Help me choose a gasoline chain saw

Overview of the features of the CARVER PROMO PSG-52-18 saw

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This model of equipment will cost you 3624 rubles. The device represents a household class of chainsaws for sawing wood. Easy start-up is provided by a special system. The saw is characterized by a high level of safety, because it is equipped with a chain brake. The design has an anti-vibration system that makes the operator comfortable when working.

Reviews of the main advantages of the model

Customers also love the anti-vibration system as well as the function for adjusting the chain lubrication. When kickback occurs, the brake is applied and the chain stops immediately. According to users, the air filter is easily accessible. Cutting accuracy is guaranteed by the serrated stop. It is noteworthy that this gasoline chain saw has a body, the material of which is resistant to low temperatures.

Overview of the features of the Huter BS-52 chainsaw

This model of equipment costs 5180 rubles. The chainsaw is of the semi-professional class and has a 50 cm saw bar. The equipment is powered by a 3.4 liter engine. from. In order for the operator’s joints not to suffer, the manufacturer took care of reducing the negative impact on them. For this, a vibration damping system is built into the equipment. Automatic lubrication of the chain.

Overview of the features of the saw brand PN3800

You can start considering gasoline chainsaws from the equipment option labeled PN3800, which is a device for 1968 rubles. This unit is a great tool to use for sawing logs, preparing firewood and cutting dry branches in the garden.

The design is lightweight, which is only 5.6 kg. It is supplemented with compact dimensions, so the saw is extremely convenient to use. It is powered by a reliable 1.63 hp engine. from. The design has an oil tank that holds 0.21 liters. The PN3800 petrol chain saw is good because it is distinguished by its economical fuel consumption. The design is thought out, which makes it possible to make the forces of vibration and noise during operation not so strong. The manufacturer gives a six-year warranty for the products.

  • the ability to securely hold the tool;
  • safe work;
  • efficient cutting;
  • ease of use.

As for a secure hold, it is provided by a comfortable handle, which has a special design for gripping. The lower part of the handle is widened to protect the operator in the event of a chain break. Customers also like the high level of security. If the front stop is influenced, the brake is applied and the saw chain stops immediately.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of gasoline chain saws. Some of them are intended for intermittent use, while others are for professional use. With the help of the former, it is unlikely that it will be possible to build a wooden bathhouse or log house. But if you take out the saw several times during the year, then the simplest model with a limited set of functions is quite suitable for you. However, before making a choice, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the options for the described equipment, this will be discussed below.

Main technical characteristics of the model

The above described Carver gasoline chain saw has a bar length within 45 cm. This household model is equipped with a 52 cm 3 engine. The bar length in inches is 18. The power of the equipment is equivalent to 2.6 hp. sec., which is equal to 1.9 kW. The device weighs 5.2 kg. It has 72 links. The groove width is 1.5 mm.

Types and length of tires

  • Narrow flat tires. Such products are installed on household appliances used by non-professionals. Narrow tires are used in conjunction with low profile chains and there is no kickback problem when working with them. It is the poet that household saws are safer.
  • Lightweight tires. Such products are two plates, between which a material such as polyamide is packed. This is done to reduce the weight of the structure, which greatly affects the quality of some work. For example, sawing with your hands up with a household saw with the tires described is much easier than with a semi-professional tool. It is worth remembering that if you need to purchase a light saw for a small amount of work, you can choose an electrical product (for example, “Interskol PC 2000T”).
  • Tires with replaceable heads. These products are designed for use with professional tools that work for several hours at a time. Long bars are designed for cutting large trees, while short bars allow you to increase the speed of cutting material.

It is also worth paying attention to the length of the tire, since this parameter must be matched to the engine power. It is easier to work with thick trees with long products, as they can make a deeper cut. If these tires are used with low-power saws, the motor will wear out quickly and take longer to cut. The instructions for each saw indicate the recommended length of the tires used. This parameter cannot be exceeded, as the device will become less efficient. It should be noted that using a smaller size is allowed.

Types of saws by area of ​​use

Gasoline saws are divided into three types according to the scope of use:

  • amateur;
  • semi-professional;
  • professional.

Chainsaws of an amateur level (for example. “Lesnik 3816” and “Lesnik 2512”) are suitable for work in the garden and at home. This class of devices is the smallest. Amateur chainsaws are purchased if the chainsaw is used for about 45 minutes a day. Such devices are not designed for heavy loads. Therefore, you should not purchase such units only because of the low cost.

These chainsaws are fitted with low profile chains to reduce vibration during operation. If you need to use a chainsaw for periodic work on a plot or at home, then you should choose a household saw, since such products are light enough and suitable for harvesting firewood and pruning trees in the garden.

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Semi-professional saws are more commonly used during construction. Such products can be used both during felling and during the construction of a house and other wooden structures. The only drawback of the described saws is the inability to use them for a long time every day. If they cut wood with them for 8-9 hours daily, they will not be able to withstand such a load. An example is such a unit as a chain saw “Sturm GC 99372 B”.

Semi-professional units are capable of sawing trunks up to 40 cm. Such devices have a weight of about 6 kg. They are ideal for people who are building a wooden house. Even in the absence of the need for daily work, semi-professional saws can be indispensable when working on the site.

The most powerful are professional gasoline chain saws, which are designed for heavy loads and are most often used for felling wood. The purchase of such a saw for personal use is unjustified, since such devices are expensive. They are worth buying only if the owner of the site plans to harvest firewood for the whole winter or build a wooden house, during the creation of which it is necessary to use a chain saw every day. When choosing such a unit, it is worth remembering that all professional models vibrate strongly during operation, which increases the load on the hands.

How to choose a gasoline chain saw

The saw is a must-have tool for any land owner. It may be necessary for harvesting firewood or during the creation of buildings. But before buying a saw, you should think about the conditions for its use. You also need to learn about the features of the various types of such devices.

Kickback protection

When working with a gasoline saw, the most dangerous phenomenon is kickback. This means that if it comes into contact with the material, the saw may bounce towards the person holding it. Kickback usually occurs when the end of the tire comes into contact with the wood.

There are two types of protection against this phenomenon. One of them is the installation of a special shield. A special brake is also installed on the saws. During the bounce of the saw, the hand of the working person automatically presses the lever, which stops the chain. This allows you to protect even an inexperienced person from injury. Kickback usually does not occur with low power electrical models. That is why such electrical devices as “Interskol PC 2000T” are popular.

Features of HYUNDAI household chainsaws

  • Highly reliable motor from the manufacturer. The HYUNDAI two-stroke engine has a professional piston group, so its performance is increased, and the declared service life is more than 300 hours. The specified number has fully justified itself in work without service repair.
  • WALBRO carburetor and electronic fuse. A WALBRO carburetor and an electronic igniter provide an easy start of the engine at various temperature conditions, even at subzero temperatures. In this case, the acceleration of the engine counts for seconds, instantly reaching high rpm. The economical consumption of fuel materials and the reliability of the chainsaw also directly depend on the carburetor.
  • EASYSTART system. Thanks to the EASYSTART system, starting the engine is easier, with its help the resistance of the starter cable is reduced by about 30%. the chain saw starts quickly and with maximum ease, even after long interruptions in work.
  • Chain braking device. As soon as kickback occurs, the dusty chain stops immediately and thus protects the operator from various injuries. The stop occurs in the blink of an eye. in 1 / 10th of a second.
  • Anti-vibration design. Thanks to the effective damping system, working with the chainsaw becomes quite convenient and makes it possible to use the saw for a longer time without much stress on the user’s hands.
  • Comfortable cistern lids. The tool is filled with oil and gasoline easily and simply, without any additional tools.
  • Equipment. HYUNDAI chainsaws are equipped with an American OREGON saw chain and a HYUNDAI double-sided tire, which has an increased service life. The simplest and cheapest HYUNDAI household gasoline saws are equipped with extremely narrow and flat tires, which, when used, prevents injury.
  • Lateral chain tension. A special tensioner, which is installed laterally on the body, prevents contact with the sharp saw chain. This tensioning feature allows the chain to be adjusted quickly and easily.
  • Quick removal of the air filter mount. Quick-release air cleaner mount facilitates carburetor cleaning and maintenance, as well as frequency and availability of use.
  • Fuel pumping. The pumping device provides a quick start in any weather.


Features of HYUNDAI professional chainsaws

  • Tire with American chain. HYUNDAI high-strength bar and OREGON saw chain stop the chain instantly and prevent all kinds of injury when kickback occurs.
  • Heavy-duty magnesium body. It is easy and simple to refuel the chainsaw without any additional tools. Comfortable ergonomic and rubberized handle significantly reduces vibration and increases grip on the user’s hand.
  • Control system. Economical consumption of fuel materials and reliability in the operation of the chainsaw are carried out by an electronic fuse and a Japanese WALBRO carburetor.
  • Chain tensioner. Just like with a household chainsaw, the chain is pulled on the side of the body, which minimizes the possibility of contact with a sharp chain.
  • Decompression valve starting design. Compression (resistance) is reduced when starting, so no special effort is needed when starting.
  • Needle bearing on the crankshaft. High speed sawing up to 13,500 rpm with needle bearing on the crankshaft.

How to Setup A Petrol Chainsaw

Hyundai Chainsaws. Fast Acceleration and Instant Stop

The chainsaw is an essential tool for working with trees in the garden or forest, as well as for any sawing work. Among many well-known global manufacturers, Hyundai chainsaws occupy a leading position for a reason. They are versatile tools designed to tackle the most common tasks.

HYUNDAI chainsaws are the most popular tool, as they are suitable for both domestic household needs and a wide range of professional work: agriculture, gardening, construction. And in the field of forestry technology, where exceptional performance, reliability and safety of the tool are important, HYUNDAI chainsaws always occupy the first places in demand, featuring the best power per unit weight.

HYUNDAI POWERP RODUCTS. a company that is recognized as a leader in the production of gasoline tools, constantly delights consumers with novelties in the field of gardening equipment, including gasoline saws with high technical characteristics.

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HYUNDAI professional chainsaws

How to choose a HYUNDAI chainsaw, which will be most optimal in the case of many hours of work, for example, in felling?

It is worth paying attention to the professional HYUNDAI chainsaws, designed for hard and long work. They are more expensive than household ones due to the use of high-quality materials, increased engine power and a complicated design, due to which their service life and reliability are extended. Absolutely all professional grade Hyundai petrol chain saws are equipped with engines with an extended service life, which pick up high revs immediately after the start. They are easy to use, each model is designed for different loads. The cost of a HYUNDAI chainsaw for professional use depends on the load for which it is designed. Hyundai professional chainsaws make it possible to work daily, with maximum loads, stopping for refueling.

The main advantages of HYUNDAI professional chainsaws are:

  • ease of launch;
  • completeness with a tire that has increased wear resistance;
  • advanced safety system and low-level vibration;
  • acceptable power-to-weight ratio.

Professional chainsaws of the Korean manufacturer Hyundai are widely used at logging sites, in work on putting in order of park areas, as well as for performing works by public utilities on the streets of the city.

HYUNDAI household chainsaws

To purchase an inexpensive and high-quality chainsaw for your home or summer cottage, you need to take a responsible approach to the selection process. In this case, working with the tool will not be difficult, but, on the contrary, will delight you with comfort and convenience.

With the help of a Hyundai household chainsaw, you can quickly transform shrubs in the country, cut firewood or remove unnecessary branches on trees. Usually, comfortable work lasts no more than half an hour. The main advantage of household chain chainsaws is their low weight and relatively small dimensions, combined with power and reliability.

Household models have a fairly high working potential. They can easily cut firewood, cope with household work, repair work in the house or near the house, as well as with small construction sites. Hyundai petrol chains belong to the elite high-end tools in terms of power, price and build quality. The two-stroke engine is characterized by easy start-up and long service life.

Buying a chainsaw

In the Ukrainian market of machinery, the ratio of reasonable price and high quality of Hyundai saws is highly valued. Therefore, both household and professional Hyundai sawing tools will be the most reliable assistants for Ukrainian gardeners, foresters, summer residents and builders. Chainsaws HYUNDAI easily cope with felling and pruning trees and sawing wood. This reliable gardening tool will be a useful companion for gardening and professional activities.

Chainsaw working principle

The two main components of a chain saw are the engine and the so-called saw part, which consists of a base, a bar, and a chain pulled over it. The chain and bar of the chain saw is also sometimes called a headset, since these are removable elements. The chain saw is operated as follows: the engine torque is applied to a chain closed in a ring, which has cutting edges. Moving along the guide bar, the chain with the help of cutting edges makes a cut.

Petrol saws

Less environmentally friendly, but more powerful gasoline chain saws are equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine (internal combustion engine). The chainsaw has an automatic centrifugal clutch mechanism, which is why the chain will not work at idle speed and is completely safe. To increase safety, the saws are equipped with a brake, thanks to which, when a rebound to the side of the bar, a chain break, or any emergency situation, the chain immediately stops.

A chainsaw, unlike an electric one, makes much more noise during operation. But such a property of her as mobility allows you to use the chainsaw almost everywhere: in the forest, in the country, on a hike or at a construction site. Among the chainsaws, you can choose the one that you only have to cut the knots, and the one that you can cut trees.

Types of chain saws


An electric chain saw is an excellent tool, indispensable when cutting building material, any work in the garden, at the dacha, and preparing firewood. In addition, with a certain skill, you can use it to cut materials such as foam blocks, plastic, etc. How to choose a really good tool so that it not only lasts a long time, but also becomes a reliable assistant in the household?

With today’s wide range of models with a variety of functions, it is not so easy to make a choice. Each buyer, of course, would like to get for his money exactly the model that most fully meets his requirements.

  • Chainsaw working principle
  • Types of chain saws
  • Hand saws
  • Electric chain saws
  • Petrol saws
  • Cordless chain saws
  • Chain saw applications
  • Professional saw
  • Semi-professional saw
  • Household saw
  • Criteria for choosing a chain saw

Electric chain saws

The electric saw is economical in use, since it does not need refueling, the noise during operation is low, and due to the absence of exhaust gases, it can be used when working in closed rooms. An important advantage of modern electric and chainsaws is that the tool has a chain brake. in the event of a dangerous situation, the brake instantly stops the chain. the saw during operation is very convenient, but in comparison with chainsaws, its power is small. The lack of mobility allows you to use such a saw mainly in small areas.

The performance of a chain saw depends on the condition of the chain. If the chain is blunt, the motor will work with increased load and will lose power, therefore it is necessary to ensure that the chain is in good condition. Any owner of a summer cottage who often has to use a saw to remove excess branches from trees, sawing firewood, knows about the need for frequent sharpening of the chain, but basically it only slightly polishes it to return their sharpness to the teeth. In some cases, it can be quite cost effective to purchase a sharpener for chainsaws.

Chainsaw applications

Chain saws are professional, semi-professional and household.

TOP 10. Best saws of 2019

If the buyer is wondering which electric saw to choose so that it is ideally suited for power and technical parameters, then it is best to focus on the sales rating. We have selected for you the ten most popular saws today. Which saw is better is up to you. But, of course, if the saw sells well, then it is the most reliable. In addition to the indicator of the number of sales, when forming the rating, we took into account:

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AL-KO EKI 2200/40

The German brand AL-KO has been on the Ukrainian market for over 10 years. The service network covers 50 cities in Ukraine, and the warranty is 2 years. AL-KO products are always at the top of the ratings, because this is a deliberate premium quality with almost complete absence of defects.
EKI 2200/40 is a versatile model suitable for most sawing tasks. Tire size and motor power are the most popular.

Iron Angel ECS 2400

A small saw from the Netherlands is the ideal tool for doing household chores in the household, cleaning the garden. It is considered the best among competitors in terms of a combination of technical characteristics and prices. Equipped with an economical 2.4 kW motor, it is compact, the level of noise and vibration is reduced. The engine is placed transversely, among the dense branches it is not very convenient, but you get excellent balance and productive work with increased efficiency. The tool is very popular due to its affordable cost and ease of use. It is comfortable to hold in your hands as it weighs only 4.6 kg. The device starts without jerking, very smoothly, it works stably. Cutting equipment. the best in the world, from the American company Oregon. The chain is tensioned without keys, lubrication occurs automatically when needed, an oil level indicator in the crankcase is installed. The length of the bus is also convenient, 40 cm. This is the most demanded size for household work. The safety of the Dutch brand is, as always, top notch. You have a brake flap close at hand, as well as a safety button to prevent accidental activation. The inertial brake will stop the system in 0.12 seconds, it works instantly when it hits a knot, protects against loss of control and the effect of kickback.

  • The branded motor has good power and a well-thought-out overheating and overload protection system;
  • The transverse positioning of the motor guarantees almost 100% power transmission to the cutting head;
  • Lightning-fast operation of the brake and safety system makes it possible to work without fear of losing control of the saw;
  • The slack chain can be tensioned or replaced quickly and easily without the use of wrenches;
  • Smooth start technology protects against jump at start, increases cutting accuracy at the very beginning of the process;
  • The tool is locked for reclosing, which is safe and eliminates the possibility of accidental start-up.

Electric and petrol chainsaws: selection and operation

We continue the conversation about the tools that you cannot do without in the country. You already know how to choose a circular saw. Now let’s take a look at the device, advantages and disadvantages of electric and petrol-powered chain saws.

Size matters

The maximum diameter of a tree that a particular saw can cut depends on the length of the bar. The tire of professional gasoline-powered saws can reach 90 cm, and 35-40 cm is enough for household saws.

Chainsaw Basics: How to Choose a Gas Chainsaw

To improve safety, household chain saws are fitted with narrow, flat bars with a low profile chain to reduce the chance of kickback. By the way, about him, a sinner. the main source of injury when felling wood:

For protection against “reverse” on the saw is equipped with a lever with an instant brake. “Reverse” is a sharp jerk of the saw upward, which occurs when biting the chain. The brake, when applied, stops the chain in a fraction of a second and prevents accidents.

“Chain reaction

Saw chains consist of three types of links: driving, cutting and connecting. The links are sequentially fastened together with reliable rivets. In addition, the chain is equipped with cutting depth stops.

Chains are:

  • low profile. for household saws
  • and high profile. for professional tools.

The main parameter of the chain is the pitch between the teeth. It is believed that the larger it is, the more productive the tool is. Two types of chains are most common today: 0.325 and 3/8 inch. But there are other options.

The regularity is as follows: a high step, all other things being equal, will give a gain in productivity, a smaller one will provide a reduction in vibration, the price of which is well known to those who at least once in their life sawed with such a tool. Therefore, the author of these lines prefers the “summer cottage” option with a minimum of the negative impact of vibration on a person. After all, we came to the dacha to rest. Or do you have a different opinion?

How it works

You are more powerful?

The choice of chain saw power depends entirely on the tasks that you are going to solve with it.

If you buy it for cutting branches on garden trees or for sawing small logs, then there is no point in buying a powerful unit, because it inevitably comes with increased dimensions, weight and price.

And if the saw is needed for professional sawing of timber and felling of age-old pines, then the power is of decisive importance. By the way, in most versions for chain saws it does not exceed 2 kW, and for gasoline it ranges from 2 to 4.5 kW.

Petrol saws

A two-stroke air-cooled internal combustion engine (ICE) is used as a motor. Of course, the internal combustion engine pulls a full train of accompanying attributes: a container with fuel, a carburetor, a starter, etc. Considerable weight, plus the need to pull the starter handle with considerable effort, still leaves work with a gas-powered chain saw to the lot of strong and hardy men. And we will leave women the opportunity to admire us 🙂

Types of chain saws

The scope of this popular device is wide. from household preparation of firewood to the creation of art objects from wood or ice. Depending on the tasks, there are three classes of chain saws:

  • household,
  • semi-professional,
  • professional.

The first class is designed for leisurely suburban use. The service life of such a tool is several hundred hours, and the diameter of the logs being sawn does not exceed 30-35 cm.

Semi-professional saws have a power of up to 3 kW, and therefore they are quite “tough” (literally and figuratively) to work on a construction site.

Professional models are designed for many hours of daily work. Usually their power is at least 3-4.5 kW. Service life. up to 350 hours for electric models and up to 1000 hours for expensive professional-grade chainsaws.