Guard For Working With Angle Grinder

It is not permissible to install larger circles on the angle grinder than those for which it is intended. Getting to work with an angle grinder, you need to be extremely assembled. A protective casing and glasses are prerequisites for safe operation.

The screen is a semicircular plate with two ribbons, frontooccipital and parietal. Their adjustment can be smooth or step to fit in size and securely lock the protection during operation. A plastic visor may be provided to protect not only the face, but also the frontal part of the head.

With helmet mount. the screen is attached to the safety helmet with a lifting and fixing device that moves it up / down. From a metal mesh. such protective shields are a fine-mesh strong mesh and protect against large solid particles.

And breakaway particles can cause eye injury. Therefore, do not neglect the goggles for the angle grinder. Eyes are the most important organ of the human body, they must be protected and taken care of their safety when performing various work operations.

First of all, these are construction glasses. special devices that protect the eyes from the smallest particles of the processed material and exposure to radiation hazardous to the organs of vision.

Guard For Working With Angle Grinder

They partially or completely close the organs of vision and are offered with different types of glasses: mineral, organic or made from various modern polymeric materials. They are indispensable when performing welding operations, working with lasers, and bright light sources. Used in the glass and metallurgical industries.

The most convenient and modern welding masks are chameleon masks. Working with an angle grinder is associated with sparks and fragments that are inevitable when cutting material, so protection from them will not be superfluous. A respirator is required when cutting concrete or slate and is desirable when working with metal, especially indoors. Glasses and a shield protect only from small particles, however large a splinter flying off directly, they will not stop!

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Buy safety glasses for angle grinder

The diameter of the circle must not exceed the diameter of the standard protective casing. An angle grinder, it is an angle grinder, is a very traumatic tool. If the angle grinder were not so indispensable for many types of work, it would probably be worth introducing a restriction on the use of this tool. In general, it is very important to know how to work the angle grinder.

Glasses or their replacement mask must be closed. Sparks and splinters fly along a complex path and are able to fly behind glasses or a mask if they are open from the side. The protective cover is the first barrier between the operator and the circle rotating at great speed.

Many who use the angle grinder more or less regularly, at least once, but have come across it. Most often, the destruction of the circle occurs when it is clamped (jammed) in the slot. The protective cover is installed so that sparks and debris are not ejected towards the operator. As it would not be inconvenient in some cases to work with the casing, its removal from the tool is unacceptable.

Hands are in close proximity to the rotating circle and must be protected from sparks, abrasive particles and metal fragments. Clothing should not be wide and well dressed. Each type of work (type of processed material) has its own abrasive tool. Circles of large diameters (both new and used and reduced in diameter) may not withstand high speeds and collapse.

You can also not use damaged circles: with cracks, chips and potholes, having deviations from roundness or flatness. This can lead to a back strike and the final destruction of the circle with the creation of a traumatic situation.