Grass trimmer for grass electric how to choose

Grass trimmer for grass electric. rating of the best models subtleties of choice

Electric grass trimmer. an indispensable device for work in the countryside and on the territory of the country house. Agree that mowing vegetation usual scythe rather problematic and difficult. And why, when on sale there are a large number of models of modern trimmers, with which the process of mowing the grass will be easy and enjoyable?

The variety of models of electric trimmers in stores can baffle buyers. By what criteria to choose a trimmer for the grass, what model will cope better with the task? To find answers to all these questions alone is extremely difficult. Therefore, before you buy a particular model, it is worth weighing the pros and cons of purchase.

In this article we will tell you how to choose an electric trimmer for grass, the best models, to understand what parameters the device is worth paying attention. We will provide information on the technical characteristics and options of each model. We have compiled a rating of popular trimmer models to help you decide which device is right for you.

Top 10 grass trimmers

Grass trimmer electric Bosch ART 30

Functional, reliable trimmer for grass with adjustable boom length

Lightweight and easy to operate electric grass trimmer. The tool can mow grass, and even small bushes. Even a child can operate it. The grass trimmer has a high level of safety.

Two different line types and thicknesses of cutting line are available: for trimming lawns and for cutting wild growth in the garden or outdoors.

Built-in bobbin keeps lines from getting tangled during changes. It has a comfortable handle with adjustable wheels for different working positions.

Suitable for use in a small countryside setting. It easily mows grass on both level and uneven terrain. Compact dimensions make finding a place for storage easy.

  • Low noise level
  • high safety level
  • powerful motor
  • Mows grass and small bushes up to 1 cm in diameter

Electric grass trimmer DILD GE-1.7

High performance grass trimmer with powerful engine for cutting grass and dead wood

Simple and easy to use grass trimmer with high power motor. Grass trimmer blade speed of up to 8,500 rpm.

Top-mounted motor and T-shaped bicycle handle for comfortable operation. shoulder strap for less strain on operator’s back.

Key features include high horsepower and long cutting time. 2 mm filament option lets you mow grass up to 1.5 times more effectively. If necessary, the trimmer line can be changed to a blade.

This powerful, handy, low-noise machine is suitable for use in small gardens and summer houses. Despite its weight and power output, the trimmer is easy to control. Electric mower is designed to work on large areas (20-60 acres), the model mows even tall grass and weeds.

  • high power electric motor
  • low vibration and noise level
  • high blade rotation speed
  • Belt for comfortable balancing
  • Comfortable T-handle

Makita UR3000 electric grass trimmer

Lightweight, compact grass trimmer with an ergonomic design

Electric grass trimmer is designed to remove vegetation in small household plots. The engine of the device runs at high rotation speed (up to 9000 rpm).) that allows you to quickly and effortlessly get rid of the grass, even in areas with difficult terrain.

the tool has an ergonomic design. The weight of the model is only 2.6 kg, so even a frail woman can easily cope with the electric scythe. The integrated flail head can rotate up to 180 degrees, so you can mow even the most hard-to-reach areas. Locking function against accidental start-up guarantee safe operation of the device.

  • type. portable;
  • power. 450 W;
  • cutting width. 30 cm;
  • cutting element. twin-screw head with 1.6 mm fishing line;
  • curved boom.

This model is chosen by owners of country houses and homesteads. Its convenient configuration and low weight cause no discomfort in operation and the possibility to adjust the length of the bar helps to adjust the device individually to the user.

  • light weight
  • accidental start lock
  • powerful motor with high revs
  • mows thick-stemmed wild plants
  • low noise

Electric grass trimmer Einhell GC-ET 4530 Set

Electric mower for difficult terrain

Electric motor grass trimmer designed for small area mowing. The tool handles its task easily. The device mows thick grass along fences, around bushes, flower beds and other areas with difficult terrain.

Rotating cutting line cuts the grass as cleanly as a lawnmower. Adjustable handle allows for comfortable operation. The motor head can pivot and tilt in four different positions. Built-in limiter protects garden flowers from damage.

Good for working in areas with a lot of texture. Low weight and adjustable telescopic handle greatly facilitate the work of the operator.

  • powerful engine
  • no vibration
  • Adjustable motor head
  • four motor tilt positions
  • affordable price

Denzel TE-1200 electric grass trimmer

Powerful and functional grass trimmer for countryside

The grass trimmer is designed for cutting grass and small weeds in areas with a pronounced topography. The tool does the job perfectly even in the most difficult terrain. Compact dimensions take up little space in the utility room.

Semi-automatic line release system ensures continuous operation. Two grass-cutting elements, a line for the trimmer and a disc for tough vegetation. Arc-shaped handle and shoulder strap ensure comfortable operation.

Grass trimmer is easy to use and can even handle young shoots. the grass trimmer is a good example of value for money.

Electric grass trimmer Huter GET-1500SL

High-performance and powerful electric grass trimmer for mowing dense grass

A worthy machine that definitely deserves attention. In the trimmer is a powerful air-cooled engine. The unit is equipped with a rigid 2.4 mm cutting line and a disc for mowing dense vegetation.

The boom of the device is equipped with a start button and an auxiliary handle for comfortable operation of the tool. Special hood protects the operator from particles of debris and grass clippings. The unit is equipped with an arc handle and strap for comfortable operation.

  • type. portable;
  • Power. 1500 watts;
  • mowing width. 42 cm;
  • cutting elements. a line for trimmer (2.4 mm) and 3-blade disc;
  • The boom is straight.

Choosing a cordless trimmer for grass

Well, first of all, this type of trimmers excludes the main disadvantages of electric grass trimmers. electric dependence and the need to use extension cords.

Buying this type of grass trimmer you can mow not too dense grass thickets even in the absence of electric power.

It is noteworthy that such grass trimmers have the lowest vibration and noise level of all types.

Among the disadvantages of such a tool, many owners allocate low power, short period of use on a single charge and a long time to recharge the batteries.

All battery-powered models have a bottom-mounted motor and use only a line for the trimmer as a cutting element in the vast majority of cases. Low engine power allows to trim only small areas of thin-stemmed vegetation.

Working time of the grass trimmer on one battery is about 20-40 minutes, depending on intensity of use, and the period of its recharging can reach a day or more. Therefore, these models are suitable, if the amount of work on your site is small and the frequency of grass trimmer use does not exceed one time every two or three days.

The choice of this type is justified if you plan to mow grass not often and in small quantities.

lawnmowers. Choice in terms of power

Mowing machines are a big group of trimmers, with the highest power, high output, mobility and versatility.

According to the type of the main working unit. internal combustion engine are distinguished:

  • two-stroke. require the use of a special petrol-oil fuel mixture, have a high noise level, the exhaust gases contain a large amount of harmful substances;
  • four-stroke. gasoline and oil are filled separately, there is no need to prepare a mixture, less wear and tear of internal units, less noise, more economical in fuel consumption.

As a rule, the engine is located in the upper part of the tool.

But, some manufacturers offer models with a separate motor, located in a special bag behind the back of the mowing person.

When buying a model, you can meet both straight shaft and curved. As we mentioned earlier, a straight shaft with a gearbox is more reliable and preferred in the selection. Usually models with this boom are used for treatment of difficult terrain, cutting dense thickets of thick-stemmed vegetation and even small bushes. Curved shaft mowers are ideal for working on flat landscapes.

Significant advantages

The high motor power makes these grass mowers an object of purchase when large amounts of work need to be done, such as haymaking. Also, gasoline trimmer is convenient when providing professional services for the care of lawns and homestead plots.

The operating time is limited only by the size of the fuel tank.

Although experts recommend alternating continuous periods of operation with breaks to allow the motor to cool down a bit. That greatly extends the depreciation life of the brushcutter.

On gasoline scythes, as well as on the electric, you can meet several types of handles attached to the boom. For heavier gasoline-powered machines it is better to choose T-handles. They mostly imitate a normal scythe and allow you to control the tool with both hands. D- and J-shaped arms are also commonly used.

Gasoline all-weather grass trimmers. They can be used on cloudy days with high humidity and fog, for mowing wet grass after rain or in the dew.

The versatility of this tool is the ability to attach different attachments to many models. Such manipulation, subject to the purchase of additional equipment will allow you to get at your disposal not only a grass trimmer, but also a cultivator, snow blower, shrubbery cutter and much more.

Minor disadvantages

There are only a few disadvantages.

Gasoline models have more weight than electric or battery models. Therefore, you should take care that the copy you buy, was equipped with a convenient shoulder belt for hanging and fixation of the mower at the right level.

As we said before, the size of the tank affects the time of continuous operation, but at the same time, increasing its size leads to an increase in the total weight of the model. The presence of exhaust gases from the combustion of fuel makes them more harmful to the environment than electric and battery counterparts, but the world’s manufacturers are constantly working, introducing in their models new systems to reduce this negative impact.

Gasoline trimmer for grass. most often the lot of professionals. Haymaking, maintenance of private lawns, giving the right shape to shrub vegetation types and flowerbeds, cleaning areas from grass “dead wood”, work in public parks and gardens and much more.

Types of grass trimmers

  • With a lower motor. the motor is located at the bottom, above the moving head. Pros: no gear shaft, so it will not break. Disadvantages: you cannot mow wet grass and neglected lawn (due to low motor power);
  • With a top motor. the motor is located on top of the electric mower. Pros: this is the most powerful model of electric trimmers, the engine is always protected from accidental catching up with the ground;
    – Not as popular as previous models. Suitable for small lawns. Pros: environmental friendliness, quietness and ease of operation of the electric trimmer for grass combined with the mobility of a gasoline trimmer. Disadvantages: high cost, the batteries are quickly discharged and fail over time. Not suitable for frequent use.

Electric grass trimmer Oasis TE-50

Power grass trimmer

Most of the trimmers available on the market have power from 300 watts to 2.5 kW. The greater the power, the faster you can get the job done and conquer larger bush. It is important to remember that powerful grass trimmers weigh a lot (up to 10 kg) and it will be difficult to hold such a load for a long time.As for specific parameters, it is usually enough trimmers power from 500 to 1700 watts for plots of up to 10 acres.

Grass and bushes can be cut with different tools.

    – the most simple and widespread way. Thick line for the trimmer (up to 2.5 mm in diameter) is fixed in a special rotating head (it is correctly called “bobbin”), which, quickly turning around its axis, cuts the grass. Over time, the line for the trimmer shortens, and it needs to be tightened. The diameter of the line and spool depend on the specific model of grass trimmer. The trimmer line is a consumable often found on gasoline or very powerful electric trimmers. They are good for dealing with bushes, weeds in neglected areas, very productive Similar in design to circular saw blades. Best for cutting thick bushes in addition to grass Are designed for grass with dense weeds. Just like trimmer lines, they wear out over time and need to be replaced.

Determine how the filament feeds

There are three types of cord reels: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. All filament reels are operated manually, but the filament feeding is different during operation.

In manual trimmers, you need to turn off the trimmer for grass, release the fixing screw on the spool and hands pull the ends of the fishing line of the required length. This is very inconvenient, so this mechanism is only used in the most basic and budget models.

Semi-automatic models have a much easier process. It is enough just during mowing to lightly knock the reel on the ground to press the button and release the desired amount of cord. This option is the best and well-deserved popularity.

With automatic spools, you do not need to do anything at all: the line for the trimmer feeds itself when the engine turns down. This mechanism is more complicated, less reliable, and significantly more expensive.

Fortunately, the spool can be easily replaced with another one, regardless of the type of the original. And most likely you will have to do it, if not immediately after the purchase, then some time later. After all, often the quality of the complete part leaves much to be desired.

Check the position of the engine

The design of the grass trimmer assumes two options for the location of the motor: from below and from above. The lower one is found on low-power trimmers and is considered less convenient and reliable. Moisture can get into the motor, and the ventilation holes are often clogged with grass, which leads to the risk of overheating. And holding the tool in the air makes you get tired faster.

Top-mounted grass trimmers are devoid of these disadvantages. They are more balanced by shifting the center of gravity to the operator’s body. In addition, they are not afraid of moisture: you can mow the grass after the rain or in the dew early in the morning, while there is no heat.

What’s positive about the electric trimmer?

The only disadvantage of such garden equipment is its dependence on the power source (conductive network) and the limitation of the working area to the length of the electric cable. But we all know that such a grass trimmer is most often needed for dachas or a country house, and there is almost always electricity. And it is possible to significantly increase the range of action, using network extension cords.

Assessing Appearance

There are two variants of positioning the motor: in the upper part of the construction and in the lower part. In the first case, models tend to be more powerful, capable of mowing quite dense grass and working under substantial loads. In the second. they are weak power, but their cost is also lower. Also, they should not be used for mowing in the morning dew or after rain.

Grass trimmers may differ in boom shape. What is indicated by the use of a straight boom?

Above all for its high output, but also for its reliability and durability. With this model, the torque of the electric motor is transmitted to the trimmer head through a steel shaft. You know that this is a connection that has a high resistance to wear and tear, and high efficiency.

On models with a curved shaft, the rotation is transferred to the line reel or other cutting equipment via a metal cable. There is an opinion that it is less reliable. It is questionable, of course, but it is a fact that such machines have less power. They are typically used on even ground where the grass has not yet reached the stage of impassable overgrowth.

Bosch ART 30 (0.600.8A5.400)

This tool has a boom that is adjustable to the user’s height (its length. 80 to 115 cm), and its power and cutting width are best suited to small gardens that need regular trimming.

No shoulder strap or knife included, so the Bosch ART 30 can’t be used for long periods of time or to remove bushes.

In addition to its lightweight design, this grass trimmer features an easy, tool-free bobbin change and mowing and edging modes in one turn of the head.

Denzel TE-1400 (96612)

If the place you need to process is overgrown with weeds and bushes, then a light and low-power grass trimmer is a bad assistant. This is where an electric grasshopper with a blade and a shoulder harness comes in handy for more comfortable operation. And the Denzel TE-1400 has it all.

The cutting width of this grass trimmer allows you to quickly process a large garden plot, and for more efficient work, you can install a shrubbery cutter / dryer on the unit. Mowing width of the blade is less than a fishing line. 25.5 cm.

Handle is folding and adjustable for user’s height. Copper-wound motor with overheat protection and soft start system. Overall, the Denzel TE-1400 is a reliable, powerful and, not least, maintainable trimmer for grass, quiet and convenient to work.

Reviews on electric trimmers

On this page we publish a rating and customer reviews of electric trimmers: users who have had the opportunity to assess the pros and cons of a particular model, share with you their own opinion. We hope that their Комментарии и мнения владельцев will be helpful to you.

Lightweight, reliable, I use it for 10-12 years, the shaft and gearbox can be not serviced at all, build quality, constant electronics.

The price is high, but I have Italian, it is worth the money.Turns off when heated on the high grass, but rather a plus.Uncomfortable for tall people.

I use it for 10-12 years the entire summer season 2-3 times a week, a plot of 10 acres.Handy between trees, flowerbeds, paths.Gets along even with high t. Read completely

Powerful trimmer for the grass, the drive shaft is made of steel rod, metal pipes are thick, when connecting the two parts of the boom tightens well.

Powerful trimmer for the grass, the drive shaft is made of steel rod, metal tubes are thick, when connecting the two parts of the boom tightens well

For the most part, such a trimmer can level the lawn, or just mow the grass at the cottage. Powerful enough for simple grass, but on the floor. Read all about it

The power is sufficient. Bicycle handle. The switch controls on the bike handle are duplicated by the controls on the shaft (whatever you like). In a ko. Read all the way

Bobbin and filament are weak. After mowing a 6 hundred acres of grass button semiautomatic feed line almost wiped out. No plastic on the bobbin

If there is electricity on the site, this trimmer for grass is an alternative to gasoline (easier, no need to mess with gasoline, the operation is cheaper)

Lightweight, handy. The power of the electric trimmer is quite enough to work on my lawn. In one hour of operation of my gasoline trimmer from the family budget st. Read all about it

1.The grass trimmer is not properly balanced in the factory. The ring securing the grass trimmer’s boom to the suspension clasp is very close to the el. engine. Read all about it

I bought my grass trimmer with more than 15 years of experience with petrol trimmers. Regulated (according to the manufacturer’s instructions). Lubrication intervals, operating time. Read completely

Comparative table

If you have not decided which electric grass trimmer is better to choose from our rating 2020-2021, we recommend that you study our table in which we listed the most important parameters of each model and its average price.

Model Motor power, W Mowing width, cm Cutting speed, rpm Noise level, dB Weight, kg Average price,
Interskol MKE-20/300 300 26 11 000 96 1,8 1 280
Hammer ETR300 350 20 14 000 96 2,6 1 449
Huter GET-600 600 32 11 000 96 2,3 2 410
STAVR TE-1400P 1400 38 10 000 96 6,7 4 190
PATRIOT TR 230M 30 8 000 91 3 5 459
Denzel 96612 TE-1400 1400 42 7 500 6 5 390
Makita UR3502 1000 35 6 500 4,9 7 225
Bosch AFS 23-37 950 37 6 000 96 5,2 7 419
Champion TB360 N/A 30 7 500 96 2,3 8 050
STIHL FSE 60 540 36 7 400 60 3,9 7 990

How to choose the best model for mowing grass in the country?

Ideal purchase if it’s good quality, has great performance and doesn’t cost a penny. So that the grass trimmer model is not a waste of money, you should pay attention to the basic criteria for choosing.

  • Most important. power. If you need a grass trimmer to maintain a well-groomed grass, it will be enough to 1000 watts of power. Remember that the more power, the heavier the device will be.
  • The location of the engine in the trimmer affects the cost. Models with the motor on the bottom are not recommended. Typically, these grass trimmers fail faster due to grass, moisture and poor cooling. Models with a top-mounted motor have special shoulder straps. Pay attention to the fact that the manufacturer has them in the kit.
  • The choice of “handlebar” control depends on the preferences and needs of the user. D-shaped handlebar is put on trimmers that are maneuverable. serious models are equipped with a “bicycle” handlebar.

Electric grass trimmers make it easy to do the job. Maintaining a tidy garden with mechanical help is much easier.