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Showers are increasingly appearing in bathrooms instead of standard [. ]

Modern gyms, fitness centers have all the necessary equipment for [. ]

Glass showers have long since evolved from a luxury item to [. ]

Showers are deservedly popular not only among the owners of small [. ]

Everyone who [. ]

Frosted glass is widely used in interior design. It is this that demonstrates [. ]

A shower instead of or together with a bath is the solution of many modern [. ]

Glass has become very popular in the design of modern interiors. Especially impressive [. ]

A mirror is an important practical and decorative element in an apartment and [. ]

Working with glass requires care and scrupulousness from the master. Not enough [. ]

Glass is widely used in modern interiors due to its practicality, environmental safety [. ]

Dancing exercises have a beneficial effect on the state of the body: they straighten posture, strengthen [. ]

It is generally accepted that glass is a fragile material that must be handled with care. [. ]

The mirror has ceased to perform only a practical function in the interior, now it is [. ]

Instead of traditional bathtubs and plastic shower stalls [. ]

Decorative mirror tiles are a kind of know-how in the building materials market. [. ]

It is difficult to imagine a more versatile material than glass. Since his [. ]

A frame for a mirror is not just a way to decorate a canvas and [. ]

Glass in the interior of a private house or apartment is beautiful, [. ]

A mirror is a must-have attribute of any home. In modern interiors, it [. ]

In the modern world, there are a huge number of delightful buildings, and glass [. ]

Mirrors in the interior are an interesting and unusual solution. On reflection [. ]

Glass in the interior is a hot topic in modern design. Glass [. ]

Stylish, attractive, weightless shower stalls are actively beginning to gain popularity among [. ]

The climatic conditions of our country do not allow growing thermophilic plants all year round. [. ]

When planning to buy a private house, many people prefer construction than [. ]

Glass showcases are versatile products that are suitable for use as [. ]

Kitchen. the room of an apartment or house where the family spends a lot [. ]

Modern design ideas are very diverse: they fully satisfy the desire to receive [. ]

Aquariums have long been considered a decoration for the interiors of homes, offices, shopping [. ]

The mirror is a universal product. And they do not always use it [. ]

Glass, as a material, has been known to mankind for a long time, but as a building material [. ]

Mirrors are present in every person’s home. They are not used [. ]

Glass is often used in modern interiors: for decoration, and [. ]

Small bathrooms are not a sentence, as they think [. ]

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The design of modern offices is far from the previously accepted standards: employers are all [. ]

Drilling glass is a long-term occupation that requires accuracy from the performer. [. ]

Shower Glass Panels.How to Template & Install (Step-by-Step)

Cutting glass is an activity that does not often have to be done [. ]

Today there are many options for self-mounting the mirror on [. ]

Glass and glassware are very popular among [. ]

The mirror is an essential attribute of the bathroom, bedroom and corridor. It [. ]

Many people face difficulties when renovating a small bathroom [. ]

So, you have decided that you need to install an interior partition. Case [. ]

Glass is a substance and material, one of the most ancient and, [. ]

Glass is a material on which handprints easily remain, [. ]

Most countries have their own standards for flat glass and [. ]

Shower wall Volle Malla Negra Walk-In 18-08-120black set

Shower wall Volle Malla Negra Walk-In 2000×1200

glass, cutting, shower, cabins

Shower wall Volle Malla Negra Walk-In 18-08-110black set

Shower wall Malla Negra Walk-In 2000х1100

glass, cutting, shower, cabins
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    Glass for shower cabins

    Shower wall Volle Malla Negra Walk-In 2000×1000 18-08-100black set

    Shower wall Volle Malla Negra Walk-In 2000×1000

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    Benefits of glass

    The use of glass elements in a bathroom or shower has many advantages. It is better to entrust the manufacture of components and installation of the structure to the professionals of one of the specialized enterprises, for example, the masters of the Biryulevskaya glass company.

    Functionality. The direct purpose of partitions and doors of shower stalls is to prevent water from entering outside the structure. In addition, with the help of components made of glass, the bathroom is zoned and various design problems are solved.

    Practicality. Moisture and dirt are not absorbed into glass surfaces, therefore glass products require minimal maintenance. it is enough to wipe them with a dry cloth after using the shower stall. Cleaning agents and detergents are usually not required. In addition, these products are absolutely harmless to human health, since they are made from natural raw materials.

    Durability. The material does not rot, does not rust and easily tolerates the effects of aggressive chemicals. In addition, it is not susceptible to infection by microorganisms, thanks to which it can serve for decades.

    Aesthetics. Properly selected glassware can beautify any interior. The material is available for decorative sandblasting and can be pasted over with decorative foil.

    Shower glass

    Homeowners who are involved in the arrangement of showers and bathrooms today have at their disposal a variety of materials that can provide both the required level of functionality and exact compliance with the design of the room. At the same time, glass continues to be the most popular and attractive option. Plumbing fixtures and interior elements made of this material add aesthetics to the room, simplify its maintenance and retain its visual appeal for a long time.

    Naray 2L2 Shower Enclosure. Installation | Roca

    Varieties of material

    We believe that it is better to use tempered glass to replace damaged doors and partitions, as well as to manufacture new components for a shower enclosure. This material is distinguished by high strength, resistance to temperature extremes, safety (upon impact, the product breaks into fragments, unable to harm a person). You can choose any of the available shower glass varieties.

    Transparent. This versatile product is well suited for classic design and looks quite harmonious against the background of any interior. Products of this type have a high light transmittance, thanks to which natural light is maintained in the shower.

    Glass shower doors manufacturing and installation. Juanos Glass LLC

    Tinted. Such glasses make the light somewhat subdued, creating a cozy atmosphere in the shower area. Tinting can have various shades, which are chosen taking into account the general stylistic direction of the room design.

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    Matt. Products of this type protect the person taking a shower from prying eyes, while providing the necessary level of comfort. Frosted glass can be colorless or have a specific color.

    Patterned. With the help of patterns on glass doors, partitions, shelves, as well as on mirrors, the decoration of the room is performed. Ornaments and drawings on the surface of interior details are applied using laser or diamond engraving.

    Colored. Using straight or curved glasses of different colors, you can create a special atmosphere in the room and implement any design idea (for example, make partitions in the bathroom in tiled colors).

    Constructive decisions

    The shower stall can have folding, sliding or revolving doors. The walls of the structure are fastened with a frame or frameless method. In the first case, the cabin turns out to be more durable (even when using sufficiently thin glass), the advantage of the second option is in the simplicity of the model, ease of use and maintenance. Shower cabins can be angular or placed in special niches. In private houses and cottages, freestanding structures are usually installed, complemented by original roofs. Acrylic or cast iron pallets are used as a base, as well as masonry made of ceramic tiles or natural stone.

    Fittings for shower cabins

    Glass holder

    Glass-to-glass mount

    Glass-to-wall mount

    Wall-glass mount with paw

    Pipe-to-glass fixing, HDL

    Fastening pipe to glass, HDL

    Wall-to-glass pipe fixing, HDL

    Wall-to-glass pipe fixing, HDL

    Glass-to-glass hinge

    Wall-glass hinge

    HDL seal

    HDL seal

    Magnetic seal, HDL

    HDL seal

    Seal for glass

    Wall-glass hinge

    Sliding kit
    shower cabins 90
    (the pipe is not included in the price)

    Sliding kit
    shower cabin
    (the pipe is not included in the price)

    Sliding kit
    shower cabin, corner
    (the pipe is not included in the price)

    Adjustable pipe-to-pipe connector

    Triple pipe connector

    Adjustable pipe-to-pipe connector

    glass, cutting, shower, cabins

    Wall-to-pipe connector

    Glass-pipe connector

    Glass-pipe connector (square)

    Pipe-to-pipe connector
    (square under 90 degrees.)

    Glass-pipe connector (square)

    Wall pipe connector (square)

    Glass-to-glass hinge 90 degrees,

    Wall-glass rod

    Rods wall-glass 90 and 45 degrees

    Seal for glass

    Wall-glass hinge without fixing

    Glass-to-glass hinge 135 degrees

    360 degree floor / ceiling hinge

    Glass-to-glass hinge without fixation

    Wall-glass rod, square

    Seal for glass

    Pipe holder 3010

    Acrylic shower lath

    Pipe holder 19 mm

    Holder for pipe 19 mm through

    Rod for two glasses

    Glass-ceiling holder

    glass, cutting, shower, cabins

    Mounting plate for magnetic
    sealant (polished
    stainless steel, length. 2500 mm)

    Profile for 8mm glass
    (polished stainless steel,
    length 2400 mm)

    Profile for glass
    (polished stainless steel,
    length. 2500 mm)

    Profile for glass
    (polished stainless steel,
    length. 2500 mm)

    Glass door hinge
    (180 ° without fixing)

    Pipe connector 3010
    at 135 degrees, color-chrome,
    steel (SS304)

    Rod connector 1030
    to glass, material-stainless steel,

    Sealing rubber
    in the u-shaped profile,
    triple, gray

    U-shaped profile,
    anode coating, aluminum

    lifting hinge (wall-glass,
    left-right, brass, chrome)

    lifting hinges (glass-glass,
    left and right, brass, chrome)

    holder glass-glass under 135
    degrees, polished stainless steel

    door stop,
    stainless steel, satin