Hitachi Trimmer Is Not Reaching Cause

A moot point. For the money will do. Well, if the hands do not quite grow from the back (and the neighbors on the mat because of the fence (at the next bulkhead) do not respond)). The device will work its money

It was acquired in May 2018 at a price of 7150 rubles. Over the summer I was in work a dozen times, but the mowing area is not large. The country of manufacture is naturally China. The quality of workmanship, assembly and materials used is not bad, there is nothing to complain about. Starts up without problems, runs smoothly. The power for mowing thick grass with a fishing line, and even more so with a knife, is sufficient, but you have to pay for it with the weight of a scythe. Compared to branded counterparts of the same power, the braid is much heavier. And here the main drawback is revealed. the shoulder strap. Although this model is made in the form of a satchel, it doesn’t fully fulfill its functions. I used different models of braids, including the Chinese, but I did not see such junk. And given the weight of the braid, this turns into a big problem. In the new season I will either alter or seek a replacement. The second drawback is fuel consumption. Very gluttonous (again, compared to branded braids). It may run in and fuel consumption will decrease, it may be necessary to twist the carburetor (the settings are still factory). The reel for fishing line that comes with the kit is normal, you can also say about the knife. And one more drawback: there is no protective cover for the knife, and only one common is supplied, and it is designed for a reel with fishing line, and is too large for working with a knife. And so a normal working device.

Mowing mode. 1 time in 2 weeks. With a larger pass of time (in June 4 weeks did not mow, the grass is more than 70 cm). it’s hard to mow: in two steps (top / bottom), but this is with a fishing line of 3 mm. For two (!) Years it worked decently, but began to lose momentum and power. On fresh gasoline, everything is fine, but after a pause (stop) it starts up hard and does not pull. When I recently stopped pulling after 10 minutes of work, I removed the gasoline filter. In general, I did not finish. He removed the outer layer from the filter and finished it. And in appearance the filter is clean, clean. I ordered new ones. 3 pcs. In reserve.

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Hitachi Trimmer Is Not Reaching Cause

Good trimmer. Mows everything you need. You want an even beautiful lawn! You are welcome!

surprised the performance of the unit. I’ll take a picture. I worked a year with a bang!

There were difficulties with the first start. Before it, I advise you to unscrew the candle and drip oil, then with the twisted out candle and the ignition turned off, pull the start handle, and then fill in the gas and start. At the first starts, it is better to add a little more oil to the fuel (the first 3-4 full tanks) and not force it at full speed.

Kosh is almost daily, usually there are enough cheap Chinese for 1.5-2 months, this one took out the brain from the first day, it began to break in a month.

It performs its functions and this is important.

"Neither fish nor fowl" , for giving too expensive, for prof. power work is not enough.

A couple of months ago I bought the Husqvarna 545fx lawn mower. I needed a powerful, reliable and versatile scythe so that I could mow small and tall grass, as well as bushes and small trees. To my great regret, I managed to work on this lawnmower for no more than three weeks on weekends for 2-3 hours a day. From the first days of the lawn mowing stalled at idle after 15-20 minutes of work. Squinted, slowed down to go to another section, and she stalls. The engine was very hot. As a result, the third week stalled for the last time. I took it to the service, said badass on the cylinder and piston, although the mixture was breeding correctly 1:50. They replaced the cylinder with the piston and still terribly overheats, stalls, both with a knife and with a fishing line. Mowed weeds and at medium speeds. heats up, mowed at maximum speed hoping that the engine blowing will be stronger, because in the braid air cooling. no, it’s still warming up. I don’t know what is the reason, probably an overly powerful engine, but there is not enough cooling. Although maybe some kind of marriage in my case. A neighbor on the lawn mowing oleomak mowed and refueled 10 times all day, while I sat after three 20-minute mowings and waited 40 minutes for the braid to cool. I am very disappointed in the Husqvarna 545fx, although I had high hopes for it, it would be better to buy something simpler and cheaper. ((((

Reliable, powerful device for the money for a small area.