August 1, 2019

How And What To Insulate The Dog House

How and what to insulate the dog house.

Today we will talk about how and with what to insulate the dog booth, consider in detail the types of insulation and the main points of the insulation booth for your pet.

To build or not to build a dog house, I think, it makes no sense to argue, but to insulate it, opinions diverge. Someone thinks that the dog is not afraid of frost, so warming is a waste of time and effort, especially since the accumulated heat will still go away through the hole. Others are inclined to think that in a “warm” booth the dog is much more comfortable, especially in winter. Here, as they say, you decide, the dog will not be able to express his opinion.

Than to warm the dog box.

So, what is to insulate the booth?

Ideally, when building a home for a dog, it is better to use only environmentally friendly material, for example, wood. And what about the insulation, because the modern world offers it in a wide variety, and manufacturing technology involves the use in its composition of various kinds of chemicals. Although the producers of this product are iron declare the harmlessness of such building materials for all living things.

For dog kennels use the following insulation:

Sawdust or dry wood shavings are environmentally friendly, natural material. Before using as a heater, it is desirable to treat with antiparasitic composition.

How And What To Insulate The Dog House

Artificial felt – made of polypropylene. Well saves heat. So felt upholstered inside the house.

How And What To Insulate The Dog House

Polyfoam – is a foamed plastics, has high heat and sound insulation properties, is not subject to rotting. It is actively used when warming houses. About the dangers and dangers of foam are debated. Since it is made on the basis of polystyrene containing residual styrene – a strong toxic substance that adversely affects a living organism. Manufacturers of polystyrene claim that the residual styrene in polystyrene is not high (within 0.01–0.05%), which guarantees the harmlessness of polystyrene.

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Penoplex – is a new generation of insulating materials. Available in slab form. The main advantages of the material: low thermal conductivity, does not get wet, does not rot.

How And What To Insulate The Dog House

Mineral wool is a fibrous insulation material obtained by melting silicate rocks, metallurgical slags and their mixtures. Possesses high warm and sound-proof properties, it is not combustible and moisture resistant.

In addition to traditional methods of insulation, there are various kinds of compulsory insulation – heaters.

  • Panel heaters – represent the electric infrared panels in the metal case. They are 2 cm thick and do not take up much space. Maximum heating 45 – 50 degrees. This heater is mounted on the screws inside the booth, or hiding in the frame under the casing, the wire through a small hole to be output to the outlet.

How And What To Insulate The Dog House

  • Film heaters – are the thermofilm working on the basis of infrared radiation. Maximum heating 60 degrees. Mounted under the inner lining of the building.

How to insulate a dog house.

Usually, all parts of the booth are insulated – floor, walls, roof.

When assembling, it is necessary to ensure that there are no gaps and through gaps between joints, I wrote about it in more detail here.

Insulation is embedded in the frame under the outer skin and is closed from the inside with a sheathing material. As such material can be plywood, oriented-chipboard OSB, ero-walling and so on. Fiberboard and particleboard are highly undesirable. The inner lining should fit snugly to the frame and completely cover the entire surface of the applied insulation.

How And What To Insulate The Dog House
How And What To Insulate The Dog House

Since plywood has a tendency to exfoliate, to prevent this, I advise you to nail around the perimeter of the booth, as well as at the corners – a semicircular bead.

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Blind for the booth.

In order to preserve heat in a cold season, the laz is closed with a heavy and coarse cloth curtain (for example, tarpaulin, artificial felt, etc.), and the curtain size must be such that it closes the entrance as much as possible. To do this, measure the manhole, add 5 cm from the side, and 10 cm from the bottom, the mode into identical strips along the height, without cutting to the end, we hang it with a wooden plank and screws from the outside or inside of the booth.

To make the dog more comfortable with the cold season, a bed of dry straw or hay is arranged in the booth. It is advisable to change the litter once a week, while shaking up daily to remove litter.

And in conclusion I would like to say that not one insulated booth will not save the dog from the cold in severe frost, therefore it is recommended to keep your pet in a warm room for the period. In less severe periods, the dog can easily manage the booth, especially if it is insulated.

P.S. In the following article I will tell you in detail how to make an insulated dog booth. Not to miss sign up for updates.

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Dogs, and especially shepherd dogs do not like any kind of curtains, so it is proposed to make a booth (for the winter) an accessory vestibule, then the wind will not blow into the booth and the main cold will remain in the vestibule. Only the entrance to the vestibule needs to be done on the other side, so that there is no direct entrance. For example, if your entrance to the booth looks to the north, then the entrance to the vestibule should look to the west or east.

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It is better not to use mineral wool, it is harmful to health.

To insulate the booth it is better to use sawdust or dry wood chips – an environmentally friendly, natural material.

"Mineral wool is better not to use, it is harmful to health."
Just the same min Cotton wool is less harmful than foam or other synthetic materials. But it has another drawback – when moisture gets into cotton wool, cotton wool loses its insulating properties.

“It is better to use sawdust or dry wood chips for insulation of the booth – an environmentally friendly, natural material.” The material is environmentally friendly, but it tends to get wet (and lose its insulating properties), as well as sag, tamped over time. So in a year, it may happen that the walls will be insulated only half the height, i.e. not insulated at all.

The foam is toxic, over time, its structure is destroyed and it crumbles – from a plate turns into a bunch of balls. In addition, it is very fond of rodents. In our opinion, this is the most unfortunate material for the insulation of the booth.

We use the penoplex wrapped on both sides with a wind-protective film (or so-called vapor barrier). Penoplex has a low thermal conductivity and is not afraid of moisture. A windproof film protects the wind from the outside and prevents heat loss from the inside. The body of the dog gives warmly box, and it is delayed.
Naturally, the entire insulation is in the cake of the boards – internal and external.

Hello! What is the name of the paper that stands on the department (curtain for the booth), the one that is cut with scissors, please tell me! and then my dog ​​freezes the pitbull breed for 5 months. parents are not allowed to raise a dog in the house,

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