Grease For Trimmer Fs 55

Grease For Trimmer Fs 55

Sometimes, in the midst of intense grass mowing operations, your trimmer begins to make unpleasant, grinding sounds. This complains about the lack of lubrication of the gearbox – the most intensively loaded unit of the device. And soon, these “warnings” may be followed by jamming of the drive …

What grease should be used for the trimmer gearbox?

In the process, the mechanical part of the trimmer is loaded with contact forces on the teeth, resistance reactions from adhering grass (sometimes with dirt), dynamic, impact loads due to constantly changing torque. The grease for the trimmer gear must fully take into account these features, so the selection of the brand must be strictly individual.

The following factors are taken into account:

  1. Brand of the manufacturer. Each brand is not unreasonably oriented on lubricants of its own manufacture (you can talk about cheap Chinese products later). This applies to manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Stihl, Huter, Makita, etc. The exception is domestic trimmers: for example, Caliber in the user manual does not indicate the brand of lubricant at all …
  2. The viscosity of the lubricant. As you know, all lubricating compounds are divided into three groups – highly viscous (colloidal systems containing various additives), plastic compounds of universal use and solid lubricants that soften during operation.
  3. Good adhesion to the surface of the gearbox parts, as a result of which the grease is not squeezed out into the gaps or out of the assembly.
  4. Gearbox lubricant consumption rate. Here you have to rely on your own experience and the recommendations of specialists, since some trimmer manufacturers, relying on the availability of their own service centers, generally do not give clear recommendations regarding the period of operation of the gearbox between two lubrications.

The lubricant consumption also depends on the temperature at which it retains its lubricity. When the gearbox is heated to 40 ° C, it is considered that its operating conditions are satisfactory, and there is enough lubrication.

It is believed that there is no universal lubricant for the trimmer gear, but this is not entirely true. In fact, a suitable lubricant will be one in which the following components are present:

  • Anti-wear additives containing no toxic lead;
  • Solid lubricants with the presence of graphite or molybdenum disulfide (the latter is preferable, since the lubricity is fully preserved for a wide range of shaft revolutions);
  • Only mineral (inorganic!) Oils with a high degree of purification.

These requirements are fully met by Gear Grease OREGON or Champion EP-0 lithium greases, domestic compositions Oleo-Mas, Litol.24, or Azmol 158, as well as those recommended by the manufacturer of a particular trimmer model.

How to lubricate the trimmer gear?

In the upper part of the housing, where the gear block is installed, there is a technological hole, which, when the trimmer is operated, is plugged with a screw. This screw is unscrewed, and 1.5 … 2 ml of grease is introduced into the hole using the nozzle on the tube. If the lubricant was purchased in a different packaging, then for this operation, a regular disposable medical syringe is also suitable.

After that, the screw is installed in its original place. This procedure, regardless of the user’s recommendations, should be performed every 10 … 15 hours of operation of the trimmer in operating mode. Other reasons for updating or replacing the gearbox lubricant are independent minor maintenance work (for example, cleaning and washing the gearbox gear before the summer season), repair of the unit, preservation of the trimmer for the winter period, etc.

If the gear unit is disassembled, it is recommended to completely remove the remains of the previous grease from the surface of the parts, even if it does not have any signs of oxidation and contamination. And only then apply new grease. After applying the lubricant, it is recommended to turn the shaft manually several times, and make sure that the lubricant is evenly distributed over all parts of the gearbox.

When lubricating, special attention is paid to the following elements:

  1. Flywheel: on its surface, as a rule, the remnants of grass adhere intensively, and thickened grass juice creates additional resistance.
  2. The starter coil dog, which is constantly in contact with the grooves on the flywheel when the drive is turned on. In this case, not only mechanical wear occurs, but also mechanochemical corrosion of the flywheel-dog joint, since the materials for this pair are different (the flywheel is aluminum and the dog is steel).
  3. Bearings, if their seals are worn, and through them the grease is squeezed out. In this case, the unit begins to vibrate intensively when loaded. This happens with Chinese-made trimmers, so it’s worthwhile in the future to think about replacing the bearing assembly with a better one, for example, from the Swedish company SKF.

Types of Trimmers

For a long time they have not used such a tool for mowing grass as an ordinary scythe to trim the lawn. Of course, this tool remained in the villages, but in order to mow a lawn or lawn covered with grass, grassy roadsides in a country house or cottage, a trimmer is used. This is a type of garden tool that combines a scythe and a lawn mower.

Trimmers are different, but basically they can be shining to three types. These are gasoline, electric and powered by a battery.

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The most powerful are lawn mowers with a gasoline engine. They are considered a professional tool, used not only for lawns near the house, but also by employees of housing offices and road administrations to bring the lawn-covered areas in order. The engine of this tool with high power, usually there is air cooling. Having a container in the backpack with gasoline and engine oil, the worker is not tied to the place and can process large sections at a considerable distance, and with a fairly high speed.

Gas trimmer at work

Of course, such a tool also has its drawbacks, for example, a large amount of exhaust gases, a lot of noise, which is heard even when the windows are closed, when they mow grass on the street. If, for example, one of the elements of the trimmer fails, it will be difficult to make repairs yourself without experience. In addition, he has a large, comparatively weight, it will be difficult for a woman to work with him, and the price is much higher than the rest of the species.

An electric motor tool powered by an electric cable is a less powerful tool. It has an upper engine location and a lower location. Both models have both their pros and cons. Because of the binding to a power source, it is used in personal households, although the device has to be equipped with an extension cord.

Power Cable Trimmer

But they are more convenient in work and have a small weight. In addition, the noise level and vibration level are small, although they cannot mow thick plant stems. Easy to repair and maintain. Reasonable prices.

The third type of trimmers is battery powered. They do an excellent job where it would be impossible for the mower to come up with a cable, convenient to operate, they can be easily moved from place to place, they will not get tangled in the wire or cut it. They work quietly, inexpensively.

Bosch cordless trimmer

There are difficulties in their work, this is a battery that constantly needs recharging, the smallest power compared to other types. Therefore, they are bought as an addition to the other two tools, and the choice of models is not so big either.

Trimmers and major differences in models

If you take apart any gas mower, you can make sure that it is made almost the same, with the exception of additional options and design.

The structure of the gas trimmer

If it is an electric tool, it has a slight difference:

Electric trimmer, example configuration. 1 – an engine running on gasoline; 2 – fuel tank; 3 – starter handle; 4 – rod, can be disassembled, telescopic, solid; 5 – the handle, which is controlled during operation, may have a different shape; 6 – buttons to control the trimmer; 7 – the buttons are connected to the engine via a small cable; 8 – gearbox, which needs constant maintenance and the addition of special oil. It transfers rotation from the engine to the shaft on which the spindle is mounted; 9 – a cutting tool that is mounted on a spindle, which in turn consists of either a reel with fishing line, which cuts grass, or a special knife; 10 – a casing to protect working from flying pieces of stems.

As you can see from the photo, its difference is that there are not so many control buttons, there is one – either turn it on or off, the engine can be located either below, near the cutting tool. In this case, it is easier to work with such a tool, but mowing wet grass is not recommended. But in this case, the gearbox, as a part, is absent, since rotation is transmitted directly from the motor directly to the spindle shaft and the cutting unit. Naturally, like all other equipment that do not have a gearbox in design, it has low power.

If the engine is at the top, it is more practical and the engine is more durable.

Trimmer with the engine in the upper part in a complete set

In addition, such a mower has a much greater power.

If we consider the battery version, it has an engine and a battery in the upper part of the rod.

Lawnmower Care and Maintenance

Maintenance of lawn mowers, both with a gasoline engine and with an electric engine, although it has its own differences, is quite possible on its own. Tracking the sharpness of the blades, correct grinding, if they are dull – this is not a particularly difficult task. If there is no equipment for sharpening at home, you can grind them in workshops. In order for them to wear out equally on both sides, we periodically turn them over to the other side.

Check the air filter that is installed on the gas spit at intervals of one week, at least. Wet with oil, if necessary, change if contaminated. We check the candles and the muffler for pollution from soot.

If the engine is electrically energized, it is necessary to alternate the operating time indicated in the passport with the engine cooling time. If the equipment has a cutting element for the fishing line, you also need to monitor it, the coil on which it is wound is also periodically cleaned.

Untimely cleaning of the electric motor leads to the fact that moisture accumulates in it, and the loss of its power in the gasoline engine.

It is especially important to pay attention to gearbox maintenance. This part is very important in the operation of the mower, unless the engine is directly connected to the cutting unit.

The first is to ensure that dirt does not accumulate there.

Second, do not forget to apply grease on time, which is intended for the trimmer gearbox. You can ask the seller of the equipment what kind of lubricant is needed for the trimmer gearbox that you are going to buy. They will answer this question as correctly as possible, since the life of the trimmer depends on it, and this is the warranty. Some trimmer manufacturers recommend using their proprietary grease for the trimmer gear, for example, such as Husqvarna, Huter, Makita.

Husqvarna trimmer gear lubricant

The fact is that in the process of work the load on the gear increases, since the rotation speed is constantly changing. At the same time, adhering grass, especially in wet weather or dew, creates its own additional load. When deciding which lubricant is best to use for the gear of your trimmer, you need to decide separately for each model.

If these are Russian or Russian-Chinese manufacturers, a specific brand of lubricant is not indicated here.

Which grease is best to lubricate the trimmer gear

Too many people use Litol for this purpose, its only advantage is its low price, and many do replace the lubricant in the trimmer gearbox with Litol. At the same time, this grease is thicker and more viscous than that of specialized lubricants; it does not have special additives in its composition. Therefore, you need to constantly monitor what level of lubricant in the gearbox, add it every 20 hours. In addition, Litol cannot be used on aluminum parts. Therefore, on what grease will be in the trimmer gearbox, its performance and its service life will depend.

As already mentioned, it is very good if, when buying a mower, you immediately get the grease of the same company as the mower.

Special grease from Oleo-Mac for gearboxes

In addition to the fact that special greases have the density and viscosity necessary for such parts, it must be remembered that children can play on the lawn, adults can relax and waste from grease that is not suitable for this purpose is superfluous.

How is grease and grease added to an electric trimmer gear

In order to lubricate the gearbox, there are technological holes in it. To do this, unscrew the cap of the tube of grease and squeeze the grease into the hole.

We unscrew the screw and enter the grease into the technological hole

If the grease is in a different container, we draw 5 cubes into the syringe and inject the grease with a syringe.

Lubrication can also be introduced through a tube

If it is a reducer from a gasoline engine, we find a plug, it is usually indicated on the diagram. And a little more than the gearbox from the electric mower. We clean it and the place around it, so that the dirt does not get inside when opening. Then, put the trimmer on the surface (it must be turned off) sideways and with one hand squeeze out the grease slowly in the way described above, and with the other we rotate the knife so that the grease is evenly distributed inside. Then close the stopper tightly on the gearbox and tube or syringe. You need to lubricate at least after 25 hours of operation, and what kind of grease to lubricate the trimmer gear, you choose. The principle of operation of the gearbox and gasoline and electric is the same.