Heavy power tillers with universal joint shaft

Heavy duty Chinese motor blocks

Consider how to choose the best Chinese single axle tractor. Buy to work on the garden you can not only European, domestic or American models of diesel motocultivators. For many years the leaders in sales are heavy Chinese motor cultivators, which have a significantly low cost. This applies both to the units themselves, as well as components and spare parts.

The advantages of heavy Chinese cultivators are:

  • Wide range of models.
  • Assembly is carried out according to original schemes with powerful engines.
  • High performance.
  • The engines are of their own assembly, either Japanese or American.
  • compact, have a lighter weight when compared to domestic or American models.

Feedback from users suggest that the Chinese models should be carefully studied, check their performance before spending money. This is due to the fact that equipment from China can be sold fake. That’s why you should buy a diesel heavy single axle tractor in specialized stores that have the right to sell special equipment for dachas, gardens, fields.

Average, which depends on the motor power and other technical characteristics of the machine.

heavy, power, tillers, universal

Today there are many types of machinery, mini tractors, lawnmowers, but we want to find out which single axle tractor with PTO is the best 2021. Naturally there are many worthy models, so I had to choose based on the reviews of owners. These machines enable a wide variety of attachments to be fitted, first and foremost. For example, to plow, plant crops, carry loads, clear snow, mow grass and do many other things. Many people don’t consider machines without a PTO at all.


Comparing the products imported from developed industrial countries, with similar Russian-made power tillers, we can note that their cost in most cases does not justify the increased reliability and ease of use. In addition, these models require qualified maintenance and branded consumables, which can not always be provided.

Russian manufacturers focus on the customer who wants to get ease of use, the ability to repair and improve the product with their own hands, an acceptable price.

In order to have an idea about domestic power tillers, it is worth considering the characteristics and applications of some models of the middle class. Belarusian models are also included in the review.

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Neva MB-2B-6.5 Pro

This single-axle tractor is distinguished by a solid frame, which is a feature of professional equipment, and versatility. There are many PTO-driven active attachments and simple trailed units available for it. It can be used to mow grass, make hay, plant and dig potatoes, and till the soil with a tiller or plow. In winter, the single-axle tractor can be used as a snowplow with a dozer or rotary snow blower.

  • middle class single-axle tractor;
  • Briggs and Stratton 4-stroke gasoline engine, displacement 205 cm³, power 6,53 l.с.;
  • tillage width 86-127 cm;
  • transmission manual, 4 forward speeds, 2 reverse;
  • weight 98 kg;
  • reverser;
  • pneumatic wheels.

Salut 100 X-M2

Reliable single-axle tractor Salut 100 X-M2 with a gasoline engine Honda can be used for intensive work on large suburban areas or in a small farm. The capabilities of this machine replace a small fleet of agricultural equipment. High weight and rugged design is well suited to work on heavy soils. Salut 100 X-M2 single-axle tractor is equipped with a durable and reliable engine made in Japan. Honda powertrain has a service life of 1000 hours, acceptable vibration and noise level, and moderate fuel consumption.

Environmental performance of the exhaust complies with European standards. The belt clutch is characterized by smooth operation, the transmission is adapted to long loads and has a high efficiency. The single-axle tractor steers well and the large-diameter pneumatic wheels are good for working on rough terrain.

  • middle class single-axle tractor;
  • Honda GC-190 4-stroke gasoline engine, 205 cc³, 6.53 l.с.;
  • working width of 30-90 cm;
  • Number of speeds 4/2;
  • weight of 78 kg
  • reverse;
  • pneumatic wheels.

Belarus 09H-01

Multifunctional tool for working on various soils up to 5 hectares. The single-axle tractor can do many jobs: plowing, harrowing, cultivating, and inter-row planting of root crops. Characterized by high reliability and unpretentiousness to operating conditions. Reliable traction of the wheels, good steering and many other advantages provide comfortable operation of the power tiller.

  • Heavy single-axle tractor;
  • Honda GX270 4-stroke gasoline engine, 270 cm³, 9.38 l.с.;
  • Processing width 45-70 cm;
  • number of speeds 4/2;
  • weight 176 kg;
  • reverse;
  • pneumatic wheels;
  • max. 11 km/h forward speed, 5 km/h reverse;
  • disk clutch;
  • gear drive (reduction gear).

How to Diagnose and Replace Universal Joints (ULTIMATE Guide)

Popular Power tillers categories

Price 20500 instead of 22,300

heavy, power, tillers, universal

Price 12900 instead of 13900

Price 3900 instead of 4600

Price 1700 instead of 2500

Price 1700 instead of 2500

Universal coupling SU-3

Price 1300 instead of 2000

Price 23900 instead of 27900

Price 20500 instead of 22500

Price 27500 instead of 31000

Price 19500 instead of 21500

Price 3900 instead of 5100

Price is 4500 instead of 5700

) Price 0 instead of 3800

Price 0 instead of 1500

Price 0 instead of 1700

Price 5900 instead of 7100

Mothballs with power shaft

Engine model Lifan 177F Maximum power (l.с.) 9 Engine start Mechanical (manual starter) Wheel size 4×10 Engine displacement (cc).see.) 270 Gearbox type Gearbox Engine manufacturer Lifan (China) Engine type Petrol Engine Country of assembly Russia Number of speeds 3 forward / 1 reverse Cultivation depth.

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Description and parameters UGRA single axle tractor NMB-1N14 NMB 1N14

UGRA NMB-1H15 single-axle tractor with power take-off shaft (Lifan 177FD 9,0 L engine).с. with el. spare.) NMB-1H15

KADVI single-axle tractor with universal joint shaft UGRA NMB-1N15 (Lifan 177FD 9,0 L engine).с. with el. spare.) NMB-1H15

Powerful and heavy single-axle tractor perfectly suited to large and medium-sized areas, it can easily cope with impressive amounts of work and heavy loads. Such a machine will be indispensable in a large private vegetable garden or in a medium-sized farm field. Big weight allows to use the aggregate for tillage.

Description and parameters of the Ugra NMB-1N15 single-axle tractor (engine Lifan 177FD 9,0 l.с. s el. spare.) NMB-1H15

UGRA NMB-1H17 single-axle tractor with power take-off shaft (Lifan 170F engine 7,0 l.с.) NMB-1H17

UGRA NMB-1H17 single-axle tractor with KADVI universal joint shaft (Lifan 170FD engine 7,0 L).с.) NMB-1H17

Engine Lifan 170F Type of engine Gasoline engine Power 7 hp.с. Engine capacity 170 cc Maximum working depth 300 mm Direction of cutter rotation forward/reverse speed 3 / 1 Fuel tank capacity 3.6 L Power take-off shaft Dimensions in package (ЛЛхВхШ) 820х710х600 mm Net Weight 85 kg Gross Weight 120 kg Features Shift directional switch.

Description and parameters Ugra NMB-1H17 single axle tractor (Lifan 170F 7,0 hp engine).с.) NMB-1H17

KADVI single axle tractor with power take-off shaft Ugra NMB-1H7 NMB-1H7 Ugra single axle tractor

KADVI single axle tractor with power take-off shaft UGRA NMB-1N7 NMB-1N7 single axle tractor

Engine model Lifan 168F-2 Maximum power (l.с.) 6.5 Engine start Mechanical (manual starter) Wheel size 4×10 Engine displacement (cc).see.) 196 Type of gearbox Gearbox Engine manufacturer Lifan (China) Engine type Petrol Engine Country of assembly Russia Number of speeds 3 forward / 1 reverse Working depth.

Description and parameters Ugra NMB-1H7 NMB-1H7 single axle tractor

To work with additional attachments, it is recommended to buy a single-axle tractor with a PTO. This will allow you to use the base unit to connect a brush, snowplow rotor, mower. Our range features universal models from leading manufacturers at an affordable price.

Other advantages of PTO power tillers include:

  • good cross-country ability
  • Simple ergonomic control
  • inexpensive maintenance
  • economical engines
  • long lifetime

Gardeners and gardeners can buy equipment with power units designed for intensive high load. We offer attractive on all products.

Rules for choosing a power tiller with PTO and rating of the best models according to user reviews

According to the type of engine, power tillers with PTO can be divided into two large groups:


Household devices are suitable for use in the country or a small household plot. Distinguished by their small size, low price and low weight. Gasoline-engine blocks can be equipped with two- or four-stroke engines up to 10 l. с.


These units are used by owners of large household plots and farms. Powerful power tillers with a PTO are reliable and well-traversed. The units are suitable for regular multi-hour use. The engine power of diesel models, as a rule, ranges from 8-12 liters. с.

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Cultivators with a PTO can differ among themselves in the type of engine and weight, power, width of processing and a number of additional characteristics.

How to choose a heavy single axle tractor?

Heavy single-axle tractor. it is expensive and large-sized equipment, almost a mini-tractor, which can produce several types of land treatment, so its choice should be approached with great responsibility.

The first thing to do is to examine the 5 basic characteristics of the unit:

  • Engine type. Gasoline models are slightly less powerful and productive: the device on the diesel is suitable for plowing dense soil and processing large areas, because with high torque, the diesel is consumed more economically than gasoline.
  • Gearbox type. There are 3 options: chain, worm and gear. The most cost-effective and unpretentious. chain, the most powerful and reliable, but expensive. gear. The worm gearbox is compact, robust, but only suited for agricultural works and not suitable for cargo transportation.
  • Fuel tank capacity and fuel consumption. The bigger the tank, the less frequent the interruption for refueling. Correspondingly, the fuel consumption is a decisive factor in the machine’s economy.
  • Tillage parameters. Key ones are width and cultivation depth. For better tillage, it is better if the depth is greater, and the width is important if the machine will be used on wide areas.
  • Transmission and number of speeds. Most models have a manual transmission with several forward and reverse speeds. This allows you to do better cultivation at a slower speed, duplicate the machining with the reverse and do other jobs quicker (e.g. transporting objects).

Heavy tillers

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heavy, power, tillers, universal

Heavy power tillers

Heavy duty tillers. versatile farming equipment for small to medium sized farms. They can replace large tractors without loosing functionality. Heavy power tillers are available with gasoline or diesel engines. This technique is used for plowing, weeding, digging, planting and harvesting. If you install additional attachments the potential of the units increases.