August 12, 2019

How Can You Teach A Dog To The Booth

Dogs that are led in order to protect a private house or a backyard have to be taught from childhood to live in a booth. However, sometimes there are situations when the dog is already an adult. In this case, to teach him to live in a certain place, and even outside the house, in the courtyard, will be much more difficult. Here the owner needs to be patient and in no case try to force the dog by force or shouting. Everything should be done gradually, step by step. However, little tricks are still allowed.

How to teach a dog to the booth

There are several ways to deal with this problem. Speaking about how to teach a dog to a booth, the first thing to do is to show the animal that it will be comfortable and safe here. Pet must feel that this is his home. Of course, a puppy is much easier to teach than an adult dog. However, if you have patience, you can succeed. Practice has shown that with the proper approach to teach life in a kennel, and even on a chain, it is possible to have a homeless mongrel, whose freedom was previously not restricted by anything. This also applies to a four-legged pet who grew up in an apartment.

At the same time there are several important points:

  • season;
  • comfortable conditions inside the booth;
  • the correct choice of location and design of the kennel.

We will not dwell on the peculiarities of schooling in a puppy and an adult dog booth, but consider only general points. So, you have decided that it is time for the pet to move into your home. However, it should always take into account what time of year behind the window.

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Agree, very few people will like the relocation of their warm home in the cold, when it’s cold outside. In other words, it is better not to do this in the winter.

The best option is spring, summer, or the beginning of autumn. Select a period when there will be suitable weather conditions for several days in a row – warm, windless, and not raining. The animal should not feel any discomfort from relocation in this regard. There is another option – to specifically pick up rainy weather. In this case, the dog itself will take advantage of the booth, as a shelter, and will not perceive it as "someone else’s house."

Also be sure to try this option as a treat. The dog can be lured into the booth with the help of a favorite treat. Here is one of the common methods. At first, a bowl of food is placed in front of the booth, and gradually moves inward. Ultimately, the animal must completely climb into its new home. Thus, you also secure the dog pleasant associations.

In order for the animal in the booth or the aviary not to feel that it was kicked out of the house, you can put a blanket on it, on which your four-legged friend liked to lie down or his favorite toy. Some even recommend putting there some thing with the smell of the owner – a towel, some of the clothes and so on. In principle, any object familiar to the animal will do.

Before you teach your dog to the booth, check whether it has a suitable size. This is also a very important point. If you make a home too large, then your pet simply will not be able to heat it to a comfortable temperature with its own heat. Accordingly, he will feel discomfort. Too small booth – also bad. The animal will not be able to settle here comfortably, stretched to its full height, and will also feel uncomfortable. If you currently have a puppy, do not forget that after six months he will become an adult dog. Therefore, a certain margin for growth should be provided.

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The construction of the kennel also pay special attention. Many quadrupeds love to climb on the roof, where they can lie almost all day. Therefore, it must be made strong and without a steep slope. In addition, the booth should not exude any strong odors. The animal doesn’t like it, because its sense of smell is stronger than human. And, of course, the booth should be a safe haven, protecting the dog from the rain and strong gusts of wind.

How Can You Teach A Dog To The Booth

Now let’s consider such a moment as the location of the kennel. Do not put it in some far corner of the yard. The dog, in such a situation, may feel offended. It is best to put the booth closer to the door – at least at first, and gradually move it to the right place. The animal should not immediately be in an unusual situation. In addition, at first you can also take your pet into the house for the night, that is, he will be in the kennel only during the day. However, many dog ​​breeders do not recommend such a “gradual pull-in”, since the dog can often refuse to return to the kennel, and the whole process will have to start from the very beginning.

Separately, I would like to highlight such a moment as the stay of an animal on a leash. Here addiction should also be gradual. Of course, some dog owners prefer not to bother, and immediately put the puppy on a chain. However, this is not necessary. It is best to let the animal get comfortable and get used to the booth. After that, you can sit on the chain for a while. Gradually, the time spent on a leash should be increased. Most likely, the dog at first will yearn, and ask for freedom, however, with a careful and sensitive approach from the owner, the animal will soon come to terms with the new situation.

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