How gasoline for a chainsaw is divorced. Features of the preparation and storage of the fuel mixture

How to breed gasoline for a chainsaw

Those who constantly use the chainsaw, as it is clear to anyone else that it depends on the correct ratio of oil and gasoline when refueling the mechanism. Before using the power tool, you should pay attention to its brand and features, since each manufacturer recommends a different ratio of fuel. Lubricants.

About how to refuel benzotechnics, about the correct ratio of oil and gasoline and the preparation of various working mixtures and will be discussed in this article.

Features and characteristics of various chainsaws

Regardless of the brand, each chainsaw has a basis at the expense of which it works safely. Without a two.Stroke carburetor engine and two tanks, it is impossible to imagine any mechanism.

  • Each of their parts plays a crucial role in the functioning of the power tool and complements the rest of the elements. One of the tanks should have a fuel mixture consisting of gasoline and engine oil.
  • Typically, proportions in the ratio between gasoline are determined by the company. The manufacturer, it is extremely important to observe them.
  • As a rule, the consumption of gasoline and oil is enough for the same period, but at the same time gasoline is poured more than one and a half, or twice.

Constant adding oil fluid to the fuel tank is almost necessarily an event that allows the saw to work for a long time and uninterruptedly. No one of their users want to constantly engage in repair work, but if you do not dilute fuel with oil, a failure can occur in the operation of the saw engine, and it will fail.

Of course, only personal experience can suggest the correct ratio of fuel and lubricants. However, you should never neglect the recommendations from the manufacturer, since independent experiments can lead to breakdown of expensive mechanisms. It is worth noting the fact that budget mixtures are suitable for domestic saws than for foreign analogues, so the rag hosts try to save the budget in this case and buy cheaper consumables for devices.

What gasoline is suitable for a chainsaw

Old models of Russian chainsaws work normally on gasoline A.76, but for chainsaws released abroad, it is better not to use this fuel, but to fill the tank with better gasoline, such as A.92. But, here the question may arise about the quality of the same gasoline that is acquired at the auto.Referes of the country, the lead often does not correspond to the declared composition. In order not to risk in vain, some owners of imported chainsaws buy 95 gasoline.

They also do not advise applying fuel, which was unnecessary for a long period. The fact is that gasoline is able to lose its main characteristics over time. For example, the octane number is of great importance in the composition of gasoline, with a decrease in which, during the operation of the saw, a decrease in engine power may occur.

A chainsaw may not become working due to pouring non.Quality fuel. Sometimes such a mistake costs the owner is very expensive, since the repair, which failed, costs much more fresh and expensive gasoline.

How to choose a little for chainsaws

  • The most common oil for use in the chainsaws available in most Russians is the API.TV motor oil.
  • Another brand is also used-API-TS, but the manufacturer’s permission to use the material is required here, as well as for its amount when added to gasoline.
  • There is another option, for a saw with a small load, API-TC oil may be applicable here.
  • All these brands are classified by the American Oil Institute, but there is another no less popular series of oils that is produced by the Japanese. They also classify the produced lubricants by power classes. For the operation of chainsaws, fuel and lubricants of the JASO-FB and JASO FD brand are recommended.

Note! You can not use oils created for four.Stroke engines in chainsaws with two.Stroke engines.

In the second case, the lubricant should completely burn. This effect can only be achieved through the use of synthetic oil, it gives a minimum of smoke and does not almost leave behind the residues. It is important to study the instructions for the use and mixing of consumables for a certain brand of the chainsaw.

How to prepare a mixture for oil and gasoline chainsaws

After you have studied complete information from the manufacturer, which is necessarily present in the accompanying documents, you can proceed directly to pouring materials into the tank.

For chainsaws with a capacity of less than one and a half kilowatts, oil is poured 50 times less than gasoline. But here there are exceptions, for example, in Chinese chainsaws, these proportions are reduced to indicators of 1×25, but for the manufacturer Partner again changes to 1×40. For the Khuskvarna and Shtil brand, a proportion of 25 ml of oil per 1 l of gasoline is applicable.

If you do not follow the recommended dosages of combustible materials, a lot of problems may occur:

  • Engine details between which friction occurs during the operation of the saw will rather wear out, which means that the mechanism itself will last less,
  • Bearings will fail faster,
  • The resource of the mechanism will significantly decrease,
  • The device will become less functional.

The preparation of the mixture should be carried out immediately before starting work. But after its completion, undecuted remains of combustible material and oil are necessarily drained. It is strictly impossible to store them in a gas tank, even a few days. This is due to additives located in oil, it will begin to collapse directly in the tank, because the caring hosts drain the remnants of the mixture and then start the chainsaw on idle.

Rules for use

The best option for mixing the mixture is a canister with various holes for gasoline and oil. The correct mixture is obtained by mixing consumables from the inclination of the canister. Plastic or glass containers can be used for the preparation of working fluid, but in this case there is a risk that fuel and lubricants are ignited. But plastic tanks are also not convenient, as they can easily bend and result in hands or mechanism.

Gas with ethanol boiling in fuel tank

The ratio of gasoline and oil for chainsaws

The proportions of the oil and gasoline for refueling two.Stroke engines of the chainsaws of different brands are 40 to 1 or 50 to 1. This ratio is standard, which is used not only by newcomers, but also by experienced sawmills. It is such a ratio for the preparation of the fuel mixture that is close to the ideal, and provides a lubrication of the rubbing parts of a crank mechanism and a piston.

It is interesting! Before mixing oil products, external factors should be taken into account. If the chainsaw is new, then it requires the passage of the running.In, and for this you need to add 20% more to combustible oil than standard values. 20% more lubricant is also required to add if the work is carried out at low temperatures.

How much oil should you pour in gasoline in milliliters? In the calculation per ml of the proportion of oil and gasoline 1 to 50 is 20 ml per 1 liter. To prepare the correct mixture, you should type 1 liter of gasoline in a plastic bottle, and dilute it from 20 ml of oil. To correctly measure how much oil is pouring, you should take a special measured container, and fill it to the corresponding mark. If you immediately plan to prepare 2 liters of fuel, then this amount of gasoline must be added 40 ml of lubricating material.

There are other relationships that different manufacturers offer. These values ​​of the ratio differ slightly, but if you read other values ​​in the passport to the tool, then it is necessary to adhere to them and adhere. Value 1 to 50 or 40 are standardized. Pour 15 ml of oil per 1 liter of fuel in the summer, and in winter to add at least 20-25 ml. Knowing the recipe for the preparation of the mixture, you should understand the question of which gasoline to fill in the chainsaw?

What oil to add to gasoline for a chainsaw

Many manufacturers that produce chainsaws also create their own consumables, including oils adapted for working with a specific engine. They differ in their composition, quality and purpose. Distinguish between chain and motor oils. They are not interchangeable, so filling chain oil into the fuel tank can lead to damage to the tool. Among a number of brands, it is worth highlighting several intended for 2-stroke engines:

For 4-tact, other specialized oils are used, for example, Mol Dynamic 4T or Oleo-Mac 4T SAE and T.P. It is important under any pretext not using waste machine oil. It contains particles of erased metal, excess oxides and other components that will bring irreparable harm to the fuel system.

Fuel mixture dilution devices

Of course you can use a canister, a syringe or a measured bottle, but there are more convenient options. It is worth noting that, for example, STIHL oils are produced in 2 types of packaging- with a dispenser and without. With a small price difference, a bottle with a dispenser greatly facilitates the process of making the mixture. There are also many different cans with a dispenser, with departments for oil and gasoline separately. All these devices reduce the period of preparation for the launch and work of the chainsaw.

STIHL canister with oil and gasoline departments

This canister has two departments for storing oil and gasoline separately. A capacity of gasoline with a volume of 5 liters, and the oil container has a volume of 3 liters. Often, many owners of a benzo.Tool with two.Stroke engines in this canister carry oil in the same department, and in the other a ready.Made fuel mixture.

Husqvarna canister with oil and fuel mixture departments.

Husqvarn canisters have a feature: the oil container can be disconnected from the main and used separately.

STIHL oil bottle with dispenser.

This bottle, as can be seen in the photo, has two traffic jams. One plug allows you to pour oil into any container directly, and the second is located on a special submachine room. The tilt of the bottle you allow the oil to get into this department, at which risks are applied to the necessary volume. I must say that this is a very convenient function and the difference in price between bottles with a dispenser and without small.

What will happen if you fill in the surgery in the chainsaw

When the owner of the chainsaw for some time will use it, he may want to conduct some modification of the tool. And it’s good if his desires are limited to the purchase of various nozzles that expand the functionality of the chainsaw. But some go further. They begin to experiment with gasoline and butter on which their saw works.

If we have already talked about gasoline earlier (most modern saws require it with a high octane number-not lower than 92-95), then it is worth saying about the oil. Many motorists have a significant amount of machine oil used during the operation of the car. And therefore, some have a desire to use this material to refuel a chainsaw.

If this is done, then the engine will fail. The reason for this will be, first of all, the low lubricant of the re.Used oil. It will burn with a large release of black soot. The metal particles contained in the oil will first score the fuel filter (these are those particles that are larger), and then. The sealing rings of the cylinder will fail. The metal suspension in the oil will damage the surface of the cylinders themselves and bearings.

Some “rationalizers” try to use working out to lubricate the chain itself and the pads on which it is located. This will not lead to anything good. What exactly will happen. You can see in the attached video.

Oil and how to dilute with gasoline for a chainsaw

For uninterrupted operation of the chainsaw, its engine requires engine oil. It is the grease for the ICE that is responsible for the stable operation of the garden tool at high speeds, fuel consumption and the volume of processed gases thrown out by the chainsaw. The chosen oil can significantly extend the life of important assemblies of the chain saw and make its use on the site more efficient and productive.

Oil for two.Stroke chainsaw engines

The lubrication of engine parts will be able to ensure the working function of the factory mechanism solely if it meets certain requirements.

  • The ability to lubricate the details. The composition should create an uniform oily film that will penetrate the slightest grooves of the engine, as well as prevent the friction of the internal combustion engine elements and the effects of high temperatures on them;
  • The formation of smoke. High.Quality lubrication should not smoke. If black smoke comes out of the muffler of the chainsaw, it means that motor lubricant needs to be replaced;
  • The absence of soot. During work, the oil should not form a carpet, which, settling on the walls and a carburetor and muffler, reduces their efficiency and service life;
  • Washing properties. Simultaneously with maintaining the engine operation, motor oil for the chainsaw should clean the walls and parts of the motor from the accumulations of resin and dirt;
  • The ability to work at extremely low and high temperatures. A high.Quality tool for lubricating engine parts should not freeze in the cold or boil under direct sunlight. It is best to choose compounds, are able to work in the range from.20 to 40 ⁰C;
  • Corrosion protection ability. When operating a chainsaw in conditions of high humidity, condensate inevitably seeps into the engine, which provokes the formation of rust. Motor oil should protect the elements of the internal combustion engine from rust. For this, its composition must contain the appropriate additives.

Using Old Boat and Chainsaw Gas

An important role in independently choosing a lubricant for the engine is played by its type. Most often on sale you can find mineral and synthetic oils. The first type of funds have a less balanced composition in which most useful additives are absent. Synthetic oil is more popular, as it protects the details of the motor from wear, corrosion and soil more reliably. That is why synthetic lubrication is more expensive than mineral.

There are a number of oils that are popular, both among ordinary users and among experienced rollers.

  • STIHL HP. This lubricant shows high stability and reliable engine protection under any weather conditions. Oil is well opposed to corrosion and practically does not smoke. The composition of the product includes all the additive engine necessary for the operation, including the components that prevent the formation of soot;
  • STIHL HP Ultra. Part of the oil group of the highest category. The product has excellent lubricants, well opposes wear and corrosion. It includes shameless additives, which guarantees the absence of soot on a carburetor and a muffler;
  • Husqvarna HP. The means of this brand is distinguished by the presence in its composition of additives designed to compensate for the poor quality of the used gasoline. Lubrication is carried out on a semi.Synthetic basis and has high resistance to corrosion.

Choosing oil for 2-stroke chainsaw engines, it is very important to study the timing of its storage in advance. It must be remembered that high.Quality lubricant will not be exposed for more than 5 years, even if it is stored in a closed container. Therefore, it is best to buy funds whose storage periods are 2-4 years.

What gasoline to fill in a chainsaw?

Gasoline plays an equally important role than the used engine oil. The value of the engine and the speed of its operation in different modes largely depend on the quality of the fuel. In addition, it is gasoline that affects the coherence of the elements of the elements of the ignition system of the garden tool.

Different gasoline chain saws must be tilted with gasoline with different octane numbers. Some manufacturers of technology advise using AI-80 gasoline for refueling, others-brands that produce newer gasoline saws recommend preparing a fuel mixture based on 92th gasoline.

In any case, the only thing that is required of the owner of the chainsaw is not to experiment with the octane number of fuel. If the manufacturer advises to refuel the fuel tank of the chainsaw only 92th gasoline, then it is precisely it that needs to be poured. Otherwise, the owner of the saw risks damaging the cylinder-piston group of the engine and violate the factory settings of the carburetor.

Is it possible to fill the 95th gasoline into the chainsaw?

Beginner chainsaw users most often face this issue. Quite often, they buy the 95th gasoline instead of the 92nd manufacturer, believing that the higher the octane number, the better the quality of the fuel.

In fact, it’s not the case. The fact is that the fuel of the 95th brand sometimes does not only surpass, but also significantly inferior to 92nd gasoline. This is due to the fact that the composition of the AI-95 brand is often “catching up” by introducing various additives to it, designed to increase the octane number of gasoline.

In this regard, it is best to use gasoline exclusively AI-92 brand for refueling chainsaws. This will make it possible to prevent serious breakdown of the chainsaw mechanisms and improve its work in difficult operating conditions.

How to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw?

So that the chain household saw serves as long as possible without filling the candle and deterioration of the carburetor, its owner must correctly prepare a mixture of gasoline with butter. This rule must be observed constantly, since frequent violations in the proportion of fuel and oil will lead to a gradual increase in the wear of the parts of the clutch and ignition of the garden tool.

Useful tips:

The correct operation of your technique is fully dependent on you. First, do not disdain manufacturers with indicators or, in extreme cases, with indications on the oil packaging. This will help to avoid unpleasant situations. The neighbor does not always know how best to do. Cheapness of oil and gasoline is not an indicator of high quality, because a tool breakdown can do much more expensive (about 80 % of the cost of a chainsaw) than the agricultural mixture saved on the fuel mixture.

The consequences of improper dosage

Many chainsaw users do not pay due attention to the proportion. 50 grams more or less. Is it all the same? And in vain: often the cause of the malfunctions of the saw is operation with an incorrectly prepared fuel mixture. Over, you can make a mistake or intentionally violate the ratio both in large and less.

If there are a lot of oils.

Among the owners of the chainsaws there is an opinion “the engine cannot spoil the oil”. But it is not in vain that they come up with the necessary parameters of the finished mixture. An excess of oil can also harm and cause inconvenience. After all, despite the improved indicators of combustion without a trace, part of the hydrocarbons still turns into soot and soot. With a low concentration, there are few of them, but if you enrich the mixture with oil twice as against the norm, then the clinic will turn out. This is especially dangerous for cheap mineral oils that do not have a “flushing” effect.

Or little

“Greed” in the preparation of the fuel mixture ruined more than one piston. This is where it is really better to “overdo” than “unnecessary”. After all, if in the first case you are threatened with a thorough “washing” of the unit, then in the second you will have to change the CPG, and this is generally unprofitable at many saws, and for others there is very decent money.

Conclusion: Savings are meaningless. In the absence of a sufficient amount of oil, the piston begins to rub hard along the cylinder, since at high temperature gasoline is too fluid to perform the lubrication function.

Sad result: bully on the piston, a diluted saw engine. In the event that the owner is in mind in time, he will find that the piston and the cylinder are cast with a beautiful blue. How much such will serve, no master will give a guarantee.

Features of running a new tool

This concept includes the gentle mode of operation of the chainsaw at the initial stage of its operation. The technology also provides for the operation of the engine with a mixture with an increased engine oil increased by 20%.

The time of the running.In in the motorcycles is indicated in the attached instructions. In practice, to enter the tool to the working level, there is enough production of 3-5 gas tanks of the saw.

The new models do not need to run, but the first hours of operation of the chainsaw is not recommended to be used with large loads.

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The correct ratio of oil and gasoline for chainsaw

Hello! This article will talk about the correct ratio of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw. This is perhaps the most important thing you need to know when operating this device. The disadvantage of the oil will lead to excessive friction, and too much of its number of it. To the excessive occurrence of soot and overheating. As a result, both will lead to a Rapid engine breakdown. Repair may stand in half a price of a new chainsaw.

In addition to the correct proportion, we will talk here about other important things that will allow your chainsaw to serve as long as possible. Which gasoline, what kind of oil, the methods of breeding, storage periods of the finished mixture, etc So I advise you not to quit reading the article after the section on the proportions, since then there will also be information that will be useful to you.

Why add oil to gasoline for gas station refueling

The main reason for which the oil is necessary for the operation of the chainsaw is the safety of the internal combustion engine. Since the main unit is two.Stroke, it does not have a special tank for oil. If only gasoline is poured into the tool, then all the elements of the system will be rapidly wear due to the lack of lubrication. In such a situation, chainsaws will fail very quickly. The piston, crankshaft, bearings and connecting rods will be particularly deformed. Thus, it is forbidden to use only gasoline for the functioning of the tool.

However, there is a feature that is associated with the ratio of gasoline-oil for a chainsaw. With regard to such a rule, it should be known that the wrong proportion, both in the greater and less, can cause defects in the system. Therefore, immediately after buying a chainsaw, it is necessary to carefully monitor the mixture, which is poured into the engine engine.

The choice of fuel

What kind of fuel to choose for a chainsaw is an osky question, the success of the unit directly depends on it. According to existing canons, good gasoline for a chainsaw is considered not ethylated, but highly octane from a proven manufacturer. The cleaner the fuel, the better. If gasoline was stored in the canister of a year and a half, then this will adversely affect the nature of the device, so the substance should be prepared before the start of work.

It is recommended not to use low.Octane fuel, to completely eliminate inexpensive oils from the circle of attention of dubious quality. Do not use ethyl fuel, it significantly reduces the resource of the power plant.

It is important to track so that there is no alcohol in fuel, any additives that may violate the functioning of the power plant. Specialists still conduct discussions that it is better than 95 or 92. The first has more stable detonation, but most often they still use the 92nd. The reason is simple: questions often arise to the 95th, it has a large number of different additives that have a poor effect on the work of the saw engine. Michentonization occurs (piston pulse into the opposite move), which takes place almost with each turnover of the crankshaft. If the octane number is even higher (98), then microuders will become even more intense.

The consequences of improper gasoline on the quality of the unit can only be negative:

Step.By.Step instructions for refueling

Wanting to season the chainsaw, you need to follow the simple algorithm:

  • Prepare fuel in the recommended proportion of gasoline and oil for two.Stroke chainsaws.
  • Prepare the saw for refueling, cleaning its surface from sawdust and chips.
  • Put the saw on a flat stable stand with a tank with a tank up.
  • Gently place a small funnel (plastic or metal, resistant to fuel and lubricants, easily purchased in the auto.Goods store in an open throat of the tank)
  • Carefully pour fuel into the tank, avoiding overflow. It is unacceptable to pour under the lid. This will lead to splashing out during screwing the cover!
  • Close fuel tank lid
  • Replace the lubricant for the chain (mandatory!)
  • Start the motor at idle.

After prolonged downtime, you need to drain the rest of the fuel mixture from the saw. You can’t use it. Since gasoline quickly loses its properties in such a mixture. The consequence will be unstable work and risk of breakdown.


Stringent criteria for choosing an oil component. In the best version, this is a mineral or semi.Synthetic motor oil recommended by the manufacturer, designed to work in high.Speed two.Stroke ICE with air cooling.

The advantage of mineral oils in their lower cost. Their more expensive semi.Synthetic and synthetic analogues are favorably characterized by improved working characteristics and compliance of environmental standards.

  • Retain working properties in a wide range of operating temperatures;
  • Do not form a carbon fiber;
  • Contain detergents, anti.Oxidizing, canned and other additives useful for the work of the power unit.

How to start a chainsaw Tsigan Stihl MS660.Preparation of fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

Oil dosage in the Chinese version

Many Chinese buildings are simplified copies of popular European development models. The absence of special materials and branded technologies helps to preserve the outdated proportion of gasoline and oil in a ratio of 25: 1.

Inhabited by double the flow of engine oil is compensated by its lower cost. According to developers, original components are included in Chinese oils that help increase the wear resistance of power units and the real extension of their prescribed resource.

According to independent experts, the best brands of Chinese motor lubricants in quality correspond to the analogues of European manufacturers of the middle price range. This is the level of branded motor oils of the standard group and partially. Super.

Features of running a new tool

This concept includes the gentle mode of operation of the chainsaw at the initial stage of its operation. The technology also provides for the operation of the engine with a mixture with an increased engine oil increased by 20%.

The time of the running.In in the motorcycles is indicated in the attached instructions. In practice, to enter the tool to the working level, there is enough production of 3-5 gas tanks of the saw.

The new models do not need to run, but the first hours of operation of the chainsaw is not recommended to be used with large loads.