How much revolutions a chainsaw gives out. STIHL MS 180 chainsaws are poorly started on a cold

Saw a cold adjustment adjustment

To adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw of the Chesi 180 there is only one screw. A blank adjustment screw.

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In the chainsaws of Shtil and the partner by adjusting screws H and L, the proportion of air and gasoline in the mixture is set. When the screws are weakened, the mixture is enriched, the speed increases. Screwing leads to the impoverishment of the mixture and, accordingly, a decrease in engine speed.

Setting up the carburetor of the chainsaw partner on idle is carried out by a screw T (Calm sets this adjustment with letters LA). The basic commissioning of the tool is done at the factory during final tests. In most cases, the carburetor was adjusted to feed a slightly more enriched fuel mixture than optimal.

A tachometer is required for the subtle regulation of the carburetor, in addition, technical documentation will be needed to carry out work in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer. The best decision would be to entrust the jewelry tuning of fuel equipment to specialists.

much, revolutions, chainsaw, stihl, chainsaws, started

A position in both directions is searched for a position in both directions, in which the speed of rotation at idle will be maximum. After this point is found, it is required to turn out the screw l at 1/4 turnover. If at the same time the chain continues to move when the motor operating at idle, the screw t (la) slowly diverges until the circuit stops.

After setting up the maximum speed, their frequency value is checked by the tachometer. If the speed at the maximum does not correspond to the values ​​indicated in the documentation, the adjustments are repeated. If at maximum speed the mixture turns out to be too rich, there is too much smoke from the muffler, with a poor mixture, it makes a screeching sound and the engine is warmly warming.

To independently adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw, you do not need to be a professional engineering motor. However, to memorize some aspects of the carburetor work regarding the process of preparing the fuel mixture, it will still have.

The vast majority of chainsaws are equipped with Chinese.Made WALBRO carburetors. In their device, they are simple, if not primitive. There is a monoblock hull of a passage type with a through hole. A diffuser is placed inside the hole. A narrowing of the passage with the fuel injection channel. The shutters are located on both sides:

The need for such a device is that at idle and under load the quality of the mixture should be different. At the same time, the channel, through which fuel is fed into the mixer at idle, does not overlap completely when accelerating the engine and vice versa. The maximum revolution channel slightly shakes at idle.

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No repair event is complete without knowledge of the basics of the mechanism. Versed in the constituent elements and the principle of work, it is easier to determine the cause of the breakdown.

Any malfunction in the carburetor threatens to stop the engine

The carburetor is one of the main functional parts of the engine, which serves to prepare and supply the fuel mixture, consisting of certain proportions of fuel and air. As soon as the proportions are violated, the engine begins to “junk”, or even stops working at all.

You can achieve the correct operation of the carburetor by studying its “filling”:

  • A pipe with a transverse damper to adjust the air flow.
  • Diffuser. Narrowing to increase air flow rate, is near the input hole of the fuel supply.
  • A sprayer from which fuel comes (fuel needle in the diagram).
  • A float chamber that regulates the fuel level at the entrance to the channel.

The principle of operation: a stream of air in a diffuser spray fuel, creating a mixture entering the cylinder. The larger the amount of incoming fuel, the higher the engine speed. Carburetors of various models work according to the same scheme.

In the chainsaws of Shtil 250, 361, as well as partner 351, 350, the carburetor adjustment is carried out using screws N and L by setting the proportions of gasoline and air. If you let them go, then the addition of a large part of the fuel will be added and therefore the revolutions will be high, otherwise, on the contrary, they will fall.

The partner is adjusted with the help of a screw with the letter T, and the calm, as a rule, should be sought by labeling labeling. Standard tuning of the chainsaw is carried out during final tests. Basically, after such settings, the percentage of fuel in the working mixture is greater than air, which does not correspond to the optimal parameters.

But if it is decided to regulate it independently, then actions are required to perform in the following sequence:

  • Screw l;
  • Then configure the nozzle n;
  • After that, proceed to setting up the idle pass using the screw T (if the chainsaw is calm. La).

The device of the chainsaw Shtil MS 180. Model components

The design of the chainsaw of the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw is quite difficult to call simple. This is due to the features of the work of this model. The device of the chainsaw of the Shtil 180 consists of these components:

  • EMATIC guide tire;
  • Sawing chain of its own development of Oilomatic;
  • Air filter;
  • Throttle;
  • Cold and hot launch lever;
  • Control lever;
  • Spark plug;
  • Handle with a proprietary vibration suppression system,
  • A powerful engine with an enlarged working resource.

The manufacturer took into account the possibility of regular operation of the chainsaw at low temperatures, which resulted in the presence of a proprietary system for a more smooth and quickly launching motor.

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Among the entire lineup of the chainsaw of the German brand, STIHL is the highest demand among gardeners is the MS 180 model. The advantages of this reliable household instrument include reliability, increased endurance and an impressive working resource. The chainsaw of the STIHL 180 is released by simplicity in maintenance and high suitability for repair, which makes it possible to confidently use it to any novice gardener.

The proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw of Shtil 180

To exclude the premature breakdown of the carburetor, the factory cylinder-piston group and other important nodes of the garden tool, it is important to observe the ratio of gasoline and the used engine oil.

First of all, you need to study the company guide. The instruction manual will indicate the correct fuel proportion, suitable gasoline, as well as suitable oil for lubrication of the chain of the ribbon in the rosopi 180.

According to the leadership of the German STIHL saw, to refuel it, only gasoline of the brand is not lower than AI-92, as well as branded oil for 2-stroke STIHL engines. The ratio of fuel and oil should be 1:40, that is, in 1 liter of gasoline you need to add 25 ml. The fuel mixture will need to be thoroughly stirred, shaking the capacity several times. After that, the contents of the vessel will need to be poured into the fuel tank.

Playing the chainsaw of a calm

The new STIHL chainsaw needs proper run.In. During its conduct, the part of the motor and other moving details of the garden tool will be filled with grease and take time to get to each other Rushed to each other.

You need to carry out STIHL chainsaw in this order:

  • First, the operator will need to prepare the fuel mixture and pour it into the corresponding tank. A separate tank for lubricating the chain must be filled with fresh oil;
  • After that, with the inertial brake turned off, you need to start the STIHL chain of the chainsaw and let it work at idle for 15–20 minutes. In this case, every 30-40 seconds the operator must perform a batch. When pressing the gas trigger under the guide tire, you need to put a sheet of paper. If, when the chain moves, drops of oil appear on it, then the tire and chain lubrication system works properly;
  • Next, you can proceed to sawing fine wood. For this, branches and branches are suitable, with a thickness of not more than 1 cm;
  • After half an hour, the thickness of the wood must be increased, and go to sawing larger branches;
  • As soon as the fuel in the saw tank ends, you need to fill in a fresh mixture and start sawing large logs.

The German manufacturer advises to carry out rushing chainsaw not only after the purchase, but also after each long downtime, for example, after winter. This procedure will help reduce the load on the main nodes of the garden tool and prevent their premature breakdown.

The proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw of Shtil 180

Before the immediate start of working with the German model STIHL MS 180, it will need to be refined. The amount of gasoline and engine oil used in this case plays an important role. As indicated in the factory instruction manual, to mix fuel, you should adhere to a ratio of 1:50, that is, in 50 parts of gasoline, it will be necessary to mix 1 part of the oil. Thus, in 1 of the fuel liter used, no more than 20 ml of oil should be diluted.

The quality of fuel and oil is also important. To refuel the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw, the manufacturer advises using gasoline with an octane number of at least 90. Motor oil for 2-stroke engines manufactured by STIHL is suitable as lubricants.

Shtil 180 Large turnover at idle

The chainsaw stalls at idle: probably the owners of this tool are faced with such inconsistent. On their own device, a fairly light tool drank. But there are times when it burns out. The main problem when eliminating a malfunction is to determine the correct cause of emergency work. After establishing the reason, eliminating the defect is usually quite simple.

Probable reasons for the refusal

The power unit of all chainsaws is a single.Cylinder internal combustion engine. Devices of this type are characterized by such malfunctions as a violation inside the cylinder compression, a change in the ratio of the fuel mixture, incorrect ignition, low-quality fuel and lubricants. The main problems in the operation of the power unit are the following:

  • The engine works steadily at minimum speeds, but with an increase in revolutions stalls;
  • Starting is normal and idle revolutionsunstable, stall quickly;
  • Does not start.

Electronic ignition diagram of the chainsaw.

I am an emergency work on Idling

Can be caused by various reasons. They can be divided into several positions:

  • Reduced capacity of filters (gasoline and air);
  • Ignorary I ignition systems:
  • The settings of the carburetor have spontaneously changed;
  • Malfunction of the elements of the gas pipeline;
  • Exhaust channels, muffler are clogged;
  • Defects of the piston, cylinder, valves.

Repair should be started with an external inspection and checking the presence of fuel in the tank.

Checking and repair of filters

The engine can work with interruptions or stall with insufficient fuel or air. Reasons. Clogging of air or fuel filter. To check the fuel filter, it is necessary to remove the gas pipeline hose from the carburetor fitting and directed into any container. Then press the fuel pumping several times. If the fuel is pumped normally, clearly expressed doses, without dirt, then the fuel filter is working. If the stream is weak or fuel does not pump at all. The filter must be replaced or if possible to clean.

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Fuel filter clogging with sawdust is one of the reasons for the gas station breakdown.

The device must be removed from the fuel tank (preliminary draining all the fuel from it). In most models, the fuel filter can be pulled off from the wire through the neck. If the design of the filter is collapsible and allows cleaning, you need to disassemble and rinse in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. In another case, change for a new filter.

Similar problems can occur when clogging an air filter with dust, sawdust, and dirt. With an insufficient amount of air, the fuel mixture will be enriched, the process of combustion of fuel is difficult.

To check, remove the filter. When working, you need to take precautions so that the dust does not get into the carburetor. The device needs to be cleaned and washed in warm water with the addition of detergent. After drying, if possible, blow out low pressure with compressed air, set in place. If the chainsaw works normally, then the reason is eliminated, if not, you need to look for further.

With the constant operation of the tool, the replacement of filters of the fuel and air systems is recommended after 3 months.

Shtil 180 ms does not drop turns.

With a twisted carburetor screw to zero Large turns

Common isues with Stihl MS 170 and MS 180 Chainsaws

Checking a candle and ignition system

According to the recommendations of manufacturers, the spark plug should be changed annually, regardless of the intensity of the operation of the tool. Non.Compliance with these tips leads to a completely natural result: malfunctions at idle, subsequent refusal.

Typical defects ignition systems

  • The candle was flooded with fuel at the time of launch. It is necessary to extract it from the nest, dry, if possible blow compressedair. Drain the remaining fuel from the cylinder through the installation hole,blow compressedair. Then install the candle, connect the high.Voltage wire, start.
  • Lack of spark on the electrodes of the candle. It is necessary to disconnect the high.Voltage wire and check the presence of a spark on it. If the spark is normal, check the connection, the detected defects eliminate. The absence of a spark on a high.Voltage wire indicates a malfunction of the ignition unit. This device is not subject to repair, it is necessary to change it for a new.
  • The gap between the electrodes of the candle is broken. This parameter for various types of devices can be in the range from 0.2 to 0.5 mm. Check and adjustment must be performed using a special probe or caliper. The required value can be found in the instrument operation instructions.
  • By the appearance of the candle, you can determine the direction of the search. If the candle after several attempts to start the engine is dry, then gasoline does not enter the cylinder. It is necessary to check the fuel supply system and carburetor.
  • The presence of black soot on the electrodes of a soot or a blackflow indicates the improper adjustment of the carburetor or clogging an air filter. Perhaps low.Quality fuel with a high oil content is used. With normal operation of the ignition system, the electrodes have uniform gray color and brown plaque on insulators.

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Carburetor check and repair

If the check of the ignition system, fuel filters, muffler did not give tangible results, the tool still does not want to work normally at minimum speeds, you need to check the carburetor.

To adjust the operating modes on the device housing, there are three screws designed to set the minimum rotation speed, maximum revolutions and idle speed.

On many models, manufacturers install only a blanket adjustment screw to avoid incompetent attempts to adjust the device. In all variants of the device, adjustment must be performed exactly according to the recommendations of manufacturers.

Cooper adjustment on the chainsaw

The carburetors of most chainsaws have three screws for adjustment:

  • L. Gikler screw for adjusting low speeds
  • H. Gikler screw for adjusting large revolutions
  • Screw. T The partner has and Khuskvarna (Shtil La). Adjustment of the idle speed of the chainsaw

The screws H and L regulate the ratio of a mixture of gasoline and air determined by the opening of the throttle valve of the carburetor. When the screws are unscrewed, the mixture is enriched, and the revolutions grow accordingly, when twisting, the mixture is lined. The turns fall.

Screw T (LA) is designed to adjust idle speed. The main “setup” of the chainsaw is made at the manufacturer at the final test. The carburetor, as a rule, is adjusted to the supply of a richer (than optimal) fuel mixture. Factory adjustment must be saved the first hours of saw saw. Then (optionally) more accurate adjustment of the carburetor is made.

We start adjustment by setting up idle, for this we rotate the screw t (la) against Clock, Seeking a complete stop of the circuit at stable engine speeds.

STIHL MS 180 How to configure the carburetor \ How to Adjust Carburetor STIHL Chainsaw MS 180

How to adjust the carburetor calm

MS 180 What are Min and Max speeds? As well as a similar video about the adjustment on my

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STIHL chainsaw. The bolt of “LA” stops the idle stroke first on the chainsaw must be adjusted by idle. Proper adjustment of a screw of accuracy of idle values ​​on a chainsaw. Setting up idle. Carburetor adjustment on the chainsaw. Repair. Classroom setting. With your own hands. What the sellers are silent about.

Saw repair after 10 tanks. What the sellers are silent about.

For further accurate adjustment, you need a tachometer and it is better to entrust it to specialists, especially since in most cases it may not be needed.

We start setting up the tool from the screw L, then we use the screw H and at the end of the screw T (LA).

We look for the highest idle speed, for this we slowly turn the screw l in different directions. After finding the position of the highest engine speed, it is necessary to turn the screw L to 1/4 turnover counterclockwise. Adjustment how to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw chainsaws Shtil MS. If the chain rotates at the same time at idle, the screw t should turn the clockwise for the clock until it stops.

The screw is regulated by the power and frequency of revolutions. Adjusting the carburetor to the depleted mixture leads to excessive turnover, overheating of the engine and failure of the piston chainsaw.


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We warm up the chainsaw engine at least 10 seconds and turn the screw N by 1/4 turning counterclockwise. Let the engine work about 10 seconds., Then we check the maximum engine speed with a tachometer. On the chainsaws Calm MS 180 Cooper Adjustment. On this chainsaw? In case of maximum turnover of the passport, the operation should be repeated. When serving a too rich mixture, the muffler begins to smoke, with a too poor saw screeches and overheats.

We finish adjusting the mirror speed setting, as already described above. The number of revolutions of the idle speed is set correctly if the engine operates without failures at minimum speeds and the chain does not rotate.

The carburetor can be considered adjusted if the engine quickly accelerates and resembles the operation of the four.Stroke on full gas.