June 29, 2019

How Can We Warm The Dog House For The Winter

The owners of country houses are making a lot of effort to make them warm and comfortable in the rooms during the winter period. A good owner is trying to provide the same conditions to pets so that they do not freeze in the cold. For this reason, it is important to qualitatively insulate the dog box for the winter. But first you need to figure out what material is best suited for this.

How Can We Warm The Dog House For The Winter

Rules for the insulation of the kennel

When weatherizing the doghouse for the winter, it is necessary to take into account the breed of the pet. Short-haired animals need more heat than their long-haired relatives. Booths inhabited by domestic animals, often freeze, flow and pass the wind. To make your pet warmer in the winter cold, when arranging his home you need to take into account the following nuances:

How Can We Warm The Dog House For The Winter

  • the entrance to the kennel is located where the wind movement is minimal;
  • the structure is made of natural wood;
  • when it rains, no water should seep in, so the kennel is placed either on an elevation or makes a good waterproofing in it;
  • the booth should be made in accordance with the size of pets, it should not be cramped, but the space is also undesirable.

Thermal insulation should provide protection from wind, moisture and frost. If the dog house is easily dismantled, then it is necessary to give preference to internal insulation. When the structure is fully assembled and it is impossible to disassemble it, it is necessary to pay attention to the external insulation. In the latter case, you will need finishing facing, otherwise the house will look unattractive and spoil the appearance of the site.

Material selection

How Can We Warm The Dog House For The Winter

Since the dwelling is insulated for an animal, some requirements must be taken into account during installation. The walls of the booth must be insulated with a material that should not be easily damaged, otherwise it will quickly become unusable. In addition, it is desirable to use natural heat insulators that do not emit harmful compounds and will not be able to harm the health of the pet.

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It is also worth safely and qualitatively isolating the inside of the building, otherwise some materials may irritate the respiratory organs of the animal. That is why it is worth taking the choice of insulation seriously. It is worth considering the most common materials and learn the features of each of them.

Mineral wool

This material is considered one of the most popular. It is used not only for the insulation of residential premises, but also for the insulation of a doghouse. In the latter case, it should be used with extreme care, as the animal can damage the mineral wool, as a result of which its initial technical characteristics will be lost. In addition, it can harm the health of your pet.

How Can We Warm The Dog House For The Winter

Working with mineral wool is quite difficult because of the small area of ​​the kennel. But if you still selected this material, then you need to apply it correctly:

  • it is strictly forbidden to use glass wool as a heater;
  • thermal insulation layer must be waterproofed.

Foam sheets

An excellent insulation for a doghouse is foam, it has much better thermal insulation characteristics than mineral wool. In addition, it is not so much exposed to outside influences, so there is no need to waterproof it further. There are several types of material., which are ideal for arranging kennels:

Heat insulators roll type

How Can We Warm The Dog House For The Winter

The rolled heat insulator suitable for warming a booth is a plastic film. This material can be easily fixed on the walls and ceiling of the structure using a conventional construction stapler. In addition, there are rolled heat insulators that already have an adhesive backing.

Another option is penofol. It also has good thermal insulation characteristics, but needs additional lining, as it is subject to mechanical stress, as a result of which any damage can deteriorate its technical qualities.

Application of felt

This fabric of natural origin is well suited for the insulation of the booth. Felt has a high level of security and has an affordable price, so for a dog kennel it is an ideal solution.

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Due to its vapor-permeable qualities, the material does not allow moisture to pass, which means that inside a dog’s shelter it will always be dry and warm. It is not blown by the wind and can not be closed with additional layers of protection. As fixing, ordinary nails with small caps will do.

Once selected and purchased insulation, you can proceed to installation. The event is conditionally divided into three stages, it is worth getting acquainted with each of them in more detail.

Bottom and flooring

How Can We Warm The Dog House For The Winter

After that, the frame is returned to its original position and proceed to the interior decoration. A waterproofing film is laid on the floor, you can use the same roofing material for this. During installation, it should be noted that the material should lie down with a small overlap, in which case it is possible to avoid the appearance of gaps and cracks that cause drafts. As a clamp, you can use the mounting stapler.

The last is going to finish the floor, it can be made from any old boards, plywood or OSB plates. After that, you should be taken for additional insulation, which will protect the kennel from the cold in winter.

Insulation is done in the place where the frame will be installed. To do this, dig a hole 20-30 cm deep. A layer of expanded clay or gravel is poured into it, creating a kind of pillow, a sheet of roofing material is laid on top, and then a booth is installed. This design will protect the kennel from the possible freezing of the floor or leakage of moisture inside.

Wall construction

Each heater is mounted in its own way, the exact scheme is always described in the instructions attached to the material. But in any case, the following events are always held:

  • begin to work with the preparation of the surface of the walls, they are cleaned, and then treated with special compounds;
  • if necessary, lay a layer of waterproofing;
  • produce insulation sheathing;
  • fix vapor barrier material;
  • perform facing.
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How Can We Warm The Dog House For The Winter

Ceiling and roofing

If the booth is installed in a special aviary with a fitted canopy, then you can make any roof and not even think over the insulation. In all other cases, it is best to mount the pitched version of a removable or collapsible roof.

The upper floor is insulated in the same way as the floor. At the very beginning, the polyethylene film is fixed, which will serve as a waterproofing layer, then the insulation is laid. But in this place it is not necessary to protect him additionally, since the dog cannot harm him. It is desirable to upholster internal slopes around the perimeter with a good insulating material.

Installing the curtain

After the booth is fully insulated, you need to equip it with a curtain, which will maintain the optimum temperature inside. As fabric for the manufacture of curtains fit:

How Can We Warm The Dog House For The Winter

  1. Tarpaulin. This material is highly durable. In the production of its base is treated with a special compound that prevents fire. A distinctive feature of this fabric is elasticity, so the curtain is easy to adjust according to the size of the entrance itself.
  2. Felt fabric. It is made on an artificial basis, therefore, perfectly retains heat inside the kennel. Felt can be easily cut into the desired pieces, while you can not be afraid that the edges of the material will begin to crumble or tear.

In the manufacture of cloth door should be borne in mind that it must completely block the entrance, but it does not interfere with the pet. It is advisable to first mark the required dimensions. and only then cut the fabric. It is best to make small allowances of 5 cm at the side and 10 cm at the bottom. It is best to fix the fabric with a wooden plank and screws, then the dog will not be able to accidentally tear it.

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