Gruntzatsepy for the motorblock Neva with their own hands

gruntzatsepy, neva, their, hands

Self-made hooks of complex design

Easy-to-make grousers have characteristics that are far from perfect. Let us present a design that is not inferior in quality to the factory products.

  • Steel plate 4-5 mm for the center disc.
  • A steel strip 50 mm wide and 4-5 mm thick for the outer supporting surface. There will be six such hoops. Outer rings make wheel stronger and heavier.
  • Steel plate for hooks 8-10mm thick.
  • Arc welder, drill or boring machine, angle grinder.

Connections are made by electric welding, as a gas torch will not heat metal of such thickness.

As diameter and width of hooks are larger than seats for standard wheels, axles are lengthened.

It is possible to adjust the track, which depends on the width of the rows in the field. By repositioning the wheels with the hooks, any width and position of the attachment can be set. Each wheel weighs at least 10 kg, which means a firm grip on the ground.

These wheels are not devices for ripping or plowing, although there is some soil treatment. They cannot be used as a ripper, because an independent fulcrum is required. If you do not want to make the wheels heavier, the design can be made lighter and more delicate. These wheels perform well on “light”, pre-loosened soils. Small-diameter discs, the rim is held on an openwork structure with spokes made of profiled steel sheet. For the hooks, the thickness of steel must not be thicker than 8 mm. Each wheel is no heavier than 7 kilograms.

Hoes for the power tiller with your own hands

One of the easiest ways to make treetracks by your own hands is to take unwanted automobile discs. Using a welder, we weld the half axle to it, and later attach the bearings to it. Next, we make cogs, t.е. To do this, use a metal corner or a plate of unnecessary metal. The resulting angle welded to the discs as shown in the video, at a distance of 10-15cm.

In principle, you can make them from any piece of metal with a rounded shape, the main thing is to choose the correct width and diameter, since different brands of power tillers have their own dimensions.

To make trestle hooks with your own hands from scratch, see drawings and video below.

Hooks for the Neva power tiller

Dirt shoes for the Neva technique, are made by the same principle, as we described above. You just need to observe the correct dimensions. So the height of the rim for the Neva, should be 340 mm, and a width of 110 mm.

Grotelets for the motor-block Kentavr

As we said, the different power tillers, gruntozatsepes have their own size, so for power tillers Kentavr, they will be larger than the Neva, the height is 450 mm, width 110-120 mm.

Dirt hooks for a power tiller Zubr

gruntzatsepy, neva, their, hands

In the range of power tillers Zubr, a lot of heavy power tillers for professional work, hence the need for special. Here, the standard height of hooks is 700 mm, and the width of 200 mm, this is due to the fact that they have to pull on themselves quite a lot of weight.

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As you can see, there is nothing difficult to make homemade grottozatsepy for the same Favourite, power tiller Salyut. You only need to refer to the drawings and follow the dimensions suitable for your particular power tiller. All the information, you can get from the instructions that come with your power tiller.

How to make trestle hooks for your power tiller with your own hands?

Taking into account the high cost of some models of grotozatseppov, many owners of power tillers prefer to make devices for agricultural machinery with their own hands. There is nothing strange about this, because homemade designs in quality, efficiency and durability are almost no different from the grousers, available for sale on the shelves of stores.

Before you make trestle blades with your own hands on a single axle tractor, we advise you to carefully study the drawings. They will give you an idea of how to position and fasten the parts in the structure. The easiest way will be to make grousers from automobile discs from cars of the domestic brand VAZ. In this case, the work order would be as follows:

  • First, you need to weld one metal plate to the outer surface of the Zhigul discs;
  • Next, start making the teeth. For this, take steel of the right thickness and cut blanks of the right size. The length of the tines varies depending on the class of the motoblock. for heavy units fit tines, with a length of about 15 cm, for medium. 10, and for light. about 5 cm;
  • Weld the manufactured teeth around the circumference of the rim, keeping a distance of 15 cm between them;
  • In more detail about the manufacture of tines for a power tiller the video will tell.

What third-party wheels are suitable for the power tiller Neva?

The wheels from Moskvitch and Zhiguli are best suited for mounting on the Neva single axle tractor. There is no need to change anything in them, as their diameter is ideal for mounting on a single axle tractor. They only need to be slightly upgraded by welding.

Zhiguya wheels on a Neva power tiller

снеговые колеса к мотоблоку Нева БМ2

The factory versions will cost much more.

The main task in upgrading the Zhigulev wheels is to make them heavier, since they are very light in the factory.

Listed below are the basic steps for making wheels for a power tiller from automobile tires:

  • A half axle is installed inside the wheels;
  • For the convenience of changing wheels, square plates are installed on the axle, holes are made in them. And then the wheels from Zhiguya are attached to these plates;
  • The outer side is covered with a cap to protect it from external factors;
  • Cameras should be removed, and leave only the tires (to improve the quality of adhesion should use winter tire models).
gruntzatsepy, neva, their, hands

The use of other tires is problematic, because they have a larger diameter or width and have to be fitted by means of an axle extension or some other method, which is not always possible.

gruntzatsepy, neva, their, hands

To improve the grip properties, some people additionally chain the wheels. When driving, the chain digs into the ground and gives extra traction. Its effect is especially noticeable when driving after rain or snow.

The video shows how to install Zhigul wheels on the Neva single axle tractor:

What sizes to take

You can find a lot of drawings and diagrams on the Internet for making trailing wheels yourself. But which dimensions correspond to a particular brand of? Sometimes this is not specified in the drawings.

So, the most common power tillers are: Neva, Mole, Salyut, Oka, Zubr, Kentavr. Consider the Neva power tillers.

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The trailing blades for Neva power tillers are perfect for Salyut and Favorit power tillers as well. Dimensions for homemade tools for power tiller: height. 34 cm, width. 11 cm. These dimensions are shown on the drawing, as well as all the fine details that need to be respected for good work with the ground. By the way, the tines of the homemade version are made a little bigger than the factory ones, t.к. it is difficult to precisely select the size. Dimensions for other brands of power tillers range from 34 cm to 70 cm and up.

Let’s take a look at the main functions of the toolboxes on the Neva single axle tractor:

  • Better quality plowing of land plots.
  • Installed tooling makes the single-axle tractor heavier and good in application, which improves the work with the soil and allows you to work with heavy attachments.
  • This product helps to climb uphill with a full trailer in a fairly short time.
  • The tines hook small and large plant roots, pulling them out.

Purpose and Varieties

Grit hooks are designed to increase the weight of the power tiller and improve the machine’s contact with the ground, especially in areas with excessively wet and/or loose soil. They are a construction with spikes that are mounted on an axle instead of/over pneumatic wheels with soft tires.

In today’s market, you can find several configurations of grounders. A distinction is made between universal and special grousers. The first ones can be used on any power tiller, the main thing is to choose the right size. The latter are made for a particular brand (model) of the machine.

If we take the place of production, then the products can be divided into homemade and factory.

According to their design features trailing appliances are subdivided into those that require dismantling wheels with pneumatic tires and those that are put on top of the tires. The first type requires fixation on the wheel axle.

The use of grousers allows:

  • better cultivate the soil layer;
  • to improve the cross-country ability of both the tiller itself and the attached trailer with a load;
  • increase the stability of the machine due to its increased weight;
  • and hang the other accessories.

How to make trestle hooks for your power tiller with your own hands

The easiest answer to the question of how to make gruntzatsepy for a motor block with his own hands. to take for the future rims of unnecessary grundozatseke automobile wheels. To these discs you need to attach the half axle with a welder, to which we will then put the bearings. Weld the square metal plates to the car wheels. so that the plates touch the rim with their edges.

The plates must then be bolted to the rim. Now we need to make teeth. steel hooks, which will go into the ground. To do this, we need a steel plate, such as an angle, which should be cut into parts with a grinder and weld them to the same teeth as done in the factory. The obtained hooks should be placed on the wheel rim at a distance of 15 cm from each other.

There is another way to make homemade tramlines. Use an old gas can for this. Cut two wheel rim discs from the cylinder that are 5-7 cm wide and 30 cm high. And then everything is the same as you would do with car rims.

By the way, to improve the work of the wheels with cleats, you can weld to each hitch on top of another tooth, and lengthen the teeth to 60 cm. We need to make an axle. To do this, attach a metal plate to one of the rims on which it will be placed.

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As you can see, you can make the soil traps from any material that is shaped like a circle. The main thing. the right diameter and width for the future wheel with cleats. The size of the wheel is determined by the work for which they are used on the power tiller. We already mentioned this.

Designs for “advanced” farmers

Simple constructions from Zhiguli wheels can be easily made, but their consumer properties are not ideal. Therefore, in special cases there is a need for self-made assembly of grousers, which are no worse than the factory models, and they will be able to weigh the single-axle tractor well.

In order to make a complex design, you need:

  • 4-5 millimeter steel plates for the main disc.
  • Strip steel 50 millimeters, 4-5 millimeters thick for the bearing surface. There should be 6 of them. They reinforce the disc well and make it heavier.
  • Sheet of steel 8-10 millimeters to create the hooks.
  • Welding machine (automatic or semi-automatic), drill, angle grinder, drill workbench.

All parts are joined by electric welding, as a gas torch will not be able to heat metal of such thickness.

gruntzatsepy, neva, their, hands

Due to the fact that the diameter of the hooks is larger than the normal wheels for the power tiller, it is necessary to lengthen their axles.

It is desirable in this case to provide the possibility of adjusting the length of such axes, as in the field rows can be of different widths. Thus, by moving the wheels with hooks vertically, you can set them to any level, width and position. In this case the weight of each wheel is at least 10 kilograms and this provides excellent traction on the ground.

It is necessary to know that such devices are not suitable for plowing or loosening the ground, although a small amount of soil treatment occurs as you drive over the field. For loosening, the tires on a power tiller are not suitable, as an independent fulcrum is required here.

If the design should not be heavy, you can make it more beautiful, with an aesthetic appearance. Such wheels can be used on light soils, where loosening was previously made. They have a small diameter, with shaped spokes made of profiled steel sheet in the middle. The steel for the hooks should be no more than 8 millimeters, and the weight of the wheel should not exceed 8 kilograms.

Heavy soil looseners for a power tiller from VAZ car disks with your own hands

In modern life various devices are used, which are designed to significantly reduce physical strain during certain work. The right equipment for agriculture and horticulture helps to increase productivity. In practice, special attention is paid to small and multifunctional devices.

One of such devices is a single-axle tractor. Of course, the machine itself has no certain value without additional attachments. However, because of the high cost, you can make your own hitch on a single-axle tractor and other attachments. In this case, it is necessary to consider exactly how to perform homemade groomers for such a device as a single-axle tractor Mole or other models.

Save time and effort together with the tillers for your power tiller