How many meters of line to wind on the grass trimmer reel

Preparation for winding the line

Before the winding process, it is necessary to remove the spool with line from the body. Depending on the manufacturer, power and type (electric or gasoline), there are three design types of trimmers:

This model provides the ability to install a knife. Removing the coil in such models is done by means of two keys recessed into the coil body. To mount the trimmer knife, it is necessary to align the hole of the reel and the rod, and then insert the device in the form of a steel pin (screwdriver, iron bar). After fixing the coil, the body can be easily unscrewed by hand in a clockwise direction.

How to wind line around the spool of a grass trimmer: key points

A gasoline or electric grass trimmer is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of a modern summer resident or owner of his own home.

Thanks to these gardening devices, even a large garden plot can be mowed with ease. After purchasing this tool and performing several mows, many people think about how to properly wind the line on the reel of the grass trimmer. For an inexperienced user, the first operation to replace it will seem problematic and time-consuming, since the developers often do not fully reflect the instructions for replacing the fishing line in the operating manual.

How much line to use on the spool of the STIHL grass trimmer

The first way

The prepared segment (in this case, it is 4 meters) is bent approximately in half. one segment should be 15-20 cm longer, and inserted into a special slot located on the dividing wall.

The line is wound in the direction determined earlier. This is done in an interference fit, the line is neatly distributed. In this case, you need to wind a segment that is longer in the section that is closer to the button.

There are designs that do not provide for dividing the coil into two sections. This does not change anything, the line is wound in a similar way. You just need to make sure that the segments do not overlap with each other.

The first should end that section, which is located at the bottom of the coil, i.e. the one closest to the fixing holes.

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This tip fits into the corresponding hole in diameter. The line is securely fixed.

A long segment is wound half a turn. There he is similarly fixed. In this case, the segment crosses another section of the coil.

A long segment is wound another half turn

The fixed ends of the coiled line are inserted into the holes in the spool body of the grass trimmer.

The fixed ends of the coiled line are inserted into the holes in the spool body of the grass trimmer


The coil is attached to the body. The ends of the fishing line are pulled with effort so that the fishing lines previously fixed in the holes of the reel jump out from there. It is easily identified by the characteristic sound (click).

Button spool snaps into the grass trimmer spool housing.

Button spool snaps into the grass trimmer spool housing

Stihl Trimmer Line Replacement

The line was changed successfully. In this case, you need to put it back on the grass trimmer and you can start mowing the grass.

It should be repeated, there is no need to remove the spool from the grass trimmer. this was done to clarify the process of replacing the fishing line. You can disassemble the spool in place, wind it on the spool and put it back.

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Tips can and should be trimmed to prevent them from hitting the grass trimmer cover.

Single-barb grass trimmer reel

Many owners and specialists note the ease of use and ease of refueling the bobbin with one mustache. Depending on the manufacturer, the length of the threaded line can vary from 2 to 5 meters. The end of the line is inserted into the head into a special technological groove or hole, and the winding is carried out in the direction opposite to the working rotation of the bobbin. Most reels have arrow marks on the outside of the body that indicate the direction of travel of the grass trimmer reel.

After winding, you need to leave a free end of 15-30 cm to enhance the centrifugal force, which is decisive when removing the trimmer line in automatic and semi-automatic spools. We pass the left end through the working hole of the coil and assemble the head.

The process of winding the line on a reel

  • After all the preparatory steps, we need to correctly determine how exactly the fishing line will be washed on your device, by turning the lid or in the opposite direction.
  • We measure out about 7 mm of cutting material and insert it into the hole of the bobbin with one end. It is worth noting that the line is wound exactly on the model of style mowers from both sides. The direction of winding the line in such models is indicated on the bobbin itself.
  • The line is brought out to about 17 cm freely so that weeds can be cut off with the ends. We add that it is not worth winding the fishing line on a reel of great length. Leave a distance of about 5 mm from the line to the edge of the bobbin.
  • The two ends of the line are inserted into the holes in the bobbin. Both of these ends must be securely attached to the body of the device.
  • The springs removed from the coil (if any) are inserted in the same way as they were removed, i.e. into the bobbin and the head body itself.
  • To determine if you have correctly inserted the line into the grass trimmer, you need the element itself (the bobbin) to slide easily into the head body of your device. If necessary, pull the free ends of the line outward. To achieve this, you need to pull the line out of the groove with a sharp movement through the holes in the bobbin.
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So, let’s say you figured out how to quickly, and most importantly, correctly wind the line on the reel of the STIHL grass trimmer. All that is left for you is to insert everything correctly into the grooves and fix the main cover to the device. Then you can press on the bobbins themselves and make counterclockwise movements until you feel the stop. If you do not feel the emphasis, then most likely you have not tucked the line correctly and you will have to start everything from scratch.

Preparing the grass trimmer spool for winding

Initially, as a rule, the coil is installed to the head of the device itself. The coil consists of two parts. a cover and a spring.

  • Whichever company you have a grass trimmer, the preparation steps are the same for all types. Disassemble the device, or rather remove the coil from the grass trimmer head. To do this, press until it stops on the latches located on the sides of the head body, and turn the head clockwise.
  • To open the mowing head without problems, press the side latches, if you cannot do this with your hands, use a flat screwdriver to help. We take out the coil from the head.
  • In order to choose the right line for your equipment, on the inside of the reel, digital designations must be applied, which indicate the thickness and type of acceptable line. All designations are indicated, as a rule, in millimeters.
  • If you did not find any numbers, then the maximum allowable diameter of the fishing line can be determined by the through hole for inserting the fishing line. The line should run smoothly back and forth.
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What is Grass Trimmer Line?

Curly line for a grass trimmer (square or star), due to the presence of sharp edges, has better cutting properties, makes less noise, easily copes with fresh, overripe and rough grass, but is less durable than a round trimmer vein, more often wears and tears.

EGO POWERLOAD Trimmer. How to Load

How long should the trimmer line be??

For one threading of the line into the bobbin, a length of 2 to 4 m is required. it all depends on its thickness and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How to thread a line into a reel semi-automatic?

In order to load the line into the “semi-automatic” spool, you need to open the spool body and load the line onto the inner spool. Threading the line into the “automatic” spool is performed without opening the spool cover. Fold a piece of line approximately 3m long in half. Insert a loop of line into the groove in the middle of the spool.

What you can use in place of your grass trimmer line?

If it turns out that there is no special line for a grass trimmer at hand, then you can use the most common fishing line. Usually they take a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm, but you can try to put a fishing line and thicker.

Why is the line coming out of the grass trimmer reel??

The reason that the cord unwinds after starting the unit can also be a weakening of the spring inside the head.

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How many meters of line to wind on the grass trimmer reel?

How to wind the line onto the spool of the grass trimmer First determine the length of the consumable for your spool. Thread the line onto the bobbin until it overlaps the sides. We got 4 meters.

Removing the grass trimmer attachment?

To remove the grass trimmer attachment, grasp the handle firmly and turn it clockwise to align with the small indicator (^). Then just remove the attachment. To install the grass trimmer attachment, place it on the handle and turn until the indicator arrows on the handle and the grass trimmer are aligned.

How the grass trimmer coil works?

The principle of operation of the semi-automatic grass trimmer coil is as follows: Inside the head there is a coil, which is set on the slots, which prevent its free movement. A spring acts on the coil, which presses it against the slots in the cover structure.

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