additional departments, but alas and ah, for them you will have to buy a separate system. For furniture workers it is needed, for the house is unlikely.

But for each item, each item is provided with its place, with a lodge.

Nothing (rattles, rustles, holding out. Emphasize the necessary) during transportation.

Well, just in case, once again, the equipment, for more detailed familiarization.

For home use, this is enough with the head and even higher.

I draw your attention to the fact that for construction this tool is not intended. This model does not have a shock mechanism, so you will have to tinker with brickwork, and I don’t want to stutter about concrete. Twisting only 16 nm, but this baby can be a lot and you can see this, but for now we will dwell in more detail on the configuration.

Do not be alarmed, I will not list bits, drills and extension cords, we will miss it. Two lithiums of ion batteries with a capacity of 1.5 ah each, with a voltage of 10.8 V, are included and here is such an unusual charger, more like a telephone station.

Although the battery is also not quite ordinary here.

The arrow noted the name. Sanyo, I don’t know or not. The block itself on screws, easily understands to replace the element.

Surprisingly done not in China, but in Germany.

festool, makita, better

It’s an informative, not just a burning LED.

I did not find information about this, but apparently, they already used fast charging, since in just 30 minutes the battery is charged up to 100%.

This type of tool is intended exclusively for the mass creation of holes, in which furniture dowels are then installed. This is used in the manufacture of children’s beds, cabinet furniture and sets. The turn of the milling cutter occurs only forward, and the entrance place is set in height.

Mafell DD40 P POWERMAX. with high power

This is the best dowel mill for assembling the frames of exhibition halls, tents or collapsible platforms, because the diameter of the cutter can be from 5 to 16 mm, which is suitable for thin and thick dowels.

The tool has a capacity of 1000 watts, and therefore work with it proceeds at high speed and the type of hardness of wood does not matter. The car has two cutters at once, which increases performance by half. Two soles allow you to work in any spatial position.

  • rapid change in the angle of stubborn sole through lambs on the left on the case;
  • two powerful rods for a vertical move with engraved marking;
  • notes on the second (lower) sole, in order to accurately exhibit a milling cutter along the lines during vertical work;
  • The wide starting button is convenient for pressing and does not require constant retention after turning on;
  • The machine develops 13500 revolutions per minute;
  • The depth of milling reaches 40 mm, which allows the use of powerful and long dowels to fasten even stairs;
  • the variable corner of the cutter from 0 to 90 degrees;
  • The manufacturer supplies 340 pcs with a diameter of 8 to 12 mm in a set;
  • Two rugs are included in the package so that the soles do not slide along smooth wood, a container for applying glue to the created holes, a hexagon for changing mills;
  • The machine cable 4 m permits connection without carrying and helps to maintain maneuverability.
  • ;
  • There is no second handle for a better stop during ragging;
  • Work with weight 2.9 kg at a height, during the assembly of frames, not very convenient.

Felisatti RF12/710. one of the most affordable in price

This is the best dowel mill for a novice master who wants to learn how to do the junction correctly with cans.

, over, the assembly accuracy after it is at a high level. The second handle for the stop helps to hold the car tightly to prevent displacement. Below, a pipe is provided for connecting to the sawdust removal system.

  • Available price from 13000, which has no analogues;
  • durable metal sole with an adjustable emphasis from 0 to 90 degrees;
  • Between milling cutters, a standard distance of 32 mm, facilitating the installation to existing parts of the furniture;
  • adjustment at the height of the location of the drilling elements and the depth of their penetration;
  • The second handle has a thick rubber lining;
  • A scale with white numbers on a black background is visible in rooms with weak light;
  • The capacity of 710 W is productive and requires less electricity per hour of work than other models;
  • paired cutters can penetrate into wood to a depth of 43 mm;
  • maximum rotation frequency of 18500 rpm;
  • suitable for serial milling while maintaining standards.
  • The inclusion button is located from the left side of the case, so it is convenient only for right.handedness;
  • The diameter of the milling cutting down is limited by a 12 mm indicator;
  • The machine weighs 3.6 kg, and tires his hands.

This type of dowel milling mills is characterized by the presence of one milling cutter, which, in addition to depth, also walks on the sides. This allows not only to create round holes for doughs, but also longitudinal grooves of various widths for connecting “dominoes”. Cars are in demand in the manufacture of wooden gratings and sleeping furniture.

Festool Domino DF 500 Q-Set-economical and reliable

This dowel milling mill is the best for professional assembly of racks and other structures with employment throughout the day, since it consumes only 420 watts. But at the same time, the machine develops 25,500 rpm per minute at idle.

The diameter of the milling cutter can change from 5 to 10 mm (the smallest mill is already in the kit). The set contains various nozzles on the sole for milling in the mustache or even the execution of holes in the ends of the bars.

festool, makita, better
  • the ability to work in various spatial positions due to the compact sizes of the machine and the base with markings on the back;
  • a convenient stubborn handle for the direction of the longitudinal course of the tool;
  • a glass window with a marking for an accurate installation of a tool along drawn lines;
  • a convenient step switch of the cutting of the cutter to quickly create grooves of various sizes;
  • power 420 W;
  • System equipment is also suitable for other models of milling mills of this company, if there is a need to expand the functionality;
  • performs holes for standard dowels of 4×20 or 10×50 mm;
  • The body is built into the housing for dusting;
  • The set is a stubborn square and emphasis for planks, transverse emphasis;
  • 28 mm milling depth with a quick restriction installation on 12/15/20/25 mm;
  • low noise;
  • Start button on top, so the device is suitable for both right.handers and left.handed ones.
  • ;
  • Without connecting to the dust system, it is not effective, since the chips quickly clogs the grooves and vibration begins from the blow of the cutter;
  • Weight 3.2 kg;
  • The diameter of the cutter is limited to 10 mm.

Makita PJ7000. for thin grooves

This is the best dowel mill for creating holes for narrow veneers, flat dowels and lamellas. They can be tied to grooves in height up to 12 mm and give them any width. It is well held with one hand, for which the P-shaped handle is provided.

Part of the body with the engine is made of plastic to facilitate mass. An aluminum casing is provided around the gearbox. The sole is poured from the same metal.

  • adjustment of the handle inclination depending on the needs of the operator;
  • on the right side of the pipe for connecting the vacuum cleaner;
  • powerful wire with double protection;
  • The capacity height of the cutter and the angle relative to the plane are exhibited and fixed quickly with two lambs;
  • a clear scale on the main sole;
  • a six.speed installation of a depth with a maximum value of 20 mm;
  • two clamps for 45 and 90 degrees;
  • Power 710 W provides high performance regardless of the hardness of wood;
  • Weight 2.5 kg is lighter than most analogues;
  • idle speed 11,000 per minute.

Festool Domino XL DF 700 EQ-Plus-for very deep milling

When you need to assemble the frame structure, doors or windows, the best dowry mill will be the XL DF700 model.

The turn of the cutter in the depths of the material is 70 mm, which will help to firmly connect the wooden details. Only with such a machine can you use spikes of 140×14 mm, providing the highest reliability of joining countertops, furniture facades or bars of strapping.

What is the Difference Between Makita LS1018 VS. LS1019L VS. Festool kapex ks?

Unlike Makita LS1019L and Festool Kapex KS, You Don’t Generally Need to Messes with the Makita LS1018 to Get Extremely Precose Right of the Container. For Miter Cuts, You have An Edge Scope of Up To 47 Degrees to One Side and Up To 60 Degrees to One Side. YOU CAN SIMPLY SET to ANY OF THE POSITIVE Stops AT 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, and 45 Degrees. For Slant Cuts, You have An Open Back Handle Slope Lock So You Can Simply IT Up TO 45 Degrees to One Side and Right. This means there’s no compelling reason to flip the work when you need to make a slope cut at the counterry side, Which you too yout saw down tilts tilts tilts tilts. With this Double Slant Capacy, The Work Piece Remains Set Up Since that is no joke the sawa blade.

Compared to Makita LS1018 and Festool Kapex KS, The Makita LS1019L IS A Profoundly Inventive 10 ″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw that Opponents 12. Generally, In Case You’re Doing 5 ″ and 6 ″ Forming, A 12 ″ Saw is the Thing that You Would Utilize. With this Miter Saw, However, You Really Get Comparable Cutting Capacy Without Requiring The Bigger Device (And Their Increasingly Costly 12 ″ Blades).

At just 47 pounds, the FESTOOL KAPEX KS is portable to excess and the novel forward rail configuration gives it a chance to fit into tight spaces and straightforwardly against dividers on which both Makita LS1019L and LS1018 can’t really provide. With the entirety of the fantsy oddds and ends on this Machine, it is Critical to peruse the manual before you get the Chance to work. In the event that you get disappointed, recall that the mother’s most Likely DIDNYTRY IT ORELOOK It, You Pressumably Simply Donolt Understand or See IT IT IT IT IT. Take as Much Time as IS Needed and Read the Manual.

Final Thoughs

Always Remember that It Won’s Matter Wheether You’re a Hobbyist Or A Professional. You See, Miter Saws ABSOLUTELYA USEFUL TOOL. There are a Bunch of Units and Models to Pick from. However, you must be aware What to look for in order to make a good purchase.

Furthermore, Keep in Mind that you must also Come with a basic understanding of these units after you read this article. We Also Want To Add that We Always Consider Affordability. Thus, You’re Guaranteed that All Units We’ve Discussed Come with Reasonable Price. They are All Worthy to Invest in.

ALSO, Try To Understand that Key to finding The Best Tool for Your Needs IsDering Your Personal Preferances. IS Probably a Daunting Task Especially IF You’re in a Budget, But’s Worth The Stress.All in All, Always Look for A Good Price-to-Qualey Ratio. And That’s it!

IF this Review is Helpful to You, Kindly Leave Any Feedback. Thatk you!


Festool is a High-End German Power Tool Maker. Its Woodworking Tools Are Some of the Best in the World.

When Investing A Lot of Money Into Power Tools, You Obviorysly Want to Get Products that has a high level of Quality, So Which of these Brand Names Is Better in this Sense Sense?

Well, first off, we have Makita, which is known for manufacturing its products in various countries around the world including, China, Brazil, Japan, Romania, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Dubai, the USA, and Thailand.

That Said, The Vast Majority of the Tools Made by Makita Arefactureed in China. This does of cousse braings of the Issue of Quality Into Question, As Manufacturers Produce Their Goods in China Due to Lax Labor and Manusturing Lawws. Makita Tools are Generally Known to be decent in Quality, and Also Quite Affordable too.

When it Comes to Quality, Makita Is Quite Good, Althrow Probably Not the Best, Especially When Compared to Festool.

The reason why we are saying that Festool has a higher quality product is for two reasons, with the first being that the vast majority of Festool products are manufactured in Germany, a country which enforced and adheres to very high manufacturing standards. These Standards then Translate to Excellent Tool Quality.

The Other Reason We Say This IS Get What You Pay For, and Yes, Festool Products Are Very Expensive.

They Are So Expensave Because The Materials Used in Manoufactoring are Top-Notch, and the Manoufactoring IS Closely Monitored. Over, it’s Also Important to Note Festool Is Marketed Towards Professionals Only. Thus ARE NOT TOLS that An Average Joe Woup Purchase for Use Around the Home.

Which Offers The Better Warranty?

Something Else Worth Is That Festool Offers Some Truly Fantastic Warranties on Their Products. FIRST OFF, They Offer A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee If You are not Happy with the Tools. Second, if your product Breaks Due to the Failure of a Certain Part, The Tool Will Be Servied Or Replaced for 10 Years.

All Their Tools Also Come with a Comprehensave Three-Year Warranty That Covers All Sorts of Wear and Tear, Plus You Can Purchase An Aditite All-Inclusive Warranty Wells Well-Well. Simply PUT, IF ANYTHING GOES WIRONG WIR FESTOOL TOOLS, YOU SHOULD Be Covered.

Makita Also Offers Some Decent Warranties on Its Tools. This Includes a Limited Onear Protection Warranty for All Makita Tools Which Covers Defects. Most Cordless Products from Makita AreD by A Three-Year Limited Warranty, And Outdoor Gas Power Equered by A Limited Two-Year.

As you can see, how.coming festool and makita, the Former Has the Better Warranties by Far, Althrow Some of them Can Be Costly to Purchase.

festool, makita, better

Makita vs Festool: Which Has the Better Product Portfolio?

What is Important to Know Here Is That Both Brands Make Array of Corded and Cordless Tools. Both Brand Names Produce An Array of Drills and Impact Drivers, Various Types of Saws, Dust Extection Products, Semi-Stationary Tools, Oscillators, Grinders, Polishers, AND MORRS.

However, in the Grand Scheme of Things, Makita Does Have A Larger Selection Across The Board.

The Selection Available at Makita Is Twice The Size of that of Festool, If Not Even However, do Remember that is the issue of Quality vs. Quantity. Festool May Not Produce as Many Products as Makita, But They All Tend to Ber High Quality, As the Are Designed StripTly For Professional Use.

Something worth noting is that Makita also produces a wide range of gas, battery-powered, and electric outdoor tools, such as chainsaws, pole saws, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and other such things, none of which are produced by Festool.

On the Other Hand, The Lineup of Dust Extracts from Festool Is Quite Impressive, As Well as the Lineup of Track Saws.

Which Brand Offers a Better Selection of Track Saws?

As Mentioned ABOVE, Festool Does Have an Impressive Lineup of Track Saws, and At this Has 14 Different Options Available, Which Is Quite Good.

On the Other Hand, Makita Produce an Extemely Limited Number of Track Saws.

IF YOU NEED A Good Track Saw, Festool Is Your Best Bet.

Which Brand Offers a Better Selection of Drills?

When it Comes to Drills, Both Corded and Cordless, Makita Is the Brand Name that Offers a Better Selection.

For Example, IF You Are Looking for a Cordless Drywall Screwdriver, You Will Find that Makita Has ABOUT 7 OF THEM, WHEREAS Festool Has a Couple of them.

Makita Offers Many Drills than Festool.

Makita vs. Festool: Warranty Comparisons

Makita Warranty

Makita Offers Really Good Warranties on Its Products. They Have A 30-Day Replaceement Guarantee On All of Their Products. Additionally, All Tools Have At Least a One-Year General Product Warrant for Defects. Also, all gas = Powered Tools has a two-year warranty, and all Lithium-on Tools Come with a Three-Year Limited Warranty.

Festool Warranty

Festool Offers Excellent Warranties on Its Products. FIRST OFF, They Offer A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee If You are not Happy with the Product. Second, if your Product Breaks Due to Part Failure, The Tool Will Be Servied or Replaced for up to 10 Years.

All Their Tools Also Come with a Comprehensave Three-Year Warranty That Covers All Sorts of Wear and Tear, Plus You Can Purchase An Aditite All-Inclusive Warranty Wells Well-Well. Simply PUT, IF ANYTHING GOES WIRONG WIR Festool Product, You Shoup Be Covered.

Makita vs. Festool: Tool Comparison

Makita Compound Miter Saw

Both of these Compound Miter Saws Are Designed To Cut Through ABOUT ABOUT ANYTHING YOU HAVE and Prove Themselves to Be High-Quality and Durable.

The Makita Compound Miter Saw Is Moderatly Price and Offers a High-Quality, 15.I-Filty Motor, Which Provides 3.200 RPM. The Independent Laser Lets You Know Right Were You’re Cutting and Even Wheter The Blade Is Turning Or Not. Plus, You Get Micro-djustments so You Can Make Sure You’re Cutting Directlya Want to Be. This Includes Left-Of-The-Blade Versus Right-Of-The-Blade. This Unit Uses Someting Makita Calls ‘Deep and Exact Cutting Technology’ OR DXT. This Has a Direct Drive Gearbox and A Retractable Guard System that aids in Vertical Cutting.

Festool Compound Miter Saw

IF Price is not A Prince for You, The Festool Compound Miter Saw is a Expensive Option that Delivers EVERYTHING THAT You’re LOOKING FOR. Up To 91% of the Dust Is Extracted with The Hood, and the Pivoting Hose to Help Even The Angle Transfer Device That’s Included Will Help You to get the angles you need QUICKLY, AUTOMATILLY BISTING to the SAW, and VARIABLE SPEED MOTOR FOR EXTRA POTRA POTRA PURA. There’s a dual laser system that lets you know where you’re cutting and, on top of that, this system lets you use the laser without having to turn on the saw itself, and the whole thing is lighter weight than other options.

Head to Head: Features and Benefits of Each Tool

There are a Number of Things You Shoup look at Before Choosing The Ideal Compound Miter Saw For your needs.

Take A Look At What We’ve Found Between The Makita and the Festool So You Know Which One Is the Top Choice for You.


How Many Amps of Power The Motor Actually Puts Out Is Going To Tell You Saw Has the Most Power Coming Into the Race.

With these Two Options, You’re Getting a Decent AMUNT OF AMPERAGE No MATTER WHICH WAYTH GO. However, You’re Actually Getting Wh Comes to the Makita, At 15 Amps, That You do with the Festool, At 13 Amps.

You COULD Notice the Difference When Cutting Harder Pieces, Throw 13 Amps Should BE En feh for moste applications.


When it Comes to Weight, You’re Actually Getting Better with The Festool Option.

The Makita Weighs in AT 58.2 pounds. It’s definitely a lot of Weight if you’re going to be carrying it arusporting it to different locations.

The Festool Option Weights in 47 Pounds, Which is Definitely Going to Be a Big Difference.

You’ll Still Notice the Weight of it! That extra 11.2 Pound IS Definitely Going to Make A Pretty Big Difference.

Variable Speed ​​Motor

Having a Variable-Speed ​​Motor Means that You Can Increase The Power When Cutting Someting Harder and Decrease the Motor When Cutting Softer.

It Reduces The Amount of Wear on the Machine and Cuts Down On Overheating Problems.

The Festool Offers You This Feature, Providing Different Motor Speed ​​Options to Make Sure You Use The Power You Neeed, While the Makita Deesn One.

Soft Start

Another Way to Reduce the Wear on the Machine Yous with A Soft Start, Which Eases The Unit Into Jumping From No Power to High Power Right Off the Bat.

Both of these Saws Actually Offer this feature. Providing A Smooth Process, You can trust to keep the Machine Working Longger.

Brief educational program about power tools. sold in ⁠ ⁠

I will continue the post about popular instrument brands. But reading Комментарии и мнения владельцев realized that it would not hurt to tell a little about world brands. The previous part about the most popular brands. here https: // pikabu.ru/story/kratkiy_likbez_pro_yelektroinstrumen and here https: // pikabu.ru/story/kratkiy_likbez_pro_yelektroinstrumen and statistics on the market and world market. here https: // pikabu.ru/story/kratkiy_likbez_pro_yelektroinstrumen

Before this, I would like to make an important explanation: if you compare the tool of different brands. then do this for the tool of one year of release / purchase and under the same operating conditions. Let me explain: the peorator of the retail price of 4000 in 2013 and now. these are 2 different peorators. The cost of the first at the plant will be 40-45. the second. by force 25 (approximate numbers data for STM).

So. One of the largest and most young players in the world tools of tools: TTI Group (China). Brands Milwaukee, Aeg, Ryobi are included. Brands themselves have a long and glorious story. and were purchased by the new owner.

11) Milwaukee- really cool brand. The main competitor of Dewalt in the native American market (which accounts for the main share of sales). Don’t consider advertising. almost does not deliver to the brand. And if it occurs from time to time, then the price is clearly higher than the market and often the meaning of buying for such a price disappears. For those who live in the States. there are often Milwaukee sales in large local networks and the price is just chocolate.

12) AEG. by status below Milwaukee. But on part of the AEG models, separate SF are interchangeable with Milwaukee. The brand has a complex fate. a limited and often the cheapest gamut of goods is imported. that simultaneously puts off a shadow on a reputation. Yes, and the price tag should be lower (and certainly no higher than Makita and Bosch). With SCh often problems. It is worth clarifying here. that AEG household appliances and AEG tools do not have anything absolutely common. except for the brand. They have different owners. Now the brand is displayed from the assortment of a number of networks. And you can buy it profitably.

13) Ryobi. another good brand. famous for them. that one of the first suggested using universal batteries for the entire line of the tool. And in general, I did a lot to popularize the battery direction of the power tool. The main problem in the market is an even less adequate price and the absence of SF. In cunning sellers, the thicket will offer you Ryobi at a price at the Makita level or just below. Having told. that it is also a Japanese brand. Why ? Because the product should cost at least 30-40% cheaper than Makita analogues. And sellers are motivated to sell marginal goods. And precisely because of the greed of sellers. Key models and top battleships can now cost more than Bosch, Metabo and even Dewalt. At the same time, in the states of Ryobi you can recommend for purchase. Especially in the sets (sets) with the One’s battery system there you will easily find a similar set of electric screwdriver. corner grinding. Circular. Lanter. 2 Akski LI —ion on 3ah and charging for only 11-12 thousand, we have a similar Ryobi set for sale 2 times more expensive.

14) Hitachi. Hitachi power tool has no longer nothing to do with the maternal Japanese machine.building company. belongs to the American fund, which in turn owns the brand Metabo. Hitachi supplies to terminated. The remaining tool can be found in stores at pretty sweet prices. Starting next year, the brand will be called Hikoki, will increase. The instrument itself was quite innovative. But with the growth of the dollar in 2014, most of the technological innovations are not supplied to. The budget series wears ss marking at the end. but remains a pretty good tool. especially corner grinding and woodworking. As for the prospects for that most likely. The concern will focus on promoting its 2 brand. Metabo.

I read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and wrote out a list of brands. about which you also need to tell. But in 1 post, you are difficult to answer the answers to all questions. Anyway. Ask. In the near future I will answer all questions.


Tools from the German company AEG enjoy love from users, thanks to a good ratio of price and quality.

Currently, the AEG brand is actively used by Electrolux Group, which produces a top household and kitchen appliances under its factories in Poland, Hungary and Italy, as well as TTI. Hong Kong with a licensed agreement to produce hand tools under the AEG trademark. TTI also owns Milwaukee, Ryobi, Homelite, Hoover, Dirt Devil and VAX (producer of vacuum cleaners).

Interesting fact: it was AEG who created the first electric hair dryer, and introduced this word into everyday life.

Большой обзор аккумуляторных погружных пил BOSCH FESTOOL MAKITA METABO


The American brand Dewalt, which offers a wide range of high.quality and high.tech power tools, accessories for repair and garden equipment, was created in 1922 by Raymond Devolta. This engineer owns the idea of ​​creating a radial console saw, which for many years has become a model of quality and durability.

The company was purchased by BlackDecker in 1960. At first, with all his might, trying to gain popularity among professionals who considered BlackDecker an amateur brand, the company began to become a very successful rebrand. This happened in the early 1990s and positioned Dewalt as a brand chosen by professionals. Today it is one of the flagship brands Stanley BlackDecker, which is part of the Fortune 500 list.

What power tools should you have at home in [YEAR]

What power tools are needed for home

Men do not always understand what kind of instruments in the house they need, and which will simply be superfluous. If this problem is familiar to you, then use the list of tools below that everyone will need:

  • drill;
  • Peorator;
  • screwdriver;
  • corner grinder;
  • electrician;
  • a circular saw;
  • electric rhinoma;
  • chain Saw;
  • Saber saw.

Drill. the most popular tool. With its help, holes are drilled, solutions are mixed, and finished processing of surfaces is made. If you buy a shock type device, then in some types of work it is quite possible to replace the peorator.

But not all situations will be able to do without a penetrator. It is necessary for:

This device is recommended with a power above average. It’s good if the buyer immediately selects high.quality diamond crowns.

Shurovyrt also relates to running tools. It is compact and easily twists/screws the fasteners of different types. Also, with its help, you can mount the wiring, collect structures, fix the brackets and not only.

Carbon grinding machines are called grinder. In everyday life, they are used to cut ceramic tiles, sheet iron, reinforcement, as well as grinding of different surfaces.

Electrician can be considered a universal cutting device. It can make direct cuts, cut out figures and not only.

Important! When choosing an electrician, pay attention to its platform and the number of revolutions. The best platforms are cast. The number of revolutions should be the maximum possible.

The circular is acquired mainly by owners of their own country houses. Her purpose:

In working with this tool, you need to be extremely careful, since the slightest violation of safety precautions will lead to injuries.

Buying an electrician is also relevant for owners of private houses. The tool is designed to align wooden surfaces, removing the chamfer, adjusted the structural elements to the desired size, etc.D.

The owners building a house or planning to buy it should take care of the presence of chain and saber saws. The first is much smaller than gasoline and allows not only to cut off the trees, but also to perform carpentry work. Sable models differ in the length of the file and increased power. They are ideal for cutting different materials: wood, pipes, metal, drywall and others.

A worthy tool allows any work to perform easily and with comfort. So you need to remember that such devices are able to offer only the best companies.

Criteria for choosing battery professional screwdrivers

High.quality screwdrivers are selected according to a number of indicators. Battery. according to a slightly expanded list. Professional tool is distinguished by higher performance, smaller moodiness and great endurance.

So, a brief list of what you can choose your tool on the basis.

Electric screwdriver power source.

Battery power is highlighted by a special class of models that are characterized by the highest mobility. Depending on the manufacturer, such as the model and cost, the delivery set may include up to 2 batteries. Their technical characteristics are described by voltage (in volts) and capacity (in ampere hours).

Battery voltage.

In wide access. batteries with a voltage of 9 to 36 V. The larger this parameter, the greater the power of the electric motor. Batteries up to 14 V are too weak and are suitable for irregular operations of the house. For a professional purpose model, you should choose 18 V or more. 20 or even 36 in.

Lack of high voltage. increased mass. Therefore, the consensus will be 18 in.

Battery capacity.

The less charging time and the less often charging is required, the better for work. The technique should work, and not idle in anticipation and under those native maintenance.

A capacity of up to 1.5 ampere hours (Ach) is required for household models. For constant use, it is better to look at 2.5-3.0 ah.

The number of batteries.

For the permanent work of a professional, appropriate technical equipment is necessary. What work can be if the battery needs to be charged every couple of hours, waiting at this time idle?

Good output. completeness with two batteries and charger. The essence is simple: while one is working, the second will be charged. And after a minute pause for replacement, the work will continue.

Type of battery.

The most budgetary-nickel-cadmium. Power. minimal, durability. up to 1000 loads. Good for icebursts in winter.

The next type of reliability is nickel-metallological. The price is high, it is strongly discharged independently, but environmentally friendly. Not suitable for home.

The best batteries are lithium-ion (lithium-ion, Li-Ion). Maximum container, operational loading, low independent discharge. The best option for a professional master.

Material of the manufacture of the case.

The easier an electric screwdriver. the easier and longer you can work for them. The work of the power tool includes not only retention of the device, but also pressing to the surface. When working on the head or in the ceiling position of the forces will be spent decently. Therefore, the optimal material is light and durable: plastic or aluminum. The latter for the purpose of electrical safety will necessarily be protected by rubber or covered with the same plastic.

type of drive.

Give advice. What should be an electric engine, the matter is not easy. Collector (brush) type will be cheaper. Brightless. more reliable and produces higher power.

Reducer manufacturing material.

According to buyers, the gears and other parts of the metal should definitely consider. Plastic can melt, paint and just break.

Cartridge and its type.

Among the screwdrivers according to reviews, it is best. installing a nozzle or drill in a fast.packed cartridge. The least time is spent and an additional key is not required. For the work of the stairs or in constrained conditions, this is especially valuable about.

It is better to have 2 cartridges in the configuration. cam. The first is the best for drilling, the second is for work by many types of nozzles in a short time.

Spindle revolutions.

In this aspect, reliability is behind the golden middle in the form of 1,500 revolutions per minute. Less. too weak for regular actions, more. just a waste of energy charge.

TOP option. with speed adjustment by the effort of starting the start button.

Torque (Nm-Newton-meter).

The most reliable option for confident work is about 25-35 nm. than 70 nm is already superfluous, only hands will be tired in the evening.

Reverse direction of rotation.

The choice must be made taking into account work with screws. and they can only be twisted in the opposite direction.


You can often hear the request: “Advise. Which manufacturer is better than others?””

The question is incorrect. all brands release decent quality and decent choice. There is a spectrum of cheap models, and there are a number of “expensive” and “gold” in the price and quality of manufacturers. Personal question.

Type by shock.

No electric screwdriver can be better than a shock drill, and even more so. a penetrator. Therefore, for him there is no need for this equipment. But if necessary, it will be able to make a hole in concrete, no more.

The backlight of the working area.

Very often, the battery tool is involved just where there is no power supply. Therefore, the backlight of any type is very desirable.

Impulse regime.

This is a mode in which the spindle rotation is intermittently and with small jerks. Extremely useful option for rusting fasteners.


Classical version-1-2 batteries, charger. Often everything forms in the case.

There is also a hook for hinging on a belt or even a holster. An additional handle and a drilling depth limiter are welcome.

Rating of the best battery professional screwdrivers TOP 10 at the choice of customers

A review of the best drills begins with determining why and a clamp is needed. Someone needs a portable universal, and someone is required exclusively for screws. For some masters, a lot is important. due to work on high stairs. For others. long.term work without recharging. Many buyers make their choice via internet no store. Someone seeks to choose the cheapest. Someone is more expensive, but better. Nevertheless, everyone finds something to their liking. The choice of electric screwdriver for the majority is almost an intimate business, and this is not a joke.

You can compare the main best offers from the most famous brands quite simply. To begin with. visit the nearest store or technology market. Having consulted with the consultant, you need not to forget that everyone sees the range of sentences in their own way. Therefore, the search for top screws can be continued on the Internet.

Dwell on Dewalt DCD791D2 70 Nm or the latest interskol development is to decide each potential buyer. The rating of screwdriver screwdrivers can be composed in different ways, but the optimum is given.

The rating of the best screwdrivers is based on the most common choice of certain models in terms of a number of parameters. Basic. price / power and mobility / functionality / size and mass / optionality of proposals.

Electric screwdriver: Krüger KD 18LI

Specially made for unscrewing fasteners and drilling. an electric screwdriver from the Kruger brand. They can carry out the entire list of work on installing and removing fasteners.

Work can be performed at one of two speeds. The first. with revolutions up to 1350 per minute. perfectly for drilling and ordinary fasteners. The second. up to 350 revolutions, but with a much more powerful torque. for working with tight fasteners.

Cartridge. fast.packed, type. three.cup. The maximum diameter of the shank is 10 mm. For safety and certain types of work, a spindle movement system is provided. Added reverse and rattle. to work as a conventional screwdriver.

Power. LI. Ion battery, with a voltage of 18 V (B) and a capacity of 2 Ah. He provides long work without the need to recharge.

The comfort of the work is enhanced by the illumination of the LED type and the mount for putting on the hand. 2 batteries and a set of nozzles. drill and bats are delivered in the kit. Packaging. case. Mass (weight) of the tool. 2.1 kg.

Electric screwdriver: m Akita DF457DWE

This bright drill is an electric screwdriver from Makita is designed for as a professional. and domestic use. The spectrum of work is the installation and removal of any fasteners, drilling and other similar operations with appropriate nozzle. The choice of a multifunctional assistant can be stopped here.

Type of mechanism. unstressed, with electronic protection against overload. The latter’s operation is to turn off the engine power when the spindle rotation suddenly stops. The latter can receive up to 1,400 revolutions per minute. 2 speeds are available. The collector electric motor can be adjusted by means of 17 stages of torque.

Cartridge. fast.packed type. The maximum clampable diameter of the shank is 13 mm. The largest drilling diameter when working with wood is 36 mm, with metal. 13 mm. The functionality is expanded by the regulator of the depth of work.

Power-from lithium-ion batteries, which are included 2. Voltage. 18 V, capacity. 1.5 Ah. Installation. classic slider, under the handle.

Tool mass. 1.7 kg. The mass of the total kit in the case is 4.37 kg. The minimum set of bit is also supplied (optionally, you should clarify).

Electric screwdriver: m etabo BS 18 l

The Metabo brand is rich in excellent models of the hut of complications. the next model confirms this with its quality assembly.

The cartridge is fast.sounding, no key to change the nozzle is needed. The maximum diameter of the tail of the nozzle is up to 13 mm. You can also drill, the maximum diameter of the drill for lumber of 20 mm, for metal. 10 mm. The screwing depth is regulated.

The mechanism is unstressed, develops up to 1800 rpm. Engine. collector, at 2 speeds of operation. The maximum hard torque is 50 nm.

Power-from 2 interchangeable lithium-ion-type batteries. Each. with a capacity of 2 ah and a voltage of 18 in.

There is a backlighting of the working area. To release the hands, a hook is provided. for suspension on a belt or belt. Small interchangeable nozzles and drills can be temporarily fixed in a special compartment on the case. Ergonomics and style emphasize functionality. which is already enough for any operation.

Mass. 1.6 kg. Laying a set of tools. in a suitcase.

Electric screwdriver: Metabo BS 18 10 mm

This electric screwdriver from Metabo is characterized by increased power. Torque of 48 Nm provides good work with stuck fasteners.

What is the BEST Sliding Miter Saw? Makita vs Festool

The installation of interchangeable nozzles is carried out in a fast.packed cartridge. It provides for the installation of both bit and drills with a tail diameter from 0.8 to 10.0 mm. At the same time, using bit without a cartridge is possible in normal mode.

The model is unstressed, you can drill: metal. up to 10 mm in diameter, wood. up to 21 mm.

Electric motor. collector, two.speed. Revolutions. up to 1600 per minute. Torque regulation. at 20 steps.

Power-from the lithium-ion battery removed by the type of slider. Voltage. 18 V, capacity. 1.3 ah. The kit contains 2 batteries immediately.

It differs in small sizes. which provides access to limited and constrained places. There are regulators of depth and torque. The illumination of the working area will help both in limited corners and at night. You can suspend the tool on the belt. for this there is a hook.

The equipment is made in a plastic case equipped with a pen.

Shurpovert: Metabo BS 14 4 10 mm

Metabo brand offers a very convenient electric screwdriver of an unstressed type. This professional electric screwdriver is not very expensive and is suitable for each master.