Fills a candle on a STIHL 180 chainsaw

Role of the spark plug

A spark plug in a STIHL chain engine or any engine is a simple device. Each time the flywheel of the motor completes a revolution, a magnet attached to it induces an electric current in the static magnet. This current generates a spark across the electrodes of the plug. The spark ignites the fuel / air mixture in the combustion chamber, and this sets the piston in motion, makes the engine run. If the electrodes of the plug are far apart or covered with oil, carbon deposits, the spark is intermittent or weak, resulting in incomplete combustion and poor engine performance.

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Avoid using ethanol fuels

When filling the spark plug of a STIHL chainsaw, you can suspect the fault of low-quality fuel. Regardless of the condition of the plug after 100 hours of operation, STIHL recommends replacing it with a new one. Use a resistor type plug and check the manual for your STIHL chain saw by going to the page for recommended replacements. If the plug needs to be replaced because it is badly worn, it may be due to the use of ethanol-added gasoline.

Ethanol burns differently than gasoline and can cause the engine to overheat. One of the symptoms of this is worn-out electrodes, and then flooding of the candle. STIHL recommends ethanol-free 89 octane gasoline. In no case should gasoline contain more than 10% ethanol.

Filling a candle on a chainsaw. a solution to the problem

The spark plug is an integral part of any internal combustion engine, providing the energy needed to ignite the fuel. If it is corroded, dirty, worn, or otherwise damaged, the engine will or will not start and will not perform well. A poorly functioning engine in a STIHL chain saw can mean more work for the operator and can be dangerous. Therefore, STIHL recommends replacing the spark plug every 100 hours of operation.

Why is pouring a candle on a chainsaw?

When pouring a candle on a chainsaw, you must immediately carry out a thorough check of the tool.

  • Checking the plug. Part of regular maintenance of a STIHL chain saw is to remove the plug and inspect it (recommended every 10-15 hours of operation.) If the engine is running normally, the outer electrode is likely to be covered with light brown deposits. The operator must check the electrode gap with a special tool. If the engine is running normally, the problem manifests itself in the condition of the plug. Thick black deposits indicate that the fuel / air mixture is unbalanced. In other words, there is not enough air in the mixture. On the other hand, wide slits or corroded electrodes are indicative of a lean mixture. Oil on the plug indicates a leak.
  • Clean or replace? If the fork is covered with light brown deposits and the clearance is correct, the operator does not need to do anything with the fork. It is enough to put it back in place, and the chainsaw should continue to work normally. If it is covered with black deposits or oil, remove this layer with sandpaper. If necessary, adjust the gap with pliers. One of the conditions indicating the need for replacement is electrode wear. If the engine stalls, you need to check it with a spark plug tester and replace it if the spark is not strong or appears every time.
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How to quickly fix the problem?

It is important to know why he is pouring a candle on a chainsaw and what can be done in this case. STIHL saws have a choke to facilitate cold starts, but the operator must use it correctly. When it closes the throttle, the carburetor sprays additional fuel into the combustion chamber. If the engine does not start at the first three or four thrust, the fuel and air mixture will become unbalanced. And if you continue to pull the starter when the throttle is closed, a large amount of fuel ignites and the spark plug is flooded.

If you find out that the chainsaw will not start, and the candle is in perfect order, read our recommendations in the article. why not start the chainsaw?

You can just wait for the fuel to drain, but there is a quick way to clean it.

  • Place the chain saw on a level surface and make sure the circuit breaker is activated. Pull out the wire from the spark plug and remove the plug with a wrench. Check electrodes and wipe them dry with a rag if full of fuel.
  • Unscrew the air filter cover and remove the air filter. Clean it up if it’s dirty.
  • Set the main control lever to the minimum throttle position or open position. Pull the starting rope five or six times.
  • Install the air filter, spark plug, and connect the spark plug wire. Leave the throttle open and pull the starter cord several times. The chain saw should start.
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Things you need to work on your STIHL saw:

  • gloves;
  • candle key;
  • rag.

Wrong clearance

For the most part, the gap on the chainsaw spark plug should be within 0.5. 1.2 millimeters (more accurate data should be reflected in the user manual). In order to check whether this is so, you must perform the following steps:

  • Using a screwdriver or special keys, unscrew the bolts securing the chainsaw cover.
  • Having gained access to the flywheel and magnetic circuit, the clearance level is checked.
  • If it does not correspond to the characteristics declared by the manufacturers, then with the help of a special gasket or improvised means (a regular A4 sheet folded several times is perfect), the required distance is set.

Разборка бензопилы штиль 180 часть 1

Wrong start

As a rule, during the first start of the chainsaw, inexperienced men skip the “clap” with the air damper closed and continue to pull the starter. Because of this, a large amount of fuel accumulates in the combustion chamber, but the air is critically short. The candle is filled with excess gasoline and there can be no question of any spark.

Why is pouring a candle on a chainsaw: reasons

The main cause of a flooded spark plug on a chainsaw is excessive fuel consumption and can be caused by various reasons, in particular:

  • Poor quality gasoline.
  • Incorrect chainsaw starting algorithm, which inexperienced owners often “sin”.
  • Clogged air filter that can no longer cope with its function.
  • Failure of the ignition system.
  • Unadjusted carburetor operation.


What to do when pouring a candle on a chainsaw

Before heading to the service center, it will be useful to try to fix the current malfunction of filling the spark plug on the chainsaw on your own. Of course, this is only relevant in the presence of “straight” hands, since, otherwise, there is a high probability of increasing the cost of repair work.

STIHL MS 170 chainsaw: Filling up the chain oil for the saw chain and fuel mixture

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What to do if a candle is flooded on a chainsaw

If you suspect a flooded candle, you must inspect it. With the help of a candle wrench, it is unscrewed and carefully studied. If the candle is wet, but there is a spark, then it was definitely flooded.

Many experienced owners are more likely to determine the current state of a candle by its color. This procedure is recommended to be carried out regularly.

  • Light brown carbon deposits are exactly what all owners want to see. In this case, the functionality of the chainsaw is not impaired.
  • Black carbon deposits indicate an unbalanced mixture, namely a lack of oxygen in the fuel chamber. If the situation does not improve, there is a high probability of re-pouring the chainsaw plug.
  • If corrosion is detected on the plug or the distance between the electrodes is too large, then most likely a lean mixture is used.

Ignition system failure

Perhaps this is one of the most difficult problems that will need to be overcome for the further use of the chainsaw. There may also be several reasons for the appearance of a malfunction.

Clogged filter

Due to the heavy contamination of the paper filter of the chainsaw, sufficient oxygen does not enter the fuel chamber. The fuel mixture has no time to ignite and gasoline fills the spark plug. If the filter has already exhausted its resource (this will be noticeable by its appearance), then it must be replaced. If you don’t have a new filter at hand, but you still need to work, then you can try to blow the filter with a reverse air flow.

Chainsaws from different makes and models differ from each other. To clean or change the filter, it will be superfluous to first look at the instruction manual. Well, or look there if you cannot remove the filter without prompts.

Why pouring a candle on a chainsaw and what to do

One of the most common problems with chainsaws is candle flooding. At the same time, such situations are typical for various types of saws and it does not matter whether a beginner or a professional holds the tool in his hands. Of course, this should not be, because a spark cannot appear on a wet candle, therefore, the fuel mixture will not ignite.