September 16, 2019

House For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Any dog, even a tiny one, even a large one, needs its own house! Depending on where your pet lives, in the house or on the street, you can make different housing options for it.

When an animal lives indoors, many owners give it a place on a rug or mattress. But if you have some free time, build your real home to your pet! Believe me, he will be very grateful to you, because all dogs love to be in shelter.

Small dogs houses

If your dog is small, then the house for it can be made of foam rubber and cloth. The advantage of this house is that it is convenient to wash it on a delicate mode in a washing machine as it gets dirty.

It’s pretty easy to make a sneaker dog house. This is such a soft booth, where on the one hand there is a roof, and on the other hand – a bench. Therefore, the house "sneakers" is universal. When the dog is frozen, it can hide under the roof, and when it is hot – sit on the open part of the house.

Before sewing the house, you must measure the dog. The bottom should be equal to the size that the dog is lying down with legs extended. Half of the house where the roof is located, must correspond to the size of the animal, curled up. This is the minimum size. If your area allows more, of course, the house can be made bigger.

For the construction of such a house for a small dog you will need a 2 m tapestry, 1 m 10 cm of monophonic rep, suitable in color to the tapestry. Also a sheet of foam rubber measuring 1 mx 2 m, 4 cm thick and 2 m of clothesline.

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From the tapestry, reveal the external details of the house, from the reps – internal. In total, you will need 3 parts: a round bottom and two sides, which are a side that goes into the roof.

First, the inner and outer fabric parts are stitched, leaving a small hole to insert the foam rubber. When foam is inserted, the holes are carefully sewn. Comfortable dog house ready!

How to make a dog house from a cardboard box?

Another option is to make a dog house out of the box. Cut through the box entrance, and on the bottom lay a soft mattress. The disadvantage of this design is that the cardboard absorbs a good odor, which is very durable in dogs, so the box will have to be changed at least once every two months. Wash litter should be polluted.

House For Dogs With Their Own Hands

How to build a dog house in the form of a booth?

A small booth for the room can be made of plywood or thin boards. It is better to paint the walls of the dog house with paint so that it is convenient to wipe them during cleaning. The size of the booth should be selected taking into account that the dog can lie there freely.

When the animal lives on the street, the design of the booth should be thought out to the smallest detail. First of all, it is necessary to determine the place where the booth will stand. This place should give your pet a good overview of the entire yard, as well as be dry.

It is better to have a street dog house built from wood. In order for your four-legged friend to be in it even in winter, it is necessary to provide in the construction double walls, between which there will be insulation. The most important thing in building a doghouse is to make walls without gaps, because drafts obviously harm your pet’s health. The floor in the dog house make comfortable. Cover it with warm bedding. In summer, curtain with a tarpaulin – this will keep the booth dry during the rains, and in the winter – with felt, this material holds heat well in the doghouse. It is better to make a roof of a street box from slate or to pick up roofing iron.

House For Dogs With Their Own Hands
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