Honda Lawn Mower: Specifications & Top Models

It is extremely important for a person to feel that his house is in a well-groomed condition, is fully equipped and exudes well-being and comfort. But, as practice shows, this feeling is achieved by considerable investments and labor, which can hardly be overestimated.

For owners of suburban estates, at different times of the year, one question arises. how to properly refine their home? If in winter, a person’s concerns are mainly focused on removing snow cover from their territory in time, then with warming a completely different concern appears that worries him.

We are talking about the timely mowing of lawns and lawns adjacent to private ownership. If in the old days this had its own methods of solution, which entirely consisted of the hardworking and hard-working hands of the peasant, then with the advent of modernization and the growth of technological production, various auxiliary tools were invented to solve such problems.

specifically, the mowers, which lawn mower to choose, we will tell in this article. Now let’s talk about models released under the auspices of the famous Honda brand.

About company

The founding date of this company is considered to be 1946, when its owner Soichiro Honda opened the first production. It is worth dwelling on this in more detail, because this person is famous not only for giving his name to the future popular brand, but he was also a real innovator in engineering. It was he who owned the idea to combine a bicycle and a motor engine in a single design.

Since then, to this day, this brand has been synonymous with the quality and reliability of its products. With manufacturing plants located throughout Europe and Asia, thousands of samples of various equipment are produced daily, among which cars, motorcycles, ATVs, water-motor equipment, various engines and, of course, agricultural equipment models (see Honda Snowblower).

This includes snowplows, scythes, motor cultivators and lawn mowers of various kinds. Note that the Honda lawnmower, the official website of which provides the most extensive information about all the equipment, represents a new milestone in the development of the company.

Principle of operation

Initially, I would like to say that according to the type of their design and technical characteristics, Honda lawn mowers are divided into two main types:

Let us dwell on the detailed description of each of them. And the answer to the question of which lawn mower is better: gasoline or electric, you will find here.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Honda Electric Lawnmower uses AC power for its operation, or works thanks to the battery, which is also pre-charged from the outlet.

This circumstance has many advantages, one of many. minimizing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which, by the way, are not at all with such a design of the lawn mower. This is very important if you have children in your family, because the operation of the electric lawn mower will not do them any harm.

But such a lawn mower has some disadvantages. The main one is the very limited maneuverability of the unit, because it works from the cable, which significantly hamper the movement. However, do not be upset, because you can always buy an extension cord for a lawn mower on the reel, so you can ensure proper care even to the most remote corners of the site.

Models running on a rechargeable battery also have their own peculiarity. they need to be given a break every twenty minutes, otherwise the engine will overheat.

Honda Electric Lawnmower is divided into two types. self-propelled and non-self-propelled. The main difference, in addition to the price, is that when the structure is self-propelled, the driving force is the engine from which it comes into motion. Non-self-propelled, however, works exclusively under the influence of human power, which directs it manually.

I would like to note that all these varieties of electric lawn mowers are used for small cultivated areas, because they are slightly limited in their movement. The whole design of such mowers is very mobile, i.e. it can be easily disassembled into components, which greatly simplifies the issue of storage.

Also an important part of the line of lawn mowers from Honda are the engine power indicators and the width of the cut strip. In individual models, these indicators will vary from 1.1 kW to 1.6 kW and 330-410 mm, respectively.

For clarity, consider the technical characteristics of one of Honda’s electric lawnmowers, for example, HRE330A2PLE:

  • weight. 11 kg;
  • the width of the mowed strip is 33 cm;
  • grass tank capacity. 27 l;
  • motor power. 1.1 kW;
  • the material for the manufacture of the grass tank is fabric;
  • height of mowed grass (min). 25 mm;
  • height of mowed grass (max). 55 mm;
  • case. polypropylene.

Video: Honda Lawn Mower: Specifications & Top Models

The above specifications reflect real abilities. HRE330A2PLE, the price of which can be about 11 thousand rubles.

Gasoline models

It’s already clear from the name that a gas mower is powered by a fuel-powered engine. With this design, a certain amount of harmful substances may be released during unit operation.

If we talk about the principle of its operation, then it is the following. a design of knives located opposite to each other creates a certain air flow that raises the grass and then the cutting part mows it.

Like electric, gasoline lawn mowers have two types:

Naturally, the price for each of them will be different. For a self-propelled petrol mower, for example, it is slightly larger, because the cutting process is almost automated and does not require much human involvement. This circumstance can significantly speed up the whole process and not take a lot of work.

Such models are very popular among buyers due to their high performance, low noise and easy handling.

Technical features of mowers on video.

An important factor to which you should pay attention when buying such a unit is its power indicators. In this particular case, they will be in the range from 2600 watts to 3800 watts.

Let’s look at an example, taking the Honda HRG466SKE gasoline mower as a sample:

  • weight. 32 kg;
  • case. steel;
  • grass tank capacity. 55 l;
  • the width of the mowed strip is 46 cm;
  • the volume of the fuel tank is 0.77 l;
  • total motor power. 2600 W;
  • the number of revolutions. 3600 per minute;
  • height of the mowed surface (min). 20 mm;
  • height of the mowed surface (max). 74 mm;
  • duration of work without refueling. 90 min.

The price of such a model will be about 37-38 thousand rubles, but these costs are entirely justified by the reliability and quality of work performed by this lawn mower.

Mowers with seat

This type of design is not only comfortable for the person working with it, but also with high performance and general characteristics of the unit.

Consider, for example, two very popular examples of this type of equipment among buyers:

Lawn Mower with Seat Honda HF 1211 HE:

  • weight. 177 kg;
  • volume of the tank for grass. 170 l;
  • height of mowed grass (min). 30 mm;
  • mowed grass height (max). 80 mm;
  • dimensions. 186cm / 76cm / 110cm;
  • case. steel with anti-corrosion coating;
  • mulching function. present;
  • engine power. 6600 W;
  • the number of revolutions. 3600 per minute;
  • fuel tank volume. 4 l;
  • type of transmission. hydrostatic.

Price will vary in the area. 220 thousand rubles.

Lawn Mower with Seat Honda HF 2315 K1 HME:

  • weight. 213 kg;
  • dimensions. 248cm / 96cm / 115cm;
  • grass tank volume. 280 l;
  • height of mowed grass (min). 30 mm;
  • mowed grass height (max). 80 mm;
  • mulching function. present;
  • case. steel with anti-corrosion coating;
  • total motor power. 9800 W;
  • the number of revolutions. 3600 per minute;
  • engine type. GCV 520/530.

The price of such an aggregate will be about 265 thousand rubles. The cost, of course, is rather big and only very wealthy people can afford it, but the results shown by this lawn mower exceed the wildest expectations.

In the video, Honda’s lawnmower is in operation.

Device repair

In the operation of each technical unit, breakdowns and problems in operation occur. Lawn mowers are no exception. To avoid unpleasant moments, it is necessary to know the likely breakdowns and methods for their elimination. Consider the main problems in the work and solutions.

The lawn mower makes strange sound noises during its operation, similar to a roar and something like that. The cause of this problem may be insufficient tightness of the bolts and joints, it is necessary to disassemble the mower and carefully inspect everything, if necessary, tighten all the bolts to the stop.

The lawnmower behaves strangely. it starts to vibrate more strongly or make independent gusty movements. This problem may be due to failure of cutting knives. Alas, besides replacing them with new ones, there are simply no other ways to fix it.

A whistle that is not typical of a lawnmower. Everything is very simple here. apparently some foreign object hit the mower, interfering with the free exit of air. You can solve it by removing the roller from the balloon and then cleansing it of everything outside.

The mower stalls immediately after starting. There can be two reasons. either the oil runs out, or a malfunction with the piston and shaft. The first reason is solved as simple as possible, i.e. you just need to check the level of this oil and, if necessary, pour it into the device. The second reason is more serious, which is difficult to solve on your own, and it is best to turn to professionals.

You noticed that the lawn mower cuts the grass surface very unevenly. The reason may be a banal blunting of the cutting elements. It is necessary to disassemble the mower, get the knives out and grind them. If you are not sure that you will do everything correctly, then it is best to replace them with new ones.


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