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How much oil per liter of gasoline in a mower

When choosing a trimmer by type of motor, some features should be taken into account. Units with electric units have significant restrictions related to the supply of motor. Diesel engines, as on motoblocks, taking into account low revolutions for trimmers, do not offer.

Consider the features of the used gasoline motors:

  • Two.Stroke cycle. Structurally simple. When servicing, they are demanding on the quality of the working mixture. Any deviations lead to a reduction in the motor resource.
  • Four.Stroke cycle. It is not required to withstand a clear ratio of gasoline and oil for benzocouses. The mixture occurs automatically, and the working fluids are in two different containers. The product is more expensive, but it works quieter, and exhaust gases are cleaner.

Regardless of the type of gasoline engine, the selection of oil and gasoline is carried out strictly with the recommendations of individual manufacturers.

Features of two.Stroke and four.Stroke engines

On the principle of its action, a two-stroke motor is similar to a 4-stroke engine. The only peculiarity is that the working stroke of the two.Stroke engine is carried out for 2, and four.Stroke. For 4 tacts. The latter understands the movement of the piston down or up. At the same time, 2 tacts occur in 1 turnover of the crankshaft. The working course of the piston is its movement, during which the energy of the gases formed as a result of the combustion of fuel occurs into the useful operation of the motor (its rotation).

Structurally, and in terms of operational characteristics, two.Stroke and four.Stroke ICE models differ from each other in the following criteria.

  • In 2-step engines, the value of the specific and liter (approximately 1.5 ÷ 1.8 times) power is higher.
  • Way of lubrication.
  • Four.Stroke engines are characterized by a large The efficiency of fuel use (its consumption is approximately 20 ÷ 30 % less), as well as their exhaust contains less toxic substances
  • A way of supplying fuel mixed with atmospheric air, inside the cylinder and eliminating the exhaust gases. In 4-step engines, for these purposes, it is intended gas distribution mechanism: when necessary, he opens the valve and closes them. In 2-step models, it is absent.
  • Working noise level: 4-tank units work quieter.
  • The complexity of the device: 2-stroke models easier.
  • The operational resource in four-stroke motors models is greater due to the improved lubrication system, as well as due to the fact that the crankshaft rotates with a lower frequency.
  • The speed of a set of maximum speed: 2-stroke units are accelerated faster.
  • By the simplicity of periodic maintenance and from the point of view of repair, it is easier to deal with a 2-stroke engine. Also, such a motor is cheaper in price and weighs less than a four.Stroke analogue.

The absence of a gas distribution node with valves makes two.Stroke engines lighter and simpler in terms of device. Filling the cylinder with a fuel-air mixture and cleaning it from gas occurs when expanded and compressed through special holes: inlet (purge) and graduation.

What gasoline to fill

Gasoline for a trimmer must be selected inequilled with an equal number of 92 or 95. As practice shows, AI-80 gasoline can lead to breakdowns of the device, which is a dubious savings.

The fuel should be fresh, that is, after buying it can be stored for no more than 60 days.

Other factors are affected by the quality of fuel, for example, the use of a special lubricant for benzocosa and breeding it in a separate container. It is also recommended to use special canists designed to store gasoline.

Learning to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer if you short or overflow oil

If you bought a trimmer, a benzos, a motorcycle, a chainsaw and other types of equipment, then you probably know that two.Stroke engines are used as power units on them. These motors do not work on pure gasoline, like four.Stroke, but on a mixture of gasoline with butter. In what proportion should be diluted gasoline with butter for a trimmer. This question as a question is asked by each summer resident before preparing the tool for work. We will figure out in detail in this matter, since the dilution of gasoline with oil for a trimmer affects the life of the tool, and improper preparation of the mixture will lead to Rapid engine wear. What is the danger of excess or insufficient amount of oil in gasoline for a trimmer:

  • If gasoline is diluted with a large amount of oil (above the norm), this will lead not only to a large amount of smoke, but also to the formation of a carbon on the walls of the cylinder and a drop in power. This incapacitance will cause wear of the piston, which will be diagnosed to reduce its performance
  • If gasoline contains an insufficient amount of oil poured into a trimmer, then this is even more dangerous. After all, the working mechanisms of the engine will not be lubricated in sufficient quantities, which will ultimately lead to their Rapid wear (Rapid destruction of the piston rings and jamming of the motor occurs). With an insufficient amount of oil in gasoline, poured into a trimmer, the wear of the motor will occur ten times faster

So that you do not have to pay for errors at the cost of overhaul of the engine or buying a new tool, it is necessary to fill the fuel of the correct consistency into the tank from the first day. You can find out the ratio in the instructions for the tool, since models of different manufacturers can give different recommendations. Usually this ratio is the following norms:

[HOW TO] Winter Storage Maintenance Honda Lawn Mower (HRR216VKA). Oil Change, Blade Change, Tune up

  • 1 to 25 or 1 liter of gasoline 40 grams of two.Stroke oil
  • 1 to 40 or 1 liter of gasoline 25-30 grams of grease
  • 1 to 50. This is added to a liter of gasoline 20 grams of oil

The value of 1 to 50 is considered standard (indicated on canister with butter for two.Stroke engines), but it is necessary to rely on it in the most extreme case, since the manufacturers indicate the recommended value of the proportion, and if it is not observed, the operational resource of a two.Stroke motor decreases.

In addition to observing the proportion, you must also learn to prepare the mixture. After all, the option of adding oil to the gas tank is categorically contraindicated, although some do so. If you bought a trimmer or a gas tank, you will need the consumables that you will use to prepare the mixture. The instructions for the preparation of the fuel mixture in the trimmer have the following view:

  • Prepare gasoline and two.Stroke oil, based on the above recommendations for choosing a lubricant and fuel
  • Additionally, to prepare the mixture, you need to take a container or container. Typically, a plastic bottle is used for this, the choice of which needs an appropriate approach. It should be clean inside. Using a milk container and other drinks is not recommended. The best option is a mineral water container
  • It is very important that the capacity has a whole value of volume, that is, 1 or 2 liters, so that you do not have to calculate how much oil is pouring into a bottle per 1.5 liters, 1.3 or 1.25 liters, because you can easily make a mistake so easily
  • You will also need a syringe that is used as a measured device for dosing. For such purposes, a regular medical syringe for 10 cubes is suitable. It is desirable that the syringe has an exact measuring scale
  • After preparing the necessary materials, you can proceed to prepare

Instructions for the preparation of the fuel mixture in the gasoline:

  • First you should fill a plastic container. The container is filled with 2 fingers not supplemented to fit the oil
  • The required amount of two.Stroke oil is typed in a syringe, and poured into a bottle with gasoline. You need to do just that, and not vice versa
  • After adding a lubricant to the bottle, it requires to close it tightly with a lid and stir. However, take into account that the streaming needs oil with the designation “Pre mix”. If the container “Self mix” is on the container with oil, then you do not need to shake the container, and after connecting the substances, you can pour them into the tool tank


After preparing the fuel mixture for a trimmer, it remains to season the tool, and start work. How to correctly refuel trimmers, gas troops, chainsaws and other types of motor vehicles, consider in detail.

What kind of oil to fill

When choosing a lubricant, the main factors are taken into account:

  • Ensuring engine cooling, protection against thermal blow;
  • Work at large speeds and at high loads;
  • Corrosion resistance during downtime mowing in the winter;
  • Lack of carbon and sulfate ash, minute;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Good soluble in gasoline;
  • The duration of storage of the prepared lubricant.

The oil in the lawn mower must comply with the requirements of biological decomposition, all.Season and efficiency.

For 2-stroke engines, refueling is required by the mixture in the oil ratio recommended by the manufacturer to gasoline. For four.Stroke engines, mixing is not carried out, the ingredients are poured separately into different containers. Lubrication occurs using oil tubes, pump, filter and valves.

To obtain a lubricant, such types of oils are used that are most suitable for 2-tact units:

The composition of the liquid includes 5-15% of different additives designed to increase the efficiency of use, slowing down corrosion and stabilize viscosity.

Lawn mowers with 4-stroke engines require the use of simple car liquid, such as SAE30 or 10W40 with suitable technical and operational properties. An important characteristic of oil for lawn mowers with a 4.Stroke engine is the invariability of the composition for a long time. Almost all brands of cars are suitable for sf. Frost.Resistant fluid is poured for operation in the winter. In the table you can find the desired oil class, which is better to pour mowers with a 4-tact engine in a tacture for work under certain temperature conditions. For example, ALKO mineral motor oil or ZMD-4-M CBM SAE30 can be used at a temperature of.5 C ° to 35 ° C, and semi-synthetic Mannol 4-Takt Plus 10W-40 SL with a temperature range from.25 ° C to ° C to 40 C ° is suitable for all.Season use.

Motokos oil. How to choose in what proportions to breed

Many of you have a benzo tool in the household, for example, in a private house you can not do without a chainsaw. You understand, the harvesting of firewood for the winter is useful at a construction site and repair and in general, this is a very necessary tool. If the country house also has a decent area in size, then to combat grass just needs a trimmer or motorcycle, which also work on gasoline.

Petrol trimmer, PATRIOT. The coupling of the split rod is broken! I have an idea!

Of course, they can be bought and electric, but not everyone likes to pull a 30-meter extension cord to dig an area overgrown with grass knee-deep. Therefore, most people prefer to work as a gasoline tool. As you know, you need to add special oil for two.Stroke engines to gasoline. We’ll talk about it, because this is a very important aspect, if you do not add oil and add in the wrong proportions, then your engine will quickly “grunt” and your path will lie to the service center. To avoid all these troubles, add only high.Quality oil and in the correct proportions.

The most popular for chainsaws, motorcycle and trimmers is the products of the famous company STIHL. It is sold in 2 packages. 1 liter and 100ml. For those who work hard, a liter bottle is suitable, and a small bottle is enough to “drink” at a time. A capacity of 1 liter costs 250 rubles, and for 10 ml. 60 rubles. If you take a large one, then the savings are obvious.

Oil is added to gasoline in a proportion of 1 to 50, that is, for example, add 100 ml per 5 liters of gasoline. As you can see, a small bottle is great for 5 liters of a mixture of gasoline for refueling a chainsaw or trimmer. On a large bottle on the side there are special marks by which you can determine how much oil was poured out of the bottle. If you bought a large 1 liter bottle, then buy a 20ml syringe in a pharmacy. Very convenient. 1 oil syringe per 1 liter of gasoline.

much, added, mower

Experts advise using branded oil for their technology, it is perfect, since it is developed and tested precisely on the instruments of calm. I note that Stiel has its own brands, such as VIKING (popular models of gasoline trimmers). For them, also use Stilevsky oil and there will be no problems at all.

If you have made a gasoline mixture more than you can use it, then it is best to store the remains in a metal canister or in a glass container. In no case do not store the mixture in a plastic bottle. Of course, if you consume the remains after a couple of days, then you can pour the remnants of the mixture in a plastic one and a half, however, if the mixture is stored for a long time, then either a canister or a glassotter. The thing is that the gas mixture corrodes the plastic bottle, microscopic plastic precipitation appears in the mixture and this is very bad for the engine. Keep this in mind if you want your tool to work for a long time and without problems.

The second most popular brand of oil is a non.Bonding hokesworm. Of course, if you estimate it, after all, STIHL chainsaws use more people, at least all my friends and their friends use only them in their work.

However, there are those who do not have souls in the Husqvarna tool and I understand them, since I personally do not see much difference between Khuskvarnaya and Shtil, and one and the other tool is very high quality. But I saw satisfied owners of Husqvarna chainsaws. They say, saws are just super. I myself did not saw, however, I always listen to the opinion of people. So, if you have a gas.Based gas tool, then it will be better for him to use special branded oil. Although nothing terrible will happen if you dilute the gasoline with a signs. But since the manufacturer recommends using only its products, we will do so.

On sale you can find liter containers. Black stylish bottle, the same marks on the side, and with a person (to know how much oil was cast from a bottle). As for me, absolutely identical quality. There is such a bottle of 270 rubles, a bit more expensive.

Both that, and another oil, the cost is approximately the same, each is diluted in the proportion of 1 to 50. So feel free to buy anyone, of course, it is better to take the oil of the brand you have a tool. Then everything will be perfect, as the manufacturer advises. Good sawing, spinning grass and let your benzo.Tool work for a long time without breakdowns.

The result of calculating the fuel mixture:

To make it more convenient to measure the desired volume of oil in milliliters use a medical syringe of a larger volume, it costs inexpensively, sold in any pharmacy. Or use any measured container container.

Our calculator will help you count the desired proportion for refueling any benzo tool, for example: boat engine, chainsaw, trimmer, lawn mower, etc.D. In other words, you can independently and freely calculate the correct ratio of gasoline and oil for two.Stroke engines. Mixing instructions in the photo below.

It is important, before starting the calculation, read the instrument operation instructions, in particular with points: refueling volumes, the ratio of the fuel mixture. These data will be initial for the correct calculation.

For your convenience, the resulting result can be printed on a printer by clicking the “Print” icon. We will be happy with constructive Комментарии и мнения владельцев and reviews regarding the work of our service.

Keep in mind that the gas.Instrument.Tool has a period of running and the gasoline/oil ratio differs from the recommended.

The role of oil in internal combustion engines

The energy transmitted by the engine shaft to rotating mechanisms is obtained due to the adiabatic expansion of the gases at the time of the explosion in the burning chamber. Due to the movement of the piston in the combustion chamber, gases are compressed. This means that the system works with minimal gaps, abrasion appears on conjugated details. The gap between the details increases, and compression compression decreases, the desired pressure is not achieved for ignition of the fuel-air mixture. So it would be if the grated parts worked without lubrication. Motor oil for lawn mowers added to gasoline or falling on nodes from the crankcase is applied with a thin film between the details, preventing wear, darling. Since it is impossible to eliminate absolutely wear, the oil washed out microparticles in the gaps, preventing them from destroying the surface.

The device 2 and 4 strokes are different and therefore the consistency of the lubricant, the additives in it differ. Each type of conjugated nodes in mechanisms requires lubrication types that meet the nature of the movement of this node. What oil is poured into a lawn mower, the manufacturer recommends in the operating instructions.

You can not fill the oil, guided, the more expensive, the better. The use of ingredients depends on the class of technology on the degree of grinding of conjugated nodes, operating conditions. The composition of the combustible mixture for two.Stroke engines depends on the method of obtaining the basis of the antifriction composition. Oil for a lawn mower with a 2.Stroke engine has a special composition. All oils are divided according to the method of obtaining:

Their lubricating qualities depend on this, the ability to remain liquid when the temperature decreases. But 5-15% in each composition are allocated to addicts. They create an effective composition that prevents:

  • Corrosion of surfaces;
  • Heat resistance;
  • Resistance to decomposition;
  • Increased alkalinity that prevents oxidation;
  • Stabilize viscosity.

The oil mowing oil used with a 4.Stroke engine has other additives, viscosity. It also serves to wash moving surfaces, but does not mix with gasoline. The oil is oxidized, polluted by the scale particles and requires replacement every 50 hours of operation.

The choice of fuel

What kind of fuel to choose for a chainsaw is an osky question, the success of the unit directly depends on it. According to existing canons, good gasoline for a chainsaw is considered not ethylated, but highly octane from a proven manufacturer. The cleaner the fuel, the better. If gasoline was stored in the canister of a year and a half, then this will adversely affect the nature of the device, so the substance should be prepared before the start of work.

It is important to track so that there is no alcohol in fuel, any additives that may violate the functioning of the power plant. Specialists still conduct discussions that it is better than 95 or 92. The first has more stable detonation, but most often they still use the 92nd

The reason is simple: questions often arise to the 95th, it has a large number of different additives that have a poor effect on the work of the saw engine. Michentonization occurs (piston pulse into the opposite move), which takes place almost with each turnover of the crankshaft. If the octane number is even higher (98), then microuders will become even more intense

The first has more stable detonation, but most often they still use the 92nd. The reason is simple: questions often arise to the 95th, it has a large number of different additives that have a poor effect on the work of the saw engine. Michentonization occurs (piston pulse into the opposite move), which takes place almost with each turnover of the crankshaft. If the octane number is even higher (98), then microuders will become even more intense.

The consequences of improper gasoline on the quality of the unit can only be negative:

How much oil is needed in a mower

Another series, including two power units, has a designation of the 625th. These two engines differ in indicators, design and additional equipment.

Properties of Briggs Stratton 625 Series gasoline

Properties Units. Measurements 625 e 625E (OHV)
Factory designation 122t 093J
Type Benz., 4-tie Benz., 4-tie
The volume is worker cube.Washing Machine. 190 150
Torque NM at 2600 about. 8.5 8.5
Gas distribution system type OHV
The diameter of the cylinder mm 68.3 65.6
The material of the cylinder production aluminum aluminum
Fuel tank capacity l 1.0 0.8
The capacity of the oil tank l 0.6 0.47
Dimensions (DHSHHV) mm 351x308x249 347x310x244

How much oil

This is not a complete list of power plants for lawn mowers manufactured by Briggs Stratton. There are series that include more massive motors that are used on semi.Professional and profile lawners.Video review of lawn mowers with the engine Briggs Stratton:

Champion LM5345BS

The main advantages of the lawn mower include its power and self.Propelled way, and the main shortcom in users refers to a huge mass. Accordingly, for transportation, you need to apply huge physical strength.

Buyers of the device report that it is quite durable. The service life is achieved for 10 years. Such a macar, the cost of one hundred percent justifies the quality. The width of the knife is 46 cm.

BS 550 Series 10t8

The power of this motor is slightly greater than that of the previous one, and is 5 horsepower. But this type of motor exceeds the model described above, not only in this indicator, and in some other features:

Apart from this, it is fundamentally noted that the engine is endowed with a special mechanical regulator.

How much oil is needed per liter of gasoline for benzo.C?

As a rule, a proportion oils and gasoline To the chainsaw of eminent manufacturers is a ratio of 1:40 or 1:50, which means 1 part oils on, for example, 40 parts gasoline. Now arithmetic 1 l gasoline = 1000 ml gasoline, divide by 40 and get 25ml oils.

much, added, mower

Mixing oils with gasoline

At the beginning of work with the tool, the question always arises, How much oil Add to petrol for chainsaw or trimmer. It is important to remember that for two.Stroke engines the ratio is 1:50, t. E. On the 5 l fuel accounts for 100 ml oils.

What kind of oil is poured into a four.Stroke lawn mower?

Tara with motor oil for a four.Stroke lawn mower should be marked with the sign “4t”. Synthetic, semi.Synthetic and mineral oils can be used. But most often they use semi.Synthetic or mineral, since synthetic oil will cost very expensive.

For the preparation of the mixture, gasoline of a certain AI-95 or AI-92 brand is required. The brand of gasoline depends on its ignition rate. The octane number. The lower this indicator, the faster gas is burned and its larger consumption.

What oil to pour into the engine of the lawn mower?

The best option is the specialized lubrication of the SAE 30 class. It is used at temperatures above 5 degrees. If the special is not available, then you can use car lubricants of the class: SAE 15W-40.

  • Gasoline is used the same, not lower than the AI-92, clean and fresh (stored no more than 60 days outside the gas station)
  • Pour oil into the engine crankcase
  • Pour gasoline into the fuel tank, holding it so that the cover is at the top.

Selection of oil

1st document that you need to contact when choosing a brand of oil is a passport for a tool. The manufacturer not only shows the properties of lubricants there, and offers certain brands and trade names.

If there is no ability to contact the annotation, it is recommended to use only 2 variations of lubricants:

  • Semi.Synthetic motor oils that have an average price (little higher than mineral). They are carried out by the shooting of high molecular weight petroleum products, create a little smoke and have excellent characteristics of the protection of structural parts of the motor. Can be used both in Russian and foreign trimmers;
  • Synthetic motor oils that usually have the highest price in the assortment. This is the most reliable protection of the engine from wear, compatible with any power unit.

Apart from the fundamental type of oil, it will still be useful to read its letter marking in order to choose a compatible type by characteristics. According to European systematization of the API, there are subsequent designations for two.Stroke engines:

  • That. Butter for small power plants in volume (less than 50 cubic meters. Washing Machine.), which allows you to advise specifically this type for motorcycles;
  • TV is a lubricant for larger engines, the working volume of which lies in a spectrum of 50 to 200 cubic meters. Washing Machine. It is allowed to introduce such for motorcycles;
  • TS. Motor oil for harsh equipment (bikes, snowmobiles, scooters), which involves mixing with gasoline;
  • TD. Lubricant for flood vehicles.

There is also a systematization of the Japanese organization JASO, which in the assignment of marking has focused on the level of smoke secretion. These designations must also be deciphered:

  • FA. When combustion, the release of smoke is incorrect and slightly noticeably naked eye. For states where strict requirements for emissions into the atmosphere apply;
  • FB is a bit more noticeable smoke of snow.White color, but more than in FA;
  • FC. Transparent smoke that is not visible from the first gaze;
  • FD. Oils that do not secrete smoke used to refuel aqua of vehicles.

You can also see the designations at the cans of “Self Mix” and “Pre Mix”. The 1st version means that after adding to fuel, the mixture does not need to be stirred forcibly. 2nd option-a gasoline-oil mixture must certainly be mixed manually.

Using these three labeling options, it is quite easy to choose the type and brand of the desired lubricant. The question remains exclusively in the ranking of manufacturers. Let us give, better well.Known brands that produce only high.Quality fuel and lubricants:

much, added, mower
  • Shtil is a popular manufacturer of gasoline equipment and consumables for them;
  • Shell Helix Ultra. Is used for both cars and small motor vehicles;
  • Motul. A recognized favorite in the production of lubricants;
  • Lukoil is a brand of Russian production, which is not inferior in quality to foreign counterparts.

It is recommended not to save in motor oil, since the uninterrupted operation of the unit depends on this.

How much oil is poured into gasoline for a riveted rosopi 180?

Recommended proportion oils To gasoline 1:50, t. E. On 1l.

The tank suggests mixing gasoline and oils The proportion is 40: 1, and the instructions say that the proportion should be 32: 1. It is very strange to see such a discrepancy. Butter It is necessary to lubricate the rubbing parts of the engine, and its deficiency will lead to Rapid wear. Tank. The main misunderstanding trimmer.

Use and oil value in a two.Stroke engine

The operation of the engine is associated with the friction of the moving parts of the cylinder and sleeve, cams, hinges. During the friction of the parts, the surface is heated, with the expansion. Bullying. If in the gap between the conjugated details there is a composition in the desired proportion of oil and gasoline for benzokos, a number of problems are removed:

  • Parts in the engine work with reduced friction, heat less;
  • The lubrication in the gaps prevents the corrosion of parts during prolonged storage, lenses particles obtained during friction;
  • The engine service life is lengthened.

The appearance of additional properties is facilitated by the applied additives that are in the composition of the oil in the amount of 5-15%. It is the additives that create anti.Corrosion, anti.Symbolic and frost.Resistant properties of oils.

It is important to know how much oil it is necessary to add to gasoline for motorcycles. First of all, you should study the instructions, and withstand the recommended proportions. The use of the composition taking into account the model and the engine configuration, climatic conditions and load will extend the service life of benzoocos. Experienced users advise by purchasing a tool, immediately buy the recommended oil in reserve.

The fundamental differences of internal combustion systems for the user

Which the combustion system is more effective, 2 or 4 stroke? How to figure out the user and purchase the best mechanism? Gasoline trimmers and motorcycle with 4.Stroke engine is not found on sale. The two.Stroke is much easier and therefore the trimmer weighs a little and a woman can control him. But there are two.Stroke engines and on four.Wheelbreaks. Other differences:

  • Different way to use lubrication;
  • Environmental friendliness is higher in 4 strokes, it is also less noisy;
  • Easier in repair and maintenance 2 stroke engine;
  • Motoresurs more has more than 4 stubborn, but they are more difficult to service due to oil replacement in a lawn mower;
  • Two.Stroke engines are easier and cheaper.

The 2.Stroke engine used in the lawn mower is inferior in many technological indicators 4 to the same. With separate supply of gasoline and oil in terms of economy and other indicators, it is preferable for light technology. In addition, separate fuel supply saves consumption of an expensive component 4 times.

In the photo, the state of the engine that has worked without replacing the oil for a long time.

The four.Stroke engine has a complex lubrication system, and even more so it is necessary to use methods of cleaning the circulating liquid. A filter is installed in the oil system that prevents the pipe and pump pumps and other inclusions. As they become contaminated, this part is replaced.

How to change oil in 4 stroke engine

The manufacturer in the operating instructions gives a schedule for maintenance of mechanisms and the procedure for the work of work. The efficiency of lubrication decreases after 50 hours of operation of the mechanism. Therefore, oil replacement is required. In domestic use for the season, this time of use of the device will not be gained, and to clean the filter, oil change is necessary when preserving. Before changing the oil in the lawn mower, it is necessary to increase fluidity of the liquids, start the engine and let the system warm up.

You need to unscrew the plug for filling the oil into the tank and use the device for the selection of fluid under the vacuum.

To do this, make a nozzle and pump out the development into a prepared capacity. But at the same time, a small part, up to 100 ml will still remain in the crankcase and drains from the filter. You need to get rid of this residue, draining the liquid for about 5 minutes through the hole. Simultaneously in the system, change or rinse the filter. After pour new grease, controlling the level of the probe. Usually, motors oil is packed into opaque black plastic so that it does not decompose in the light. The required volume is 500-600 ml.

Oil replacement in a lawn mower. Video

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I have an American lawn mower for years for 15 serves faithful and truth. The engine is almost like new, only the oil was flooded after the factory.

Thank you for the article! I have a 4-stroke lawn mower. Despite the high price, I buy for it Rasenmher-Oil 30 mineral oil from Liqui Moly on a vegetable basis. It does not change the viscosity during the period of operation, has good detergents, as well as thanks to the additives of the additives that are part of this oil, reduces engine wear.