July 20, 2019

How And What To Insulate The Dog House

How And What To Insulate The Dog House

How and what to insulate the dog house

  • 1. How and what to insulate the dog house
  • 1.1. Insulated booth design

It is not enough just to build a dog house and put it on a chain to protect the yard area. The animal needs to create good living conditions, especially when it comes to winter, when there is a strong wind and frost outside.

Even if the dog box is made of thick boards and has a minimum number of slots, it cannot be said that it is warm enough for fierce winters. It is better to still not be lazy and further insulate it. It is about how and what to insulate the dog box with and will be described below.

How and what to insulate the dog house

Many people think that it is not necessary for a dog to insulate a booth, because it already has a thick coat. However, this is a misconception that often leads to a pet disease. Dogs are especially afraid of drafts and if the booth has gaps, then high-quality insulation will help to get rid of them.

Fortunately, today there is a large selection of various materials that can be successfully used for warming a doghouse. Consider some of them:

Artificial felt – retains heat well and almost does not let the cold through. This material is advisable to upholster the booth inside, because it does not tolerate various negative environmental factors.

Polyfoam and penoplex – these materials are also excellent for insulating booths. However, it is better to use them not inside the heat-insulated structure, but as a layer between the inner and outer walls. In this case, the dog box will be completely devoid of gaps.

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Mineral wool – as well as the two materials described above, is used exclusively between the sheaths of the structure. That is, the main frame of the booth is assembled first, then it is insulated with mineral wool and exterior trimmed with board.

Insulated booth design

Depending on the selected insulating material, the design of the insulated booth may be different. For example, for warming a doghouse with artificial felt inside, only scissors and a stapler with staples will be needed from the tools.

The disadvantage of such insulation is the impossibility of its implementation, after the dog box has already been built. Also, the animal after a while can easily tear off the material inside the booth and then the warming procedure will have to be repeated anew.

How And What To Insulate The Dog House

Therefore, the best option is still the dual construction of the booth with several walls – internal and external. It is between them that the insulating material is laid, whether it be foam or mineral wool.

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