Gardena trimmers

Gardena brand electric trimmers stand out with a host of benefits. They are equipped with reliable and environmentally friendly engines that consume the least amount of electricity. Gardena models are equipped with efficient rotor systems that can withstand work in heavily overgrown areas. In addition, Garden’s electric braids are as simple as possible to operate and maintain, which makes it possible for any beginner gardener to start their operation.

Foundation and development of the Gardena brand

The first small factory of the well-known Gardena company was opened in 1961 in the German city of Ulm. From the very beginning, the enterprise managed to establish an uninterrupted production of simple but extremely important things in the household: garden hoses, garter cables, hand tools for working in the garden and on the house plot.

The active development of the company helped it to make a significant leap, and already in the 90s the company began intensive production of gasoline and electric garden tools. Nowadays, Gardena brand actively produces robotic lawnmowers, innovative intelligent irrigation systems and other equipment to help make maintenance of the adjacent area easier and more enjoyable.

Gardena trimmers

Special attention is paid to branded electric trimmers of the German brand Gardena. They are in high demand due to their efficiency, low noise and vibration generated, as well as ease of operation. Reasonable prices give the opportunity to purchase electric braids of the German brand to almost everyone.

Electric trimmer Gardena EasyCut 400. model complete set

The Gardena electric trimmer in this configuration is in demand due to the telescopic rod, which can be folded for more convenient transportation and storage. The factory equipment of the model includes a medium-power engine that can withstand voltage drops and intense work under high loads.

The standard equipment of the electric braid includes a front handle, which simplifies the operation of the trimmer when working in hard to reach places. If necessary, the position of the standard handle can be adjusted to the height of the rod.

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The feed of the cutting line in the trimmer coil is regulated in a semi-automatic mode. This makes it possible to save a considerable amount of cord when cutting undersized lawns.

Key specifications of this amateur electric scythe include:

  • factory engine power. 400 watts;
  • coverage when cutting with fishing line. 25 cm;
  • the maximum permissible diameter of the fishing line is 1.6 mm;
  • weight. 2.8 kg.

This Gardena electric braid stands out for its simplicity. This simplifies maintenance of the garden tool and makes it possible to quickly and easily replace defective model parts.

Gardena EasyCut Li-18 / 23R cordless trimmer. options for electric braids

This electric scythe stands out with an improved cutting system. Due to its refinement, the manufacturer managed to achieve the ability of the model to trim the edges more smoothly near decorative pedestrian paths and flower beds.

The model comes with a hardy electric motor, a capacious lithium-ion battery, and an ergonomic handle that can be folded to a minimum size.

Key factory parameters for electric braids include:

  • factory battery voltage. 18 V;
  • coverage when cutting with fishing line. 23 cm;
  • the maximum allowable diameter of the fishing line is 1.4 mm;
  • weight. 2.4 kg.

The battery capacity is enough for 50 minutes of continuous operation of the trimmer. Country of origin of garden tools. Germany.

Electric trimmer Gardena ComfortCut 450. equipment

This amateur model stands out for its maximum simplicity and ease of use. The trimmer is equipped with a robust electric motor that consumes a minimum amount of energy and can withstand voltage surges.

The garden tool is equipped with an ergonomic D-shaped handle, adjustable throughout the height of the bar. The trimmer bar can be folded to save space during storage and transportation.

Key factory model parameters include:

  • engine power. 450 watts;
  • coverage when cutting with fishing line. 25 cm;
  • the maximum permissible diameter of the fishing line is 1.6 mm;
  • weight. 2.8 kg.

The insignificant mass and modest dimensions of this electric braid make it possible to quickly and accurately mow the lawn in the most inaccessible places.