July 20, 2019

How Much Is A Dog Booth

How Much Is A Dog Booth

In an apartment setting, the issue with a dog booth is solved simply – a compact plastic booth is installed. Due to the fact that the box is made of plastic, it is easily transported. If you need to put it in another room, for example, move it outside the room, you will not have to make a lot of effort in the corridor. Often a mesh cover is attached to this design – when installed, the booth can be used as a cage for transporting your beloved dog.

For apartment dogs also came up with folding houses made of nylon. The price for them is identical to the offers for plastic booths.

No less popular houses for the caudate, where the fabric is the main material. The owners like these designs, because they seem very soft and comfortable. These products rarely suggest the ability to disassemble a house, but this is not required: the dogs contained in the apartment, as a rule, are clean and well-groomed, and therefore do not need to clean their place of rest from dirt. Depending on the quality of performance, the density of the material and the size of the price of a soft booth starts from 600, while the top bar is 2 500 rubles.

How Much Is A Dog Booth

The cost of a wooden booth

How much a dog booth costs depends on whether it is made of metal or wood (wood type), size, roof covering, painting. The minimum price for a product from a tree – 6 000 rubles, marginal cost – 70 000 rubles. The cost of iron – up to 12 000 rubles, but their choices are limited.

Owners of private houses or suburban areas have to especially worry about the security of properties. For this purpose, give birth to large dogs, which perfectly perform the function of guards.

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It is not rational to drive a pet into the house, as the dog keeps the territory under control and will not let the stranger on it. To all, these are animals who love to be free, so a place where freedom of action is not constrained will almost always be preferable to home. The dog box will protect from bad weather, cold and scorching sun rays.

Dog booths have the following options:

  1. By design can be equipped
    • Just under the bed
    • Under the resting place and vestibule
    • By type of material used in construction
      • Metallic
      • Wood
      • By type of roof
        • With a flat (dogs like to climb up and inspect the site)
        • With a gable (place bevel can be equipped under the pantry for storing dog accessories)
        • By type of design solutions
          • Rectangular (plain)
          • In the form of house / tower
          • Unusual shape

          The kennel with a vestibule is considered more comfortable. This design is also called more hygienic, since the dog puts less dirt into the main room.

          Choosing a dog house wisely

          It is preferable to products made of natural wood, because this material creates a comfortable microclimate inside, without causing irritation to the pet, which is famous for its increased sense of smell. When choosing a kennel for a friend of a smaller one, you need to pay attention to a few points:

          • The booth should not hamper movement, because an important selection criterion – size matching. Naturally, a tight booth will not bring joy to a pet. It is a mistake to assume that too spacious will become a better home: the dog will be cold in the cold season. A suitable copy is the one in which the dog is placed standing up, and the clearance for movements is at least ( 5-10 cm). The animal should fit in the door: height at the withers and shoulder width. For indoor dogs, Pekingese, Dachshund, Spaniel, Terrier, houses of this size are required: length — 55 cm, width — 65 cm, height — 65. Approximate parameters for medium-sized dogs (pit bull, labrador) are approximately 75x100x85 cm. For large quadrupeds, for example, Mastiff, Shepherd, Moscow Watchdog, requires a doghouse 115x125x100 cm.
          • We need to look at the quality of processing materials. They should be well polished: splinters, protruding nails, gaps, crevices and other traumatic elements should not be.
          • The owner should think over – where exactly the kennel will be installed. It should have special legs that will lift it above the ground. The resulting gap prevents the infestation of parasites, allows better ventilation in the summer, isolating the booth from heat and moisture. It should not be mounted in a valley in open areas for the sun, near a pitched roof, or gaps in the fence. You can not place a house for a pet near landfills, septic tanks and other objects with a pungent smell. A good place is considered to be where the dog has a good overview of the territory, can watch the owners. It is advisable to put it under a canopy or a spreading tree – they will protect the kennel from the sun and strong gusts of wind and snow.
          • A large dog box should provide for the possibility of cleaning the interior without effort. Removable wall or cover for high-quality cleaning.
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          Interior decoration for dogs!

          On sale there are products, with finishing from eurolining, boards (polished or opened with varnish / linseed oil). On the floor may be a floor of linoleum with insulation. The roof of outdoor booths is usually made of board or with the use of tiles.

          Depending on whether the dog belongs to the short- or medium-haired breed, special arrangement should be taken into account for the winter period. In other words, the house should be purchased not only with a rug-laying, but also a heat-insulating layer between the walls of the structure, its ceiling and roof. Shutter for manhole is not always foreseen, but this is not a reason to refuse the object of trade, if it is suitable according to other criteria. In extreme cases, it can be done personally.

          More expensive types of dog kennels

          In addition to the classic options, the dog house market offers exclusive models that are no different from real homes. They have the same porches and lanterns that human dwellings. They are distinguished by a variety of architectural styles, non-standard design.

          The price of premium dog kennel begins from 50 000 rubles. Often expensive booth models have additional heating booths. Below is one example of an exclusive booth.

          How Much Is A Dog Booth

          Created houses with glass walls and windows. What is really there, on sale are products with two floors and a viewing platform! They are equipped with the latest technology: heating and air conditioning. Who said that dogs during life can not go to heaven, having loving owners?

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