Goodluck Chainsaw Original How to Distinguish

GoodLuck company produces high-quality and inexpensive units. Consumables and spare parts for Goodluck chainsaws are made in China, as are the appliances themselves. This allows you to minimize the cost of products, so they are extremely affordable in terms of price, which is considered the main reason for the demand for them.

Goodluck Chainsaw Original How to Distinguish

The device and equipment

In appearance, the GL4500 chainsaw looks quite presentable. It consists of such parts:

  • plastic housing;
  • aluminum handle;
  • controls

In the early days of heavy use, you can see how scratches and other defects form on the case. This is due to the fact that in the manufacture of units used cheap materials. Therefore, you need to handle the chainsaw as carefully as possible, avoiding the fall of the device. The most common damage due to mechanical stress is a brake lever malfunction.

In most cases, using the saw does not cause other problems. It starts easily, gradually gaining momentum and makes it possible to control the supply of lubricant to the chain.

Consumers note that the question of finding parts for this chainsaw is solved quite simply. And if you acquire all the necessary tools and skills, then you can do equipment repair yourself. The complete set of the GL4500m saw consists of the following:

  • the unit itself;
  • tire and chain (headset);
  • gear (convenient when cutting wood trunks);
  • a pair of hex wrenches, an adjusting screwdriver, a combination wrench;
  • case for convenient transportation;
  • tank for preparing the fuel mixture;
  • user’s manual.

Such completeness makes it possible to start working with a chainsaw immediately after its acquisition. It remains only if necessary to tighten the chain web and / or remove minor flaws.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

The GoodLuck chainsaw is characterized by the optimal combination of value and quality. However, unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to sell fakes under the guise of original products. To avoid buying a low-quality unit, you need to clarify the following points:

  1. The original is equipped with special instructions in English and different colors.
  2. In the original, the brake cover has a triangular shape.
  3. Chainsaw 4500 m has a pronounced burgundy color.
  4. On the inside of the lid must be sealed GL.
  5. An individual room is located at the bottom.

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The maximum power of the Goodlak 4500 gasoline saw reaches 2 kW. 9000 rpm. This is an extremely high indicator, compared to many analogues, given the affordable price of the device. The drive volume of 45 cm³ is enough to perform ordinary tasks in the house and garden. In addition, at 4500 there is support for the additional installation of a saw headset with a length of up to 50 cm.

For use in everyday life, this length is more than enough. over, the installation of a long chain will cost more.

The capacity of the fuel tank is more than 0.5 l, oil. 0.3. Fuel consumption is directly dependent on the conditions of use of the unit, the state of the fuel pump and the correctness of the carburetor add-on. With a full tank, the device is able to work for more than half an hour. During this period, you can cut about 0.5 m³ of firewood into small chocks.

Instructions for use and maintenance

When working, it is advisable to hold the chainsaw with both hands by the handles. It is better to stand at the side, as indicated in the instructions. For cutting, it is customary to use the upper and lower edges of the gasoline tool.

For regular operation of the unit, it is recommended to get protective equipment: glasses, gloves and work clothing.

It’s easy to take care of the Goodluck gasoline saw. Before storing the tool, it is necessary to clean the accumulated debris, dirt, dust and empty the fuel and oil tanks. The chain must be removed and placed in fresh oil. Also, for the operation of a gasoline saw, it is necessary to use suitable fuel, otherwise the internal systems of the tool will wear out quickly.

How to set up a carburetor

There are 3 tuning screws on the carburettor of GoodLuck units:

  • L. reduced speed and idle (level of quality of the fuel mixture);
  • H. maximum and average (volume of the mixture);
  • T. setting the throughput of the carburetor diffuser by adjusting the position of the throttle valve.

First, screw L. is set. For standard setting, 2–2.5 turns must be carried out with the motor turned off. Screw H is set to the same position. Then you need to turn on the chainsaw and wait a few minutes.

After activating the tool, it is necessary to find and adjust the maximum engine speed at idle using a quantitative screw. Then the screw loosens about ¼ turn. For the most accurate carburetor tuning, it is better to use a tachometer. The correct adjustment of the carburetor of the Goodluck chainsaw ensures the monotonous operation of the tool at maximum speed. The engine in this case will not wear out.

Reviews and prices

The cost of a Goodluck 4500 saw starts from 6.8 thousand rubles and depends on the region of sales.

Arkady Senin, 38 years old, Murom

Goodluck 4500 bought for his garage about 1.5 years ago. Surprised at the affordable price of the unit. I started work without any break-in. The tool is powerful and easily cuts even logs. It was taken to the repair only once, because the device began to supply too much oil to the circuit.

Victor Plevin, 45 years old, Bryansk

I have been using the GL4500 for more than 2 years. There were no significant malfunctions, however minor flaws do arise from time to time. I adjust the carburetor, replace the shock absorbers, use high-quality oil and fuel. I would like to advise that it is better to immediately replace a standard bus.

Peter Ignatiev, 30 years old, Ekaterinburg

I saved a lot when I preferred the Goodluck Chinese gasoline saw. On the advice of a good friend, I immediately changed the chain to a stronger one. The rest is completely satisfied with the device. It is worth its price.