How much does a hand lawn mower weigh on gasoline weigh. Makita PLM4120N (18 845 rubles)

best battery trimmers-rating for 2022

Updated: 05.05.2022 The presence of a private house includes many advantages. This is clean air, and the absence of fuss, suburban life gives some freedom and lightness. However, the adjacent territory needs constant care. If special services are engaged in this in cities, then here this duty falls on the shoulders of the landlord.

In order to maintain order around and prevent the growth of impassable thickets of grass on lawns, batteries for grass come to the rescue.

Their charm is the following advantages:

  • They work autonomously.
  • Do not need gasoline.
  • Create a minimum of noise.
  • Light enough.
  • Do not require certain skills and skills.

The main characteristics that are worth paying attention to before buying:

  • Battery capacity. Perhaps this is one of the main criteria when choosing, because it depends on it how much you can work without being distracted by additional recharging. If the battery is weak and it is enough for a short time, and the plot of land is large, you can consider the purchase of the second battery. Thus, while one will be recharging, by installing the second, you can continue to work.
  • The battery charging time. Usually it is from 1 to 3 hours, but it can last longer.
  • The number of engine speeds. This is an important indicator, because it depends on it how speed the site processing will be advanced.
  • The weight of the trimmer for grass is no less important, Hands are involved in the process of all work. If the model turns out to be heavy, then the hands and back will get tired quickly. In this case, you will have to take breaks, which means that mowing of grass can stretch for a long time.
  • The presence of a battery and charger in the kit. Some gadgets go without these components and you will have to buy them separately.

Additional nozzles may also include the configuration in T.h. for cutting bushes and other rough vegetation.

Presenting the rating of battery trimmers 2022. The best 11 models that were selected by our experts on reviews and user estimates.

Rating (2022) Prices, ₽ Country
one. STIHL FSA 65 from 47000 rubles Germany
2. Karcher Ltr 36-33 Battle Set from 26,000 rubles China
3. Husqvarna 115il (967 09 88-01) from 19500 rubles Sweden
four. Bosch Easygrasscut 18-260 (0.600.8C1.C02) from 13000 rubles China
5. GreenWorks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC from 11700 rubles China
6. Worx WG163E.2 from 12500 rubles China
7. Bosch Easygrasscut 18-230 (0.600.8C1.A00) from 10,000 rubles China
eight. Makita DUR181Z from 8300 rubles China
9. BlackDecker ST1823 from 8100 rubles China
ten. Huter Get-18-2LI from 6200 rubles China
eleven. Patriot TR 235UES from 7000 rubles China

Patriot tr 235UES

Patriot tr 235UES is in the eleventh place. This is the most inexpensive model that is presented in our ranking, however, it has all the necessary characteristics to help you quickly and without much effort to put your lawn in order.

The product is made of durable plastic, the length of the bar can be adjusted at its discretion, reducing or vice versa, increasing its size. You can also configure the angle of its inclination. A wide handle makes it possible to reliably fix a trimmer for grass in the hand. The weight of the device is about 3.5 kg, which will control it even a fragile girl. The engine operates at a speed of 8000 rpm. The width of the herbs is small. 26 cm. The device works relatively quiet, the noise level reaches 86 dB.

The setting of the model includes a battery and a charger to it. The battery capacity is 2 ah. It is designed for 50 minutes of fruitful work. This time is enough to process a small area. About an hour will take its charge.

Stavr TB-1400LR

One of the top models of the brand TB-1400LR opens the rating. The trimmer for grass is designed for household needs, for mowing grass and small shrub with a stem diameter up to 1.2 cm.

The model is characterized by effective power and performance in its price segment, the quality of the details. Equipped with a two.stroke engine of 1.9 liters.With., a reliable type of Ruixing carburetor, wear.resistant chrome piston and cylinder. The advantages include the design of the starter, with a primer for a light cold launch. The maximum number of revolutions with a fishing line of 9000 and increased spying width with a fishing line 44 cm.

The fuel tank is designed for 1.2 liters of gasoline, this volume of fuel is enough for a large area of ​​work, without refueling. At the same time, the tank is not very weighting the device, all motor skots are 7.9 kg. For the convenience of its use, a shoulder belt, a bicycle type of handle is provided.

The owners of the device note reliability in the work, good power, simplicity of control. Of the features, I like the collapsible construction of the bar, for the convenience of transportation. A good equipment that includes a reel with a fishing line and a knife necessary for maintenance tools and accessories.

  • Effective power/cost.
  • The reliability of the engine.
  • Lightly cold start.
  • Speasing width 44 cm.
  • Clear bar.
  • Good equipment.

Carver Promo PBC-43

In tenth place, the model with the smallest rating cost Carver Promo PBC-43. The brand specializes in the production of garden equipment, belongs to the company UraloptinSt. Among its advantages, the release of own ignition systems with a light launch and fuel saving system.

The grass trimmer is designed for cutting grass and small shrub, in private farms. Equipped with a three.lobed knife and a head with a fishing line. Speasing width with a knife standard, 25.5 cm. The device is equipped with a two.stroke air cooling engine, 1.7 liter.With., with a reliable chrome cylinder. The tank is compact, designed for 0.95 liters of fuel.

The advantages include an ergonomic structure, including a convenient location of the U-shaped bicycle handle. Office elements are displayed on it, for better monitoring of the tool. The shoulder belt reduces the load on the user during operation. Increased sizes of the protective casing contribute to safety. Weight Motokos average 8 kg.

According to reviews of the owners of the device, the lawn mower easily copes with long grass and up to 3 cm. Easily starts, has good performance. Fuel is consumed economically, in management the device is comfortable.

  • Cost/performance.
  • Light starting system.
  • Chrome cylinder.
  • Convenient design and control.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • An increased casing size.

Advantages and features of gasoline lawn mowers

A wide range of capacities allows you to choose a device for caring for small areas or spacious territories. Gasoline mowers are in demand and popular. This category includes almost all professional class models. The operability of the units is provided by the ICE that work on gasoline. The advantages of models from this category are obvious.

  • Autonomous work. Tools can mow grass away from settlements. Their performance does not depend on external energy sources.
  • High power rates. Models are more productive compared to electrical devices, they cope with mowing herbs in areas with complex relief and thickets.
  • Productivity. Do not have to stop the unit every 15-20 minutes to let it cool. You can work without a break until fuel ends in the tank.
  • Maneuverability. The work of the tool does not limit the power cord or other devices. You can mow them in areas with an abundance of shrubs, trees, alpine slides.

There are disadvantages too. Lawn mowers that work on the ICE are released into the environment of combustion products. They are very noisy, you have to use headphones. Weigh a lot, certain inconvenience can occur in the process of moving and transporting techniques. The disadvantages also include the requirements for maintenance. The tool should be seasoned with fuel, regularly clean the candles and change filters.

If you think about which gasoline lawnaper is better to buy, then first of all soberly evaluate the upcoming volume of work. If your site does not exceed 6 acres, then a machine weighing about 20 kg with simple control will perfectly cope with it. Regular haircut of even areas can become women’s work if you consider the best models of lawn mowers without switching speeds and with a small grass collector.

If you do not live outside the city, but do irregular sorties to nature, get ready to meet the area overgrown to the waist. Fight such a riot of vegetation, especially in the rainy season, is possible only with a professional reliable lawn mower with a powerful engine and maneuverability.

See a brief rating of the best gasoline lawners, including inexpensive, which have already been appreciated by real owners.

Huter GLM-5.0S

German self.propelled lawn mower with a 1.5.liter engine opens the rating of inexpensive lawn mowers from professional manufacturers. A 50 liter container is combined with mulching nozzles. Grass can be thrown back and backward. Power 5 l/s. One speed.


Hyundai L 4310 S

Excellent model with an engine from the famous car manufacturer. Wheels with rear.wheel drive and bearings give a smooth move with a minimum load for the user. Allows universal use of people who do not have great physical strength. In addition to the bag, a plug is provided for mulching. The original Hynday ICV 140 engine produces a power of 3.5 l/s. The cutting knife for 4 blades has protection against hard objects (small stones, nuts). The steel case of the aerodynamic shape is equipped with a lever that can adjust the simultaneous position of all wheels to a height of 25 to 75 mm from the surface level. Liter tank combined with a container of 45 liters.


Husqvarna LC 140S

Perfect for long.term work on areas with small height drops.

The famous brand has released an economical reliable model of steel with a traditionally different wheel pair that provides sustainability and light advancement on small height changes. Wheels made of hard plastic on the front pair of 15.4 cm, and on the rear 20.32 cm. Due to the budget value, it has only one working speed, but it compensates for this 10 levels of mowing. Working knife height from 25 to 75 mm. The handle is adjusted in height and can be folded. Processing width 40 cm. Weight 26.5 kg. Collection for grass is soft for 50 liters. Provides a power of 2.4 l/s when filling the tank by 0.8 liters.


Daewoo Power Products DLM 5500SV

One of the best gasoline lawn mowers of 2019 in the class of powerful devices. Optimal for use in areas from 10 acres. The famous manufacturer of household appliances Daewoo equipped it with a fuel tank with 2 liters with a capacity of 7l/s. Working width of more than half a meter, while in the course of work you can smoothly adjust the speeds. It copes with large volumes and wet grass, since the release can be adjusted back and sideways. Powerful gasoline braids usually weigh more than 30 kg. Korean model is no exception. tonnage 38 kg. Large wheels have different diameters. front 20, 3, rear 28. They easily hold a voluminous soft container of 70 liters.


Patriot Pt 42LS

Inexpensive light machine weighing 27 kg, easily moves on the rear.wheel drive wheels. Some owners do not even include self.propelled function. Issues average results: the collection volume up to 40 l, the width of the cleaning is 42 cm. Adjustment height from 30 to 75 mm. The cutting element is rotary, which causes the complaints of many owners. The design of the knives often bends and is stupid when meeting with pebbles. Acting only back, but there is an opportunity to integrate a part for mulching.

eight.9 /10 REPARISE PLASS

What to look for when choosing

The above models are included in the top of the best for 2022, but if desired, you can choose the option yourself. To do this, it is important to know the criteria that is worth paying attention to when buying.

For manufacturers

The most reliable include gasoline trimmers for grass from the following manufacturers.


A German enterprise operating in many countries of the world with the main office in Vibelingen.

Is engaged in the development, production and sale of chainsaws, trimmers and other motorized tools for the construction sector, rural and forestry.

The STIHL assortment also includes batteries and electric trimmers for grass, special.purpose heaps and other similar equipment.

All products are characterized by low noise, ease of work, slight weight and democratic price.


A Swedish manufacturer engaged in the production of lawns and grass-beams, chain saws, bushes, vacuum cleaners, altitude and other equipment.

Makita 18V X2 LXT Power-Assisted Wheelbarrow (XUC01X1)

Benzotrimmers of this brand are highly performance, low noise and emissions, loyal pricing policy.

The features of the brand models include hollow rods with a wear.resistant shaft, the upper location of the engine, the durable cast reducer and a high.quality cutting set.

Japanese brand engaged in the development and sale of equipment. The company produces chain saws, motorcycles and black cutters, blower devices and much more.

The manufacturer’s products are characterized by good equipment, high quality parts and a long service life.


A large Japanese concern with an office in Tokyo, who released the first product back in 1910.

Benzotrimmers of this brand have economical and reliable engines, high.quality cutting elements and affordable price.

Have a little weight, a comfortable belt and many protection elements.

Other manufacturers, such as Huter, Makita, Patriot, Champion, Bosch, DDE, can also boast of quality goods at an affordable price.

They have a good configuration, have earned many positive reviews, and their benzotrimers are included in the ratings of the best in terms of price and quality ratings.

Sales indicators for manufacturers are shown below.

Power choice

When buying a gasoline trimmer for grass, you must look at the power. If it is high, this indicates the ability of the engine to cope with complex tasks, for example, the removal of thick vegetation.

Of the minuses of this option, it is worth highlighting a high price (not always), more weight and fuel consumption.

To process the country, garden plots and with a rare use of the tool (up to two times a month), you can choose a small power benzotrimer. It will last for many years, and its purchase will not hit much on your

For frequent use and long.term work, it is better to take trimmers for grass of higher power from proven brands, for example, STIHL, Husqvarna or Echo.

They are distinguished by a longer resource and reliability, which explains a higher price.

Trimmer design for grass

Structurally, the rod of the benzotrimer can be straight, curved or collapsible.

The first option is characterized by simplicity and reliability of use, used in the most part of the devices under consideration.

The curved form allows you to reduce the total length and simplify the process of work in places.

A collapsible bar is a big plus, implying the possibility of disassembling and reducing the total size of the device.

For ease of use, a shoulder belt is provided, with which you can hang a trimmer for grass on the shoulder and transfer most of the weight to the back. This is very convenient when you need to work with a trimmer for a long time.

The handles can be D- or T-shaped. The first option is compact and convenient for left and right-handed operators.

Makita PLM5120N2

But in general, T-shaped bicycle handles are more convenient, therefore, most often are used on light trimmers.

The downside is that T-shaped handles are most often focused on right-handed users.

The engine can be placed on top or below. The upper location is the best option for devices with medium and high power motors.

This is due to the ability to unload the operator and simplify the movement during operation.

The lower location of the engine implies a simpler design, but makes the work more difficult (especially with large engine weight).

That is why the location of the motor from below is more suitable for low power trimmers.

In rare cases, the engine can be transferred separately in the shoulder backpack.

In some models of benzotrimmers, support videos and even wheels are found that allow you to roll the design on the ground and facilitate the process of use (see the photo above).

The pluses of this design should include the support of the nozzle at the same height and the possibility of obtaining an almost perfect result. Of the minuses. weight gain and higher price.

A large plus is the presence of a metal deck. an element of the case, which closes the knives.

In more budget models, this element is made of plastic, but the metal is a more reliable and durable option.

The main disadvantage of metal decks is the high price, which is especially true when using aluminum.

Steel devices have a lower price, but also more weight. In addition, they require additional protection against rust.

Functional features

When choosing a suitable benzotrimmer, it is worth considering its additional functional features.

  • Blocking random inclusion.
  • overheat protection.
  • Fuel level indicator.
  • Collapsible shaft.
  • Adjustable / folded handles.
  • Handles for transportation and others.

Additional recommendations

When choosing a benzotrimmer, you should pay attention to a number of other parameters.

  • Motor / drive type. This is the main point on which the cost and characteristics of the trimmer for grass depends. A 4-stroke motor is used in professional models with higher cost and weight. For most cases, a 2-stroke engine is enough, but for it you need to prepare a mixture of gasoline and oil in the correct proportion. As for the drive, a mechanism with a metal cable is less effective than a straight shaft device.
  • Volume of the tank. The larger this parameter, the less often you have to add fuel during operation. But here you need to take into account the power and “gluttony” of the engine, as well as increased total weight.
  • Cutting part. Cutting of vegetation is carried out using special lobed knives or fishing line. The latter has less resource, but the fishing line for the trimmer is safer. As for knives, they better cope with thick vegetation and even thin trees.
  • Filter. This element requires periodic inspection and cleaning. It is very important that it has simple access to replace it. Some models provide reusable filter elements that are enough to wash and dry out periodically.
  • Suspension type. With frequent use, it is better to give preference to trimmers with a knee suspension. In this case, you can significantly reduce the load on the back.
  • Casing. It is desirable that the casing is strong and elastic, and also has metal plates on both sides.
  • Fixing tank fixation. Metal fasteners are more reliable in comparison with the plastic structure
  • The hull of the mowing head. It is recommended to give models with a metal element, because it protects better from stones and has a long service life.

The given rating allows you to quickly choose a benzotrimer for home or cottage and save time on finding a suitable tool.

The list contains only the best models from the position of price-quality, who have mostly deserved positive user reviews.

But if you wish, you can always choose the device “for yourself” using the recommendations given in the article.