How A Lawn Mower Works

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Hand lawn mowers (trimmers) fit for regular lawn mowing in a small area even with an uneven surface, because they can mow at any angle. The trimmer is a bar-holder, at the lower end of which there is a cutting device with a line. And in case of high power, also with a circular cutter. The mower hangs on a belt on the operator’s shoulder, literally making it easier for him to work.


The trimmer can be equipped with electric or gasoline engine. Electric is located at the lower or upper end of the boom, and gasoline only at the upper end.

The protective cover limits the cutting edge and protects the mower’s feet from injury. When working, the left hand holds the boom handle (adjusting, if necessary, the cutting height), and the right handle with the engine control button.

The main advantage of trimmers the ability to mow grass in uneven areas and close to bushes and trees. However, it will not be possible to maintain the same cutting height.

What kind of lawn mowers are there?

By way of movement lawn mowers are divided into:

  • Manual (trimmers), which are held in hand when mowing,
  • Wheeled manual ones that need to be transported on the lawn,
  • Self-propelled.

By type of drive motor distinguish mechanical, gasoline and electrical lawn mowers.

Mechanical wheeled lawn mowers easy to operate, no electricity or gasoline is needed, but considerable muscular effort is required. They are environmentally friendly, quiet and allow you to adjust the cutting height of the grass. The cutting mechanism is a cylindrical knife driven by wheels. Such a tool is good for caring for a young lawn, since the low speed of rotation of the knife prevents pulling out grass with a fragile root system.

How A Lawn Mower Works

Mechanical wheeled lawn mower

And we will consider gasoline and electric lawn mowers below.

Electric trimmers

The electric trimmer is operated from a household electrical outlet. To his merits can be attributed:

  • Light weight,
  • Environmental friendliness (no exhaust gases and noise).

Disadvantages of an electric trimmer:

  • Connection to the network (outlet),
  • The presence of a stable voltage,
  • The always interfering cable on the lawn,
  • Low power.

And the cable itself has a limited length: you can’t mow far from home.

Electric trimmer

Battery trimmer the same as an electric one, but the motor does not work from the outlet, so you can mow at any distance from the house. This is his basic convenience. However, the mowing area is determined by the capacity of the battery.

What are lawn mowers and how to choose the right one

Creating a beautiful lawn and keeping it in order is not an easy job. And to make it easier, you need a reliable lawn mower assistant. There are many good and different models on sale. And although they all have the same purpose, they differ from each other in a number of parameters. Let’s try to figure them out.

Petrol trimmer

The petrol trimmer is designed for large areas. Therefore, it is especially in demand by summer residents, and owners of country estates, and employees of city utilities.. However, working with it requires some preparation.

This type of lawn mower has an enviable mobility, increased power and practicality. It can be used to mow not only lawn grass, but also weeds and bushes. And professional models are able to cut stems up to one and a half centimeters thick.

However, even with a small fuel tank volume, such a unit:

  • Weighs quite a lot,
  • Requires the preparation of a mixture of gasoline and oil,
  • Pollutes the environment with exhaust gases,
  • Makes noise.
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But it can work in any weatherat.

Ease of mowing grass with a trimmer is determined by several points, and one of them is the location of the engine.

Trimmers bottom engine on sale a lot. Most often they rechargeable, low power. They overheat quickly, so they require frequent breaks in work. They have poor protection against moisture and mechanical stress. They cannot work in the morning dew and immediately after rain, otherwise a short circuit is possible.
Bottom trimmer

Trimmers top engine more practical, more correctly balanced and more powerful, require less effort for mowing, which means more comfortable operation. They have good cooling (they overheat less) and, therefore, more performance.

Top Engine Trimmer Among the top engine trim tabs, we would like to highlight knapsack. Their motors are attached to their backs (like a schoolbag), which significantly reduces the load on the hands and impedes movement much less.

Knapsack benzotrimmer

Nice trimmer option anti-vibration system. It reduces vibration stress on the shoulders and hands and protects the hands and back of the mower.

Powerful petrol trimmers to reduce the load on the hands equipped with an ergonomic handle, similar to a bicycle handlebar. On the right handle there are buttons for controlling the operation of the tool. When buying a trimmer, make sure that the handle and button placement are comfortable for you.

How it works?

The user, having selected a flat area with growing grass, pushes the mower in front of him. From the support wheels, the movement (rotation) is transmitted to the working shaft, and a horizontal and fixed knife is installed in front of it. In the process, the grass rests on a horizontal knife, and its even cut is carried out with a blade on a spiral. If the mower is contact, then the knives, when they touch, also maintain sharpening.

At the heart of the mower design:

  • Plastic or metal housing;
  • Movable wheels mounted on slip bushings;
  • Cutting elements under the body.

Modern hand lawn mowers are classified into:

  1. Household. Light weight. The average width of the cutting blade is 34 centimeters. Ideal for processing vegetation up to 45 millimeters.
  2. Professional. Processing of large areas. The average width of the cutting blade is 40 centimeters. It handles vegetation up to 5 centimeters well.

Power lawn mowers overview

The power lawnmower is designed for leveling grass in small backyards. With this device it is easy to create an even lawn surface. It is an environmentally friendly garden tool with minimal noise levels. One of the most affordable types of garden tools for lawn care.

Lawn mower types

By type and technical characteristics, lawn mowers are classified as spindle and manual.

The spindle lawn mower is applicable on a small and level lawn, ideal for a regular garden plot. The definition came from the spindle knife in design. The knife comes into operation inertly. Specifically, after the wheels are moving.

A mower of this type is divided into two types:

  1. Contact. During the mowing process, the cutting blades interact with each other, cutting off the grown lawn.
  2. Contactless. The distance between the cutting blades is calculated; in the process of cutting it is more correct to set a certain speed of movement. Simply put, you need to get used to this type.

The manual version of a mechanical mower is necessarily equipped with a cylinder with working knives. Controlling the speed of this cutting device is much easier; any model has an adjustment element.

The lawn mower is pre-set to the desired, comfortable speed so as not to pass the area twice. The optimum driving speed is 4 km / h.

Pros and cons of power lawn mowers

On the advantages of this device:

  1. The quality of the haircut depends on the user. An experienced gardener will run the lawn very evenly, leaving eye-pleasing streaks.
  2. Profitability. There is no need for fuels and lubricants and electricity.
  3. Environmental friendliness. Fuel elements do not settle on the grass. Because of this, the treated surface remains fresh longer. The grass grows even thicker, covering the ground in an even layer.
  4. Mulching. The cuttings remain on the ground as fertilizer.
  5. Collecting small grass. A grass catcher is installed on branded models. It saves time on cleaning, and small grass from it will do as an organic fertilizer.
  6. Quiet work.
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By treating the area with your own hands, a good mechanical lawn mower will keep the health of the user, provide comfortable and easy lawn care.

About cons or minor flaws:

  1. Frequent treatment of the lawn or lawn. It is imperative to trim as soon as the grass grows a few centimeters.
  2. Move with the mower at a certain pace. If you go very slowly, there will be no cut. The cutting knife will begin to chew the scions.
  3. It is impossible to cultivate an old weedy area.


Engine starts but does not hold load

If the engine starts and runs at idle, but does not hold the load poorly during operation. Most likely, “oxygen starvation” takes place. Such do-it-yourself lawn mower repair is performed by replacing or cleaning the “blow-through” air filter.

Mechanical repair for all types of lawn mowers

Regardless of the type of engine, the mechanical part of the scythe includes knives, a device for ejecting or accumulating cut grass and a transmission mechanism. Most often, knives fail or line ends.

Cleaning the mechanical part of the Bosh lawn mower

Broken or bent knives are visible to the naked eye. Depending on the material and the degree of damage, the knives are replaced or restored by simply folding them back to their original state. With heavy wear, the cutting part can be sharpened. A do-it-yourself lawn mower from a trimmer can fail for many reasons. Most often this is an excess of the maximum permissible load on the torque and engine, since a knife is used instead of a fishing line.

Restoration of the throttle handle

When inspecting, check the condition of the grass supply duct into the container and, if necessary, clean it. Complex mechanical failures require a complex tool, special equipment, professional skills and it is better to entrust the elimination of such malfunctions to professionals.

Do-it-yourself electric and gasoline lawn mowers repair

Repair of both gasoline and electric lawn mowers may be necessary at the most unexpected moment. We will tell you about the main breakdowns of home-made and branded equipment, tell you what to look for, and by what signs you can recognize a malfunction.

Engine starts and runs normally, but knives do not rotate

In this case, failure of the mechanical part is guaranteed or, as an option, its attachment to the motor shaft is destroyed.

Damage to the mechanical part and repair of the Viking lawn mower with your own hands

Repairing lawn mowers if the engine won’t start

It happens that, despite the presence and normal supply of fuel, the engine does not start. Most often, the absence of signs of life indicates a failure of the ignition coil. If, upon visual inspection, all electrical circuits are in order, then this coil will need to be replaced.

DIY lawn mower engine repair

Less common case. Severe carbon deposits or spark plug failure. It is determined by visual inspection of the unscrewed candle. The most effective way to identify this problem. Replace the candle with another, obviously working. When thinking about how to make a lawn mower if the engine does not start, pay attention to replacing the spark plugs with new ones, and preferably more reliable ones.

Starts bad, but works fine

A do-it-yourself mechanical lawnmower with a gasoline engine does not start well, but it works normally in operating modes (when gas is supplied). This malfunction can be caused by two reasons. A malfunction of the idle system in the carburetor or an incorrect fuel composition.

Exploded drawing of a petrol lawn mower

To eliminate it, you should start with fuel, combine gasoline and oil of the required brands in the required proportion and pour this fuel into the tank instead of the old one. If that doesn’t work. Remove and disassemble the carburetor and adjust the idle system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

TOP 10 best cordless lawn mowers: rating of 2019 and description of model features

11/06/2019 14,082 Views

A beautiful, well-groomed site near a country house pleases the eye and provides a good mood.

A variety of lawn mowers are designed to create the perfect landscape design.

A huge number of such devices are exhibited on the Russian market, and sometimes it becomes a problem to choose the right device.

When purchasing a cordless lawnmower, a ranking of the best models helps you find the best option.

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Features of devices

The cordless lawnmower is an electric, mobile, small mowing machine that draws energy from rechargeable batteries.

Most commonly, lithium-ion batteries are used. They ensure the operation of the mower for a certain period, after which the batteries are recharged.

The production of modern lawn mowers has been mastered by a number of well-known companies. The devices differ in appearance, size and layout of the main units.

The basis of any design is the following elements:

  • Electric motor;
  • Body, reinforced with a bearing, power frame;
  • Wheels (usually 4 pieces) for moving on the ground;
  • Cutting tool in the form of horizontal, rotating knives;
  • Reservoir (container) for collecting cut grass;
  • A guiding handle that sets the movement for the apparatus;
  • Accumulator battery.

The popularity of cordless lawn mowers is due to the following benefits:

  • No need for electricity or fuel supplies (gasoline, diesel fuel);
  • Lack of an electric cable that limits and interferes with movement;
  • Light weight and small size;
  • Low noise level;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Ease of use;
  • High mowing quality.

Complaints include disadvantages such as limited battery life and increased cost..

How to choose and what to look for?

According to the technical characteristics, when choosing a device, special attention should be paid to such parameters:

  1. Working width, i.E. Strip cut in one pass. It is determined by the width of the mower deck. The performance and efficiency of the device depends on this parameter. For most cordless lawn mowers, it is 42-52 cm.In powerful installations, the width can reach 56-58 cm.In miniature, hand-held devices, a grip in the range of 32-40 cm is provided.
  2. Developed power. It depends on the voltage of the batteries. Lawnmowers can be equipped with one 60-85V battery or 2 40-58V batteries. Small-sized devices have a battery voltage of about 12-20 V.
  3. Time to recharge. The duration of uninterrupted operation is determined by the capacity of the battery. The most common models use batteries with a capacity of 2.5-2.6 Ah, which provides 32-38 minutes of operation. In a number of mowers, batteries with an increased capacity (up to 7.4-8 Ah) are used, which makes it possible to increase the operating time to 1 hour or more.
  4. Height of cut grass. Most of the machines are designed for cutting grass 10-16 cm high, but some of them can safely cut vegetation 35-45 cm high.It is recognized that the optimal cutting height in one pass is 6-8 cm.

The area of ​​the serviced area depends on the specified parameters. For mowers with one battery, it is 350-450 m2. When installing 2 batteries, the area increases to 650-700 sq. M.

When choosing, the design features of the lawn mower are also taken into account.:

  1. Way of moving. In private areas, both manual and self-propelled installations can be used. In the first case, all movements are set by hand, and the electric drive provides only the rotation of the knives. Self-propelled units have rear-wheel drive. This allows the device to move independently, and the direction is set manually.
  2. Handle (rod). This is the longest element and complicates the storage of the device. Several design options stand out: folding the handle in the forward direction, pressing it against the body; double or multiple (zigzag) folding of the bar itself; telescopic principle. The simplest versions do not have a folding handle, but are simply stored upright.
  3. Grass-box availability. The volume of the container for collecting cut grass affects the uptime.
  4. Special grass discharge. When mowing in a neglected area, the container will clog too quickly. A side discharge device is used to increase productivity. It ensures that the cuttings accumulate on one side, making it easier to dispose of later.
  5. Number of wheels. There can be from 2 to 4. The maneuverability of the apparatus, simplicity and speed of movement over an uneven area depend on this indicator.

You should pay attention to the presence of additional functions. Of interest is a mulching device, i.E. Chopping herbs in a container. It ensures the efficient use of the collection box and allows the grass to be converted into fertilizer.