September 7, 2019

House For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Any pet needs a special place in the apartment or in the yard. Dogs can be kept indoors and outdoors. You can easily make a pet box with your own hands – you just need a little patience and imagination.

If you plan to keep the dog in the yard, the wooden house will be the most practical option. If you live in an apartment, a booth can be made of cloth, old furniture and unnecessary things. In this article we will look at several step by step instructions.

The fabric box for your pet is an ideal option for an apartment. Typically, these houses make for miniature decorative dogs or for dogs of medium size – large animals can break such a house. However, the strength of such a booth will depend on what material you choose for the frame:

  • A thick cardboard frame is the easiest and fastest option, but it is no different to practicality. Such a house is suitable only for a small puppy as a temporary option.
  • The frame can be created from plywood or several boards. Such a booth will be quite durable, and to build such a structure is not too difficult.
  • Very often, the framework for dog houses made of textiles made of dense wire. It is extremely easy to work with this material – you just need to bend several cuts of wire as needed, and then fasten them with knots. If you do the work carefully, this house will last a long time.

To create a textile dog house follow these simple steps:

House For Dogs With Their Own Hands
  • First you need to make directly the frame. The house should have a bottom, 3 walls and a roof if you use cardboard or wood. They should be glued or stapled with nails. If you decide to use the wire, the floor for the house should be done by folding two wires crosswise, and to create a shelter, you can simply bend a few wires with an arc.
  • Now you can proceed to the measurements and sewing case for the house. Calculate how big they should be. Usually make a separate cover for the base of the house and for the top, then just sew them together. Do not forget to leave seam allowances.
  • Sewing a house is easier on a typewriter – so you speed up the work, and the product will come out more beautiful and durable. However, in the absence of a typewriter, it is also quite possible to make several stitches on the arms.
  • Before putting the cover on the frame, wrap this frame with foam rubber or a layer of cotton – so the house will be soft and cozy.
  • Put on the cover and make the last seam to fix it. House for dogs from textiles ready.
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A wooden dog house can be placed both in the apartment and in the courtyard. Well, if you have fine polished boards of approximately the same size, from which you will be able to build a house. If you have long wooden boards or their shape is not suitable for a booth, they will have to be cut.

So, the house can be made of boards up to one meter in length – this booth will fit perfectly into the courtyard. The desired size should be adjusted based on the size of your dog. Consider how to make a simple square booth:

  • Make four squares of the same size from the boards. To do this, it is necessary to add the desired number of boards together, and then take two more boards and put them across – top and bottom. Longitudinal and transverse boards should be stapled together with nails. This will be the floor and the three walls of the house.
  • The floor and walls can be fastened by cutting small corners out of wood and fixing them at the corners of the booth with nails.
  • On the fourth wall should be the entrance. Simply place longitudinally along a pair of boards on the sides and a few more boards transversely from above. Attaching them to the rest of the structure is also possible using the corners.
  • It remains to make the roof for the booth. You can make it horizontal – then it should be assembled and fixed by analogy with the walls and the base of the booth. It is a little harder to make a triangular shank – it should be fastened with boards from the inside, and then nailed to the walls.
  • The design of the house, if desired, can be complicated by adding a window, decorative elements or several outlets.
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Take a look around you – in the apartment there are a lot of unnecessary old things that can serve as an excellent dog house. Consider several similar options:

  • An ordinary stool can be an excellent house for a small dog. It should be turned upside down, and can be used as a frame for a textile house. Fill the stool with a cloth, and you get a simple and beautiful house.
  • If you have an old waste table with drawers, it is quite possible to assemble a dog house from several such boxes. You can glue the boxes together with glue – for use in an apartment, this option is quite practical. To make the house beautiful, you can also sheathe it with a cloth or paint it.
  • From the old suitcase can also turn out excellent dog house. You can try different designs – for example, open it by adding wire structures to the sides and wrapping them in a cloth, or cut through the entrance in a buttoned suitcase. Such a house for an animal will be very comfortable and it will be interesting to look.

A dog house is not difficult to do with your own hands – the main thing is to show imagination and do the work carefully so that the product will last you a long time. Doing a booth with your own hands, you can not only save money and make your own unique design that fits perfectly into the interior, but also have a good time for handicrafts. If you think over all the details, the result will definitely please you.

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