How the motorblock gearbox works. Reducer for a walkbehind tractor: types and independent assembly

Reducer for a walk.Behind tractor

One of the most important mechanisms of the modern walk.Behind tractor is a gearbox built into its design, the function of which is the continuous transfer of the created torque from the engine to the wheels of the used agricultural machine. The gearbox plays a fairly important role in the design of the walk.Behind tractor, so each owner of the equipment must know how to lubricate and repair the mechanism in case of its breakdown.

Having the concept of how the motorblock gearbox is arranged, the owner of the agricultural unit will be much easier to lubricate and repair the mechanism.

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The gearbox of the machine used in agriculture in the analysis is equipped with the following elements:

  • A pulley and a protective lid;
  • Ball type bearings;
  • A sleeve located in the input shaft;
  • Lever for adjustment and timely switching;
  • Axis of switching and fork;
  • Gears located in the intermediate shaft;
  • Shaft block;
  • Two.Row steel chain;
  • Puck and rubber seals;
  • Input metal shaft;
  • Clutch and clutch fork.

The location of each of the listed elements of the motorblock gearbox in the details will show the scheme.

This design of the gearbox provides good operation of the mechanism under almost any conditions. Each detail from its design is important in its own way, so the breakdown or loss of any of them will inevitably lead to a malfunction of the entire mechanism.


Homemade reducing gearboxes, if desired, can be made with your own hands, provided that the necessary materials, drawings, tools and skills. The assembly will need to determine several parameters of the future device, including:

The most popular variant of the gearbox is a chain type, which is quite easy to do with your own hands.

Necessary materials

This type of device implies the presence of a minimum set of tools, as well as materials. First of all, he will need a grinder, a drill and a welding machine, measuring instruments, a hammer, a drill. As materials from which this kind of equipment will be manufactured, are used:

  • A sheet of metal, the thickness of which is not less than 0.5 cm;
  • Trimming from the pipe, the inner diameter of which is suitable for placing bearings;
  • Bearings;
  • Chain;
  • Fasteners;
  • Oil seal, rubber gasket.

Assembly order

Having previously studied the device of the gearbox using drawings and circuits, it is advisable to start the process of assembly. The main element of the structure is a case that is collected on the basis of sheet metal.

The service life of the gearbox directly depends on its quality, in connection with which the welding machine is used to fix the elements, and one of the parts of the case is made removable for convenience in maintenance. It is not recommended to use the device without a case, since the land treatment involves the presence of dust, pollution, moisture, which can get into the device and lead to its breakdown.

The assembly of such equipment involves the following algorithm of action:

  • Divide the metal sheet into the right amount of parts, and then give them the shape necessary for the case, connect them.
  • Calculate the transfer number by increasing the number of idle revolutions by 10%;
  • Install a gear with a hole on one side of the device, and on the opposite. Shaft, clip, bearings.
  • Put the output shaft on the pulley, having previously equipped it with oil seals to prevent the formation of leaks;
  • Put the resulting structure in the case, the filling of lubricants in it.

After successful assembly, you will need to attach the unit to the motor, and then set up. In the process of checking the operability of the resulting device, it is not recommended to overload it, since its constituent elements will gradually be developed to each other.

If any errors or shortcomings were identified during the audit, you will need to immediately eliminate them, since they will be significantly worsened as the product is further used. The average service life of the independent element is 1-2 seasons with intensive operation.

Homemade corner gearbox for a walk.Behind tractor

The design of the gearbox is not particularly intricate, and it can be assembled independently. First, the calculation of the nominal power is performed: (pn); pn = re (l.With.) x fs, which will allow you to correctly determine the angle of conical gear.

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On the same principle The number of possible revolutions is calculated per minute and calculation of torque. Do.It.Yourself device needs to determine the working conditions, among which the radial or axial load of the shafts at their ends. Work is optimal with proper selection of temperature and lubrication.

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The assembly is carried out after these above actions. You can take the factory corps. Its diameter will tell you what the case should be at the bearing bearings. A good quality drill and a caliper will help here. Next, two bearings are taken for the shaft.

Steel flange installed on the front. Inside are a flange bearing and washer. The flange is attached to the generator with screws. A steel key with a lead gear and a driven shaft-stern are selected in advance.

To the rotary generator The nodes join, connecting to the transmission mechanism. It has a pulley that provides a cuneiform transmission. It is fixed on the driven shaft with a nut with a spring puck.

The main elements of the gearbox

In the automotive industry, corner gearboxes are often used, because these units provide effective work. Corner gearbox provides a docking of the transmission with the engine. You can finalize the finished product. Among the main elements of the gearbox are:

  • Flange.
  • Generator case.
  • Pipes with cunelar transmission.
  • Pip mount.
  • Steel washer.
  • Rotor shaft.
  • Steel owl.
  • Flanger bearing.
  • Flanger mount.

It’s quite easy to figure out the gear device, looking at its transmission, which is a transmitter between wheels and a motor. The direction changes in the walk.Behind tractor. The transmission is called clutch gearbox. It is often used in heavy motoblocks.

Basic structural structural elements

  • Bed or frame. A motor is attached to it, a wheel transfer system, a traction device for mounting equipment and a suspension.
  • Power unit. Power. 5–10 liters. With. Engines from motorcycles, mopeds, compressors and chainsaws are used.
  • Suspension. Usually primitive: from homemade wheels or finished wheels from agricultural machinery. Sometimes motorcycle and car wheels are used. Can be portal or axial.
  • Reducer for a walk.Behind tractor. Serves to reduce the speed of the drive shaft with a simultaneous linear increase in torque. As a gearbox, a gearbox from a scooter or car is often used quite often.
motorblock, gearbox, works, reducer, tractor

Homemade device does not require a mating with the engine, Because the calculation is made for specific tasks, and there is no restriction due to the finished technical solution.

What is the gearbox for?

The speed of rotation of the generator rotor, optimal for the production of electric current, is about 2000 rpm. There are less high.Speed types of generators, but in any case, for high.Quality work, the windshield should give the generator rotor a fairly high speed. Existing conditions rarely allow you to get high values.

The solution is the installation between the working wheel and the rotor of the generator of the raising transmission. The gearbox. It increases the frequency of rotation of the generator due to a one- or multi-stage increase in the speed of rotation, for which a system of pulleys or a planetary (differential) type system is used.

When using the gearbox, one turn of the generator shaft is on one turn of the working wheel. If a Reducer design multi.Stage, the gear ratio can be increased ten times, although this is fraught with power loss.

It should be borne in mind that the gearbox allows you to get high speed of rotation due to a sharp (proportional to the transfer number) capacity of power on the shaft. Getting high speed in this case means losing an effort that allows you to initiate rotation of the rotor, build a tight shaft from a place, overcome the sticking of magnets.

motorblock, gearbox, works, reducer, tractor

How the motorblock gearbox works

The gearbox, which is often called the converter, is a mechanism that processes the torque of the motor and transfers it to the power of the power of the walk.Behind tractor. This happens using a set of gears located in a durable metal case. The gearbox and the quality of its parts affect the operation of the unit for agricultural work. Therefore, when buying a walk.Behind tractor in the store, you should pay great attention to its components, including the reducer device.

Gearbox is collapsible and indifferent. The latest models are installed on motor blocks of the budget type. The details in them are cheap, they are not subject to repair. In case of malfunctions, you need to replace the gearbox. During normal operation, their service life is measured 1-2 seasons. On expensive equipment, the engine is equipped with a collapsible design converter. He serves several seasons properly. With a breakdown of individual parts, the failed part is simply replaced.

A converter of any type may include:

Using the listed parts, movements are transmitted from motor to hinged tools. The chain is put on stars, the belt. On the pulleys. The simplest mechanisms are equipped with belt transmission. They are also considered the weakest and most unreliable. With a large torque, the belts slip and fly off the pulleys. But this design favorably affects the engine shaft. Slippage of belts can be avoided if you change them to gear. With this replacement, you need to change the pulleys.

Reducer malfunctions

There are many reasons that can lead to a breakdown of this important node, which will operate the motor block of various manufacturers impossible. Among the main malfunctions characteristic of various models, it is advisable to attribute:

  • Oil flow due to a high degree of wear of the cuff;
  • Unsuitable lubrication parameters;
  • The appearance of subtexts on the output shaft;
  • Rupture of the star;
  • Chain/belt cliff;
  • Wear of the control of the control lever.

How to make a gearbox for a motoring block with your own hands

A homemade motorbike gearbox requires tools for making tools. For fruitful work, you will need:

  • Screwdrivers of different sizes;
  • Kryzuvka for metal;
  • Passatigi;
  • Locksmith grip;
  • Welding machine;
  • Hammers of different weights;
  • Rubber for gaskets;
  • Drill with drills.

Mounting Tracks to walk-behind tractor

In the process, some other tools may be required. From the materials you need to prepare shafts and bearings, stars and chains, belts and gears. For measurements of parts, you can use a caliper. Before work, you need to perform the simplest drawings.


So, tools and sketches are ready, you need to prepare material for welding the case or take ready.Made. Can be boiled from pieces of stainless steel. Cooked genees should freely enter the finished case. They can be borrowed from the old chainsaw. Mark friendship is suitable or any other. The saw must be carefully disassembled and pulled whole gears along with the shafts. They are cleaned and washed, then selected in size in accordance with the transfer number.

When calculating the gear ratio, the amount of idle of the crankshaft of the engine should be taken as the basis and add 10% to them.

You can also not replace the bearings with bushings. When analyzing the old saw, you need to remember this.


When assembling the product, the parts are carefully inserted into their place in the case and cramped. The case should be tightly closed. This will protect the details from dust and dirt hit them. The shafts are installed. A lubricant is poured into the body. A homemade device is connected in the same way as a standard gearbox. To test it, the engine is launched and it roll on the ground. Details should work a little to each other.

How much oil is pour into a motorblock gearbox

When working for a walk.Behind tractor, it is necessary to maintain a constant level of oil in the gearbox. If this simple rule is not observed, the remaining lubricants can boil and jam the parts. Only high.Quality oil is poured. Even with constant maintenance of the level, breakdown occurs. During chain gear, the chain is torn or extended. If traces of oil appear outside, this is a sign of leakage of the oil seals. Worn details require replacement by similar. It is better to purchase them from the manufacturer who has proven themselves on the good side.

The gearbox provides uninterrupted operation of the walk.Behind tractor, extends its service life and increases the efficiency of using the unit. In this matter, a good assistant is the lubrication of his details. For lubrication, transmission oil is poured. Its possible brand is ZIC 10W40, SUPER T-3. The oil level is determined in this way:

  • You need to take a wire about 70 cm long instead of a probe and bend it in an arc;
  • Insert into the hole for filling to the stop;
  • Pull out a home.Made probe back;
  • The wire should be lubricated with oil for a length of about 30 cm.

This level is considered the norm. If the oil is not enough, you need to add it to normal. In the purchased gearbox, the level should be indicated in the instructions. Chinese walk.Behind tractor can be sold without oil.