Gasoline Lawn Mower Viking Mb 248.4

Gasoline Lawn Mower Viking Mb 248.4

Brand warranty 2 years

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  • Updated version version of the Viking MB 248 lawn mower with Viking EVC 200 engine
  • Suitable for medium sized plots
  • Cutting height can be changed and precisely set using a 7-step central adjustment

The Viking MB 248.4 gas mower is designed for both novice and experienced users. It is reliable, characterized by high maneuverability and optimal mowing width, therefore it will be possible to tidy up the lawn even faster, without losing the quality of processing. Beginners will be able to cope with this lawn mower, because it is easy to operate, very convenient and does not require a lot of time to master.

Perfect turf guaranteed

Lawn mowing, especially in difficult areas and areas with various obstacles. not a simple matter. However, not with the Viking MB 248.4 mower. This device has high maneuverability, a powerful and reliable engine that allows you to achieve high performance. A lawn of any complexity, with any obstacles or on a difficult terrain will still turn out neat and beautiful. The engine provides a powerful air stream for accurate and accurate mowing of grass. The system of knives with flaps, which are located in a special aerodynamic-shaped housing, helps this process. Mowed grass is transported by air flow to a volumetric grass catcher.

Convenience and ease even with long-term work

Lawnmower Viking MB 248.4. This is one of the most convenient models in the series. Everything is provided here so that the workflow is convenient and does not cause unnecessary difficulties. Central adjustment makes it easy to adjust the grass cutoff level, and you can always see the desired parameters in a special window. A large-sized grass catcher will allow you not to be distracted by its emptying and quickly process the site. And to know exactly when you need to do this, you can use the grass catcher indicator. The lawnmower is always easy to transport and store, as it is equipped with a folding handle.

Built-in fill indicator

Flap knife

Double Bearing Wheels

Folding handle

Robust frame design

1. For what area of ​​lawn are lawn mowers suitable?

Maneuverable models are recommended for small areas up to 800 sq.m. For larger lawns, larger models should be used.

2. In what cases to use gasoline and electric models?

For working in small areas, battery-powered electrical equipment is ideal. It is characterized by quiet operation and the absence of exhaust gases. However, cordless lawn mowers are not suitable for large areas and lawns with an uneven surface. In these cases, petrol models should be used.

3. Do mow grass or resort to mulching?

All STIHL and VIKING lawn mowers are equipped with spacious grass catchers. However, many modifications are designed to connect a special kit for mulching, when the mowed grass is not collected, but crushed and scattered on the lawn, being a fertilizer for growing grass. Therefore, if you need to use mulch on the lawn as a fertilizer, it is better to give priority to models with the mulching function.

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4. Which lawnmower should be preferred if there are many bushes on the site?

If there are a large number of bushes on the site, it is necessary to select not only a maneuverable model. Separately, you should pay attention to the width of the mowing. The smaller the width, the greater the likelihood of passing vehicles between adjacent bushes. In this case, it can be either a self-propelled model or a lawn mower, which must be set in motion by pushing.

5. Is the mower suitable for a steep slope?

If the angle of inclination exceeds 30 °, then it is not recommended to treat such a surface with gasoline lawn mowers. In the case where the site is small in size, battery technology is suitable. If the site area is large, then a lawn mower can be recommended as a tool for working with a lawn on a slope, which will be an excellent addition to an existing gas mower.

6. Why does the mower lose power during operation?

A common cause of power loss is a dirty air filter. With the equipment turned off, remove the filter and clean it. If the filter is damaged or does not clean, replace with a new one.

Also, the cause of power loss can be contamination of internal parts. Remove any remaining grass from the mower parts.

7. Does fuel quality affect the engine?

The operation of the engine of the lawn mower, like any ICE, depends on the quality of the fuel. Fill only high-quality unleaded gasoline into the gas tank. It includes AI-92 gasoline, since it uses the least amount of additives. If for some reason you do not like the quality of the fuel. change the place of purchase of gasoline, giving preference to the only proven gas stations.

8. What is the reason for the inaccurate appearance of the lawn after mowing and how to fix it?

If it is noticeable that the grass is trimmed unevenly, then most likely the reason lies in a dull knife. It can be sharpened or replaced with a new one. However, the knife is not always “to blame”. Perhaps the mowing of the lawn was carried out at a high speed of movement of the lawn mower. Try to move the device slower or disable the self-movement feature of self-propelled models. In no case is it recommended to mow the lawn even shorter; take care of the grass with the usual frequency.

9. What are the rules for working with a lawn mower?

Before starting the engine, make sure the oil level is correct using a special dipstick. If there is a lack of fluid, add oil. Check all connections for reliability and inspect the machine for signs of mechanical damage. Install, if necessary, the necessary attachments. knife, grass catcher, mulching kit.

At the end of work, it is necessary to clean the unit and tool from contamination, as well as empty the grass catcher when using it.

10. How often do I need to change the oil?

Oil without fail changes once a year at least. This is best done at the beginning of the season. With active use of the lawn mower, it is recommended to change the oil more often.

11. How to drain gasoline from a gas tank?

Gasoline is drained by turning the mower over. Keep the air filter on top when tilting the equipment.

12. How often do I need to change the knife?

Usually, the knife changes once a year, and it is better to do this procedure at the beginning of the season. In addition, the knife must be inspected before each use. The presence of chipping indicates the unsuitability of the knife. It should either be sharpened or replaced. The cause of the knife failure may be the presence of foreign objects on the site.

13. How to replace a knife?

The process of changing the knife is described in the instructions for the lawn mower, and it should not cause difficulties. The new knife needs to be tightened strongly. If excessive vibration is felt after turning on the mower, this indicates a poorly tightened knife.

14. What is the peculiarity of models with a variator?

The presence of the variator allows the operator to independently adjust the speed of movement of the self-propelled lawn mower. To determine whether any model is equipped with a variator, just make sure that the name contains the letter V, for example, the Viking ME 545 V is equipped with a variator.

15. What are the rules for preparing lawn mowers for winter storage?

To maximize the performance of the mower in the new season, you need to prepare the device for proper storage in the winter.

1. Drain the fuel. The fuel remaining for long-term storage in the fuel tank loses its properties, which can lead to problems starting the mower in the new season. If there is little gas left, then use it up, leaving the mower turned on at idle.

2. Check oil level. All working parts to be lubricated must be in the oil, even during storage. If the oil level is insufficient, you should add fluid or completely change it.

3. Clean the mower. Residual grass falling into the exhaust area, cooling fins and other heated parts of the device can cause fire when the mower is first started after winter storage.

4. Check the knife. The knife must be free of cracks and other damage. Before the first start in the spring, check the knife for damage and its sharpening. If problems are found, the knife should be sharpened and balanced, or replaced with a new one.

5. Place in storage. It should be a dry place. To prevent dust from settling on the device, cover the unit with foil. The mower can only be positioned in its working position, i.e. on wheels. For battery models, it is important to store the equipment in a warm room. Ensure that children cannot access stored equipment.