Grass Trimmers: Species, Rating And Selection

Plants give joy and pleasure. But not if they grow anywhere, creating a lot of problems. Grass trimmers help solve these problems. therefore, it is important to know how to choose this type of technique.


The grass trimmer is a modern garden tool that allows you to cut green plants with soft stems. It can come in handy for removing not too thick dead wood. The cutting part of the tool is suitable for the following tasks:

  • mowing the lawn and maintaining a suitable grass height on it;
  • mowing between houses and paths, near fences and stone walls;
  • clean up the roadway;
  • to improve the appearance of plant-covered shores of water bodies.

The trimmer can be mowed after its body is mounted on the operator’s body using special belts. The head part begins to work immediately after starting the engine. The transmission of a twisting impulse occurs with the help of a rigid shaft hidden in the tube. The head includes a cutting unit, the high-speed movements of which are used for mowing vegetation. Since there is a great danger of impact on solid objects and the expansion of solid particles, the protection of the working part with a casing is always provided.

Over 90% of the trimmers used for cutting grass today have the following main parts:

  • power point;
  • fuel capacity (when working from internal combustion engine);
  • barbell;
  • one or two handles;
  • hard drive shaft;
  • bobbin ending with fishing line or knife;
  • insulating casing;
  • fastening for belts.

It is customary to divide all trimmers, first of all, into 3 main groups.


An electrical apparatus receives energy directly from a 220V household electrical network. The working motor gives an impulse to the shaft, and cutting parts are already received from the shaft. A prerequisite for the operation of such a tool is the presence of an outlet and carrying nearby. Therefore, the maneuverability of the device is limited, but it works completely silently.

Besides, electrified trimmers do not emit toxic emissions into the air. They are recommended to be used for summer residences and small house territories. An electric trimmer is usually lightweight and does not interfere with people. Its handles are easily and conveniently adjustable. You can always install different knives.

However, the wire may be accidentally cut, and the cultivated area is strictly limited.


Gasoline wireless trimmers are completely independent from the mains. In order for the internal combustion engine to work normally, a fuel tank is mounted. Therefore, with the same power, a gasoline trimmer is heavier than an electric counterpart. But it allows you to easily navigate throughout the cleaned area and even act away from electrical outlets. And the lack of risk of cutting the network wire deserves attention.

The increased power of a number of gasoline models allows you to safely use them even in the yards of apartment buildings, on the territory of large industrial enterprises. Without any problems, you can replace the working knives. Experts also note the excellent performance of trimmers with internal combustion engines. Their design is quite reliable, so that the application, even in the most intense mode, does no harm. However, petrol mowing equipment is bulky and heavy, making a lot of noise. It is almost impossible to use inside greenhouses, in greenhouses, in other enclosed spaces. And even just where toxic exhaust fumes can accumulate.


It is worth taking a closer look at cordless trimmers. Yes, their power is unlikely to be sufficient for high powerful grass. However, this eliminates the characteristic problem of other electrical devices. a strong dependence on the power grid. It is only necessary to remember that the battery technology can not work for a long time. Still mowing the grass entails significant energy costs. And so you have to put up with a limited duration of work sessions. A variety of cutting mechanisms can be put on battery technology, and relatively powerful modifications are also found among it.

In any case, by the way, mowing even with a low-power cordless trimmer is much easier and more fun than an old-fashioned manual scythe.


Important! A homemade device should certainly be equipped with a protective cover. It is better if it will be mounted on an aluminum tube.

Using a similar principle, trimmers are made on the basis of vacuum cleaners. Engines are mounted on rods, and then either knives or disks for inserting fishing line are attached to the motor shafts. An even simpler method is the use of a drill, but you will have to make a knife in advance from a pointed steel plate. Some farmers make a chainsaw trimmer for themselves. In this case, the device is very heavy, so you have to make a cart. It is cooked from steel corners measuring 2.5×2.5 cm. The dimensions of the frame itself are 0.5×0.6 m, the wheels are fixed at the corners. Handles of carts are made of water pipes.

Carts must not overlap the starter. Installation of a gasoline engine is carried out in such a way that the gearbox rotates 90 degrees, and the shaft is at the bottom. Knives on a disk fasten on rivets. This solution allows you to protect the shaft and gear from deformation in the collision of the cutting part with stones or dry branches. Rivets must be made of metal.

In the professional segment, trimmers, as you can easily understand, are equipped only with gasoline engines (with rare exceptions). But recently, a kind of technique such as a hybrid trimmer has appeared. These devices are powered by both the mains and the battery. With their help, you can mow a large area or cope with powerful thickets of grass.

But available and clearing distant, inaccessible areas due to batteries.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is necessary to deal with one more thing. the positive and negative sides of the trimmers in comparison with alternative mowing devices. Compared to lawn mowers, trimmers have such advantages as:

  • ease;
  • take up less space during operation and storage;
  • do not consume much energy;
  • excellent performance in rough terrain.

However, using a trimmer is hardly possible to process large areas. Theoretically, this is possible, but holding the mower in your hands for a long time is very uncomfortable. Due to the long work, the trimmers can overheat, sometimes the drums even melt slightly. It is necessary to pay attention to one more point. the trimmer is not suitable for even mowing and the formation of beautiful lawns.

But we must also compare trimmers with scythes. Lawn Mower is able to cope with the vegetation before which the light technique "passes". The difference is clearly revealed in the capacity, in the duration of continuous operation and in the size of the area being cleaned. But Lawn Mower is heavier (at least 7 kg), so only strong, physically developed men can use it normally.

Manufacturers Rating

Only those companies that have launched the release of decent models of other tools are deservedly included in the top. If you do not delve into the technical nuances, then the products of the following companies can be considered optimal:

A special place on this list is the portable Zip Trim trimmer. A nice green device has a complete set weight of not more than 0.465 kg. The cutting part is made in the form of fishing line. Such a solution is perfect for mowing small areas of grass. Power is provided by three AA batteries, which are not included in the basic package.

As for the other models included in the ranking of the best, we must immediately say that they were chosen for more than one belonging to the leading brands. Even the most advanced brands often supply frankly weak models of technology. But the happy exception against this background is the Huter GGT-2500T. This apparatus seems to be called upon to confirm with its existence the timeless thesis of solid German quality.

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Trimmer power is 3.3 liters. with. It is not difficult to hold it in your hands thanks to a well-thought-out T-shaped handle with rubber pads. To make it convenient, its position can be changed. Directly on the handle there is a marking that describes the basic safety requirements. Placed in a tank of 1.2 liters of gasoline is enough for intensive mowing for 2 hours.

The trimmer can be equipped with both a fishing line and a knife. Mowing speeds up to 9500 rpm. The width of the mowed strip is 0.255 m. To extend the fishing line, which is very good, you do not need to disassemble the reel. It is only necessary to disperse the device to high revolutions and lightly knock on the ground. The motor located on top will not overheat and will not be clogged with mowed vegetation.

The shoulder girdle will help to avoid excessive fatigue of the back muscles.

A good budget alternative can be considered Interskol KB-25 / 52V. This is a relatively inexpensive trimmer with ICE, mowing grass in strips of 0.43 m. The working speed of the cutting element is 7500 revolutions per minute. In the fuel tank is placed 1 liter of gasoline, which is enough for 1 hour of continuous operation. Scope of delivery includes knife, belt and fishing line. Changing the work item is not difficult. The device starts without unnecessary problems and is considered suitable for cutting small branches. However, it weighs a lot, and the build quality of different instances in the series can vary greatly.

Another decent device with knives 0.255 m wide is the Fubag FPT 43. The trimmer of this model has a special option guaranteeing an accelerated start of the motor. Its capacity is 1.75 liters. with. This is enough for mowing even tall grass in an economical mode. A folding handle helps simplify transport. Thanks to the metal fastening of the casing, increased reliability is provided. Since the trimmer is set using the adjusting screw, there is no need to use additional tools.

However, with all the attractive features of the Fubag FPT, this unit is not equipped with a not enough comfortable shoulder strap.

As for the Hammer MTK25B, this device was originally created for mowing in particularly difficult places. It will be able to remove grass almost close to the wall, stairs, tree and so on. The fuel pump of this trimmer is designed to start smoothly even after long periods of inactivity. The casing guarantees reliable protection of the motor from flying pieces of grass.

The fishing line is designed to work on a rocky, uneven surface. When touching a solid object, it will not fail. The Hammer MTK25B weighs just 5.6 kg. Thanks to the bending rod, you can place the device in various angles and easily remove it from the most inaccessible areas.

Provides protection against unintended start; even the product is easy to disassemble, but sometimes there are complaints of loud noise.

The next model in the ranking is the Patriot PT 4555 ES. The device has a capacity of 2.5 liters. with. Users note its good bundle. The developed force is enough to sweep even in difficult areas. The designers provided protection against vibration, and the assembly is very solid. The dismantled bar makes it easy to transport the trimmer even in a car or motorcycle stroller. Weakness can be considered only a small tank capacity.

If you want to choose a mower for working with grass of almost any hardness, need to pay attention to Champion T523. In the most intensive mode, the flow rate of the combustible mixture per hour will be 0.62 liters. The fishing line is fed in a semi-automatic way, but the trimmer head sometimes fails, and the mass of the device is not the smallest among such devices.

How to choose?

Suppose it is decided to finally use the trimmer, and not the brushcutter or lawn mower. But the choice of a suitable solution does not end there. BOf great importance is the power of a particular device. The higher it is, the faster the rotation of the cutting part will occur and the larger the area can be cleaned at the same time. But energy or fuel consumption is unlikely to please people, as well as excessive noise.

Cheap home appliances can have a power of 0.25–1.8 kW. This is quite enough to restore order in the garden or on the lawn near the house, to cope with the vegetation near the fence or stone wall. Sometimes you can even limit yourself to a power of no more than 0.7 kW. But the mower for utility services and large areas should be more powerful, at least 0.9 kW.

The next significant parameter is the width of the cut grass strip. For mowing large lawns over a large area, trimmers that clean grass 0.3–0.42 m wide are useful. For ordinary summer cottages and for janitorial work, it is quite possible to cut 0.25–0.7 m in a single pass. A light trimmer is better suited ( in principle) for long work. But when cleaning a large area of ​​grass, you sometimes have to work away from the mains. Therefore, you have to choose the most heavyweight gasoline models. there simply are no alternatives. Electric trimmers weigh between 3 and 5 kg. Summer residents should choose devices no heavier than 2.5 kg.

The next important point is the number of revolutions. For low-powered trimmers, it is not even advertised, because a figure of less than 7000 turns per minute is not solid enough. In more serious versions, this figure varies from 7,500 to 12,000 rpm. The diameter of the fishing line can be from 0.14 to 0.2 cm (this is enough to maintain the lawn in order). Fishing line with a thickness of 0.24-0.27 cm will allow maintaining roadsides in good condition, on which thick grasses grow. But on the most neglected areas, it is recommended to use trimmers with fishing line no thinner than 0.3 cm. Only it can cope with strong stems and low bushes. But on flat open places where strong thick grass grows, metal knives are better. They allow you to make even cuts. As a result, it is possible to achieve a more pleasant appearance.

However, In addition to the type of nozzle, it is also necessary to take into account the method of mounting the trimmer on the operator. You can clean up a small area using a single-belt device. On a larger area, backpack-mounted products are preferred. It is also necessary to pay attention to the pens (their shape, quantity are very important).

When planning to work all day, it’s best to buy devices with cross-frames and equally functional handles.

Important! Placing the motor at the bottom of the trimmer is impractical. This is permissible only if it is planned to work no more than 2-3 hours a day, otherwise the load on the back grows too much.

Autonomous trimmers are selected primarily by tank capacity or by the charge of the built-in battery. For most gasoline models, 0.3–1.5 liters of gasoline is placed in the tank. If the tank capacity is small, a maximum of 20 minutes can be mowed. Next, you will have to take a break so that the engine cools down and the fuel supply is replenished. With the largest capacity, you can count on working for 1 hour or more, which is very convenient for the commercial sector or large summer cottages.

1 ampere-hour (in the case of a battery trimmer) allows you to work for about ¼ hour. It takes up to 45 minutes for the battery to be charged. To care for a modest lawn or lawn use models with a battery capacity of 2 A / h. And options 3-4 Ah / h will already allow to put things in order around a kindergarten or school, office building, cinema, clinic, supermarket and around the perimeter of an apartment building.

Operation and maintenance

To prepare the device for mowing, it is not enough just to connect it to a power outlet or refuel. These are necessary stages, but some other manipulations must also be done. Before cleaning the lawn or lawn, you must manually remove all metal, stone objects, glass fragments, and other hard objects from there. Ideally, there should be nothing left except grass and low shrubs. Be sure to remove the wire, because the mower can break due to it. When the site is prepared, you can mount the cutting parts. To replace the cord with knives, unscrew the fastening nuts, put the necessary part, return the nut back and tighten it with a key.

Refuel petrol trimmers only with the fuel specified in the instructions. Devices with two-stroke engines usually use AI-92 fuel. But they cannot be lubricated separately (unsuitable design). Therefore, pure gasoline cannot be used; instead, a gasoline-oil mixture is used.

Its proportion should be exactly the one that the manufacturer offers.

You must also remember the basic safety rules when working. For mowing, grasses wear tight, impervious to dust and dirt clothes. Hands protect with gloves, and eyes. with a special sample with glasses. Keep the mower apparatus strictly so that the working element runs parallel to the ground. Only then can the engine be started.

The assembly procedure is described in the manual for each model of equipment separately. Duplicate it does not make sense. The gas trimmer is required to first "run into" the fuel, that is, let it work for 2-4 minutes at idle. During operation, care must be taken so that there is no feeling that the engine is operating with a load. Run-in is carried out, systematically increasing the level of load.

When you first start, you should not work too long, a maximum of 15 minutes.

Trimmers with bicycle handles are held with both hands. If the handles are D-shaped, they are wrapped around the palm of your hand. The belt is immediately put on so that it is more convenient to work. The lower the mowing element is lowered, the more evenly the grass will be cut. The territory is divided into conditional squares, and during the work they move clockwise. then the mown plants will not interfere.

Tall grass is removed for 2, and in difficult cases for 3 calls. If suddenly grass is wound on a reel or disk, turn off the device and carefully remove the blockage. Experts advise mowing the lawn with the ends of the lines, and not their entire length. To simplify the mowing of a large area, the tilt of the tool towards the harvested plants helps.

Important: electric trimmers cannot be used at all in wet weather, and gas trimmers are used as carefully as possible.

In order for the trimmer to give a good result, it is not enough to use it correctly. you still need to pay attention to the list of the best models.

  • Among gasoline devices stands out Champion T433. The trimmer’s fishing line has a thickness of 0.24 cm. Its width reaches 0.4 m. The knife can mow grass strips no wider than 0.25 m. The folding handle and the motor located in the upper part of the trimmer receive positive marks.
  • Ryobi RBC254SBSO. also a good modern device. The unloading system makes work as easy as possible. Which is important, but this is the pickiness of the trimmer in relation to lubricating oils.
  • Stihl fs 55 considered a universal device, consumers appreciate its attractive design and lightness. It is noted that heavy disks cannot be installed.

You can learn about how to make a powerful electric braid with your own hands from the video below.

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