How Much Grass Can You Mow With a Trimmer

Permanently living in a private house, it is easy to follow a systematic lawn care schedule. Even in wet weather, wet grass can be mowed with a lawn mower or trimmer a day later after it dries. It is much more difficult to care for the natural grass cover in the summer cottage. Since visits fall on the weekend, mowing falls on these days. But what if the weather turned out to be rainy?

How Much Grass Can You Mow With a Trimmer

  • What trimmers can mow wet grass
  • Why you should not mow wet grass with a trimmer
  • About the dangers to lawn grass

What trimmers can mow wet grass

To understand which trimmers can be used to mow wet grass and which are not, you should understand their device. To date, two main types of lawn mowers are available to the consumer:

  • Gasoline;
  • Electric.

Trimmers, depending on the location of the engine, can be:

  • With the top location of the electric motor;
  • With the bottom location of the electric motor.

From the point of view of safety precautions, mowing grass that is wet from rain or dew can only be done with a gas trimmer or a “Lithuanian”. The use of electric lawn mowers is extremely undesirable. Especially when it comes to appliances with a lower engine, as they are in the zone of water ingress. As a result, a Short Circuit may occur.

It is not recommended to mow the grass in the rain and trimmers with the top of the motor. In case of penetration of water to the power unit can not only shorten, but also electric shock mowers.

Wet grass also cannot be mowed with electric lawn mowers. The reason is the same as with trimmers with a lower power unit – a short circuit is likely. In addition, there is a danger that, through carelessness, it is possible to accidentally cut off the power wire supplying the unit.

Why you should not mow wet grass with a trimmer

There are indirect reasons why it is impossible to mow grass wet from dew or rain on a personal plot. These include:

  • Premature wear of the trimmer;
  • Damage to the lawn.

How can a lawn mow be disabled by mowing wet vegetation? Everything is very simple. It is displayed as a result of a short circuit when water enters the power compartment. In addition, even if everything is very well sealed, there is a high probability that the engine will not withstand the heavy load created on the flexible shaft of the trimmer. Yes, and the shaft itself can crank. Such loads most often arise from the sticking of wet grass on the knives and on the spindle to which they are attached.

In trimmers with a gasoline engine, mowing grass in wet weather, due to heavy loads, increases the degree of wear of the main components and assemblies. Here it is possible to note the premature failure of the piston pair, as well as other moving parts. Most often, the piston pair fails due to engine overheating. In our case, the motor will overheat from the load created by wet grass during mowing.

About the dangers to lawn grass

Many probably noticed that if you trim the wet grass with a trimmer, then the cut is torn. Later it dries up, and the grass itself begins to turn yellow. This can happen for several reasons:

  • Wet grass is very flexible and pulls to the ground;
  • The trimmer line is either too thick, or a round line is used.

In the first case, you should wait until the vegetation dries. When drying, the grass always becomes tougher. In the second case, it is worth replacing the line with a thinner one or with a different profile. As practice shows, an even cut on wet grass can be obtained using profiled woods with a square or star section.

Those who at least once tried to mow grass in the dew or in a drizzling rain noticed that the vegetation adhering to the knife and spindle was scattered in heaps on the lawn. If you do not remove them in time, then bald spots appear on the lawn where wet grass falls. Mowed heaps begin to rot, and the lawn begins to hurt. So unsightly bald spots appear.

So, dear readers, decide for yourself whether it is possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer and lawn mower, if you still want to tidy up the lawn before the onset of cold weather.

Video: How Much Grass Can You Mow With a Trimmer

Grass trimmer is a great helper in the arsenal of every gardener. Grass mowing with trimmer, It is carried out quickly, and for this it is not necessary to put a lot of effort, as for example in working with a manual scythe, but many beginners who have just purchased this tool have many questions related to its operation. In this article, the company "Mowing Rostov" will highlight the most common of them:

An example for this article is the trimmer. STIHL FS 55

Fig 1. Grass mowing with trimmer

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We advise you to familiarize yourself with:

How not to get tired when working with a trimmer?

Mowing the grass with a trimmer in Rostov-on-Don will be much more convenient and enjoyable, with the right balance of the tool. Belt should be fixed in a place so that the engine does not outweigh the knife and vice versa. Sometimes slight margin allowed to the side of the knife to get the optimal angle of grass mowing.


Handle and webbing customize to your height. When mowing grass with a trimmer, you need to ensure that knife (during work) was parallel to the ground, and the back is straight. This is a guarantee that you will be less tired.

Get the best balance , choosing settings for yourself

1. Using this node you can adjust trimmer balance (moving the knob up or down) adjust the trim knob (moving the knob left or right). Loosen the mounts and move until you find the combination you need.

2. Optimal instruction body position during work.

Knife parallel to the ground, and the back is straight. This is a guarantee that you will be less tired.

We advise you to familiarize yourself with:

What oil and in what proportions to fill?

In our case, it’s suitable two stroke engine oil, pay attention to the proportions they are always indicated on the label (usually it is 1 to 50) i.E. 1 liter of oil per 50 liters of gasoline.

How often to lubricate the gearbox? How to lubricate the gearbox?

Gear Lubrication, is a very important part of caring for a tool. At mowing grass with a trimmer the increased load falls not only on the cutting disk, but also on the nodes that drive the disk in motion, such a node is. Gearbox.

Usually, leading manufacturers garden equipment sell special grease for their models. If this is not your case, we recommend lubrication. Hammer flex , Aeg , Arsenal.

At the end of the boom trimmer there is a special bung, this hole should insert the nozzle of the tube and grease the inside of the gearbox.

Lubricate the gearbox, until the hole is filled. As a rule, lubrication is carried out Once a year. At increased noise or slow operation drive increase up to 2 times a year.

We advise you to familiarize yourself with:

Choose a knife for mowing grass with a trimmer

Grass mowing with trimmer will be easier and more economical with circular knife. With this nozzle, opens more possibilities cleaning site (large weeds, reeds, small trees), this happens due to the increased margin of safety.

When working with a disk nozzle, less combustible mixture consumed by 10-15%.


For example: with a petal nozzle, fuel is enough for 45 minutes from disk to cage on 1 hour, continuous work.

During work be careful during work stones, metal, brick can come, so when meeting a stone, soldering on the tooth of the disk can bounce. And the most dangerous obstacle when mowing grass with a trimmer is an. Large metal trash, in contact with such an obstacle you can lose a whole tooth on the disk.


Brick hit during operation, won’t become fatal to disk, in the brick, there is simply a furrow from falling. But you should not abuse it.

The ideal position of the knife, and how to achieve it?

The mower must be set up so that so that the knife is at an angle to the ground, in this case, grass mowing will be done right under the root, and after work there will be no stumps and gaps. This position of the knife can be achieved with proper setup trimmer belt. In details here.

Mowing technique with a trimmer. The basics

The correct grass mowing technique with a trimmer is as follows:

Carry out torso turns about 90 degrees (left / right)

Leave no spaces, no need to rush move in small steps.


Required use safety glasses or protective mask (it’s even better)

Mowing grass on a trimmer site in Rostov-on-Don and Rostov Region

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